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Pollard Ancestry

Updated 24 August 2002

A special thank you to J.B. Lorren, Charlene Baxter, Molly Stowe, Johnnie
Truelove, and Nina Bischoff for providing additional information on the
Pollard family.

My line is placed in bold "red".

1. William POLLARD
    b. probably VA
    m.  ?
    1.1 Benjamin G. POLLARD, Sr.
          b. 1742 probably VA
          d. 1825 Greenville Co., SC (note1)
          m.  ?
          1.1.1 William POLLARD
                   b. abt 1768 VA
          1.1.2 female POLLARD
                   b. abt 1773 VA or NC
          1.1.3 femaile POLLARD
                   b. abt 1775 probably NC
          1.1.4 Benjamin G. POLLARD, Jr.
                   b. 1777 NC (story) (land deed)
                   m #1 Sara (thought to be Sara) ? abt. 1798 Greenville Co., SC
          William B. POLLARD
                               b. abt 1799 Greenville Co., SC (land deed)
          female POLLARD
                               b. 1801 Greenville Co., SC
          James POLLARD Frank Butcher <[email protected]>
                               b. 1804 Greenville Co., SC
                               d. bef 1860 Cherokee Co.,
                               m. Caroline ?
                      Rebecca POLLARD
                                              b. 1828 in SC
                      Sarah Alice POLLARD
                                              b. abt 1831 in AL
                                              d. 14 Feb 1894
                                              Limestone, TX (notes 2 and 3)
                                              m.#1  Levi LENDERMAN (LENAMOND) 1848 Cherokee Co., AL
                                     Henry Lafayett (Fate) LENDERMAN
                                                                b. 30 Aug 1850 Cherokee Co, AL.
                                                                d.  8 May 1928
                                                                m.  (1) Margaret Jane ELLIS 8 Aug 1875
                                                                           b: 10 May 1854 in Georgia
                                                                           d.  3 Sep 1902 in Limestone County, TX
                                                                           burial:  Cobb Cemetery
                                                         William Lafayette LENAMOND
                                                                                       b. 23 Feb 1876
                                                                                       p. Limestone County, TX
                                                                                       d. 1 Jan 1977
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                            Burial: Cobb Cemetery
                                                                                       m.  Georgeanna FERRILL 20 Dec 1894
                                                                                             in Limestone County, TX
                                                        Daisy Dean LENAMOND
                                                                                       b: 19 Feb 1878
                                                                                       p. Sumter County, Alabama
                                                                                       d. 23 Oct 1943
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                            Burial: Cobb Cemetery
                                                                                       m.  John MOORE 1896
                                                        James Edward LENAMOND
                                                                                       b.  4 Jun 1880
                                                                                       p.  Davis Prairie, Limestone County, TX
                                                                                       d.  22 Feb 1956
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                           Burial:  Cobb Cemetery
                                                                                       m.  Macie Pauline JACKSON
                                                                                             22 Oct 1901 Limestone County, TX
                                                        John B. LENAMOND
                                                                                       b. 30 Nov 1882
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                       d.  30 May 1933
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                           Burial:  Cobb Cemetery
                                                                                       m.  (1) Elizabeth GRAHAM 1914
                                                                                             (2) Ella Mae SMITH
                                                         Matilda Jane LENAMOND
                                                                                       b.  7 Jan 1885
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                       d.  5 Jun 1984
                                                                                       p.  Beeville, TX
                                                                                           Burial:  8 Jun 1984
                                                                                           Glenwood Cemetery, Beeville, TX
                                                                                       m. Samuel David HEROD
                                                                                           29 Nov 1900 Limestone County, TX
                                                                                        5.1 Gladys Alene HEROD
                                                                                               b. 25 Oct. 1901
                                                                                               p. Limestone Co., TX
                                                                                               d.  4 Nov 1972
                                                                                               p.  Austin, TX
                                                                                               m. Herman SMITH 23 May 1922
                                                                                                    Groesbeck, TX
                                                                                         5.2  Living HEROD
                                                                                         5.3  Living HEROD
                                                                                         5.4  Velva Macelle HEROD
                                                                                                 b: 13 May 1914
                                                                                                 p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                                 d.  25 Feb 1980
                                                                                                      Burial: Rose Hill Cemetery,
                                                                                                      Corpus Christi, TX
                                                                                                 m.  Living OBERG
                                                                                         5.5  Living HEROD
                                                         George Washington LENAMOND
                                                                                       b.  27 Feb 1887
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                       d.  16 Apr 1965
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                           Burial:  Cobb Cemetery
                                                                                       m.  Mecca Ann CHAMBLESS
                                                                                             22 Oct 1905 Limestone County, TX
                                                         Mamie Rebecca LENAMOND
                                                                                       b.  19 Oct 1889
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                       d.  23 Jan 1979
                                                                                       p.  Houston, TX
                                                                                           Burial: Cobb Cemetery
                                                                                       m.  Huling S. CROSS
                                                          Ira Jackson LENAMOND
                                                                                       b.  14 Feb 1892
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                       d.  21 Oct 1960
                                                                                       p.  Bakersfield, California
                                                                                       m.  Audie M. MOORE
                                                          Zula Lee LENAMOND
                                                                                       b: 15 Feb 1894
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                       d.  28 May 1977
                                                                                       p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                           Burial:  Cobb Cemetery
                                                                                       m.  Adolphus Malone WHITE
                                                                                             8 Mar 1932 Mathis, TX
                                                          Sylvester LENAMOND
                                                                                           b. 17 Jan 1897
                                                                                           p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                           d.  21 Jun 1897
                                                                                           p.  Limestone County, TX
                                                                                                Burial:  Cobb Cemetery
                                                          Living LENAMOND
                                     Mary Jane LENDERMAN
                                                                b. abt 1851 in Cherokee Co., AL
                                     Rebecca (Lizzie) LENDERMAN
                                                                b. abt 1853 Cherokee Co., AL
                                     Georgia Ann LENDERMAN
                                                                b. 28 Aug 1857 Cherokee Co., AL
                                     Helen (Sallie) LENDERMAN
                                                                b. 20 Mar 1858 Cherokee Co., AL
                                     Theodosia LENDERMAN
                                                                b. abt 1860 Cherokee Co., AL
                                     Benjamin Levi LENDERMAN
                                                                b. 22 Sept 1863 Cherokee Co., AL
                                     Emma LENDERMAN
                                                                b. Sumter Co, AL
                                              m.#2 Joshua Avery CARRELL
                                                       married on 13 Feb 1881 in Sumter Co. & moved to Texas
                                              m #3 Mack SALLY
                                                       married in Limestone Co., TX
                        Henry POLLARD
                                                b. 1833 in AL
                        Nancy POLLARD
                                                b. 1835 in AL
                                                m. Thomas CUMBY
                        Sidney POLLARD
                                                b. 1837 in AL
                                                m. Henry LENDERMAN
                        Caroline POLLARD
                                                b. 1839 in AL
                        Benjamin POLLARD
                                                b. 1841 in AL
                        Reuben POLLARD
                                                b. 1844 in AL
                        Martha POLLARD
                                                b. 1846 in AL
                      Ezekiel POLLARD b. 1849-1850 in AL

Notes:  A letter from Howard Hazelwood:

    Regarding your recent letter, Jeanelle Collier and I discovered
    early in our Lenderman research that the Pollard family lived next
    to the Lenderman family in Greenville County, SC. Enclosed are
    family group sheets for Benjamin G. Pollard Sr. and our Benjamin
    G. Pollard, Jr. made in 1982. Since we could never prove for sure
    that James Pollard was a son of Benjamin G. Pollard, Jr. and
    Sarah Pollard was his daughter, we did not wish to publish our
    research. Based on the 1810 census record for Greenville
    County, SC Benjamin Pollard Jr. had four sons and one daughter.
    We have fair proof he had an additional daughter born ca. 1820. I
    feel he had other children before his second marriage to Rachel
    Parks on 6 Dec 1829. he had eleven children by Rachel that are
    fairly well proven. The name of his first wife was thought to be
    Sarah but cannot be proven.
    James Pollard is listed on the 1850 Cherokee County Census,
    pages 102-B and 103-A as follows:

    Name sex age born
    James Pollard M 46 SC
    Caroline " F 43 SC
    Rebecca F 22 SC
    Henry M 17 AL
    Nancy F 15 AL
    Sidney F 13 AL
    Caroline F 11 AL
    Benjamin M 9 AL
    Reuben M 6 AL
    Martha F 4 AL
    Ezekiel M 3/12 AL

    You can see Sarah Pollard (age 19) would fit very well after
    Rebecca and before Henry. She had married Levi Lenderman by
    1850. Sidney Pollard (age 13) later married Henry Lenderman,
    brother of Levi. James, Caroline, and Rebecca could not read or
    write and James owned no land. He died between 1850 and
    1860. Levi and Sarah named a daughter Rebecca (probably after
    Sarah's sister). They also named their first son Henry (after the
    father of Levi and/or brother of Sarah and/or her grandfather.
    Caroline Pollard lived in Cherokee County until 1899 with her
    land going to her daughter, Nancy Cumby, and Thomas Cumby.
    The other children had left the county. The 1840 census for
    Cherokee County has so many errors you cannot use it for most
    of our families. We cannot find James Pollard on the 1830 or
    1840 census. There is a James Pollard listed on the 1840 census
    but it will not fit. The Pollard history may never be proven for
    sure. We do not wish to claim a line that cannot be proven.
          Benjamin POLLARD
                               b. 1805 Greenville Co., SC
          Eli POLLARD
                               b. 1806 Greenville Co., SC
          Luiza POLLARD
                               b. abt 1820
                               d. Aft 1870
                               p.  Collin County, Texas
                               m.  James MCMAHAN 13 Aug 1835 in St. Clair County, Alabama
                 m #2 Rachel Sarah PARKS
                          b. 12 Nov 1807 Wilkes Co., NC
                          married on 6 Dec 1829 (rec'd War of 1812 Widows Pension 1882)
          John W. POLLARD
                               b. abt 1833
                               d. shortly after CW near Little Rock Arkansas
                               m. Francis DAVENPORT
                             d.  believed she died prior to 1860 as her children were listed in
                                         1860 census as living with their grandmother Rachel
                      Mary Jane ("Pink") POLLARD
                                            b. before 1856/58
                                              d. May 1927 MIssouri from Tornado that struck
                                              m. William WOODRUFF
                                                   William died 9 May 1927 in Poplar Bluff, Missouri
                                     Albert Lee WOODRUFF
                                     Charlie Burr WOODRUFF
                                     Norah WOODRUFF
                                                                m. Luther L. BROWN
                                     James Madison WOODRUFF
                                                                m. Leona ?
                                                       Henrietta WOODRUFF
                                                                                     m. ? YOUNG
                                                       Zilphey WOODRUFF
                                                                                     m. ? KNIGHTEN
                                                       Ben WOODRUFF
                                                       Mary Jane WOODRUFF
                                                                                     m.  ? ALVIS
                                                       Jack WOODRUFF
                                    Marion Arthur WOODRUFF
                                                               m.  ?
                                                      Alma WOODRUFF
                                                                                    m. Lee SCAGGS
          George W. POLLARD (note 4)
                                  b. 28 Sept 1856/1858 (1900 Al Census 1856) (tombstone 1858)
                                    d. 1908
                                    buried Shiloh Cemetary, Cherokee Co., Al
                                    m. Elizabeth (Lizzie) GOODWIN (note 5)
                                    b. 6 Jul 1857/1858 (1900 Al Census 1857) (tombstone 1858)
                                    d. 19 Dec 1934
                                    buried Shiloh Cemetary, Cherokee Co., Al
                           Alice POLLARD
                                                      m. Tom MONCRIEF
                           Frank POLLARD
                          Joel POLLARD b. 1884 d. 1963
                                                      m. ? WAITS
                                                      Children: (not necessarily in order of birth)
                                             Will POLLARD
                                                                          b. Borden Springs, Al
                                                                            m. Lottie KNIGHTEN
                                                                         Children: (not necessarily in order of birth)
                                                                Kay POLLARD
                                                                                                m. LLoyd BASWELL, son of
                                                                                                        Nita Rose Baswell
                                                              Ken POLLARD
                                                              Steve POLLARD
                                                                                               m. Gail (?)
                                                              Richard (Richie) POLLARD
                                                                                                 m. Kathy LORREN (photo)
                                                                Jill POLLARD
                                                                                               m. #1 Roy Lee DONALDSON
                                                                                                 5.1 Craig Donaldson
                                                                                               m. #2 Wallace LEDBETTER
                                                         Annie Mae POLLARD
                                                         Sam Pollard
                                                                                       m. Rosa Lee ?
                                                                              Merlene POLLARD
                                                                              Irlene POLLARD
                                                         Maudie Lee POLLARD
                                                                                       m. ? ADAMS
                                                                  Charlene ADAMS
                                                                                                                                               m. ? BAXTER
                                                                                                                                       Kerry BAXTER
                                                                              Jennie POLLARD
                                                                                      d. March 2001
                                      Vatchel POLLARD
                                      Robert POLLARD
                                      John W. POLLARD
                                      Rosa POLLARD
                                                     m. ? RAPIER
                                      Barto POLLARD
             George POLLARD
                                  b. about 1835
                                  m.  Hannah ? in 1856
                                        Hannah was b.abt 1834 in Scotland (?).
             Coruth POLLARD
                                  b. abt 1837
           Julia Ann POLLARD
                                  b. 20 Mar 1838
                                  d. 6 Aug 1899
                                  m. Jeramiah KNIGHTEN (see Knighten
                                       26 Aug 1857 Cleburne Co., Al
                                       b. 9 Dec 1828 Sumter Co., SC
                                       d. 3 May 1863 Shiloh Battlefield, TN
                          Sarah KNIGHTEN
                                                     m. ? WOODARD
                                            George WOODARD
                                            John WOODARD
                                            Edmund WOODARD
                          Wright KNIGHTEN
                                                     m.  ?
                                            Charlsie KNIGHTEN
                                                                         m. Luther WHEELER
                                            Grady KNIGHTEN
                                            Lizzie KNIGHTEN
                                                                         m.  William AHERN
                                            Hettie May KNIGHTEN
                                                                         m. Clarence ALLISON
                                            Addie KNIGHTEN
                                                                        m. Mac McDONALD
                                            Gussie KNIGHTEN
                                                                        m. Ellis KELLEY
                                                                Inez KELLEY
                                                                Myrtle KELLEY
                          William Acker KNIGHTEN (Knighten
                                                    m.  Florence POLLARD
                                                                 b.   5 Jan 1866
                                                                 d.  5 May 1924 in Cherokee Co., AL.
                                           Charles C. KNIGHTEN
                                                                         b. 15 Mar 1884 in
                                                                              Cherokee Co., AL d. 19 Mar 1941
                                                                              buried in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                         m. Minnie L. CLARK on 6 Sept 1903
                                                                              in Cherokee Co., AL
                                         John E. KNIGHTEN
                                                                      b. Mar 1900 in Cherokee Co., Al
                                                                          Buried Gadsden, Etowah Co., AL
                                         Ben KNIGHTEN
                                                         m. Rosa Mae PRICE on 12 Mar 1911
                                                                           in Cherokee Co., AL
                                         W.Clayton KNIGHTEN
                                                                       b. 16 Dec 1885
                                                                            in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                       d. 21 Feb 1958
                                                                           buried in Cherokee Co., AL
                                                                     m.  ?
                                                               Sadie Mae KNIGHTEN
                                          J.C. KNIGHTEN
                                                                       b. 25 Nov 1907 in
                                                                           Leesburg, Cherokee Co., AL Buried
                                                                           at Shady Grove Church Cemetery in Leesburg
                                                                       m. Gladys S. LEAKE
                                                                            b. 31 Jul 1910  in Cartersville, GA
                                                                            d. 16 Jul 1966 in Gadsden, Etowah Co., AL
                                                                            Buried Fairview Cemetery, DeKalb Co., AL
                                                              Carolyn Delores KNIGHTEN
                                                              Jerry Cecil KNIGHTEN
                                         Bertie KNIGHTEN
                                                                      m.  John Berry WRIGHT on 4 Feb. 1917 in
                                                                            Cherokee Co., AL
                                         Julia KNIGHTEN
                                                         b. 25 Feb 1897 in Cherokee Co.,
                                                                      d. 22 Jul 1951 buried in Cherolkee Co., AL
                           Jerri Ann E. (Annie) KNIGHTEN (see LORREN)
                                                   m. #1 J.B LORREN (see LORREN)
                                                   m. #2 George SMITH
                           Hittie KNIGHTEN
                     m. #2  John L.C. LORREN  (see LORREN)
           Amanda (Mandy) POLLARD b. abt 1839
                                  m. Jeramiah KNIGHTEN in 1849
                                     b. 9 Dec 1828 Sumter Co., SC
                                       d. 3 May 1863 Shiloh Battlefield, TN
                         John L. KNIGHTEN
                                                   b. 20 Mar 1850.
                         Malisha A. KNIGHTEN
                                                   b. 7 Aug 1851
                                                   m. Wesley GIBSON
                                          Etta GIBSON
                                                                       m. Calvin MILLICAN (note 8)
                                          Ada GIBSON
                                                                       m. John MILLICAN
                                          Ider GIBSON
                                                                      m.  Dave TODD
                         George Wright KNIGHTEN
                                                   b. 9 Apr 1852.
           Missouri Babe POLLARD
                                  b. about 1844.
                                  m.  Wyley KNIGHTEN
                         Annie KNIGHTEN
                                                   m. Baker (Jack) WILSON
                         Eli KNIGHTEN
                         Robert KNIGHTEN
                         Lissie KNIGHTEN
           Aaron Burr ("Bud") POLLARD (note 6)
                                  b. 10 Apr 1846
                                  d.  25 Oct 1916
                                  p.  Roseberg, Douglas, Oregon
                                  m. Margarette Elizabeth HATFIELD on 10 Apr 1869 at Palestine, AL
                                  b.  2 Nov 1853
                                  p.  Calhoun, Ala
                                  d.  30 Nov 1884
                                  p.  Woods, Tillamook, Oregon
                         Corruth POLLARD
                                                 b.  22 Jan 1870 Lebanan, Laclede, Mo
                                                   d.  12 Jun 1898
                                                   m.   Barbara SHAFFER on 12 Jun 1898
                         Gussie POLLARD
                                                    b.  29 Jun 1871 Riley Center, Riley, Kan
                                                    d.  1 Feb 1888
                         George Hansford POLLARD
                                                  b.  30 Dec 1873 Riley Center, Riley, Kan
                                                    d.  11 Jan 1874
                         Charles Everett POLLARD
                                                  b. 8 Jun 1875 Turner Station, Marion, Oregon
                                                    d.  9 Mar 1914
                         Aulthia Ellen POLLARD
                                                  b.  22 Feb 1877 Turner Station, Marion, Oregon
                                                    d.  14 Nov 1907
                                                   m. Thomas George MacARTHUR in 1896 at Tillamook, OR
                                                        (Thomas was the son David Elmer MACARTHUR b: 24 Nov
                                                         1842 in Bridgend, Fife, Scot and Isabella Spowart BURT
                                                          b: 9 Sep 1843 in Stealend, Fife, Scot)
                                                    b.  17 Aug 1868 in Algona, Kossuth, Ia
                                                    d.  1 Jan 1956
                           Buelah Estella POLLARD
                                                     b. 2 Apr 1879 Sheridan, Yamhill, Ore
                                                     d. 5 Feb 1937
                                                     m.  Frank WALLACE 7 Jun 1896 Beavercreek,Tillamook,Or
                                                     b: 20 Feb 1868 Tillamook,Tillamook,Or
                           Mary Araminta POLLARD
                                                     b.  22 Jan 1882 Sheridan, Yamhill, Oregon
                                                     d.  30 Jan 1963 Nampa, Canyon, Idaho
                                                     m.   Burt Peter MACARTHUR 21 Jun 1899 New Era,
                                                            Clackamas, Or (Burt was the son of David Elmer
                                                            MACARTHUR b: 24 Nov 1842 in Bridgend, Fife,
                                                            Scot and Isabella Spowart BURT b: 9 Sep 1843
                                                            in Stealend, Fife, Scot)
                                                      b.  30 Nov 1874 New Era, Clackamas, Oregon
                                                      d.  22 Jul 1953 La Grand, Union, Oregon
                                              Homer Arthur MACARTHUR
                                                                           b.  2 Aug 1900
                                                                           p.  Tillamook, Tillamook, Oregon
                                                                           d.  10 Nov 1968
                                                                           p.   Cal
                                                                           m.  Unknown SIMMONS
                                             Alice Minta MACARTHUR
                                                                            b: 22 Apr 1902
                                                                            p. Sherwood, Wash, Oregon
                                                                            d.  29 May 1963
                                                                            p.  Emmett, Idaho
                                                                            m.  (1) Donald Bertram ORRELL
                                                                                       10 Jul 1923 in Vancouver, Wa
                                                                                        b. 6 Jul 1903 Mitchell, So Dak
                                                                                        d. 21 May 1982 Klamath, Oregon
                                                                            m.  (2) Lauren KNOOP on 19 Apr 1921
                                                                                       b.  17 Jul 1901 N. Manchester, Ind
                                                                                       d.  3 Nov 1958 Oregon City, Oregon
                                                                            m.  (3) Chester Orval PLUMMER
                                                                                        29 Aug 1932 in Vancouver, Wash
                                                                                        b. 18 Aug 1909 Garden City, Mo
                                                                                        d.  6 Jan 1976 in Boise, Id
                                               Ellen Aulthia MACARTHUR
                                                                            b. 28 Apr 1908
                                                                            p. New Era, Clackamas, Oregon
                                                                            d.  18 Apr 1999
                                                                            p.  Eugene, Or
                                                                            m.  Helmer JULUM 18 May 1938 Idaho
                                                                            b.   21 Sep 1905
                                                                            p.  Otterdale, Minn
                                                                            d.  31 Jan 1964
                                                                            p.  Jerome, Id
                                               Isabell Burt MACARTHUR
                                                                            b. 17 Sep 1910
                                                                            p.  New Era, Clackamas, Oregon
                                                                            d.  3 Aug 1973
                                                                            m.  (1) Living LEDBERRY
                                                                            m.  (2) Living PETERSON
                                               Donald Bruce MACARTHUR
                                                                            b.  2 Feb 1913
                                                                            p.  Mollala, Clackamas, Oregon
                                                                            d.  1 Apr 1965
                                                                            p.  Boise, Idaho
                          Daisy Miles POLLARD
                                                    b.  27 Feb 1884 Woods, Tillamook, Ore
                                                    d.  28 Mar 1884

                                  Note:  The following information was researched and reported
                                             by Ashley Gray <[email protected]> "Aaron Burr Pollard
                                             was the sixth child born to his parents Benjamin G. Pollard
                                             and Rachel Sarah Parks Pollard in Cherokee County,
                                             Alabama  at the family home on Pollards Bend of the Coosa
                                             River between Leesburg and Slackland, Alabama.  On 6 Oct.
                                             1864 at age 20 Aaron enlisted in Company A, 1st Regiment,
                                             Alabama Calvery to serve 3 years or during the Civil War.
                                             His regiment marched through South Carolina and crossed
                                             the Great Pedee River in North Carolina on November 6th
                                             and had a skirmish with the enemy the same day.  the March
                                             2nd Rolls show him absent, wounded.  Aaron was mustered
                                             out with his company 30 Oct. 1865 at Huntsville, Alabama.
                                             The exact date of receiving his wound was March 3, 1865 by
                                             a gunshot.  He was wounded near Wadesbury North Carolina.
                                             No mention is made of how serious the wound was.  Aaron
                                             is stated to have been 5 ft. 5 in. [tall], fair complexion, brown
                                             eyes, and dark hair.  After leaving the service Aaron married
                                             Margaret Elizabeth Hatfield on 10 April 1869 in Palestine,
                                             Alabama.  They shortly moved to Lebanon, MO where the
                                             first son, Corrouth P. was born 22 Jun 1870.  From there
                                             the family moved to Riley Center, Kansas where Gus was
                                             born on 29 Jun 1871.  George Hansford Pollard was born
                                             30 Dec 1873 and died 11 Jan 1874.  Then the family moved
                                             to Turner Station, Oregon where Charles Everett was born
                                             8 June 1875.  Next came Aulthia Ellen born 22 Feb 1877.
                                             The family moved again to Sheridan, Oregon where
                                             Beulah Estella was born 2 Apr 1879 and she was followed
                                             by Mary Araminta who was born 22 Jan 1882.  The family
                                             made another move, this time to Woods, in Tillamook
                                             County, Oregon.  Another child was born here, Daisy Miles
                                             Pollard on 27 Feb 1884 and died 28 Mar 1884.  Aaron's wife
                                             Margaret Elizabeth died 30 Nov. 1884 leaving him with the
                                             children to finish raising.  The oldest was Corrouth at age
                                             14 and the youngest Mary Araminta at age 2.  For some
                                             time the three girls Ellen, Stella and Minta as they were known,
                                             were placed in the care of the Catholic sisters in Sheridan
                                             as it was hard to get a housekeeper to care for them.  The
                                             girls were in the convent for nearly four years.  The girls
                                             were quite unhappy there and finally Corruth told his
                                             Papa that if he didn't go bring the girls home, that he,
                                             Corruth, would.  They were brought back to the home
                                             at Woods and with the help of another neighbor were
                                             able to stay at home until it was time to go away for more
                                             education.  Aaron was a teamster by this time and was
                                             hauling freight over the hill into Hebo which would take him
                                             the better part of two or more days depending on the
                                             condition of the roads and how deep the mud was.  After
                                             the family was grown and the girls were married not much
                                             has been written about Aaron.  The youngest daughter
                                             Minta married Burt MACARTHUR and moved to the New
                                             Era, Oregon area.  They were living for awhile on a farm
                                             out of Mollala, Oregon where there was a small house on
                                             the same property and it was decided that grandpa Pollard
                                             could live in that little house.  A story is told about one day
                                             when Burt had bought a new shotgun and he and Aaron
                                             decided to try it out.  This was a double barreled shotgun
                                             and both barrels were loaded when Aaron took the gun
                                             and stepped up onto a log to shoot.  Somehow he set off
                                             both barrels and the jolt kicked him backwards off the log.
                                             He was the maddest little Southerner you ever saw.  The
                                             last four years of Aaron's life he spent in Roseburg, Oregon
                                             at the soldier's home there.  He occupied a cabin with one
                                             other Veteran.  I have visited this facility and found it to be
                                             quite a peaceful place as it is today.  It was probably more
                                             in the country when Aaron was there, lots of trees and grass
                                             and flowers around.  Aaron died 25 Oct 1916 and is buried
                                             in the cemetery at the soldier's home and his grave has a
                                             marker showing A. B. Pollard."

                                   Note:  Margarette Elizabeth was the daughter of George Hansford
                                             HATFIELD (b: Abt 1815 in Tenn) and Ellen MILES (b: abt
                                             1818 in Tenn)

           Aulthia Duck POLLARD (note 7)
                                  b. Apr 1849
                                  d. Scott Co., Missouri
                                  m. (1) Joseph Jackson (Napper) KNIGHTEN
                                d. abt 1890
                        Mary KNIGHTEN
                                                   m. J.M. (Matt) BOGLE
                                         Jodie BOGLE
                                          Sissie BOGLE
                         Leona KNIGHTEN
                                                    m. ? WOODRUFF
                         Henrietta KNIGHTEN
                                                 m. (1) John Solomon YARBROUGH 1892
                                                   m. (2) W. B. COLE
                         John C. (Amos) KNIGHTEN (see note 7)
                                                 b. abt. 1949 Alabama
                         Ed KNIGHTEN (see note 7)
                                        Children: (see note 7) (Morgan/Cullman Co. census 1920):
                                            Althia (Aulthi) Knighten
                                                                         b. Missouri
                                                                         b. Missouri
                                                                         b. Missouri
                         Deller KNIGHTEN
                                      m. Ben MOUSER
                         Morgan KNIGHTEN
                         William T. KNIGHTEN
                        m. (2) Jefferson D. (Davis) BEARDEN in 1892 Cullman Co., Ala
                                         (note 8)
           Count Pulaski POLLARD
                                  b. abt 1850
                                  d. 6 Mar 1921 Scott Co., Missouri
                                  m. ?
                         Thomas POLLARD
                         Glover POLLARD
                         Lucille POLLARD
                         Ollie POLLARD
                                                   m. ? BAILEY
                         Rachel POLLARD
                         Fred POLLARD
           1.1.5 John POLLARD
                     b. abt 1780 NC
                     d.  29 May 1860
           1.1.6 James A. POLLARD
                    b. abt 1784 Ga or SC
           1.1.7 Hiram POLLARD
                    b. abt 1795 Greenville Co., SC
                    d.  18 Mar 1888 in ,Choctaw,Miss

Note 1: The POLLARD family lived next to the LENDERMAN family in Greenville Co., SC.  According to the 1810 census record for Greenville Co., SC Benjamin Pollard, Jr. had four sons and one daughter.  It is more than likely he had more children by his first wife.
           The 1840 Cenus for Cherokee County has so many errors you cannot use it for most of our families.
           James Pollard is listed on the 1850 Cherokee Co., Census, pages 102-B and 103-A as follows: (note4)

Cherokee Co., Census 1850
    Pages 102-B and 103A 
Name Sex Age Born
Caroline F 43 SC
Rebecca F 22 SC
Henry M 17 AL
Nancy F 15 AL
Sidney F 13 AL
Caroline F 11 AL
Benjamin M 9 AL
Reuben M 6 AL
Martha F 4 AL
Ezekiel M 3/12 AL

Note 2 and 3:

Note 2: James, Caroline, and Rebecca could not read or write.  James owned no land. Caroline Pollard lived in Cherokee Co., until 1899 with her land going to her daughter Nancy Cumby, and Thomas Cumby.  Her other children had left Cherokee Co.  James Pollard does not appear on the 1830 or 1840 Census.  There is a James Polland on the 1840 census, but he does not fit. The Pollard history may never be proven for sure.

Note 3: About 1868, following the death of Sarah's first husband, Levi Lenderman (killed by “bushwackers” in an apparent robbery not far from the family home in Pollard’s Bend.
According to family lore, Levi was murdered for a pouch of tobacco, and his death left the
family destitute), Sarah took her children to Dallas County, Alabama.  They remained there
until about 1871, when they moved again, this time to Sumter County, Alabama.  The family
was in severe financial straits, and Sarah is said to have worked for a black sharecropper for
a time.  It is also said that Sarah would feed her children, and after they left the table, she
would eat the leftovers.  These hard times are said to have steeled the resolve of her son
Benjamin Levi Lenderman to do whatever it took to make sure his children would not suffer
as his family had.  As a result of Levi’s death, 18 year-old Henry Lafayette (Fate) became
the head of the household, and the family moved to Dallas County where they were listed
on the 1870 census at Harrell’s Gap at the Fort’s Post Office. The value of their personal
estate was listed at $100, with Fate doing farm labor. The family lived near Loftin Campbell,
a wealthy farmer, and probably all of the family worked in his cotton fields. Sarah and her
family moved to Sumter County a few years later, where her daughter, Georgia Ann,
married James Carroll in 1879. Sarah married James’ father, Joshua Avery Carroll, on
13 February 1881. Fate married Margaret Jane Ellis in 1875, and on August 1, 1878, Fate
and Margaret left Sumter County with their two small children, Margaret’s mother, brother,
3 sisters, and two nieces.   They traveled in one wagon pulled by a yoke of oxen that carried
the mother and the 4 small children while the others walked about 12 miles a day. Fate hunted
along the way with his old dog and the brother, Daniel Ellis, drove the oxen. The group was
quarantined in Mississippi for several months due to a yellow fever epidemic, making their
trip much longer than expected and causing supplies to become short. They lived on
cornbread made with hot water, sorghum molasses, bran coffee and very littlemeat. Despite
the many hardships, the family arrived on January 26, 1879 in Limestone County, Texas,
where Margaret’s brother, John Benjamin Ellis, was living.  In 1881, the Sarah and her husband
followed Fate to Limestone County. According to family tradition, Sarah made the trip by train
with her smallest children, arriving in Thornton, Texas. After the death of Joshua, Sarah
married for the third time. This marriage was to Mack Sally in Limestone County, Texas.

Note 4:  Thanks to Charlene Baxter I am able to add a little more information on the Pollard family.  In a recent email Charlene wrote, "According to his [George W. Pollard] tombstone, at Shiloh Cemetary, Cherokee Co., Al, he was born Sept. 28, 1858 and died 1908.  On the 1900 Cleburne Co., Al, census it says he ws born in Sept., 1856 - and he is listed as being 3 years old in the 1860 census.  So I'd say an argument could be made for either 1856 or 1858.  The tombstone of his wife, Elizabeth C. Pollard, has dates July 6, 1858 - Dec 19, 1934 on it.  The 1900 census says she's born in July, 1857.  At least the months always agree....My mother's story was that George W.'s parents died when he was very young.  He and his older sister, Mary J., were living in the Borden Springs household headed by Rachel Pollard in the 1860 census.  I had first figured that meant both his parents were dead by 1860 but the document Eleanor Gray sent me said that John Pollard died shortly after the Civil War near Little Rock, Arkansas.  So probably only John's wife, Francis Davenport, was dead by 1860 - I didn't see him in the household with Rachel so I suppose he may have left his children with his mother and went off somewhere else.  Rachel Pollard lived a long time - she was in Centre, receiving a War of 1812 widow's pension, in 1882.  My mother's grandmother, Lucinda Waits, said George W. Pollard was raised by the Alexander family (the Alexander's lived very near the Waits family and may have intermarried with them).  Now Lucinda [Waits] was not related to the Pollards and she was born in 1856 herself so she may have been remembering George W. as an older boy...."

Note 5: Charlene Baxter wrote that, "George W.'s wife was Elizabeth Goodwin, whose father came home from the Civil War and died a few days later.  Her [Elizabeth] mother was Lillie Beth Hendricks Goodwin and there were three more children in the family, John, Ben, and Mary Goodwin....George and Elizabeth moved to Cherokee Co., AL (Leesburg) when Joel [their son] was a young man, right after he [Joel?] got a job as rural mail carrier.  So he [Joel?] stayed in Borden Springs but the others in the family moved."

Note 6.:  Charlene Baxter wrote that, " [My] uncle John told me his father was called Dick but his name was George W. Pollard and that he [George] had an uncle named Aaron Burr Pollard, called Bud, who was shot in the leg in Cedartown because he wouldn't join the Confederate Army.

Note 7:  Johnnie Truelove (descended from Jefferson D. Bearden) was kind enough to contact me recently with additional information on Althia Duck Pollard.  Johnnie stated that Althia Duck Pollard was listed in 1900 census of Scott Co., Missouri as well as Pollard, C. 47 years old, widowed; Thomas, son; Fred, son; All?, daughter; Pollard, Rachel, daughter Dec 1889 10 MO, AL AL; Knighten, Edward, nephew Feb 1886 14 AL AL AL; ? John, nephew, Aug 1884 15 AL AL AL; ? Duck sister Apr 1849 51 WD".  I have updated this page according to the information she was kind enough to pass on.  Johnnie also related that she had very little information on Jefferson D. Bearden (her direct ancestor) other than that "he was living in Marshall Co. in 1880 with his mother as head of household and his younger siblings. His mother seemed to have had three more children and never married again after the father died from (we have been told) measles right after enlisting in the Civil War.  Anyway, the next we find him [Jefferson D. Bearden] (likely it is him) is marriage in Cullman Co. in 1884 to a Susan Collins, then again his marriage to Aulthi in 1892.  Cousin tried tracking him down in 1900 census of Alabama and never found him."

Note 8:  Johnnie Truelove wrote me stating in reference to Etta GIBSON
m. Calvin MILLICAN and Ada GIBSON m. John MILLICAN, "it is not Milligan with a "G" but Millican with a "C"...I have a good deal of research on the John Hugh "Jehu" Millican family. Jehu Millican was first married to Martha VANZANT/or VINZANT (census) likely spelled wrong and it is VANZANT and Calvin and John are children of Jehu and Martha MILLICAN.  Jehu Millican's second wife (Elizabeth BEARDEN) is a sister to the Jefferson Davis BEARDEN that I am beginning a search on after 1892.  Actually we are descended from Elizabeth and Jefferson's brother Jacob Simpson BEARDEN who had left Alabama and went to Arkansas by 1881 and into Indian Territory which is now Oklahoma before 1900.  The town/now just a community of Bearden Oklahoma in Okfukskee Co. is named for him.  Jacob Simpson BEARDEN died in Okemah, Okfuskee Co., OK in 1935 and his obit listed a living sister Elizabeth Milligan in Alabama....listed it with a G and I looked for a year nearly off and on for an Elizabeth Milligan before finding Elizabeth and Jehu Millican (they also have living granddauthers and a cousin of mine has spoken with one of them on the phone) she verified that what we had found was correct.  One of siblings was born in Okfuskee Co., Oklahoma and I have found two of Jehu and Elizabeth's children living in the 1900 Census in Bearden OK. Any help ...on Aulthia's whereabouts after 1892 would be appreciated."

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