Esom Hill Trading Post and Post Office
Esom Hill Trading Post
and Other Photos

Updated June 20, 2002

(Photo by Kenneth Hedgepeth)

The Esom Hill Trading Post
Built in 1901
Mildred Perry stated in one of her articles that
"the phone number on a sign on the side of the building
was 740-2143. Another sign was Esom Hill, GA and it looks like
"Y'all come.'" A smaller, less easily read sign says "No drinking allowed."'
Molly Stowe (Lorren emailed this morning to add,
"....The Esom Hill trading post (post office) was built by my
great-great-grandfather Joseph Proctor Screven BRESTER
and his old article from the North Georgia Journal
titled Tales of Esom Hill mentions my Brewster and
Isbell ancestors...[and] tells the history of Esom Hill.
In another email I received this morning, Nina Bischoff
wrote to tell me that she has passed on this website to
a relative of hers, Dennis Holland, who was Post Master of the
Esom Hill Post Office some years back.  Dennis apparently
has collected a lot of history on the area and families.
I'll let you know what he has to tell us.

The old Post Office ran by Samuel Lorren and
Nancy Olena Hedgepeth at Borden Springs, Alabama;
Geniveve Cook (my grandmother Christine's sister-in-law)
also worked there at one time.
(Photo by Kenneth Hedgepeth)

A front view of the old post office.
Nina (Bischoff) Friend was gracious enough to
contribute this photo for our memory album.

"MERSER" store
later bought by J.W. SADLER (SADDLER)
Lorren James William SADLER
This photo was also provided by Nina (Bischoff) Friend.

This store brings so many memories back...I used to visit it often as a child.
I would always head for the pond behind the store. I don't know why I was
fascinated by the pond - perhaps there were ducks on it that I can't recall
now or perhaps it was because it seemed everyone, but me, could go
swimming in seems that you had to be taller than a chair seat to qualify 8-)  I remember going to this store in the winter and walking inside the store on cold winter days and the warmth from the gas heaters would envelop
me (sigh)....memories - what a wonderful thing it is to know that we really can travel back in time - all we need is a photograph and a memory, perhaps long buried.  Nina recalled in one of the many delightful emails I received from her, "Do you remember the store at Palestine?  Had a lake behind it and we used to go swimming there.  Mercers owned it when I was little.  I still carry a scar from jumping in the water and stepping on a rusty can someone had thrown in there LOL Gee....I must bore you with all these childhood memories..." No, Nina, your emails were and are a delight for me to receive - they bring back memories that have long been hidden 8-)

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