Stowe and Related Families

My Direct Line

Updated July 18, 2002

As you go through this list of names in my direct ancestry remember that I use the Ahnentafel Numbering system.  That system is very simple - on my ancestral chart, I (Molly Stowe) would be number one (1) father would be number two (2) mother would be number three (3)...each ancestor after that is a multiple of two - for instance, my father's father (my paternal grandfather) would be number four (4), his wife (my paternal grandmother) would be number five (5), my maternal grandfather would be number six (6), my maternal grandmother would be number seven (7), and so on.

I have withheld personal information on those relatives born after 1930, unless they have crossed over.   If you feel that you need this information, please contact me by email for discussion.

Family researchers may use the information they find here freely for their personal use only.  These pages, and the information they provide may NOT be copied or linked to for commercial use of any kind by a company
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1.  Molly STOWE

2.  John Pershing STOWE, Jr.

3.  Terri LORREN

4.  John Pershing STOWE, Sr.
     Born: 14 Sep 1914
     Place:  Georgia
5.  Married:  Fannie Laura BREWSTER on 10 Aug 1955 (photo)
     Born:  20 Mar 1915
     Place:  Georgia
     Died:  11 Sep 1990
     Place:  Cedartown, Georgia
          2.  John Pershing Stowe, Jr.

My grandmother was a high-school English teacher, and my grandfather was the county 4-H agent.  My grandmother was a very elegant lady.  She cooked like an angel, but that wasn't all.  She arranged the food so perfectly.  The table was always set beautifully with fine china and a creative centerpiece.  She died when I was seven, but I have many wonderful memories of her.

6.  Samuel Kenneth LORREN  (photo)
7.  Married:  Nina Ruth LAYNE
          3.  Terri Lorren

8.  Henry Washington STOWE (family photo)
     Born:  15 Mar 1873
     Place:  Franklin Co., Georgia
     Died:  4 Jan 1935
     Place:  Stephens Co., Georgia
     Buried:  Liberty Hill Baptist Church
9.  Married: Lura HOLCOMB in 1896
     Born:  1 Mar 1882
     Place:  Franklin Co., Georgia
     Died:    29 Jan 1957
     Place:  Stephens Co., Georgia
     Buried:  Liberty Hill Baptist Church
           4.  Johny Pershing Stowe, Sr.

My grandfather, John Pershing Stowe, Sr. told me the following information on Thanksgiving Day 2001 about Henry Washington Stowe and Lura Holcomb, "Henry Washington Stowe was muscular, about 180 lbs.  He loved baseball, was a fast runner, and a great swimmer.  He had a good backstroke and still jumped off the diving board when he was 50 years old.  He had brown hair and eyes.  Lura Holcomb was a short, slender brunette.  She loved to sew and was extremely good at it.  She thought Lucy (her granddaughter) was going to be a boy, and she knitted a blue sweater for the new baby."  My grandfather John still has it.

10.  John Gordon BREWSTER
       Born:  29 Jun 1886
       Place:  Georgia
       Died:  abt 1975
       Place:  Georgia
11.  Married:  Fannie Lucy YOUNG on 15 July 1914
       Born:  17 Jul 1890
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
       Died:  9 Aug 1921
       Place:  Georgia
             5.  Fannie Laura Brewster

When Fannie Lucy Young died in 1921, John Gordon married Fannie's sister Mollie Ammons Young.

12.  Jasper Tillman LORREN (photo)
       Born: 7 Nov 1900
       Place: Borden Springs, Alabama
       Died: 21 Jan 1948
       Place: Cedartown, Georgia
13.  Married: Christine Inez COOK (photo)
       Date Married:  18 Feb 1936
       Place Married:  Borden Springs, AL
       Born: 8 Oct. 1919
       Place: Carrolton, Georgia
       Died:  4 May 1977
       Place: Mobile, Alabama
       Buried:  Borden Springs Cemetery
             6.  Samuel Kenneth Lorren  (photo)

16.  Michael STOWE
       Born:  1 Mar 1833
       Died:  2 July 1911
17.  Married:  Emily E. CLARK
       Born:  1838
       Died:  14 Sept 1920
              8.  Henry Washington Stowe

       Note: Michael also married Martha McCURDY

18.  Henry K. HOLCOMB
       Born:  18 Mar 1858
       Place:  Georgia
       Died:  30 Jan 1937
       Place:  Georgia
       Buried:  Broad River Baptist Church (gravestone)
19.  Married: Charity P. TABOR on 18 Nov 1877
       Born:  18 Jan 1860
       Place:  Georgia
       Died:  23 May 1902
       Place:  Georgia
       Buried:  Broad River Baptist Church (gravestone)
              9.  Lura Holcomb

My grandfather, John Pershing Stowe, Sr. told me the following information on Thanksgiving Day 2001 about Henry K. Holcomb and Charity P. Tabor, " Henry moved to Polk county from Franklin County in 1913 or 1914.  He often visited his grandchildren in the summer.  He was a large man about 250 lbs.  He was 6 feet tall, had a black mustache, and loved to talk."  Henry died when granddaddy was 14-16 years old in Polk County, and his body was brought back to Toccoa, Georgia.  My grandfather said, "Charity, Henry's wife, died at a young age, possibily during childbirth."

20.  Joseph Proctor Screven BREWSTER (Tales of Esom Hill)  (photo)
       Born:  5 Feb 1856
       Place:  Haralson Co., Georgia
       Died:  5 Feb 1913
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
21.  Married: Laura Jane ISBELL on 19 Oct 1879
       Born: 29 Jan 1862
       Place:  Georgia
       Died:  10 Oct 1913
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
             10.  John Gordon Brewster

Joseph built the store at Esom Hill.

22.  James Sterling YOUNG
       Born:  23 Aug 1855
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
       Died:  12 Jan 1949
       Place:  Cedartown, Georgia
23.  Married:  Martha Frances CASEY on 4 Apr 1883
       Born:  29 Dec 1861
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
       Died:  20 Jan 1903
       Place:  Cedartown, Georgia
              11.  Fannie Lucy Young

My g-g-grandfather James bought a big old house on Cave Spring Street in Cedartown, Georgia about 1918 from Senator William Harris.

24.  Samuel Prathel LORREN (photo)(land deed)
       Born: 9 Apr 1879
       Place: Cleburne County, Alabama
       Died:  12 Nov 1940
       Place:  Borden Springs, Alabama
25.  Married:  Nancy O.Lena HEDGEPETH (photo)
       Born: 9 Mar 1882
       Place: Cleburne County, Alabama
       Died:  17 Feb 1957
       Place: Borden Springs, Alabama
              12.  Jasper Tillman Lorren

    Notes:  Samuel (Sammy) and Nancy (Nannie) belonged to the Church of Christ in
     Borden Springs, Alabama.  Sammy owned a lot of property at one time.  They lived
     in the old "Lorren" house (burned).  During his lifetime, Sammy was a member of
     the Masonic Lodge (and at least one of his daughters, Aunt Dandy [I believe], was
     a member of the Eastern Star).  He obtained the highest level of the Order.
     Samuel was diagnosed with a rare form of eye cancer that eventually spread
     throughout his body.  He made several trips to the Mayo Clinic (note: my mother's
     aunt Sue also had this form of eye cancer and was treated for it in Houston, Texas
     ...her's was benign) for treatment.   Unfortunately, Sammy's cancer spread through-
     out his body.  My mother's aunt Sue relates that the last time she remembers seeing
     her grandfather was the last time that Sammy returned home from the Mayo Clinic.
     Sue's family went with her grandmother Nancy to meet Sammy at the old Borden
     Springs (Alabama) train depot.  They lifted Sammy off the train on a stretcher.
     His eyes and head were swathed in bandages and he was in tremendous pain.
     Later, as an adult, she learned that the doctors at the Mayo Clinic had sent
     Sammy home to die.  "Doc" HAMILTON (killed in a car wreck in the '50s) was the
     Lorren family doctor and had been for many years.  He treated Sammy with heavy
     doeses of morphine until Sammy's passing on November 12, 1940.

26.  Franklin COOK
       Place:  Felton, GA
       Died:  4 July 1920
       Place: Texas
27.  Married:  Georgia Marilyn HANEY (photo)
       Born: 1 Apr 1900
       Died:  11 Feb 1988
       Place:  Cedartown, Polk Co., GA
              13. Christine Inez COOK

32.  Warren STOWE, Jr.
       Born:  1795
       Place:  South Carolina
       Died:  13 Apr 1855
       Place:  Franklin Co., Georgia
33.  Married:  #1 Elizabeth MEDLOCK 18 Jul 1816 in Franklin County, Georgia
       Born:  1800
       Place:  South Carolina
       Died:  1864
       Place:  Franklin Co., Georgia
              16.  Michael Stowe

       Note #1:  Warren married #2 Nancy Jane WHITE aft 1864.  Nancy was the
                       daughter of Sion WHITE and Elizabeth ?.  Nancy was born abt. 1833.
     Note #2: I received an email from Kenny Hedgepeth at <[email protected]>
                       on 8 July 2002 stating:  "Your Waren Stowe Jr. is a brother of my
                       4th gr. gr'dpa  William Marlon Stowe.  William's son Alaban or Laban
                       and his grown family and their kid's stayed in Cherokee Co., AL
                       after leaving Walker Co., GA on their way to Texas. My Stowe data
                       is loaded up at  in the Ancestry World Tree entries,
                       do a search for ALABAN STOWE ... there will be four entries for him...
                       three of them are mine ... I believe the top one is the closest to
                       most current info .... the other two have my old email addy connected
                       to them ... [still surprised I can't get those removed yet] .... the forth
                       one, I forget how he is related to us ... but he is a Waren Stowe Sr.
                       descendant too! I think this link will take you right to the data ...


                     if not go the the front page ofAncestry.comand do a search for
                       Alaban Stowe!"

34.  Wiley CLARK
       Place:  Franklin Co., Georgia
35.  Married:  Frances WHITEHEAD on 9 May 1828
       Born:  1810
             17.  Emily E. Clark

36.  Thomas HOLCOMB
       Born:  4 Mar 1819
       Place:  Habersham Co., Georgia
       Died:  6 Mar 1898
       Place:  Georgia
37.  Married:  Hannah BAILY on 5 Nov 1846
       Born:  30 Dec 1822
       Place:  Georgia
       Died:  29 Dec 1895
       Place:  Georgia
              18.  Henry K. Holcomb

38.  John Tom TABOR
39.  Married:  Priscilla ?
              19.  Charity P. Tabor

40.  (Rev.) Van Allen BREWSTER, Sr.  (Tales of Esom Hill)
       Born:  5 May 1817
       Place:  Morgan Co., Georgia
       Died:  26 Oct 1897
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
       Buried:  Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery (grave-stone)
41.  Married:  Elizabeth HUMPREY on 26 Nov 1838 Walton Co., Georgia
       Born:  19 Apr 1822
       Place:  Walton Co., Georgia
       Died:  19 Apr 1895
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
              20.  Joseph Proctor Screven Brewster

Haralson County, GA 1860 Federal Census
Page # Line # Last Name First Name Age Birth Place
327 8 Brewster Elizabeth 37 Ga
327 14 Brewster Gary F.S. 1 Ga
327 10 Brewster George M. 18 Ga
327 13 Brewster Joseph S. 5 Ga
327 11 Brewster Mary A. R. 11 Ga
327 12 Brewster Richard B. 9 Ala
327 7 Brewster Van A. 43 Ga
327 9 Brewster William T. 20 Ga

42.  Jeremiah Marion ISBELL  (Tales of Esom Hill)  (photo)
       Born:  17 Jan 1829
       Place:  Pickens District, S. Carlolina
       Died:  22 Apr 1913
       Place:  Polk Co., Ga
       Buried:  Shiloh Cem., Polk Co., Ga
43.  Married:  Matilda Ann WADE on 10 Jul 1845 Bartow Co., Georgia
       Born:  betw. 1827-1829
       Place:  Bartow Co., Georgia
       Died:  30 Jun 1904
       Place:  Grimes Co., Texas
              21.  Laura Jane Isbell

44.  James YOUNG
       Born: 22 Dec 1832
       Place:  Dekalb Co., Georgia
       Died:  27 Mar 1918
       Place:  Youngs, Polk Co., Georgia
45.  Married:  Emaline Edla AMMONS 4 Aug 1854
                      at Pinehurst Dell, Polk Co., Georgia
       Born:  14 Mar 1834
       Place:  Merriwether Co., Georgia
       Died:  19 July 1899
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
              22.  James Sterling Young

46.  James Henry ("Jim") CASEY
       Born:  10 Feb 1830
       Place:  Georgia
       Died:  2 Dec 1886
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
47.  Married:  Emily Elizabeth COX on 11 Dec 1849
       Born:  26 Sept 1830
       Place:  Heard Co., Georgia
       Died:  26 Mar 1911
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
       Children of James and Emily:
              23.  Martha Frances Casey

48.  John L.C. LORREN (photo)
       Born: Betw. 1847 (note: LDS records have John's birth at 1840 in
                 contradiction to family Bible and gravestone)
       Place:  Cleburne Co., Alabama
       Died:  1931
49.  Married #2: Julia Ann POLLARD(KNIGHTEN) (photo) in 1863
       Born: 20 Mar 1838
       Died: 6 Aug. 1899
       Place:  Borden Springs, Alabama
       Buried:  Borden Springs Cemetery, Cleburne Co., AL gravestone
                    reads "LArren)
       Children of John L.C. and Julia Ann:
              24.  Samuel Prathell LORREN (photo)

50.  Charles Frank HEDGEPETH
       Died: Oct. 1900
51.  Married:  Mulven Mysina COUCH (widow's pension application)
       Children of Charles and Mysina:
              25.  Nancy O. Lena HEDGEPETH (photo)

Research by Ken Hedgepeth produced the Marriage Record for Frank and Mysina (Masina) which states, "Calhoun County, Alabama Marriage Record Book for 1864-1877 - August 30, 1872 license September 1872 marriage; The State of Alabama to any Minister of the Gospel, Judge or Justice lawfully authorized Calhoun County to celebrate the rites of matrimony.  You are hereby licensed to celebrate the rites of matrimony between C.F. Hedgepeth and ? Masina Counch and for so doing this shall be your warrant.  Given under my hand ? this 30 ? of August in the year of our Lord One Thousand and eight-hundred and Seventy two.  A Woods (looks like Woods) Judge of Probate.  In virtue of a license from the Judge of the Probate Court of said County, I have this day celebrated THE RITES OF MATRIMONY between C.F. Hedgepeth and Masina Couch.  Given under my hand this 4th day of September 1872."  (Microfilm page 369) You can contact Ken at [email protected]

Research by Arlene Waters states:  The 1880 Census of Paulding Co. gives the following information:
C.F. Hedgepeth
J.H. (N?)

Frank is also listed on the 1874 tax digest of Paulding Co.  You can contact Arlene at [email protected]

54.  Jackson HANEY
55.  Married: Sally EASTLAND
                27.  Georgia Marilyn Haney (photo)

64.  Warren STOWE, Sr.
       Born:  1755
       Place:  Suffield, Connecticut
       Died:  1840
       Place:  Franklin Co., Georgia
65.  Married:  Sara MILLER  10 Jun 1784 in Wake County, North Carolina
       Born:  1770
       Place:  Wake City, N. Carolina
       Died:  Betw. 1840-1850 Franklin County, Georgia
              32.  Warren Stowe, Jr.

       Note:  The following information on Warren comes from Laurie L. Wicks -
                  Laurie is researching the lines of Stowe, Corbin, Kemp/Camp,
                  and Hunt families.  You can contact her at: [email protected]
                  In the following, emphasis are shown in caps and are mine.

"Warren was born in Suffield, Connecticut in 1755, about 20 years before the first shots of the Revolutionary War were fired.  However, it may never be known exactly which descendants of John Stowe of Boston were his parents, though it is almost certain he is descended from that line.  The Suffield record books are described by H.S. Sheldon in "History of Suffield", published in 1869, as "The town books for recording marriages, births, and deaths are the next in point of interest.  The first is a small folio bearing the date of 1702.  Entries indicate that it was in use from the time of the town's organization in 1682 to 1740.  It also contains records of intentions of marriage, estrays, and ear-marks for cattle, sheep, etc.  It is sadly battered by the wear of two centuries, and more than thirty pages are lost.  A second book, containing the records from 1740 to 1762, is not found.  In December, 1799, the town ordered the town clerk to collect and transcribe all marriages into one book.  This book is styles "Suffield, Records, Births, Marriages, and Deaths, Vol. I".  Later some records of intentions of marriage from 1740 to 1762 were found, and are included in "Suffield Land Records Vol. II."  This explains why the names of Warren's parents and the exact date of his birth have never been found.  Apparently, this information would have been found in the missing second book of records.  We know, from comments made by Warren and family Bible records that he descends from the emigrant JOHN STOWE of Boston, who arrived from England in 1634, and from observation and research, it is most probable that he is a great-grandson of John's son, THOMAS STOWE of Middletown, Connecticut.  While Warren's name is different from those of his ancestors, the name Thomas has been carried down through this family from the beginning.  And, since the surname was lost from Thomas' brother Samuel's line on the death of his only grandson at the age of 19, and considering that the descendants of Thomas' other brother, Nathaniel of Concord's, descendants stayed in Massachusetts for a few generations, it is a fairly safe assumption that Warren connects through Thomas.

Warren began his Revolutionary War service at about the age of 21.  He served from approximately 1 year after the beginning of the War until its end, a total of about 6 years.  In his attempts to obtain a pension for this service in later years, he made depositions in court detailing his movements during the War, so we have a fairly comprehensive look at his military service.  The first declaration is dated 20 Jan 1823 and reads as follows:

Georgia, Franklin County of Inferior Court sitting for ordinary purposes in Session on the 20 day of January Eighteen hunded & Twenty-three.  Personally appeared in open Court being a court of Record Specially Constituted by the Laws of this State for the Country aforesaid.  WARREN STOE aged Sixty Eight years who being Duly Sworn according to Law Doth on his oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the provision made by the acts of Congress of the 18th March 1818 & the act May 1820 that he the said Warren Stoe enlisted enlisted for the Term of Twelve months in the first Twelve months Men that were raised after the Expiration of the time of the 8 months men that were raised in the State of Connecticut in the company Commanded by Capt Phillips in the Regiment Commanded by Col. being the first Regiment in the line of the State of Connecticut on the old Continental Establishment that he continued to Serve in said Corps until the expiration of the said Term when he was discharged from said service in the State of Connecticut that he enlisted three other serveral three months Towers & that he continued in the Several Services until they Severally expired & was duly discharged from each Several Service that he then enlisted during the War in the year Seventeen hundred & Seventy-Six or Seven in the State of Connecticut in the Company Commanded by Capt. James Flowers in the Regiment Commanded by Col. who left the Regiment & it Commanded by Major Sumner in the Line of the State of Connecticut the old Continental Establishment that he continued to serve in the said corps until the conclusion of the War that he thinks he served about Five years under the Last Enlistment When he was discharged in the State of New York not far from the City of New York that he was in the Battles of the White plains, the Ewtaw Springs & that he has no other Evidence ris his power of his Said Services Except his own oath and in pursuance of the Act of the 1st May 1820 I do solemnly sware that I was a Regiment Citizen of the United States on the 15th day of March1818 & I have not since that time by gift Sale or any manner disposed of my property of any part thereof with intent thereby to Deminish it as to bring myself withinthe provisions of an Act of Congress Entitled an Act to provide for certain persons engaged in the Land and Naval Service of the United States in the Revolutionary War passed on the 18th day of March 1818 that I have not nor has any person in trust for me any property or surities Contracts of Debts due to me not have I any income other than what is contained in the skedule hereto annexed & by me subscribed.

Fourteen head of hogs $14.00
one ax, three weeding hoes 1 maddox 3.00
one shovel plow one gofer 1.00
Total amount of valuation 18.00

That I am indebted to WILLIAM WILEY $45.00
Total amount of valuation deducted 18.00
leaves a ballance of Debts against Deponant 146.00

That he is a farmer that he is unable to perform much service being infirm that he has seven in family his Wife aged Fifty who is unhealthy and unable to perform Labor his son Hudson aged Eighteen years healthy & able to perform Service a Daughter Martha aged Fourteen years She has a Phthisic (?) affection which renders her very unhealthy.  A son Twelve years old named William healthy Nancy a Daughter aged Eight years & a son named Presley aged six years both healthy.

Sworn to X (his mark) subscribed on the 20th of January 1823. X (his mark) Warren Stoe"

Apparently, because of his destitute situation at this time, he appeared in the Franklin County Court of Ordinary on Sept 6, 1824 and was excused from paying his poll tax.  He then appeared in Court once again in another attempt to obtain a pension for his Revolutionary War service.  This second declaration gives more detailed information about his service, and is dated Sept. 3, 1832.  It says:
State of Georgia, County of Franklin.  On this third day of September in the year Eighteen Hundred & thirty two personally appeared before the Inferior Court of said State & County now sitting for ordinary purposes WARREN STOW, a resident of the Capt. Catlets District in the County & Sate aforesaid, aged about Eighty years, who being first duly sworn according to Law, doth on this oath make the following Declaration in order to obtain the benefit of the Act of Congress passed June 7, 1832.  That he entered for Twelve months in the Connecticut State Troops in the Tower of Suffield, under Lieutenant Samuel Grainger & Capt. Noah Phelps, does not recollect the date, but it was about one year after the commencement of the War.  From Suffield was marched to Hartford & from thence aboard ship to New York City where marched to the white plains in New York State, from thence to West Chester, from thence to the Fish Kilns, from thence crossed the Hudson river & marched to join Genl. Washington at Morristown, New Jersey wintered there & was there discharged by Capt. Phelps having served the full twelve months.  Returned to Sullold & in about one month afterward he enlisted at Suffolk Under Captain Remiton for three months was marched to Rhode Island, was stationed in an old field besieging a Sea port town (name of the town does not recollect, served there until he was regularly discharged for three months service by Capt. Remiton, returned to Sullold, and in about a month, enlisted for three months longer under Sergeant White and was marched to Albany New York where he was stationed as a guard, and was discharged for a three months Tour does not recollect that any officer of higher grade was along, returned to Suffolk & removed to New Mulberry he thinks New Hampshire, at which plan he volunteered under a lieutenant, does not recollect his name & was placed in a guard in a Stockade Fort Block House near Bennington to guard against the Indians - remaines there the three months & was discharged there.  Returned to New Mulberry & from thense to Suffield Connecticut & went over the line into Massachusetts and enlisted under Capt. Flowers (he thinks, James Flowers for the Regular Continental Army for during the War, was marched to Peekskill New York and was under command of Col. Sumner & General Washington was detached from the army to join Gel. Green in the South & was marched to near the Heigh hill, of Santee in South Carolina where he joined Genl. Green & lay some time at the Pond Ponds where he was discharged at the Close of the War.  When he joined General Green he was placed under the Command of Col. Dixon, thinks it was the 3d, or 4 Regiment but does not recollect any names of other officers.  Served altogether about six years - does not know of any person now if life that could testify to his service.

1.  He was born in Suffield Connecticut, does not recollect in what year.
2.  Has no record of his age, but thinks there is one in possession of a Mr. Hitchcock Parish register at Suffield.
3.  Was living at Suffield & removed as stated above to New Hampshire & back to Suffield, after the War he settled in Wake County, North Carolina & from thence he removed to Elbert County, Georgia & for the last Twenty-five years has remained in the County of Franklin, State of Georgia.
4.  Entered the service by enlistment except three months as a volunteer.
5.  Has stated principally the names he recollects.
6.  Received several written discharges as Stated in the body of this declaration, but they are all lost.
7.  He is known to Samuel Jackson Exquire & the Rev. David Garrison a preacher of the Gospel who can both Testify as they live in his neighbourhood to his verseity and to their belief of his having been a soldier of the Revolution.
8.  He hereby relinguishes every claim whatever to a pension or annuity except the present & declares that his name is not on the Pension roll of any State within his knowledge of belief.

Sworn to & subscribed in open Court the day & year first above written.  X (his mark) Warren Stow

Thos King Clk.
We David Garrison a Clergyman and Samuel Jackson both residing in the County and state first aforesaid hereby certify that we are well acquainted with Warren Stow, who has subscribed and sworn to the above declaration, that we believe him to be eighty years of age, that he is reputed and believed in the neighbourhood where he resides to have been a soldier of the Revolution & that we concur in that opinion.
Thos King Clk.
Sworn to & subscribed in open Court the day & year first above written David Garrison and Sam Jackson
And the said Court do here by declare their opinion after the investigation of the matter, and after putting the interrogatories prescribed by the War Department that the above named applicant was a Revolutionary Soldier and Served as he states.

There is one other existing piece of evidence of Warren's service, apparently the only written proof.  It is a pay record from the state of North Carolina, a voucher or certificate of written promise to be paid a certain amount in hard cash at some time in the future, as was normal during the Revolution:
Statement of the Accounts of the Non Commisioned Officers and privates of the North Carolina Line, in the late Army of the United States, as passed upon by the Commissioner of Army Accounts:

WARREN STOE, Pvt; amount charged 51 dollars, 7 1/2 /90ths; balance paid & charged by the state; 51 dollars, 7/90ths; balance actually found  due; 46 dollars, 60/90ths; disallow'd Interest Charges 7 mo. in 81.

72.  Hampton HOLCOMB
       Born:  16 Aug 1787
       Place: Spartanburg District, S. Carolina
       Died:  4 June 1869
       Place:  Habersham Co., Georgia
73.  Married:  Elizabeth WATERS 27 Jul 1815
       Born:  1791
       Place:  Spartanburg District, S. Carolina
              36.  Thomas Holcomb

81.  Married:  Rebecca ALLEN
              40.  Van Allen Brewster

84.  Pendleton ISBELL, III
       Born: 15 Apr 1806
       Place:  SC
       Died:  30 Nov 1873
       Buried:  Shiloh Cem., Polk Co., Ga
85.  Married:  Susanna CLEVELAND on 18 Mar 1824
       Born:  16 Feb 1806
       Died:  1 Dec 1888 in Grimes Co., Tx
       Buried:  Pankey Cem., Grimes Co., Tx
       Children of Pendleton and Susanna:
              42.  Jeremiah Marion Isbell

88.  Augustin YOUNG
       Born:  17 Aug 1799
       Place:  Flowery Branch, Hall Co., Georgia
       Died:  2 Feb 1868
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
89.  Married:  Catherine POUNDS  23 Nov 1820
       Born:  2 Dec 1799
       Place:  Watkinsville, Georgia
       Died:  2 Feb 1868
       Place:  Polk Co., Georgia
              44.  James Young

90.  Jesse A. AMMONS
       Born: 22 JUL 1780
91.  Married Adeline Edla WITCHER  bef. 1835
     Born: 25 JUL 1814
       Died: 11 JUL 1885
       Place: Polk Co., Ga
              45.  Emaline Edla AMMONS

92.  Henry "Hal" CASEY
       Born:  abt 1794
       Place:  Wilkes or Greene County, Georgia
       Died:  1847
       Place:  Georgia
       Father:  William Casey
93.  Married:  Jane BARTON 29 July 1816
       Born:  1794
       Place:  Georgia
       Died:  1830
       Place:  Newton County, Georgia
              46.  James Henry (Jim) Casey

94.  Thomas COX
95.  Married:  Martha Patsy COCKRELL
              47.  Emily Elizabeth Cox

96.  George A. LORREN (land deed)
       Born: 1816
       Place:  Jefferson, TN. (there is discrepancy here see notes)
       Died: 25 Aug 1889.
97.  Married:  Elizabeth Martha D. ROBBERSON or ROBERTSON
                      on 22 Apr 1841 in Carroll Co., GA
       Born:  1825
       Died:  After 1880
                48.  John L.C. LORREN (photo)

98.  Benjamin POLLARD
       Born: 1777
       Place:  South Carolina
99.  Married:  Rachel Sarah PARKS
       Born: 12 Nov 1807
       Place:  Wilkes Co., NC
                49.  Julia Ann POLLARD

100.  William HEDGEPETH (photo) (deed) (Soldiers or Sailors Application)
         Born: 27 Jan 1818
         Place: North or South Carolina (probably North)
         Died:  15 Jun 1910
         Place:  Borden Springs, AL
101.  Married:  Louisa ROBERTS
                50.  Charles Frank HEDGEPETH

According to the research of Arlene Waters the 1850 Census of Cobb Co., Georgia gives the following information:

William Hedgepeth        31 m    Overseer    Ga (?)
Louisa                             31 f                           NC (looks like NC)
Sara A.                            10 f                           Ala
William N.                         5 m                          Ga
Charles F.                        3 m                          Ga

144.  Sherwood HOLCOMB
         Born:  1763
         Place:  North Carolina
         Died:  17 Dec 1844
         Place:  Habersham County, Georgia
145.  Married Jane KEITH on 6 Jun 1782
         Born:  abt. 1763
         Place:  South Carolina
                72.  Hampton HOLCOMB

168.  LivingstonISBELL
       Born:  7 Mar 1788
         Place:  Wilkes Co., N.C.
         Died:  29 Aug 1823
         Place:  S.C.
169.  Married:  Mary MAZE
       Born:  30 Jun 1786
         Died:  1 Sept 1858
                84.  Pendleton Isbell

176.  Robert YOUNG (story)
         Born:  12 Dec 1760
         Place:  Nash County, North Carolina
         Died: 21 Mar 1854
         Place:  Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia
177.  Married #1: Selah "Celia" STRICKLAND in 1798
         Born:  11 Jul 1779
         Place:  Edgecombe County, North Carolina
         Died:  21 Sept 1837
         Place:  Flowery Branch, Hall County, Georgia
                88.  Augustin YOUNG
        Married #2: Elizabeth CARMON 6 May 1838 Hall Co., Ga
         Born:  SC

178.  Richard POUNDS
         Born:  Aft. 1760
179.  Married:  Mary DAVIS
       Born:  Bef. 1780
         Died:  Aft. 1802 in Clarke Co, GA
                89.  Catherine Pounds

180.  Sterling AMMONS
181.  Married:  Mary GRANTHAM
                90.  Jesse Ammons

182.  James WITCHER
183.  Married:  Gillian "Gilly" EDWARDS
                91.  Adeline Witcher

192.  John LORREN  (see note)
         Born: Betw 1791-95 in Hawkins Co. TN according to LDS records.
         Died: Unknown believe he died when his children were in their teens.
193.  Married:  Julia Ann McPHERSON abt. 1815 in Roane, Tennessee
         Born:  Betw. 1794-1797 in Hawkins Co., TN (note: some family
                    members state Julia was born in Kentucky; LDS records
                    state TN)
         Died:  1829 (not proven)
                96.  George A. LORREN

196.  William Pollard
197.  Married: Unknown
               98.  Benjamin Pollard

198.  Benjamin PARKS (more information on the Parks can be found at this webpage)
         Born: 25 Mar
         Place:  1746 King George Co., VA
         Died:  11 Jul 1839
         Place:  Hall Co., GA
         Buried:  several generations of Parks are  buried at Yellow Creek
                       Baptist Church in Hall Co., Ga.
199.  Married: Virlinche (Valentia) aka Elizabeth BRANCH
                      on 3 Nov 1779 Wilkes Co., NC
        Born: 16 Feb 1758
        Place:  Chesterfield, VA
            99. Rachel Sarah PARKS

288.  James HOLCOMB
289.  Married:
               144.  Sherwood Holcomb

336.  Pendleton ISBELL
       Born: 6 Feb 1757
         Place:  Albermarle Co., Va
         Died:  3 Nov 1829
         Place:  Pickins Co., SC
337.  Married:  Sarah HENDERSON
       Born:  14 Nov 1758
         Place:  Pendleton Dist. SC or Wilkes Co., NC
         Died:  14 Apr 1827
         Place:  Fairplay, Pendleton Co., SC
                168.  Livingston Isbell

       Robert Owens [email protected] reports the following information on
         Pendleton Isbell:

         References: Geneology of the Isbell Family
         Family Bible in possession of George Pendleton Isbell I
         History of Stephens Co., Georgia
         Family bible of George Pendelton Isbell II
         Mrs. Hope A. Hilton, Mormon Records
         Mormon Ancestoral File 31 Jul 1990
         Gives death place as Laurens Co., SC
         Salt Lake Microfish
         Military Service:  Pvt., Rev. War
         One of George Washington's Guards
       Res.:  Albermarle Co., Va, Wilkes Co., SC, 96th Dist. SC, Pickins Co., SC,

         1786, 13 Oct., Pendelton was a witness to property transfer on Beaver Creek,
         96th Dist., SC
         1786, He moved to Tugaloo River area of Franklin Co., Ga, later ceded and
         became Pickins Co., SC

352.  Robert Stephen YOUNG
       Born: 1738
         Place:  Edgecombe Co., NC
         Died: 7 JUN 1812
         Place:  Tar River, Nash Co., NC
353.  Married: Dinah TUCKER  abt. 1759 in NC
         Born: 7 JAN 1739/40
         Place:  Edgecombe Co.,  NC
         Died: 8 JAN 1848
         Place:  Flowery Branch, Hall Co., GA
                176.  Robert Young

       Born: 1741
         Place:  Isle of Wight, VA or Edgecombe Co., NC
         Died:   25 APR 1804
         Place:  Franklin Co., GA
355.  Married:  Priscilla Taylor YOUNG 1765 in Guilford Co., NC
         Born: 1747
         Place:  Guilford Co., NC
         Died:  1825
         Place:  Franklin Co., GA
              177.  Selah "Celia" Strickland

366.  John EDWARDS
       Born:  aft. 1730
         Place:  Princeton, NJ
         Died:  aft. 1800
         Place:  Probably Virginia
367.  Married:  Judith JAMES aft. 1755
         Born:  aft. 1737
         Place:  Probably Virginia
               183.  Gillian "Gilly" Edwards

386.  Daniel McPHERSON  (McPherson coat of arms)
        Born: 22 Oct 1755
        Place: Charles Co., MD
        Died: 17 Oct 1844
        Place:  Roane Co., TN
387. Married:  Susannah KINCHELOE  (Kincheloe coat of arms)
        Born:  22 Sept 1755
        Place:  Prince William Co., VA
        Died: 12 Jul 1850
        Place:  Roane Co., TN
            193. Julia Ann McPHERSON

Note: Daniel was listed on the Charles County Census 1775-1778 for male persons eighteen years old and upward in the lower hundred, Durham Parish.

396.  John PARKS
        Born: 10 May 1706
        Place:  Essex, VA
397. Married:  Mary SHARP (SHARPPE)
        Born:  20 Aug 1715
        Place:  King George Co., VA
            198. Benjamin PARKS

Other researchers state that John married twice - (1) Mary Sharp (Sharppe) and
(2) Sarah Winfield listing Benjamin's mother as Sarah and not Mary.  I have chosen to use (without documentation) Mary as my ancestor based on a letter to Patricia Smith from Joan Sellers states, "The Will of John Parks was dated 7 Feb 1787 and probated Jan. 1793 in Wilkes County, NC records.  From land records, John and wife "Mary" (emphasis mine) executed their last transaction on 3 Oct 1768 and then moved to NC."  This would mean that John and Mary were married in 1746 when Benjamin was born.   John mentions his children in his Will but a wife is not mentioned which makes one suppose that both Mary and Sarah predeceased John.  You may wish to contact Patricia Smith at [email protected] for more information regarding the Parks line.

398.  John or James BRANCH
399.  Married:  Unknown
                199. Elizabeth BRANCH

672.  James ISBELL
       Born:  abt 1700
         Place: England
         Died:  2 Nov 1780
         Place:  Wilkes Co., NC
673.  Married: Frances Tompkins LIVINGSTON
       Born:  1727
         Place:  Albermarle Co., Va
         Died:  2 Jan 1784
         Place:  Wilkes Co., NC
               336.  Pendleton Isbell

       Robert Owens [email protected] reports the following information on
         James Isbell:

         Ref:  Mrs. Hope A. Hilton, Morman Records
         The Descendents of Robert Isbell by Edna Warren Mason, 1944
         Residents:  Possibly England, Albermarle Co., MD, Wilkes Co., NC.
         James Isbell was in Orange Co. court records about the time he would have
         come of age and then moved on to Albermarle Co., Va and later to Wilkes Co., Va.
         Some say James was born in England.  Early 1700s, he came to America settling
         in Charlotsville, Albermarle Co., Va where 10 of his children were born.  Then he
         went to Wilkes Co., NC.  Five of his sons served in the Revolution.  1760, 7 May,
         Peter Copeland & Elizabeth, wf., of Chowan Co., NC sold to James Isbell of
         Orange Co., Va for 95 lbs., a tract in Louisa Co., Va 400 acres on the county
         line.  1781, 6 Mar., Letters Adm. granted Francis Isbell & Livingston Isbell on
         estate of James Isbell, deceased.  Wilkes Co., NC.  Securities; Benjamin Cleveland
         & Richard Allen.  Inventory of many slaves, 200 acres, 100 acres, 100 acres &
         100 acres.

704.  Robert YOUNG
       Born: abt. 1710
         Place:  Halifax District, NC
         Died: 1780
         Place:  Edgecombe Co., NC
705.  Married:  Mary ? abt. 1735
               352.  Robert Young

706. Thomas TUCKER, Jr.
        Born:  abt 1710
        Died:  abt. 1790
        Place:  Nash Co., NC
707. Married:  Dinah ? abt. 1735
              353.  Dinah Tucker

708.  Jacob STRICKLAND, I
       Born: abt. 1705
         Place:  Isle of Wight Co., VA
         Died: abt. APR 1790
         Place:  Nash Co., NC
         Married #1:  Elizabeth TAYLOR abt. 1726
         Born:  abt. 1704
709.  Married #2. LaMer Lucretia PITTS abt. 1739 in Guilford Co, NC
         Born:  abt. 1716
               354.  Jacob Strickland, II

710.  Francis YOUNG
711.  Married: ?
                355.  Priscilla Taylor Young

732.  John EDWARDS
       Born:  aft. 1691
733.  Married:  ? ELLIOT
              366.  John EDWARDS

772.  Richard McPHERSON
         Born:  1717
         Place: Charles Co., MD
         Died: Aft 1802
         Place: TN
773.  Married:  Elanor BARTON
         Born:  1735
         Place Charles Co., MD
         Died: 1830
              386. Daniel McPHERSON

774.  John KINCHELOE, Jr.
         Born: 22 Oct 1728
         Place: North Farnham Parrish, VA
         Died:  15 Feb 1809
         Born: 22 Sept 1725
         Place: Westmoreland Co., VA
         Died: 17 Oct 1794
         Place:  Washington Co., TN
              387.  Susannah KINCHELOE

       Note:  Mary was also known as Polly.  Mary died at the home of her daughter
       Elizabeth (KINCHELOE) COLDWELL, near Surgeonsville, Hawkins Co., Tn.  In 1744,
       Mary moved to Prince William Co., Va with her guardian and Uncle Robert
       WICKLIFFE  (Isaac's brother).

792.  Thomas PARKS (Will and Estate Records)
         Born: 1670-75
         Place:  Old Rappahanock, VA
         Died:  12 Mar 1761
         Place:  Abermarle, VA
793.  Married:  Sarah MILLER (aka LINCHFIELD)
         Born: Abt 1684
         Place:  Abermarle, VA
               396.  John PARKS

Whether Thomas married Sarah "Miller" or Sarah "Linchfield is open to question. Apparently
this is a problem several researchers have had and some have worked around it by omitting the wife.  There appears to be no documentation beyond this point for the wife's family regardless of the surname.  It is possible that Sara Linchfield and Sarah Miller is the same person and a weak support of this is that a grandson is named "Linchfield" Parks.  I welcome any  documentation for Sarah.

794.  Elias SHARP (SHARPPE)
         Born: Abt. 1689
         Place: Orange, VA
795.  Married:  Margaret PROCTOR abt. 1714
         Born:  Abt 1693
         Place:  Orange, VA
               397.  Mary SHARP

1344.  Henry ISBELL
1345.  Married:  ? COX
                 672.  James Isbell

1408.  Richard YOUNG
         Born:  bef. 1680
           Died:  1747
1409.  Married:  Anne CARVER
                 704.  Robert Young

1412.  Thomas TUCKER, Sr.
1413.  Married:  Margaret ?
                  706.  Thomas Tucker, Jr.

1416.  Matthew M. STRICKLAND , Jr.
         Born: 1663
           Place:  Isle of Wight Co., VA
           Died:  25 OCT 1730
           Place:  Isle of Wight Co., VA
1417.  Married:  Ann BRASWELL 1700 in Isle of Wight Co, VA
           Born: 1674
           Place:  Isle of Wight Co., VA
           Died:  abt. 1744
           Place:  VA
                 708. Jacob Strickland, I

1464.  Jonathan EDWARDS
         Born:  aft. 1654
1465.  Married:  ?
                 732.  John Edwards

1544.  Daniel McPHERSON
           Born:  Abt 1700
           Place:  Culloden Scotland
           Died: 1740
           Place:  Charles Co., MD
1545.  Married:  Elizabeth THOMPSON
           Born:  Abt. 1704
           Place:  Maryland
           Died:  17 Apr 1748
                 772 Richard McPHERSON

1546.  Thomas BARTON
           Born:  17 Jan 1687-88
           Place:  Charles Co., MD
1547.  Married:  Unknown
                 773.  Elanor BARTON

1548.  John KINCHELOE, Sr.
           Born:  1691
           Place:  North Farnham Parrish, VA
           Died: Betw. 16-25 March1746
           Place:  Prince William Co., VA
1549.  Married:  Elizabeth ?
                 774.  John KINCHELOE, Jr.

John Kincheloe, Sr. inherited the Richmond County land from his father, Cornelius.  John sold
10 acres to William Smyth (Smith) on April 21, 1722, and he sold the remaining 90 acres to
Robert Smyth (Smith on June 2, 1724, for 6,000 pounds of "good and weighty tobacco" packed
in casks.  John then acquired hundreds of acres of land in Stafford County.  This land became
part of Prince William County, just west of what is now Washington, D.C.  The land was on both
sides of Bull Run, along Occuquan Creek and Nebasco Creek in Hamilton Parish.  In 1737, he
bought land on Powell's Run and more land on Bull Run and in Hamilton Parish. John was born around 1700 in North Farnham Parish and served as warden of Truro Perish, Prince William
County, 1732-1736 and Vestryman (A committee of members elected to administer the
temporal affairs of a parish) in his church from 1736-1746.  John signed his will on March 16,
1746 and died later that month in Prince William County.  He was married to Elizabeth (maiden
name unknown) and they had eleven children.  According to the book Kincheloe McPherson
and Related Families by McPherson, 1951, John was married to Elizabeth CANTERBURY.
However, John W. Kincheloe, III, in his book  "This Is Where He Walked...."
Kincheloe, 1995,  states  that he could find no Richmond County documents to support the
Canterbury-Kincheloe connection stating:

Given Kincheloe family traditions regarding the name "Canterbury", ....So, to quote Geoffrey Chaucer, "Here beginneth the Book of the Tales of Canterbury...."

Investigation to confirm a Kincheloe connection with the Canterbury family revealed to this researcher a surprising fact.  In every Richmond County document offered in McPherson's book as evidence for linking the two families, the name "John Kincheloe" was substituted for another name appearing in the actual document.  The true name appearing in these records is "John Canterbury."  This man, whose surname is clearly written in these documents as "Canterbury," appears in no way to have been related to the Kincheloe family.  His mother was Ruth Canterbury.  His wife Elizabeth was the daughter of William Smith (see Richmond County Deed Book 8, p. 284, and Richmond County Wills, for Joan Frith Williams Wills L(l)oyd dated 8 Jan. 1703/2 Feb. 1703/4).  It is something of a puzzle how this error was made.

At least two additional pieces of evidence have been offered in support of a Canterbury family connection with the Kincheloes, but in the absence of any supporting Richmond County documents, neither is strong evidence for a definite Canterbury family link.  Here is that evidence, however:

1) According to McPherson (p. 321), a South Carolina record from 1810 exists which mentions "John and Elizabeth C. Kincheloe. "Several facts leave the present author skeptical that this is a strong argument for a link to the Canterbury family.  First of all, the presence of the letter "C" is not sufficient evidence, by itself, to argue for a Canterbury family connection.  Secondly, the record cited is a power-of-attorney document signed by the husband of John and Elizabeth Kincheloe's eight child, Nancy Ann.  This document was created when Nancy Ann was at the least in her 75th year.  She did not sign the document.  (Elizabeth, her mother, the one whose name is in question, had been dead for 35 years.  Nancy's husband, born in 1734, was 76 years of age at the time the document was put to paper.  Since the document regards power-of-attorney, matters of competency may have been involved.  We cannot know.  Acknowledging all of this, however, the validity of the evidence in this South Carolina document created for an in-law, involving no immediate Kincheloe kin directly, and entered into record nearly a hundred years after Elizabeth left behind her maiden name, may be questioned.  But the greatest problem with this evidence is that in the early 1700's the only records of an "Elizabeth Canterbury" in Richmond County plainly show that she was the wife of John Canterbury, and this was the case at the same time John Kincheloe and his own wife Elizabeth were having children!  It appears that somewhere along the line, an early family researcher confused these two John's and Elizabeth's.

2)  The remaining piece of evidence to support the claim of a Kincheloe-
Canterbury connection comes from the fact that Daniel Kincheloe, the third child of John and Elizabeth Kincheloe, named his homestead "Canterbury."  While this indicates honor for the name "Canterbury," it does not necessarily imply a family connection.  This evidence, standing alone as indeed it does, appears simply and most obviously to make the grown son of John Kincheloe a pious church member.  Canterbury Cathedral was and is, of course, one of the most important religious centers for the Church of England.  During the years we are considering, the Church of England was the Church of Virginia.  That John Kincheloe was a Vestryman in his church from 1736 until he died in 1746, is a fact to be noted in this connection.

To conclude, proof for a longstanding Canterbury-Kincheloe kinship may exist, but as of this writing it is the author's opinion that a strong case has not been made.... The primary argument against a Canterbury link is a simple one: contrary to what certain researchers have claimed, there are no Richmond County documents whatsoever which support this claim."

           Born:  Abt 1696
           Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
           Died:  1725
           Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
1551.  Married:  Elizabeth CULLUM (CULLEN)
           Born:  1696
           Place: Westmoreland Co., VA
                 775.  Mary WICKLIFFE

       Note:  Elizabeth was the daughter of Mark CULLUM and Elizabeth KIMBALL.

1584.  John James PARKS
           Born:  Abt 1644
           Place:  Ulster, Ireland
           Died: Old Rappahanock, VA
1585.  Married:  Unknown
                  792.  Thomas PARKS, II

According to Parks Society Newsletter John immigrated from Ireland to Virginia about 1668.
His son Thomas Parks (408 above) appears to be the first documented ancestor.  John's wife is not known.  His children were (1) John Parks b: Abt. 1665 in Ulster, Ireland, (2) George Parks
b: Abt. 1667, (3) Thomas PARKS II b: Abt. 1670 in Old Rappahannock, VA, (4) Henry Parks
b. Abt. 1672, and (5) Robert Parks b. Abt. 1674.

2688.  William ISBELL
2689.  Married:  ?
                 1344.  Henry Isbell

2690.  James COX
2691.  Married:  ?
                 1345.  ? Cox

2816.  Pharoe YOUNG
         Born:  1643
           Died:  aft. 1715
2817.  Married: ?
                 1408. Richard Young

2832.  Matthew STRICKLAND , Sr.
         Born: abt. 1626
           Place: Westmoreland Co., England
           Died:  5 MAY 1696
           Place:  Isle of Wight Co., VA
2833.  Married:  Elizabeth LOREEN bef. 1665
           Born: abt. 1641
           Place:  Liverpool, England
           Died:  aft. 1674
           Place:  Va.
                 1416. Matthew M. STRICKLAND , Jr

2834.  Richard BRASWELL
         Born:  abt. 1640
2835.  Married:  Sarah SAMPSON
                  1,417  Ann Braswell

2928.  Timothy EDWARDS
2929.  Married:  ?
                 1464.  Jonathan Edwards

3088.  Alexander McPHERSON
           Born:  Abt 1675
           Place:  Dalriada Scotland
3089.  Married:  Unknown
                  1544.  Daniel McPHERSON

3090.  James THOMPSON
3091.  Married:  Unknown
                  1545.  Elizabeth THOMPSON

3096.  Cornelius KINCHELOE (photo Coat of Arms)
           Place:  Hy Kinsella, Ireland
           Died:  Bef. 1718
           Place: Richmond Co., VA
3097.  Married: ? WILLIAMS
                  1548.  John KINCHELOE, Sr.

John Kincheloe III states that the earliest ancestor of the Kincheloe Family in America
is "Cornelius" Kincheloe.  Oral history passed down indicates that Cornelius came from
Scotland, but the original location of his line is Hy Kinsella, Ireland.  Kincheloes were one of the rugged frontier families that settled the U.S. wilderness of Virginia, North Carolina, early Kentucky and Tennessee, and later the frontiers of Texas, and on to the California "Gold Rush."  Cornelius and his family settled on Kincheloe Spring Branch, at the headwaters of a creek called Oatspekety, then Horse Bridge Swamp, then Bryers, and now Jugs Creek, just west of Totuskey Creek, North Farnham Parish, Richmond County, "Old" Rappahannock County, Virginia.  Cornelius took deed to 100 acres of the Richmond County land in 1695.

The earliest appearance of what later came to be the conventional spelling of Cornelius' and
John's family name ~~ "Kincheloe" ~~ came in 1718 in the deed for Nathaniel Thrift's property,
which mentions "the lines of the land of William Smyth (Smith) and  John Kincheloe."  It is
interesting to discover that when Thrift subsequently deeded his land to his son William in
1723, the boundaries are recited just as in the 1718 deed, but John's name is spelled

           Born: Abt. 1671
           Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
           Died: 1698
           Place: Westmoreland Co., VA
3101.  Married:  Elizabeth KING
                 1550. Issac WICKLIFFE

3102.  Mark CULLUM (CULLEN)
3103.  Married:  Elizabeth KIMBALL
                  1551. Elizabeth CULLUM(CULLEN)

5632.  Samuel YOUNG, Jr.
           Born:  1621 England
           Died:  aft. 1647
5633.  Married: ?
                  2816.  Pharoe Young

5664.  Jacob STRICKLAND
         Born: abt. 1600
           Place:  Westmoreland Co., England
5665.  Married:  ?
                 2832.  Matthew STRICKLAND , Sr

5,668.  Robert  BRASWELL
          Born:  abt. 1613
            Place:  England
            Died:  1668
            Place: Isle of Wight Co, VA
5,669.  Married: ?
                  2,834.  Richard BRASWELL

           Born:  1636-40
           Place:  St. Georges Hundred, MD
           Died:  1693
           Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
6201.  Married:  #1? Elizabeth  Unknown
         #2 Mary LISSON
                  3100. David WICKLIFFE III

          Note:  David was the first Protestant child born in the Maryland Colony. He
                      was also the 4th husband of Mary Lisson, who had a total of 5 husbands.
          Note:  Mary was the sister of Daniel LISSON, interpreter for the Indians.
                     Prior Marriages:  Some researchers claim she was married to
                    John WATTS in 1665; A.L. Kennedy believes her first husband was
                    Nathaniel POPE.  Her second husband was believed to be ? BRIDGES.
                    Her third husband was Lewis NICHOLAS.

Researcher's Note:  A. L. Kennedy wrote the following about Mary LISSON.  Note
other researcher's have put her name as SISSON, SESSIONS or variations.  I left her surname off this list until I received Ms. Kennedy's information that states,

Mary LISSON (not SISSON) was the second wife of David WICKLIFFE.  The problem was the way the L's were written at the time, if you look at texts on graphology.  I've seen the Westmoreland Co. records, on a trip to VA in abt 1993.  The following will send you to the approprite records, which I did check firsthand:
1665-1677, PART THREE, compiled by John F. Dornan:

"20 Feb. 1675/6.  Elizabeth WHITLIFFE, aged 25 years or thereabouts, sayeth that about five yeares since your deponent's husband David WHITLIFFE did buy a servant woman of Mr. Patricke SPENCE who asked David...

Eliza: Whettley"

It should be noted that it is not unusual for the surname WHETTLEY to be used in referring to the WICKLIFFE family.  In at least two other court records, David WICKLIFFE is referred to as both David WHITLEY and David WHITLIFFE (or other variant) in the same entry.  Note also the correct usage of the name in the record narrative - such variations in spelling are common in records of the period.  Therefore, it must be concluded that David was married prior to his marriage to Mary LISSON.

1665-1677, Part Four, Abstracted and compiled by John Frederick Dorman,
published by John Frederick Dorman, Washington, DC, 1975.

"25 July 1677.  Mary NICHOLAS, widdow, hath by three severall deeds of gife made over to her chilldren Nath: Pope alias Bridges and Lewis Nicholas severall goods and chattles.  Mary hath invested me David WHITLIFE, doe bind me that the children shall be brought up soe fare at schoole as to writt and reade.  It shall be lawful for Marry at her owne plasure to remove the children to the care of whome shee pleaseth.
    There is intention of marradge between Mary and myself.
        David (W) WHITLIFE
    Wit:  John WASHINGTON, Danniell LISSON, Anthony BRIDGES.
    20 Sept. 1677.  Recorded."
(Pg 6)

If you check the records far back enough, you find that Mary LISSON was the sister of Daniel LISSON.  She was never the wife of any Robert LISSON or SISSON.  The confusion may come in the reading of Daniel LISSON'S probate records, as he died without issue, and his relatives from Bristol,
England had to settle his estate.  One of them was named Robert, and had a wife named Mary, but this was after David WICKLIFFE married Mary LISSON.

Mary LISSON was not a SISSON by either marriage or birth.  She was b. Mary LISSON, as per the following:

Westmoreland Co. Deeds, Patents, etc.
20 July 1677, Mary NICHOLAS, widow, to my loving son Lewis NICHOLS (here listed property).  In case it shall please the Almighty to take to himselfe my sonne Lewis NICHOLAS...then all the aforesaid estate to my loveing sonne and his brother-in-law (meaning stepbrother) Nath: Pope alias BRIDGES (because he was the stepson of a man named BRIDGES),...If my sonnes should depart this life before the age aforesaid and myself be deceased alsoe, then the whole estate both of Nath: and Lewis to be equally divided between the surviving children of my brother and sister Mr. Danill LISSON and Jane LISSON.
There is a similar entry on the same date regarding her son Nathaniel's estate.  This establishes her maiden name as LISSON.

She was married to Nathaniel POPE, by whom she had a son Nathaniel. She then married someone named BRIDGES, and then Lewis NICHOLAS.
There are many court records to support this, but this one contains
three husband's names in one record:

8 June 1675
Mary BRIDGES of Westmoreland Co. unto my loving sonne Nathaniel POPE alias BRIDGES. (The term alias was used frequently in the colonial records, sometimes to identify a woman by both her maiden name and married name simultaneously, as when the first Nathaniel POPE transferred property to his then married daughter as "Ann POPE alias WASHINGTON", or because a stepson was sometimes identified by his stepfather's name)...For natural affection.  One mare...Below the entry is added on 25 August 1675. Acknowledged by Lewis NICHOLAS who married Mary POPE alias BRIDGES after his marriadge.
After Lewis NICHOLAS died she married David WICKLIFFE:
"25 July 1677.  Marry NICHOLAS, widdow, hath by three severall deeds of gife made over to her chilldren Nath: POPE alias BRIDGES and Lewis NICHOLAS severall goods and chattles.
    Mary hath invested me David WHITLIFE with the care and tuition of Nathaniell and Lewis and allsoe with there estate.  I, David WHITLIFE, doe bind me that the children shall be brought up soe fare at schoole as to writt and reade.  It shall be lawfull for Marry at her owne plasure to remove the children to the care of whome shee pleaseth.
    There is intention of marradge between Marry and myself.
        David (W) WHITLIFE
    Wit:  John WASHINGTON, Danniell LISSON, Anthony BRIDGES.
    20 Sept. 1677. Recorded.
6204. John Mark CULLUM (CULLEN)
6205.  Married:  Unknown
                 3102.  Mark CULLUM (CULLEN)

6206.  William KIMBALL
           Born:  Abt 1630
           Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
           Died:  Bef. 29 Sept 1691
           Place:  Westmoreland Co., VA
6207.  Married:  Lydia BROOKES
               3103.  Elizabeth KIMBALL

11,264.  Sameul YOUNG , Sr
              Born:  1590
              Place:  Liverpool, England
              Died:  bef. 1681
11,265.  Married: ?
                     5,632.  Samuel Young, Jr.

11,328.  Sir Roger STRICKLAND
            Born:  bef. 1588
              Place: Cartmellfell, Westmoreland Co., England
              Died:   aft. 1626
              Place:  Westmoreland Co., England
11,329.  Married: ?
                    5,664.  Jacob STRICKLAND

11,336.  Richard BRASWELL
            Born: abt. 1580
              Place:  London, England
11,337.  Married: ?
                    5,668.  Robert Braswell

             Born:  Abt 1610
             Place:  Yorkshire England
             Died:  1643
             Place:  St. George's Hundred, MD
         Note:  David is the first of the American Line of the Wickliffe Branch.  He married his
                        spouse in England.  David came to America in 1635 with the expedition of
                        Robert Evelyn (who married David's aunt Susan Yonge) and settled on a
                        grant of 50 acres of land (which he named "Wickliffe") on Prince George's
                        Hundred, St. Marys County, Maryland.  He served as a member of the
                        Maryland Assemble during the period from 1636 to 1643.
12401.  Married:  Jane EVERS Abt. 1636 prob. England
         Note:  After David died, Jane married Henry BROOKS, who moved Jane and her
                        children to Westmoreland County Virginia in 1650 to escape religious
                   6200.  David WICKLIFF

22,656.  William DE STIRKELAUNDE
            Born: abt. 1550
              Place:  Westmoreland Co., England
22,657.  Married:  ?
                     11,328. Sir Roger STRICKLAND

             Born:  England
             Died:  England
24801.  Mary YONGE
             Born:  England
             Died:  England
                 12,400.  David WICKLIFF

         Born: Prob Yorkshire England
              Died:  England
49,601.  Married:  Jane ROKEBY abt. 1590
              Born:  England
              Died:  England
                    24,800. Thomas WYCLIFF
              Note:  Jane was the daughter of Thomas Rokeby of Morthan)

             Born:  England
             Died:  5 Aug 1584
             Place: England
         Note:  Lord of Wycliffe and Ulvington; also married to Muriel EURE
50049.  Dorothy PLACE
             Born:  England
             Died:  England
         Note:  Dorothy was the daughter of John Place of Halnaby and Catherine Surtees)
                   49,600.  Francis WYCLIFF

99,202.  Thomas ROKEBY
99,202.   Married:  Unknown
                      49,601.  Jane ROBKEBY

                Born:  England
                Died:  England
         Note:  William was the Lord of Wycliffe and Ulvington (inherited the manors from
                            his older brother Ralph, whose children were all females, as the result of
                            Robert V's entailment.
198,401.  Married:  Katherine SURTEES abt. 1540
                Born:  England
                Died:  England
         Note:  Katherine was the daughter of Thomas Surtees of Dinsdal
                       99,200.  William WYCLIFFE

198,402.  John Place
198,403.   Married:  Catherine SURTEYS
                        99,201.  Dorothy PLACE

               Born:  England
                Died:  England
         Note:  Lord of Wycliffe and Ulvington...entailed his manors to his male heirs only.
396,801.  Married:  Margery CONYERS
                Born:  1440 England
                Died:  England
                     198,400.  John WYCLIFFE
Note:  The line tracing Margery back can be taken to the year 910.

396,802.  Ralph SURTEES
396,803.  Married:  Janet COXEN
                Born:  England
                       198,403.  Katherine SURTEES

                Born:  England
                Died:  England
793,601.  Married:  Ann ROKEBY
                Born:  England
                Died:  England
                      396,800. Robert WYCLIFFE

793, 602.  Christopher CONYERS
793, 603.  Married:  Helen ROLLESTON
                       20,0193 Margery CONYERS

                   Born:  England
                   Died:  England
1,587,201.  Married:  Unknown
                          793,600.  John DE WYCLIFFE

1,587,202.  Thomas DE ROKEBY
1,587,203.  Married:  Fillia CONSTABLE
                         793,601.  Ann ROKEBY

Note 1: Wycliffe ancestry as based on the "Kincheloe, McPherson and Related Families - their genealogies and biographies" by Lewin Dwinell McPherson, A.B., A.M.
(researcher's note - this book while containing errors that have been corrected after its publication is still invaluable for the accurate information it does contain)

" to Kincheloe ancestry and descent generally, and as to Wickliffe ancestry and descent specially, Judge William Arrington Wickliffe, deceased of Greenville, Muhlenberg Co., Ky and Charles Wicliffe Throckmorton, who contributed their verifications and corrections of an earlier genealogical chart of European Wickliffe ancestors of colonial immigrant, David Wickliffe, compiled, published or distributed back to Roger de Wyckliffe, Lor of Wyckliffe in Richmondshire, England, b. A.D. 1110, or for 840 years WITHOUT A MISSING GENERATION.  Its details beginning on this page, are copied from immigrant, David Wickliffe, to said Roger.  Judge Wickliffe, a wealthy coal mine owner, at advanced age, made long research visits to Va. in preparation for publishing a comprehensive genealogical book of descendants of his immigrant ancestor, David Wickliffe, and of David's ancestry abroad, but d[ied] suddenly before he could get ready to publish.  Compiler here acknowleges obligation to Clement Rose Jones for arrangement of the full Euroean chart of Wickliffe ancestry as copied following: '"Able students of the English ancestry of David Wickliffe (de Wyckliffe) and wife, Jane, who d. in Va. in 1682 recognize the greater probability to be that David was son of Anthony, who was living in A.D. 1610, and who, with brothers, Thomas, John, and Francis Wyckliffe, suffered recovery of the estate of their oldest brother, William Wyckliffe, Esq. Lor of Wyckliffe and Ulvington upon his death without heirs, which broke the entailment to him under the English laws of primogeniture.
    The students of English ancestry of American Wyckliffe family construct a line of their descent through the Lords of Wyckliffe, wich adds Lord of Ulvington in intervening generations, to William Wyckliffe, husband of Dorothy Place, parents of Francis Wyckliffe above.
    Whether the dates are meant for all persons as their birth and death dates instead of the beginning and end of the reign of the English king under whom they lived, has not been verified by compiler:
  1.  Roger de Wyckliffe in Richmondshire, Henry I (1110-1135).
  2.  Robert de Wyckliffe,. Henry II (1154-1189)
  3.  Roger de Wyckliffe and wife, Margaret de Multon, dau. of Thomas.  King John
  4.  Robert de Wyckliffe, wife, Matilda de Mumby, dau of Eudo and Matilda, his wife.
Henry III (1216-1272)
  5.  Sir Robert de Wyckliffe, Knight, and wife, Matilda de Belise, dau. and heir of Roger,
son of and heir of William, son of Arnold, by which Sir Robert de Wyckliffe became also
Lord of Ulvington, Edward I (1272-1307)
  6.  Robert de Wyckliffe and wife, Johanna de Ellerton in Swaledale, dau. and heir of
William, son of Galfred, King Edward, I, II and III (1307-1376),
  7.  Roger de Wyckliffe m[arried] Katherine - had 3 sons. Reign of Edward III (1327-1376)
  8.  Sir Roger de Wyckliffe, Knight, fought in battle of Crecy, 1346 and at Polotiers, Sept. 19, 1356.
     (a) Sir Roger de Wyckliffe, payson of the church of Wyckliffe, second son of No. 7 above.
     (b) John Wyckliffe "The Morning Star of THE REFORMATION in England" theologian,
who translated into English nearly all of the HOLY BIBLE in his stupendous labors.
  9.  Roger de Wyckliffe.  Henry IV (1329-1413)
10.  John de Wyckliffe.  Henry VI (1416-1422) m[arried] Anne Rokeby, dau. of Sir Thomas, Knight, Lord of Rokeby and Mortham.
11.  Robert Wyckliffe.  Edward VII. (1485-1509) m[arried] Margaret Conyers, dau of Christopher [sister of Margery] of Hornby Castle, County York, England, whose second son....
12.  Ralph Wyckliffe, 12th. Lord of Wyckliffe had no sons, and by reason of the entail, the lordship passed to this brother, John.
13.  John Wyckliffe m[arried] Katherine Surtees, dau. and heir of Thomas of Dinsdale.  John and Katherine had son,
14.  William Wyckliffe, who succeeded as male heir to his uncle, Ralph, as Lord of Wyckliffe and Ulvington and m[arried] Dorothy Place, as first hereof, who became parents of Francis,
15.  Francis Wyckliffe, Esq., Lord of Wyckliffe and Ulvington m[arried] Jane Rokeby, dau. of Thomas of Morthan and had sons, William, Thomas, John, Anthony and Francis.  Thomas, Anthony and Francis Wyckliffe are recorded as living in A.D. 1610.

Students of Wyckliffe ancestry have tentatively concluded that Thomas is father of David Wyckliffe, who went to MARYLAND in A.D. 1635, based apparently on the marriage of both this Thomas Wyckliffe and Robert Evelyn into the YONG family and that the association of David Wyckliffe with the Evelyns indicated relationship.
    The National Society of Magna Charter Dames are reported to have recorded and accepted the ancestry of David Wickliffe as in the foregoing list and to Robert Fitzwalter, a surety for Magna Charter, as follows:
    David Wyckliffe, son of Anthony, son of Francis, Esq., Lord of Wyckliffe and Ulvington, and wife, Jane Rokeby, dau. of Thomas of Mortham.
    This Francis Wyckliffe was oldest son of William, Esq., Lord of Wyckliffe and Ulvington, who succeeded his uncle as male heir in A.D. 1561 and d[ied] Aug 5, 1584 and his first wife, Dorothy Place, dau. of John, Esq., of Halmby, dau. of John Place and wife, Catherine, son of Roland and Margery (Conyers), Surteys, dau. of John Conyers, K.C. and Elizabeth (Grey) dau. og Robert de Grey and wife, Lorma St. Quineten, son of John de Grey, II, K.C. and Alice (Marmion), son of John and Margaret (Odingsells) dau. of William and Ella (Fitzwalter), dau. of  Robert and Ida (Longespree), son of Robert, first herein, surety for Magna Charter, a bill of rights, the "Great Charter", which laid a foundation for security of English political and personal liberty.
    The English barons forced King John to grant it, the king signing at Runnymede July 15, A.D., 1215.

Note2: A kind thank you to John Kincheloe III for allowing me to use excerpts from his books,
"Kincheloe Origins" Spirit Lines Press, 1997 and "This is Where He Walked...." Spirit Lines Press, 1995. I have his books on the Kincheloe family and recommend that anyone
researching the Kincheloe surname and family contact John at [email protected].
John has a lot of information on his web-site and in his books.  Unfortunately, he is in the middle of changing webservers. His old web site is archived and if you want to know all about our
Kincheloe ancestry, and until John's new site is up, this is the site to visit.  John has a lot of
research behind him and much to offer those who are researching their Kincheloe origins.  John is also restoring the first Kincheloe homestead for the benefit of all Kincheloe descendants.
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