Will of Thomas Parks
Thomas Parks
Albermarle County, Virginia
24 February 1752, proved 12 March 1761

"In the name of God Amen, I, Thomas Parks of Ballengers Mountain in Albermarle County being very Weak in Bodily constitution but perfect sence and memory considering the Perils and dangers of this transitory life and to avoid future strife and controversy I do make and constitute this my last will and testament.  First I do commit my Body to the grave and my soul unto God who gave it and for many causes and due consideration I do bequeath all my worly stock and substance unto my best beloved son, Thomas Parks likewise I do make and constitute him to be my sole heir and executor.  Secondly I doth leave unto my son John Parks an English Shilling.  Thirdly I doth leave unto my son Samuel Parks, an English Shilling.  Fourthly, I doth leave unto my son Charles Parks, an English Shilling. Fifthly I doth leave unto my Daughter Martha Russell otherwise Parks an English Shilling. Sixthly I do leave my Daughter Mary Bond an English shilling. Seventhly I doth leave unto my Daughter Elizabeth Hutchins an English Shilling.  As witness my hand this Twenty Fourth of February and in the year of our Lord God One Thousand Seven Hundred and Fifty Two."

Being Present

Thomas Parks
Daniel Burford
Ellex Duggins

At a Court held for Albermarle County the twelfth day of March 1761.  This will was presented in Court proved by the oaths of Daniel Burford and Alexander Duggins the witnesses therto and ordered to be recorded and on the motion of Thomas Park the Executor therein named who made oath according to law certificate was granted him for obtaining a probat thereof giving security on which he with Thomas Josling and Thomas Cottrell his securities entered into and acknowledged their bond accordingly.


John Nicholas, Clk.

The appraisement is as follows, a parcel of old pewter, wearing apparel;
two rugs; bed and furniture; 2 wedges; bed and furniture; 3 old pots; 3 old
basons and sifter, old table and chest, old saddle, 4 old____hooks
coming to a total of 19 pounds 17 shillings and 10. It was returned to court
12 June 1761 and recorded.


The first known deed transaction of Thomas Parks was a purchase from
Alexander Spottswood of a plantation in the forks of the Rappahannock
River against the mouth of Hunting Creek. (Deed Bk A, page 377,
Spotsylvania County, Va)  There was a transaction between Thomas Parks
"to my beloved son Samuel Parks, land on the Rappahannock". (Deed Bk
4, page 352, 5 Mar 1741, Orange County, Va).  There was a transfer of
land from Thomas Parks to Christopher HUTCHINS (son in law) for land
in St. Marks Parish in the forks of the Rappahannock River. (Deed Bk 6,
page 183, 7 Jul 1741, Orange County, Va).

From a Parks Society publication: Thomas Parks was in Spotsylvania
County, VA in 1728. He bought land in Orange County, VA in 1736 and
in Albemarle County, VA in 1751.

According to researchers Joan Sellers, Martha Smart, and Patricia Smith
Thomas is the first of the Parks that can be documented.  He is found in
the Spotsylvania County, Virginia deeds in the late 1720's.  This Thomas
left a Will which was probated in Albermarle County, Virgina (Will Book 2, page 101). The will names his 7 children; 3 sons-Thomas, John and
Samuel are found in Albemarle and Amherst (created from Albemarle in
1761) counties, Virginia, in the 1750's and 1760's. These same three sons
are then found in Wilkes County, NC and it is from these 3 that most of the
NC Parks descend.


        Old Rappahannock County, Virginia divided into Essex
        and Richmond Counties in 1692. King George County
        formed from Essex County, VA in 1720. Part of the time,
        the difference of place names do not mean a change of
        residence but a change in the county lines. Spotsylvania
        was taken from Essex in 1720/21. Orange was taken
        from Spotsylvania in 1734 and Culpepper was formed
        from Orange in 1748. Goochland was taken from Henrico
        in 1727 and Albemarle was formed from Goochland and
        Louisa in 1744. Most of these Counties are mentioned in
        one or another of these early Parks family members.
        Amherst was the last county these Parks were located
        before moving to North Carolina which was formed from
        Albemarle in 1761.

        From Park/e/s Society Volume 34 #2 1997 Patricia M.
        Hull Fulton has an article "New Information of Thomas
        Parks VA 1724-1728?"
        She is actually dealing with this Thomas and when He
        came to America, not when he was born. The sources
        used in earliest land records was Nell Marion Nugent's
        book "Cavaliers and Pioneers of Virginia" and also from
        "Virginia Settlers and English Adventurers"by Noel

        It is mentioned that when persons are used as head
        rights for paying their passage to bring them to America, it
        is not also that the land they are entitled to for this is
        applied for right away. It could be a good while even
        years before this occurs.

        Phyllis Kumler and Joe Parks have compiled 2 Volumes
        on Thomas and his descendants. Thomas I and Thomas
        II or Jr. Earl Arnett did much research into this line and
        used these sources: "The Diary of Rev. Robert Rose" by
        R.E. Hall, "The Rucker Family Genealogy" by Sudie
        Rucker Wood, and records of Albemarle and Amhearst
        County. (Parks Society has a copy of the "Parks Family
        Collection of Documents VA, NC, IN and TX" compiled by
        Mr. Arnett. Many of the items below came from this
        source, or were found here and in other published
        sources. See article fo full scope of it's sources and

        Spotsylvania Co., VA, 26 Feb 1728, Deed Book A, page
        377, Alexander Spottswood to Thomas Parks a plantation
        in the forks of the Rappahannock River against the mouth
        of the Hunting Creek.

        Orange Co., VA, Order Book 2, page 402, Court held 4
        June 1741, Thomas Parks having taken the oath,
        appointed by act of parliament and met the subscribed
        test and was sworn Constable accordingly.

        Orange Co., VA, Deed Book 6, page 138, 7 July 1741,
        Thomas Parks of Orange to Christopher Hutchins (son in
        law) land in St Marks Parish in the forks of the
        Rappahannock River.

        Orange Co., VA, Deed Book 4 page 352, 5 March 1741,
        Thomas Parks to my beloved son Samuel Parks, land on
        the Rappahannock River.

        Thomas Park witnessed the will of Robert Bond,
        Spotsylvania Co., VA. Will Book A page 14 dated Jan
        1723/24 and proved 6 July 1725. The will names son
        John Bond who was executor and a daughter Mary or it
        could refer to Mary Parks who married John Bond.

        Old Rappahannock Order Book 1683-1685) page 3A 14
        August 1686 Stafford County Records Wills and Deeds,
        Deed of John Rowley to son Richard 1/2 of land witness,
        Thomas Parke

        Virginia Colonial Abstracts Richmond County, VA
        1692-1704 by Beverly Fleet page 5 Deed Book 1, page
        16 dated 2 Sept 1691 Thomas Parke, witness to deed of
        William Griffin to Edward Price. Deed Book, page 17,
        Rebecca Griffin gave Power of Attorney to Thomas Parke
        of Essex County, VA 2 Aug 1692 Recorded 22 August

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