Charles F. Nickels Photograph Collection

Charles F. Nickels Photograph Collection

Charles F. Nickels

Charles Franklin Nickels was born December 26, 1881 at Long Hollow near Nickelsville in Scott County, VA and died April 15, 1948 in Scott County. He was the son of Henry Kane Nickels and Sarah Ann Marshall. Charles was educated by his older brother, Billy, who was a school teacher in Nickelsville.

About 1903, Charles established The Rural Studio, a photography business, at his parents' home. At that time, cameras used negatives made of glass and the glass would be treated in various chemicals to obtain the image. This was a rather tedious and dangerous procedure. He would travel as far as Georgia to take pictures. When he returned home, he would develop the negatives and print the photographs. The picture was then printed on a penny postcard and mailed to the individual. He did all of this for a dollar! I am indeed lucky to have many of the negatives from the photographs he took so long ago. I have begun the process of putting the Charles F. Nickels Collection online and asking for assistance from viewers in identifying as many of them as possible.


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