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AMIES Thomas Isaac Blacksmith 1848: Thomas Isaac Amies, blacksmith. Thomas arrived into Qld 1848 along with his wife Phoebe & son John. They went on to have at least 13 children in total. He was a very well respected blacksmith in the Warwick district until his death in 1895. He was also a founding church member of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Warwick & served as an alderman on the Warwick Council for many years. Contact Rae by .
BAILEY Thomas Blacksmith 1825: Thomas Bailey, born about 1825 Launceston, Tasmania. Thomas moved to the Brighton district. Thomas married Mary Ann Barber at Green Ponds in 1847 and raised a large family. He followed his trade at Green Ponds, Bothwell, Broadmarsh, Hamilton, Pontville and New Norfolk. He died at New Norfolk on 15th April 1920. His sons were all skilled artisans and served in the Boer War as shoeing smiths. See also in the Farriers Index & the Military Smiths Index. Contact Lee-Ann by.
BARKER David Blacksmith 1888: David Barker, blacksmith. Reference Ghost towns of Australia , heartbreak plains Hammond, South Australia. David Barker employed 30 people as a blacksmith business until drought caused Hammond to become a ghost town. See URL called for an image of David’s workshop. Contact Stephen by
BARNES Thomas James Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1830: Thomas James Barnes, blacksmith, wheelwright. Baptised 30 April 1820 at Warminster, Wiltshire, England. Son of Giles and Mary Ann nee Smith. Thomas married Harriet Owen (nee Terry) 1842 in Middlesex.. Thomas, Harriet and his stepdaughter Catherine arrived Australia on 17 Jan 1849 aboard the "Thomas Arbuthnott", his occupation being Blacksmith & Wheelwright. Thomas & Harriet eventually settled in Wombat NSW (nr Young) . Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Wiltshire plus Wheelwrights Index. Contact Margaret by
BLATCHFORD Charles Sturgeon Blacksmith, Wheelwright,Toyer 1901: Charles Sturgeon Blatchford, blacksmith & Toyer, wheelwright, in partnership  1905 – 1910. Between 1901 –1904  his address was 29 Hampton Street, Bridgetown, Western Australia. Married Elizabeth Jane Pollock in 1900 at Bridgetown. Charles died 1935 in the Williams area. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Wheelwrights Indexes. Information kindly supplied by a Bridgetown resident.
BOWEY Henry Stoneman Blacksmith 1847: Henry Stoneman Bowey, blacksmith. Born 11 March 1847 in Ugborough, Devon, England. Died 14 August 1817 in Sout Australia. See Blacksmiths of Devon and Australia for parents Richard & Mary Ann Bowhay (Bowey) plus siblings. Henry emigrated with his parents to South Australia (Modbury) on the ship "Storm Cloud" in 1858 arriving in Adelaide on the 29th April.  Henry married Louisa Sandercock  25 September 1867. The family blacksmith business was conducted at Gumeracha, but when the railway to Morgan was opened in 1874, the previously busy River Murray trade dwindled.  Henry's father and two brothers bought land on Yorke Peninsula, however Henry carried on his Blacksmithing business for 27 years.   Henry was my Great grandfather. Contact Alison by
BOWEY / BOWHAY Richard Blacksmith 1818: Richard Bowey/Bowhay, master blacksmith, employs 2 apprentices. Born about 1818 in Modbury, Devon, England. The 1851 UK census Richard is 33yrs, at Ludbrook Village, Ludborough, Devon with wife Mary Ann 34yrs(born Ludborough). Children: Sarah Ann 6yrs; Richard 5yrs; Henry Stoneman Bowey 4yrs (later a blacksmith listed in Blacksmiths of Australia); William 2yrs; Elizabeth 6 months infant. Also listed is apprentice/lodger 17yrs and house servant Eliza Geather 12yrs. Family emigrated to South Australia (Modbury) in 1858 on the ship "Storm Cloud" arriving in Adelaide on the 29th April.  Their Blacksmith business was conducted at Gumeracha, but when the railway to Morgan was opened in 1874, the previously busy River Murray trade dwindled. Contact Alison by
BOWLER Samuel (Jnr) Blacksmith 1826: Samuel Bowler (Jnr), blacksmith. Born about 1826 in North Bierley, Yorkshire. The 1841 UK census lists him as 15yrs, at North Bierley, Yorkshire, England with parents & siblings. See Blacksmiths of Yorkshire for parents Samuel & Sarah plus siblings Joel 20yrs (engine maker fitter), Benjamin 13yrs, Sarah 11yrs, Caroline 8yrs, Allen 5yrs, Alfred 1yr. Samuel (Jnr) is also listed in the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire Index. Samuel (Jnr) migrated to Australia in 1848. Samuel (Jnr) is also listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire & Australia Index. Contact Terri by.
BOWRA Cornelius James (Jnr) Blacksmith 1881: Cornelius James (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1st April 1881, Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. My Grandfather left Ballarat Victoria for Perth Western Australia where he had a blacksmith shop in the suburb of Maylands. The shop became "Bowra Body Works" ( I have a Photo of the Premises  of about 1930). Cornelius later worked as Blacksmith at WA Goverment Railways Midland workshops untill he retired . He designed & patented a Hand tip tray for trucks (which I have the Papers for). He Died 31st May 1960. I have copies of the tip truck patient & photo. Also I have a bound invoice book of my Grandfathers of the Horses he shoed & prices from 1909. See Blacksmiths of Australia and Kent for his father Cornelius James Robert Bowra. Contact Colin by
BOWRA Cornelius James Robert (Cnr) Blacksmith 1853: Cornelius James Robert Bowra (Snr), blacksmith. Born 25 March 1853 Kent, England. Died 19 February 1910. Cornelius.J.R. came to Australia when he was about 5 years old & worked in the mines around Ballarat). He came out to Australia with his step mother Eliza Ann Tippen & her two children & may have come out in Her surname (Tippen). Cornelius.J.R. married Margaret Wilkin. He rescued a child (Walton was the child’s surname from Lake Wendouree Ballarat. The unsubstantiated storey is that Cornelius James younger brother Robert took a Model plough that Cornelius James made back to Ballarat to donate to the Mechanical Museum. See also, Blacksmiths of Kent. Contact Colin by
BRIGGS George Blacksmith 1824: George Briggs, apprentice blacksmith. Born about 1824, Belford, Northumberland. Christened At St.Marys, Belford 12 Dec 1824. Wife (2) was Elizabeth Robinson Cockburn,born 1830 in Berwickshire, Scotland. They migrated to Melbourne Victoria Australia about 1853. Wife (3) was Emma Louise Robertson 14 Jan 1891. George died South Melbourne 2nd July 1903. At that time he was listed as an Engineer. He had approximately 10 children. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Northumberland Indexes. Contact Lis by.
BROBEN John Thomas Blacksmith 1900: John Thomas Broben, blacksmith. Contributor did not send known dates and any further information. John was apprenticed for 4 years to John Mallinson in Hamilton Victoria Australia. He worked as a blacksmith in Hamilton until the family moved to Melbourne in about 1915. Contact Barbara by
BROWN Alfred Kethero Blacksmith 1873: Alfred Kethero Brown, military blacksmith, miner, shoeing smith, saddles and harness. Born about 1973 in Oxford, Cowley,England. Enlisted at Kalgoorlie 21st February 1917. Regimental number 280. Alfred served in Palestine in the Imperial Camel Corps Brigade and later in 15th light horse1st 11th company ICC.. Before enlisting Alfred lived in Laverton West Australia where he operated a mine. Alfred married Christina Campbell, they lived in Bibra Lake (near Perth, Western Australia) and raised a family there. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia, Oxfordshire and Militery. Contact Lynden by
BROWN Charles Blacksmith 1897: Charles Brown, blacksmith. Seen on marriage record of his daughter Margaret MILLAR, 41, widow, born England. Charles' wife was Margaret nee LIGOE. Contact Anne by.
BROWN Charles & Thomas Blacksmith 1830: Charles Brown, blacksmith. Charles and his father Thomas were blacksmiths in Petersham (Sydney) NSW. There is a newspaper article from Sydney Morning Herald Oct 1912 "the Village Blacksmith" reporting the death of Charles & referring to his father Thomas who was also a Blacksmith having built their workshop probably in 1830s/40s. I can send you this article if you'd like. Charles was my mother's maternal grandfather. Contact Pamela by
BURKE John Blacksmith 1819: John Burke, blacksmith. John arrived in 1819 on the ship ‘TYNE’. He was sentenced for 7 years for stealing. He lived in Cambridge St Sydney. Married in 1827 and died 1859. He was also a policeman. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and the Fingersmiths Indexes. Contact Liz by.
BURLEY John Blacksmith 1843: John Burley, master blacksmith, farrier. Born 1843 in Feock, Cornwall, England and died 1927 in Omeo, Victoria, Australia. Hehad 10 children living in Omeo. John had his own blacksmith shop in Omeo and lived in a small house nearby. He had two farriers working for him in his blacksmith shop. They worked all day and made enough money to buy a bottle of beer. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Cornwall. Contac Marilyn by
BURTON George Alfred Blacksmith & Coachbuilder 1828: George Alfred Burton, coachbuilder, blacksmith. Born16th March 1828 at St. Pancras, Christened 29th June, 1828. Died 6th March 1904 aged 76 yrs at Lilydale, Victoria Australia. Married Elizabeth Jane Jenner. (my g.grandparents). George Alfred was blacksmith in Charlton Victoria, (where most of his 12 children were born) employing five people; in later years they lived in Lilydale together with sons Ebenezer and William Burton and also had Funeral Parlours "'Burton Bros". See Cartwrights Index for other family members. George Alfred Burton is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Australia Index & the Cartwrights Index. To share information contact Ruth by
BUZACOTT Roderick Blacksmith, Cartwright,Wheelwright 1864: Roderick Buzacott, blacksmith, Cartwright, Wheelwright. Born 28 June 1864, Clare South Australia. Died Blyth South Australia, 27 July 1930 (Aged 66yrs); Blyth is only about 13 Km drive from Clare. Roderick had been in business there for 39 years. My Grandfather was a major manufacturer of farming equipment in Blyth and regularly won first prize in the Clare and Adelaide shows. I have a number of photos of my Grandfathers work as well as the inside of his factory - workshop. Roderick is listed in Blacksmiths of Australia plus the Cartwrights & Wheelwrights Indexes. Contact John by
CARTER Thomas Blacksmith,Farrier 1890: Thomas Carter, blacksmiths,Farrier. My GG-grandfather and G-grandfather, were both farrier/blacksmiths in Ballarat Victoria, Australia during the late 1800's till 1920's. Contact Wendy by
CHENEY John Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1806: John Cheney, wheelwright,Smith. Born 6th April 1806, Cublington, Buckinghamshire, England to Henry Cheney and Anna (unknown). He married Hannah Tofield on the 18th March 1827 (aged 20) at Stewkley,Buckinghamshire. Prior to immigrating to Australia they had six children. John was charged with larceny at the county sessional court in Buckinghamshire on 27 June 1843 but found not guilty. The family arrived in Australia on the 26th June 1844 on board the "Royal Saxon" as free immigrants. John was listed as a carpenter on his arrival and worked briefly as a shepherd for .Walker and Co. on Kyamba Station(near Albury) By 1855 he was working as a wheelwright at Kyeamba. In 1859 the family were living at Mariageldry, five miles from Kyeamba. John was the local carpenter and smith no doubt doing a wide range of activities while also running a wheat farm. John Cheney died 8th of August 1880 in Wagga Wagga N.S.W Australia. Listed in Wheelrights and Blacksmiths of Australia Contact David by
COLLIS Edmund Richard Blacksmith 1833: Edmund Richard Collis, born 1833 Hurst Berkshire, England. Died 1888 NSW, Australia. Edmund and his wife Catherine Tupper Harwood migrated to New South Wales in 1863 with their three children Catherine (1860-1863), William Richard (1861-1922) and Henry Orwell (1862-1932). Henry was born in the ship Orwell during the voyage. Before their migration, Edmund had worked in Burnham Buckinghamshire. Edmund opened one of the first blacksmiths workshops on the road to Parramatta, in the suburb of Burwood. When his sons Henry, and Edwin Charles, joined him, the business expanded to Wheelwright and Coach Building activities. His brother Alfred and family lived nearby, and another brother Henry lived in Burwood for a couple of years, until he moved to Tasmania. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and Berkshire Indexes. Contact Diane by
DENNIS George Frederic Blacksmith 1875: George Frederic Dennis, blacksmith. Born 5th February 1875, Wimbledon, Surrey, England. He arrived in Port Adelaide on the ship Duntrune in 1876 with his parents Edwin & Lucy Dennis and his eight siblings. He grew up and learned his blacksmith trade in South Australia. He came to WA in the late 1890s. He worked for A Harper of Packenham Street, Fremantle until January 1902 when he joined the WA Government Railways at its workshop in Fremantle; he later transferred to the Midland Junction workshops when the WAGR moved its location. "GF" as he was known was an early member of the Coastal District Branch of the Australasian Society of Engineers – WA"s first Branch. He became Secretary in 1913 to 1919 and was instrumental in setting up the registration of the Fremantle Branch of the Union in 1916. GF was a keen Union man until his death in January 1952. Contact Diane by
DENNY Cornelius Blacksmith 1831: Cornelius Denny, blacksmith, springmaker. Convict, born England 1831 – died Perth 1903. Trial held in 1857 and Cornelius arrived on the "Palmerston". He married under the alias of Denison Mathew Lincelles. During the early 1870's Cornelius was a blacksmith in Bridgetown, Western Australia and may have been employed by Abraham Moulton (Mr. Moulton advertised blacksmith tools and good will for sale 1880). In 1873, Cornelius Denny was charged with being on the Bridgetown premises of John Blechynden; found in an article in the "Perth Gazette dated 4th July 1873 " Cornelius is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Australia and Fingersmiths Index. See also surname Lincelles. Contact Bernice by
DOIG Peter Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1831: Peter Doig, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born 1831 Glasgow. Peter married Ann Moir in 1854, Manchester, England. He was a blacksmith in Glasgow; far northern areas of South Australia; and Wagin, Western Australia. Peter died 1922, in Subiaco, Westen Australia. He is listed in the Wheelwrights Index and in the Blacksmiths of Scotland and Australia. Contact Robyn by
DOUGLAS Samuel Blacksmith 1812: Samuel Douglas, Blacksmith & Shipsmith . Born in 1812 in Scotland. He arrived in Tasmania as a free settler in 1833 on board the Cabotia. Occupation given as Blacksmith. He worked as a Shipsmith in Hobart Town until c1850 when he moved to Williamstown Vic. He died in Victoria in 1887. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Australia & Shipwrights Indexes. Contact Ailsa by.
DUNN Thomas Blacksmith & Farrier 1908: Thomas Dunn. From an advertisement in the newspaper "Walcha Witness" April 18 1908: Blacksmith's shop at Tia (near Walcha) New South Wales,Australia.Thomas Dunn desires to inform the residents of Tia and the travelling public he has a Blacksmithing and General Repairing Shop on his property "Highrent" Tia and hopes to receive a fair share of support.Horse-shoeing a specialty. Contact Bob by.
EATON William Charles Blacksmith 1843: William Charles Eaton, born about 1843 in Woodford, Northamptonshire. Emigrated to Albany Western Australia in 1855. Son of convict Benjamin Eaton. Worked as a blacksmith in York WA. Married Emma Amelia Langoulant at York in 1865. Died 1919. See the Wheelwrights Index for another ancestor of mine, Joseph Usherwood Brand. Also see Contact Annette by.
ELBRA William (Jnr) Blacksmith,Coachbuilder 1870: William Elbra (Jnr), coachbuilder,blacksmith. Born in Tingha 1870s-1920s NSW. See also Cartwrights/Coachbuilders Index and Blacksmiths of London Index. Contact Katharine by
ELBRA William (Snr) Blacksmith,Coachbuilder 1850: William Elbra Snr), coachbuilder,blacksmith. Born in Bendemeer 1850 - 1883 NSW. See also Cartwrights/Coachbuilders Index and Blacksmiths of London Index. Contact Katharine by
ESLER William Stammers Blacksmith 1866: William Stammers Esler,apprentice blacksmith, born July 1866, Wood Point, Victoria Australia. Parents: Robert Esler & Catherine McInnes. Married: 16 Jan 1891 at Woods Point to Margaret Pritchard born 2 Jan 1871. Her parents: Neil Pritchard & Margaret Lindsay. See Interesting Stories Link. Contact Brian by
FAWCETT Septimus Blacksmith 1845: Septimus Fawcett, blacksmith. Born 20 Mar 1845, Gamblesby, Cumberland, England. The 1861 UK census lists Septimus as an apprentice blacksmith in the household of William Hewitt, blacksmith in Hoff, Westmorland. Septimus is related to the Sisson brothers already listed in your pages. Septimus arrived in Victoria about 1865. in 1869 he married Ellen Millicent Jones and they eventually settled in Numurkah, Vicotia, Australia. They had a family of 12 children. Septimus died on 16 Sep 1925 at Numurkah. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Cumberland. Contact Lyn by
FINCH aka HOPKINS Joseph Blacksmith 1819: Joseph Finch aka Hopkins, lIsted also under HOPKINS aka FINCH. for full story see the Interesting Stories link on the Home Page. Also listed in both the Whitesmiths and Fingersmiths Indexes. Joseph was a worker in tin utensils for dairies. Joseph drowned in December 1819 but before that he had married another convict, Sarah Smith. They had 2 or 3 children (and THAT's another story!). Contact Anne at.
FINN James Dodd Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1851: James (Jim) Dodd Finn, blacksmith, wheelwright. Jim set up his blacksmith shop at Pichi Richi, in the Flinders Ranges, South Australia, in 1851 and died there in 1889. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia plus Wheelwrights Indexes. He was also involved with the brewery. Contact Bill by
FISH George Blacksmith 1857: George Fish, born in Cutcombe, Somerset. Arrived in Australia aboard the Zeminidar 23 Aug 1857. Lived Bathurst NSW. See Interesting Stories Link on Homepage. Contact Beverley by .
GIBBENS Richard Ward Blacksmith 1804: Richard Ware Gibbens, blacksmith. Born 1804 in Pymouth, Devon, England. The 1841 UK census lists him as Gibbons, aged 35yrs, at the parsonage, Butterleigh, Devon; with wife Sarah Ann Hobbs Prior (born 16 December 1810-Tiverton Devon). CHidlren listed: jane 5yrs; Richard 2yrs. On the 1851 census Richard is 47yrs, at 94 Westrell Rd. Tiverton; Sarah 40yrs + children Richard, Mary & Thomas The family emigrated on the "Calliope" from Southampton Port Phillip, Victoria, Australia. The 1856 census Victoria .Australia.shows they own 2 acres freehold at Kororoit Creek.Victoria. Children: Jan; ,Richard; Elizabeh; Mary Ann; Thomas; Charlotte; William and possibly John. Richard set up Blacksmith business with another Englishman Alfred Newman, near Ballarat Rd. Sunshire Victoria. Listed on Blacksmiths of Australia & Devon. Contact Beverly by
GRINDON George Blacksmith 1851 George Grindon rented a forge from Mary Kelly in the Main St, Urlingford, Kilkenny. Listed in Griffths Valuation. 1862 George was listed as a Blacksmith on his daughter, Jane Maria Grindon, marriage certificate in South Australia, Australia. It is not known if he was present . Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Ireland. Contact Karen by
GROUNDS John Blacksmith 1824: John Grounds, born 1824, Parramatta, New South Wales, Australia. Cumberland Times & Western Advertiser, Saturday, January 10th 1846-page 2: Highway Robbery with Fire Arms - John Grounds and John Good were indicted for having with force of arms, on the 12th October, robbed one Sarah Smith,of the sum of 5 pounds 11s. etc. ound guilty and sentenced 15 years transportation. From Colonial Secretary's Letters 1827-1853: Tried: Quarter Sessions Parramatta 6 Jan 1846 15 years. Robbery being armed. Probationary gang. Transported 09/04/1846 from Sydney to Van Diemens Land on the "Louisa" From Tasmanian Records: John Grounds was a blacksmith at the time of the offence, aged 26. Sentence was for 15 years. Protestant. Can read. Single. 5'3 & 3/4". Fair complexion. Sandy hair. Light blue eyes. Marks: pockpitted, long scar.Contact Gail by
HANNAY John Henry Blacksmith 1913: John Henry Hannay, blacksmiths & wheelwright. I partnership with Thomas Horace Moffat 1913 – 1918, Boyup Brook, Western Australia. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Australia & Wheelwrights Indexes. Contact Bernice by
HARRISON Joseph Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1834: Joseph Harrison, blacksmith, wheelwright,engineer. Born 8th May 1834, Birmingham Warwick, England. Baptised 1st September 1834 at New Jerusalemite Church Summer Lane, Parish of St George Birmimgham. Died 17th November 1883, Kapunda South Australia. Buried 18th November 1883, Kapunda Cemetery . First went to New York with his parents William Harrison and Ann Morley who were Whale Bone Ruler Makers ; and then to South Australia arriving 9th May 1854 per the ship "Flavius" from Singapore. Joseph married Margaret Shanks on 29th May 1854 in Adelaide SA & they raised 12 children. Occupations included Whale Bone Ruler Maker in Warwick and New York. Policeman in Adelaide SA. Wheelwright & Blacksmith in Kapunda SA. Engineer in Kapunda SA. He was considered to be rather brilliant in his chosen field of steam driven vehicles and highly respected as an Engineer. Educated and trained in all occupations. He died a pauper after a long illness living on his own in Kapunda. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Australia & Wheelwrights Indexes. Contact Merv by.
HAY Richard Edward Blacksmith 1863. Richard Edward Hay, blacksmith. Born born in Bendigo Victoria in 1857. Richard arrived in Otago, New Zealand with his mother and siblings from Victoria to rejoin their father William Hay a goldminer and builder from Edinburgh, at Moa Flat (now Ettrick). Richard was the rebel of the family and a wonderful musician- school was not of much interest but his father insisted on an apprenticeship as a blacksmith. By now they had left Gabriel's Gully and Wetherstones and moved to Tapanui where William Hay and his son Willliam Matthew established Hay & Son builders. Richard's artistic bent also showed in his forge work as he exhibited striking pieces in the Dunedin Exhibition. He married Adeline Mary Barnes in 1892 and they had 9 children but lost their only 2 sons. Richard worked in Reefton after his marriage and then came to Seddon and was the blacksmith for the Starborough Station until he opened his own establishment in the town in Redwood St. In about 1906 the end of the good days for blacksmiths loomed with road transport and the new line to Seddon. The couple drew a farm in a ballot in Mangatahi near Hastings and relocated. His main love remained music and he organised huge numbers of entertainment for miners and various societies. Richard died in Napier at 91yrs. He was my great grandfather I welcome any relevant correspondence. See this index for his brother-in-law, blacksmith John Grant. Contact Gaynor by
HENRICKSON Daniel Blacksmith "1860: Daniel Henrickson, blacksmith, farrier, farmer, house builder, watch repairer, mariner. Born about 1860, in Finland. Daniel made his way as a young man to Western Australia via ships from Finland to England to NZ to SA to WA. Settled in Quindannning WA and married Susannah Markham Page 17 Sep 1889 Arthur River Williams Bridge WA and had 12 children. Daniel died 13 Feb , at Boddington WA Buried 15 Feb 1938 at Cemetery , WA Anglican Section. Listed in Blacksmiths of Europe & Australia plus indexes for Farriers Whitesmiths Watchmakers. Contact Debbie by
HILL William Blacksmith 1867: William Hill (Senior) Blacksmith in Conalpyn,South Australia. Born 1867. Contact Michelle by.
HISLOP Alexander David Blacksmith 1900: Alexander David Hislop. Information given (in 2006) by Jean Hislop daughter of Hislop Blacksmiths Fremantle. Sadly Jean passed away 4th May 2008 at Carinya. Bicton (a Perth Suburb), Western Australia. at the turn of 1900, Hislop Bros family business, 98 South Terrace Cnr. of Arundle Street, South Fremantle-AUS. 1900. Born: 22 Aug 1875 ? Bunbury Western Australia. Died: 6 April 1944. Buried: Fremantle WA. Wife: Ethel Frances nee Brown born ?Victoria. The Brown family migrated to Fremantle area in the 1890's. His brothers were Ben & Colin. Contact Brian by
HOPKINS aka FINCH Joseph Blacksmith 1819: Joseph Hopkins aka Finch. For full story see the Interesting Stories link on the Home Page. Also listed in both the Whitesmiths and Fingersmiths Indexes. Joseph was a worker in tin utensils for dairies. Joseph drowned in December 1819 but before that he had married another convict, Sarah Smith. They had 2 or 3 children (and THAT's another story!). Contact Anne at
HOSKING Sampson Blacksmith 1840: Sampson Hosking, blacksmith, wheelwright. Born 1840-1841 at St Ives, Cornwall ca. Sampson emigrated to South Australia arriving 4th December 1864 on the bargue "Tarquin'. On 15 September 1868 he married Grace Coles at Trinity Church, Adelaide and they had 8 children; 7 of these were born while they lived at Armagh near Clare, Mary Edith Jane (15/07/1869), Elizabeth Ada Uren (16/09/1870), Sampson Herbert William (17/09/1871), John Albert (05/10/1872), Grace Evelyn (28/11/1875), Thomas Edgar (26/09/1878), Annie Emily Ethel (26/04/1881) and Alice Beatrice (11/04/1885 – Glanville). His wife Grace was the daughter of Corporal John Coles from Devon who explored Western Australia with Lieutenant George Grey in the late 1830’s. Grace Coles was born in a tent on the site of Adelaide’s Parliament house on 26 September 1845. Sampson Hosking died at Cheltenham on 15 August 1926 aged 85. Grace died at Cheltenham on 01 December 1928 aged 83, both were buried in Cheltenham Cemetery. This information is supplied from South Australian Births, Marriage and Death records and from information supplied by the South Australian State Library. Listed in Blacksmiths of Cornwall and Australia. Contact Franc by
HOWE Louis Blacksmith 1920's: Louis Howe, worked for the Hislop Brothers, Fremantle WA (their story is above) for twenty years. He carried out all work and repairs , refitting trucks, blacksmith striking and general welding. Prior to Lou leaving Hislop's, he helped manufacture canopy tractors for a Mr Schilling and Mr Morrison and made hundreds of them for farmers in general. The canopies were made of a pipe frame and a sheet iron roof and helped to keep out the weather while the farmers were working on their tractors in the fields. See Interesting Stories Link on the Home Page. Contact Brian at
HUGHES Thomas Blacksmith 1779: Thomas Hughes, blacksmith, convict, flogger, executionist. Born about 1779 in Birmingham, Warwickshire, England. Parents: Thomas Hughes & Mary nee Cox. He was convicted at the Warwick Assizes in 1801 of theft and sentenced to transportation to Sydney in 1801 for theft. Later he was given life and arrived in the colony in 1802 on the ‘Perseus’. He had a colourful life, hated by the populous because he became Sydney’s flogger and later executioner from 1804- he died in 1835. He had only 1 living daughter, Amelia Hughes b. 1815 to Convict Susannah Smith and I am descended from Amelia and her husband Richard Puckeridge ( Richard son of convict Joseph Puckeridge). He is listed in the Fingersmiths Index + Blacksmiths of Warwickshire + Blacksmiths of Australia. I have studied Thomas over the years and have put it into a booklet form. If you have any information to share please contact Dorothy (in NSW) by
IREDALE Lancelot Blacksmith,Ironmonger 1789: Lancelot Iredale, born 21st Apr 1789, at Jesmond Place, Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England. Baptised:17th May 1789 at St Mary's, Gateshead, Durham, England. Died 16th June 1848 at his home, Auburn Cottage, Bourke St, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW. Buried 18 June 1848 at Sandhills (aka Devonshire St) and transferred to the Pioneer Cemetery at Botany when Central Station was built on the site of the cemetery. Lancelot arrived as a convict aboard the Mariner 11 June 1816,leaving his wife Sarah (nee Young) and 3 daughters back in the UK. He was sentenced to 14 years at Northumberland Assizes 27 July 1815. Lancelot is thought to have started the first registered company in NSW in 1820, Iredale & Co. Which after his death became Lassetter's (his son in law took over the business) later through mergers etc,becoming Knock and Kirbys, BBC Hardware, Hardware House and most recently Bunnings. Contact Michelle by
JARVIE Walter Joseph Blacksmith 1902: Walter Joseph (Wally) Jarvie, blacksmith. Born 22nd May 1902, Craigmarloch, Kilsyth, Scotland. Walter was one of seven children of Archibald & Agnes Brechin Myles. Wally's father was Loch Master Canal Overseer at Craigmarloch on the Forth & Clyde Canal. When Wally completed his Blacksmith's apprenticeship he worked in the coal mines. The money was good but the prolonged miners' strike made him decide to emigrate to WA on the Orcades arriving Fremantle in 1924. After a brief spell of work in Dumbleyung and Calingiri, Wally settled in Miling. He set up a blacksmith's shop in a galvanised iron shed adjacent to the local store. When the Midland Railway Company split up nearly 40,000 acres into farming blocks, Wally acquired one in May 1928. He sold his blacksmith shop premises to the Bank of New South Wales and cleared his 1,500 acre farm block which he worked until his retirement. Wally died in Mandurah in 1996 only a few days after his wife Hilda Lillian nee Dennis. They had been married 65 years. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Scotland. Contact Diane by
JEFFRIES Jeffrey Blacksmith 1822: Jeffrey Jeffries, blacksmith. Jeffrey migrated to South Australia on the 'Dover Castle' He was partner with Robert Leslie in their blacksmith workshop which was opposite the Belvidere Hotel, near Strathalbyn. Robert was married to Ann McLEAN. Ann, the daughter of Donald and Christina McLean, was baptized on 6th April 1822 in Kilmarlie, Scotland and migrated to South Australia on the “Navarino' in 1836. Ann and Robert had married in Adelaide in 1842 but he died in 1848. Ann then married Jeffrey in Strathalbyn in 1851. In the early years of their marriage they twice went to the Victorian gold-diggings. They were successful in the diggings and when they returned to Strathalbyn in 1853 they bought a great deal of land and later visited back to Scotland. When they returned from the UK, they established the Belvidere Hotel in 1857. They had six children. Jeffrey died in 1881 and Ann died in 1910. Contact Don by.
JONES George Blacksmith & Wheelwright 1824: George Jones, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born in Lambeth, London in 1824. He immigrated to Australia in 1855, and worked as a blacksmith in Newtown, Sydney until 1858. He then moved to Maryborough Queensland where he worked as a blacksmith and wheelwright from 1859 till his death in 1888. His business was "The Original Blacksmith and Wheelwright establishment" on the corner of Kent and Adelaide Sts Maryborough. I also do some blacksmithing in Brisbane – to "keep the home fires burning". He is listed in both the Blacksmiths of Australia and London Indexes plus the Wheelwrights Index. Contact great great grandson Paul by
KNIGHT Charles Blacksmith 1852: Charles Knight, born in Surrey 1852. Not sure how or when he arrived in Australia. Married Mary Elizabeth WRIGHT in 1883 in Milawa,Victoria,Australia. They lived in Beechworth until he died in 1930. He had his blacksmith shop in camp Street, where the Amour Motel is today. He is lsited in the Ned Kelly books as being one of the blacksmiths who made Joe Byrnes suit of armour for the Kelly gang. His parents: George Knight & Hannah Price. Contact Vicki by
LESLIE Andrew Blacksmith 1850: Andrew Leslie, blacksmith. Born about 1850 and christened on 19 August 1850 in Berwick, Gordon, Scotland. Occupation given on Marriage Certificate dated 22 November 1872 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Married Alice (Allison) TAYLOR. Came to Australia (South Australia) on the Ship "Ashmore" on 1 September 1883 with wife and 4 children. Refer newspaper article on Monday 3 September, 1883 of names of passengers. Died on 15 May 1910 at Broken Hill West, NSW. Australia and was buried in the Broken Hill Cemetery on 17 May 1910. His occupation- Blacksmith also entered on daughter, Ann's marriage certificate on 22 August 1906. Listed in the Blacksmiths Australia & Scotland. Contact Margaret by
LESLIE Robert Blacksmith 1822: Robert Leslie, blacksmith. Robert married Ann McLEAN who was the daughter of Donald and Christina McLean baptized on 6th April 1822 in Kilmarlie, Scotland, migrated to South Australia on the 'Navarino' in 1836. Robert and Ann were married in Adelaide in 1842. They did not have any children. Robert became a blacksmith in Belvidere, near Strathalbyn. His blacksmithy partner was Jeffrey JEFFRIES. Robert died in 1848. He was the first white man to be buried in the Strathalbyn district. Ann married Jeffrey in 1851. She died in 1910. Listed in the Blacksmiths Australia & Scotland. Contact Don by.
LINCELLES Denison Matthew Blacksmith 1831: Denison Mathew Lincelles aka Cornelius Denny. See entry for Cornelius Denny, blacksmith, springmaker. Contact Bernice by
LLOYD Jeremiah Blacksmith 1825: Jeremiah Lloyd, blacksmith. Born 1825 in Bergh Apton, Norfolk,England, to labourer Robert Lloyd. Jeremiah worked as a Blacksmith and in 1847 was living in Paddington, London. In St John’s Church Paddington on 29th August,1847, Jeremiah married Caroline Lambert (born Great Bentley, near Colchester, Essex ). Children: Ellen (born 1848, died 1849 at 11 mths from whooping cough); Robert Lambert Lloyd (born 19th September,1850,but he also died from Whooping Cough during the voyage to Australia). Jeremiah and Caroline emigrated to Australia as assisted passengers , departing Plymouth 25th August 1851, on the Barque Hydaspes (a Barque of 595 tons) and landing in Adelaide on 27th November,1851. The family decided to move on and settle in Victoria. Both Jeremiah,Caroline and their Granddaughter Kathleen are interred at Springvale Cemetery, Melbourne. Listed in blacksmiths Australia , Norfolk & London. For much more family history please contact Contact Brian by
LYON Alexander Blacksmith 1852: Alexander Lyon, Blacksmith in Littlehampton, South Australia. He arrived on the ship Omega 1852. Contact Michelle by.
LYONS William Blacksmith, Wheelwright 1852: William Lyons, blacksmith, wheelwright. William arrived in Melbourne in 1852, aboard the Zebulon. He was escorting a horse drawn Omnibus for John Fulton. He worked for John Fulton for several years, until he became unemployed, and moved to Fiery Creek near Castemaine. He settled in Creswick for a while, but ultimately ended up in Sale. The wheelwright business that he owned in Sale still exists to this day. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia + Wheelwrights Index. Contact Laura by.
MANNERS John Blacksmith,Wheelwright,Tool Maker 1842: John Manners, blacksmith, wheelwright, Agricultural implement maker. Born 1842 Greenock, Scotland. Emigrated to Australia 1857. First listed 1868 as Blacksmith, Wheelwright, Agricultural Implement Maker, Taree, New South Wales. 1894 moved to Sydney, continued business in Sussex St. John died 1909. John is listed in the Blacksmiths of Scotland, Australia, Wheelwrights Index and Tool Makers Index Contact Shirley by
MAYZE James (Jaz) Blacksmith 1863: James (Jaz) Mayze, coachsmith, blacksmith. Born 1863 in Scotland. He migrated with his parents to Invercargill, New Zealand where he began his career as a blacksmith & coachbuilder. In 1886, he sailed for Victoria, Australia ; after spending a year at Moonee Ponds, he came to Traralgon where he settled down to do his part in creating a prosperous town and district. In the early days, Jas. Snr., became associated, in partnership, with the late Mr. Walter West, as Coachbuilder and Blacksmith. Their smithy was in Seymour Street, at the rear of where the National Bank is today. For more information see this entry in the Interseting Stories link on the homepage. Listed in Australian Blacksmiths Index, Cartwrights Index. Contact Lin by.
McAULIFFE John Blacksmith 1843: John McAuliffe. Wife: Bridget Cullen, married at Bathurst in 1843. They had 8 children; William, John, Thomas, Henry, Kate plus 3 others. John died 1854, buried at Blayney NSW. His son Thomas was a Railway Ganger born 1846. Thomas married Elizabeth Richards in 1875 he died 1921 is buried at Waverly NSW. Contact Maggie by.
McCOY James Blacksmith 1828: James McCoy, blacksmith. James was born of Irish parents in St John, New Brunswick, USA . They moved to Boston, Mass. where James did his blacksmithing apprenticeship. He went to sea for 7-8 years. He arrived in NSW in 1853. He was plying his trade in Shellharbour NSW in 1859. He was a Methodist Lay Preacher and established a Temperance Society Lodge. He helped build the Temperance Hall, which became the Empire Theatre. James died in 1916 he and members of his family are buried in the local cemetery. He was well respected in the Region. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and USA. Contributor does not wish to be contacted.
McINNES Duncan Blacksmith 1828: Duncan McInnes , blacksmith. Born about 1828 in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Duncan and his wife Mary and most of their children emigrated to Australia per "Devon" 17th Oct 1878 arriving in Brisbane 05 Feb 1879. He lived in the Brisbane suburb of New Farm till his death 08 Jul 1912. He was a blacksmith from 1851 till his death. Contact Gregory by
McLEAN William Angus Blacksmith 1870: William ANGUS (Little Angus) McLean, blacksmith. Born to Margaret Dalziel on 27 June 1870 in Woolsthorpe via Warrnambool Victoria, Australia. William was raised by his McLean grandparents. His occupation was stated as blacksmith on his marriage certificate, 31 Jan. 1894 when he married Norah Archman at Framlingham, Vic. Also listed as blacksmith on the Census 1903 - 1919. Then he became a farmer. He died 29 Sep. 1955 in Warrnambool, Vic. Contact Jean by
MERRITT W.H. Blacksmith 1904: W.H. Merritt, black smith. This could be William Henry Merritt lived Balingup, Western Australia in the 1940’s & died 1966 aged 95 years. Information kindly supplied by a Bridgetown resident.
MIDDLETON Benjamin Blacksmith 1808: Benjamin Middleton, blacksmith. Born 1808 in Hodnet , Shropshire, England. In 1833 Ben stole 3 ducks, tea caddy and other goods from a deceased persons property, sentenced to 7 years transportation, to NSW Australia, 1836. Arrived after being in a hulk the Justitia for 2 years, worked for the Government as a blacksmith, received his Ticket of Leave and Certificate of Freedom, 1846 returned to Yorkshire, set up a Blacksmith Business, 1856 Immigrated back to NSW Australia, worked as a blacksmith in Pyrmont NSW until he died.1872. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia, Shropshire,Yorkshire and Fingersmiths Indexes. Benjamin adopted one child James. Contact Kaye by.
MOHR Sydney Harold Blacksmith WAGR 1907: Sydney Harold Mohr, born 8th August 1907 in Trafalgar, Western Australia. (near Boulder - Kalgoorlie). Died: 11th June 1991 aged 83yrs and 10 months. Sydney Harold MOHR better known as ""Scrap"" worked for the W.A.G.R. (West Australian Government Railways) Employee Number 60937. He was a Blacksmith/Welder. Origin of his nick name; he could take any scrap of metal and make it into something useful. Shop Number: 748. Scrap started his Apprenticeship 14th April 1924. Expiration of Apprenticeship 11th November 1930 (Retrenched. These were the: Depression years). Re- engaged 7th January 1942 until his Retirement on the 8th August 1972. He had 36 years total employment with W.A.G.R. Union Delegate/Advocate. In Arbitration Court for many years for the workers of the railways. He was a member of the Australasian Society of Engineers. To share information contact Dellys by.
MOORE James Blacksmith James Moore was a blacksmith in Tasmania - we do not know anything more about him apart from the fact that he was supposed to be from around Aberdeen, Scotland. My father James Moore was a carpenter in South Australia. His mother has already contributed 6 convicts to the family (including a First Fleeter). My mother's family are mostly from Kent, Cornwall and Norway. See his son William James Moore in indexes for wheelwrights,cartwrights and the Interesting Stories Link on the home page. Contact Ann by
MORIARTY John Blacksmith 1894: John Moriarty, blacksmith. Between 1894 – 1900 John lived and worked at site of 29 Hampton Street, born 1861, son of William Moriarty and Julia Wilde. May have moved blacksmith business further along Hampton Street near Scotts Hotel as was in business in 1909 in new premises. Later farmer in Bridgetown. Married Maria Lewis 1889. John Moriarty died 1934 at Bridgetown.   Michael Moriarty born 1854, son of William Moriarty and Julia Wilde. Michael married Bridget Hawkins 1890. Later farmer at Bridgetown and died 1935. Information kindly supplied by a Bridgetown resident.
MORRISEY George Blacksmith 1905: George Morrisey, blacksmith at Bridgetown, Western Australia. Information kindly supplied by a Bridgetown resident.
MULLER Frederick Blacksmith 1853: Frederick Müller, blacksmith, locksmith. Born on 14 November 1853 in Ladenburg, Baden, Germany. Parents: Frederick Müller and Katherine nee Peterhans. Frederick was described as a Locksmith on immigration records to Australia in 1872, and that 6 siblings (all girls) were already here. Frederick worked as a Blacksmith at Darbalara & Gundagai and set up his own smithy shop in Bethungra. In 1876 he married Martha Fishpool who was born in 1858 at Darbalara, Gundagai, Martha pe deceased him in 1903 & He passed away in 1925. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Europe. Contact Sue by
MULLINS Arthur William Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1848: Arthur William Mullins, wheelwright, blacksmith. Born in 1848 in Alphington near Exeter, Devon, England. Arthur emigrated from Devon to South Australia at the age of 8, began 3 year apprenticeship with William Pfuhl of Darlington at age of 16. The trade he learned was that of a wheelwright which included blacksmithing. He worked as a wheelwright at Port Wakefield, then after a gap of 2 years was the blacksmith at the Kapunda copper mine. The frequently wet conditions led to him developing severe arthritis and he left the trade and returned to Happy Valley where he and his wife grew and sold fruit and vegetables. See Blacksmiths of Australia and Wheelwrights Index. Contact Iris by
MURDOCH William Blacksmith 1874: William Murdoch, blacksmith. Born about 1874, Monaro District, NSW, Australia and died aged 64yrs. William was my great grandfather. He lived and worked in Bibbenluke in the Monaro District. He was illegitimate so my Grandmother wouldn't talk about him much and she never elaborated about his lineage which was from a Pioneer in the Manning River/Taree area apparently. I think his father was called George and he was quite well known up there. William was very intelligent and a real inventor they say. He read scientific and astronomy books. He owned a silver pocket watch and telescope which my mother still has. He could make anything. He was renowned for shoeing bullocks in the district and he is mentioned on the website 'Trove' as the first to shoe bullocks in the district. He was wealthy, owned one of the first motor cars in the tiny district. He is mentioned in my Maternal grandfathers book called 'A Big Lookout'. I do have his birth certificate but not here with me right now, sorry. I"m so proud of my blacksmithing heritage and know his contribution to the development of the district made a difference. Contact Jenny by
NORTH James Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1860: James North , wheelwright and blacksmith. James had a smithy at Wilton NSW from 1860s to 1885. Contact Maggie by
NORTH Thomas Blacksmith 1880: Thomas North , blacksmith and coachdriver. Thomas worked as a coach driver at Grenfell during 1880s. Contact Maggie by
OLIN James Augustus Blacksmith 1904: James Augustus Olin, blacksmith. Wife: Clara Constantia nee Gaunt, married 22nd November 1904 In Fitzroy Victoria, NSW. His occupation on the wedding certificate says, blacksmith. The family emmigrated to New Zealand about 1909 where he continued this occupation. Contact Merle by
PALMER William Blacksmith 1862: William Palmer, blacksmith. Born at Colliton, Devon, England in 1862. William served his apprenticeship with the village blacksmith in Broadhembury. In 1881 and William and his younger brother Charles were working as shoeing smiths in Broadhembury. William also worked for a wheelwright at Newton Abbott and became a competent wheelwright himself. William emigrated to Australia in 1883. He worked as a blacksmith in Brisbane, Queensland for about two years then travelled south and went into partnership with blacksmith and wheelwright Samuel Hollis at Wallendbeen, NSW. He took over the business when Hollis died in 1893 but soon after opened his own business as a blacksmith, wheelwright and carriage builder. His son William James Palmer also trained as a blacksmith and worked with his father. In 1907 William opened Palmer’s Central Stores in Wallendbeen and the blacksmith business was sold. William died at Wallendbeen in 1916. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Devon Index. Contact Ian by is
PETTY & WOODINGS Unknown Blacksmith 1899: Petty & Woodings, blacksmith at Bridgetown, Western Australia. Information kindly supplied by a Bridgetown resident.
PITCHFORD Francis Blacksmith 1843: Francis (Frank) Pitchford, blacksmith. Born1843 in Clun, Salop, England & emigrated to Australia. He died in Jamestown, S.A. See Cartwrights Index, Wheelwrights Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index for his brother Francis Richard Pitchford, and his nephew John Wilkinson Pitchford. Contact Ruth by
PHILLIPS Joseph Blacksmith 1834: Joseph Phillips, blacksmith and pound keeper. Born about 1834. Joseph arrived in South Australia as a 16 year old in 1850 on the ship Sir Joseph Somes. Joseph was employed at Mintaro and then was a blacksmith at Waterloo, S.A. for 42 years. Photograph is available. Information from obituary and family. Contact Jennifer by
PITCHFORD Francis Richard Blacksmith, Coachbuilder, Wheelwright 1839: Francis Richard Pitchford, Coachbuilder, Wheelwright, Blacksmith. Born 28th October 1839 at Kingsland, Herefordshire, England. Died 3rd August 1912 at Mornington, Victoria aged 72 yrs. Married Margaret Wilkinson of Talywain, Monmouthshire, Wales; born 6th June, 1847 and died at Mornington Victoria on 21st November 1910, aged 63 yrs. F. R. Pitchford was supposed to have been involved in the building of several bridges over River Murray in South Australia but haven't been able to confirm this. Francis Richard Pitchford is listed in the Cartwrights Index, Wheelwrights Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index. His son John Wilkinson Pitchford is also listed in the Wheelwrights Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index. His brother Francis (Frank) Pitchford is also listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia Index. Contact Ruth by
PITCHFORD John Wilkinson Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1865: John Wilkinson Pitchford, blacksmith, wheelwright. Born 16th December 1865 at Kepunda, SouthAustralia and died at Mornington, Victoria on 29th October 1912; aged 46 yrs. He married on 15th October 1890 at Frankston, Victoria to Martha Grace McComb; born 17th June 1867, at Frankston,Victoria. Martha died 28 July 1959. John Wilkinson Pitchford was in the blacksmith/wheelwright business with father at Barkly Street, Mornington, Victoria (my maternal g.parents). See Cartwrights Index, Wheelwrights Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index for his father Francis Richard Pitchford, brother Richard (Dick) Francis Pitchford and his uncle Francis(Frank) Pitchford. Contact Ruth by
PITCHFORD Richard Blacksmith,Wheelwright 1879: Richard (Dick) Francis Pitchford, blacksmith,wheelwright. Born 15th February 1879 at Yongala, South Australia and died 17th June 1924 Melbourne. Married at Dandenong, Victoria to Mary Burgeon 6th September 1911; born 1879, died 1978. Richard (Dick) Francis Pitchford was also in Blacksmith/wheelwright business with father at Barkly St. See Cartwrights Index, Wheelwrights Index & the Blacksmiths of Australia Index for his father Francis Richard Pitchford; his brother John Wilkinson Pitchford and his uncle Francis(Frank) Pitchford. Contact Ruth by
PORTER John William Blacksmith 1893: John William Porter. Commenced a Coach building business in South Street Fremantle 1893 with his brother-in-law Richard Henry Tyler (born Gloucestershire). John Porter went on to open his own coach building business in William Street Fremantle in 1893. Eventually John Porter's son, Milson John Howard Porter (Howard Porter) bought out the business owned by Richard Tyler. For further information Contact Debra by .
RAY John Blacksmith 1864: John Ray, blacksmith. Born 10 Dec 1864 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England. Son of James Ray and Mary Ann Golding (Goulding). He is listed on the 1881 census (Eng) as a Blacksmith in Wolverhampton. He arrived in Victoria Australia about 1887 possibly on the ship Chimborazo. He married Amelia Brown d/o Walter Brown & Emma Jones, in Aug 1889 in Sth Melbourne Vic. Emma arrived from Wolverhampton in Aug 1889 on the Nurnburg. On his Australian marriage record he was listed as a Blacksmith, but later worked as a Handyman and Cook. John & Amelia had children Walter James 1891-1982 and Elizabeth Mary 1895-1973. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Staffordshire. Contact Diane by
RENFREW David Blacksmith 1855: David Renfrew, blacksmith. David and his wife Jean and 3 children arrived from Scotland on the William Miles which landed at Morton Bay Brisbane on 19th January 1855. They made their way down to Ballarat (gold fields)Victoria where he worked as a blacksmith until 1858. The family then moved to Carngham Victoria where again he worked as a blacksmith. David and Jean had 14 children, 4 boys and 10 girls. The boys followed all became blacksmiths. In 1873 as the gold rush was waning the family all moved to Plattsburg Newcastle NSW. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Scotland. Contact Deborah by.
ROBINSON Stephen Blacksmith 1821: Stephen Robinson, Blacksmith. Born 6th March 1821 in Thorney, Cambridgeshire, England. Parents: John Robinson and Elizabeth nee Wilson. He married Sarah Chapman ( born 1823 in Geddington, Kettering, Northamptonshire). Sarah was the daughter of John Chapman and Elizabeth nee Hipwell. Stephen & Sarah Robinson immigrated to South Australia on 23rd March 1848 from Plymouth, England aboard the "David Malcolm". Stephen was employed as a Constable on the voyage and received a sum of two pounds. They had 13 children (2 born in the UK and 11 born in South Australia). One son John died on the journey to South Australia while another son James who was also aboard survived. Stephen Robinson, died on 31st March 1879 at Macclesfield, South Australia at the age of 58yrs and was buried in the Anglican Cemetery at Macclesfield, South Australia. Stephen is also listed in Blacksmiths of Cambridgeshire. See Blacksmiths of Australia for details another son, William Robinson. Contact June by
ROBINSON William Blacksmith 1857: William Robinson, blacksmith. Born 1857 in Macclesfield South Australia. Wife: Annie Blanche Lowe of Macclesfield South Australia. They moved to Western Australia about 1900 and lived for some time in Coolgardie were William worked as a Blacksmith / Miner. He died in 1944 and was buried in Karrakatta cemetery. He was my great grandfather. Contact June by
ROGERS John Valentine Blacksmith 1903: John Valentine Rogers, blacksmith. In 1903 he was living at 133 North Road, Newport, Melbourne; seen on the 1903 Electoral Roll. This is the only mention of him on the rolls. I have no other information.
ROWE James Ladner (Jnr) Blacksmith 1854: James Ladner Rowe (Jnr), blacksmith. Born 1854 in Buryas Bridge, Cornwall, England. James was the eldest son of James Ladner Rowe, Blacksmith of Buryas Bridge in Cornwall) immigrated to NZ in 1875. He married during his 20 year stay (no further info can be found on this) but moved on to the Goldfields of Western Australia with wife No. 2 Annie Connelly in 1896 - where they had two children. He passed away in Perth in 1941. See Blacksmiths of Cornwall for his father James Ladner Rowe (Snr) and other family members. Contact Chris by
ROWLEY Robert Ernest Blacksmith 1850: Robert Ernest Rowley , blacksmith and boiler maker. Robert was born in Manchester c1850 and came to Australia in the 1880s. He died in Melbourne in January 1915. He ran a Blacksmith business with his wife, Helen, in Spotswood from about 1893 until his death. Also listed in the Boiler Makers Index. Contact Colin by.
RUSSELL Robert Blacksmith 1812: Robert Russell, blacksmith. Born about 1812 in Scotland. The family travelled from Stonehouse, Lanarkshire, Scotland, arriving Port Adelaide 13th September 1857, on the ship "Henry Moore" Robert aged 45yrs with wife Janet aged 45yrs and sons William 20yrs (blacksmith); John 17yrs (blacksmith); Robert 13yrs (blacksmith). Found on www dot theshipslist dot com No other information found
RUSTEN Herbert Blacksmith Herbert Rusten. Born Gulgong one of 12 boys. Did his apprenticeship in Gulgong NSW. Had a Blacksmith's Shop in Bolaro Street Dunedoo NSW. Contact Gwen by.
SAYERS Unknown Blacksmith 1904: Sayers, blacksmith at Bridgetown, Western Australia. Information kindly supplied by a Bridgetown resident.
SCHMIDT / SMITH Hermann Heinrich Blacksmith 1871: Hermann Heinrich Schmidt, blacksmith. Born 1871, at Blumberg, South Australia. He married Louisa Mary BAKER in 1898, Broken Hill, N.S.W. The census 1901 lists him and his family in Kalgoorlie W.A. From 1916 onwards they lived at No: 1 Evelyn Street, Claremont, Perth, Western Australia became the family home. Hermann depolled his name to Herbert Henry SMITH between 1917-1925. He was a blacksmith all his working life. For more details email Sharron.
SCHWAB Matthew Blacksmith 1830: Matthew Schwab, born about 1830 in Germany and died in 1880 in Uralla, NSW, Australia. In 1862 he emigrated from Hamburg on the "'Sophie"' where his occupation was listed as "'schmidt"' and his native place as Reisbach, Wurrtemberg, Germany. He purchased land at "'Grassy Gully"' at Kentucky in the New England area of NSW. Here he worked as a blacksmith and farmer next to the New England Highway.On several occasions he shod horses for "'Captain Thunderbolt"' a notorious and popular bushranger - one of the best known of Australia's outlaws.Matthew married Jacobina Neuscheller from Germany and they had eight children. Contact Bob by.
SIMMONS Joseph Blacksmith 1802: Joseph Simmons, blacksmith. Born circa 14th April 1802 Gwennup Cornwal, England. Died 3rd September 1872 in Adelaide South Australia, aged 70 years. He arrived 1849 PT Adelaide SA with 4 daughters all married. Joseph was a well respected Blacksmith in Adelaide and in Carrharrack, St Day, Melangoose, Portleven and Falmoth prior to 1849. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and Cornwall Indexes. To share information contact Merv by
SIMPSON David Blacksmith & Farrier 1831: David Simpson, blacksmith from Yorkshire. Born 5th April 1831, Kildwick. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. David married Ellen Robinson in 1852, Kildwick. They had 3 children, only one survived to adulthood. Ellen died and the remaining child, Sarah was raised by Ellen's mother. David emmigrated to Australia and remarried. He married Elizabeth Ferrier in 1875. David is recorded as plus in the Farriers Index. Contact Margaret by.
SIMPSON James Blacksmith 1841: James Simpson, blacksmith from Yorkshire. Born: 12th May 1841, Kildwick, Yorkshire, England. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker.After emmigrating to Australia he married Theresa Gertrude Hansbrow in 1862, Dubbo, NSW. They had 4 children (one stillborn). James died in 1894, Annandale, NSW, Australia and Theresa his wife died in 1876, Hay, NSW. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes. Contact Margaret by.
SIMPSON John Blacksmith 1793: John Simpson, a blacksmith. Born in 1793, Cracoe,(Rylstone) Yorkshire. He came with his family to Kildwick between 1800 and 1810. His father, William was the blacksmith at Kildwick and he in turn took over his fathers business at The Smithy on the corner, opposite the White Lion Hotel. John married Elizabeth Whitaker in 1815, they had 13 children. John died in 1889, Bingley, Yorkshire, at the home of one of his daughters. Many of John's sons also became blacksmiths and some took their craft to Australia. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes. Contact Margaret by .
SIMPSON Joseph Blacksmith 1819: Joseph Simpson, blacksmiths O Yorkshire. Born on the 19th May 1819 at Kildwick. He was the twin brother to Mary Simpson. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. Joseph married Margaret Overend in 1847. He is recorded as a blacksmith in 1841 census. Joseph and Margaret emmigrated to Australia and raised their family in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia. Joseph carried his blacksmith business there. They had 7 children. Joseph died in 1886, Deniliquin, NSW, Australia, and his wife Margaret also died in 1886, but in Melbourne, Vic, Australia. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes. Contact Margaret by.
SIMPSON Thomas Blacksmith & Farrier 1835: Thomas Simpson, blacksmith & farrier. Born on the 26th April 1835, Kildwick, Yorkshire, England. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. He was recorded as a Smith and Farrier in the 1851 census. After emmigrating to Australia he married Mary Ann Stowell. They married in 1858 in Deniliquin, NSW, Australia. They had 8 children. Thomas died in 1905 in Kalgoorlie, WA, Australia. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes plus the Farriers Index. Contact Margaret by.
SIMPSON William Blacksmith 1817: William Simpson, blacksmith from Yorkshire. Born on the 18th March 1817 in Kildwick. Parents: John Simpson and Elizabeth Whitaker. At the age of 22yrs he married Margaret Jackson, they were married at Otley, Yorkshire on the 12th August 1839. The 1841 census shows Williams occupation as a blacksmith. The family immigrated to Australia, where they raised there large family. William died in 1874, Deniliquin, NSW, Australia. Margaret, his wife died in 1896 also in Deniliquin. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes. Listed in both the Blacksmiths of Yorkshire and Australia Indexes. Contact Margaret by.
SMITH / SCHMIDT Hermann Heinrich Blacksmith 1871: Hermann Heinrich Schmidt, blacksmith. Born 1871, at Blumberg, South Australia. He married Louisa Mary BAKER in 1898, Broken Hill, N.S.W. The census 1901 lists him and his family in Kalgoorlie W.A. From 1916 onwards they lived at No: 1 Evelyn Street, Claremont, Perth, Western Australia became the family home. Hermann depolled his name to Herbert Henry SMITH between 1917-1925. He was a blacksmith all his working life. For more details email Sharron by
SMITH Joseph Robinson Blacksmith 1832: Joseph Robinson Smith, born in Addingham, Yorkshire, in 1832, was married in 1857 and shortly afterwards emigrated to Victoria Australia, going to goldfields there, his wife following the following year. In 1863 the family moved from Victoria to Christchurch, New Zealand, where Joseph set up his business as a blacksmith, trading as the Victorian Shoeing Forge. He had, in the old coaching days, a contract with Cable & Co to keep their horses shod. About 1872 Joseph moved to Winslow, near Ashburton, and did a short spell of farming before again setting himself up as a blacksmith under the name of Victorian Carriage Works. Before leaving England Joseph had done a short course in dentistry, and in Ashburton he used to put his dentistry skills into practice, dusting off the forge and seating the patient thereon, then pulling out the offending tooth with his pliers. In 1897 Joseph's two sons took over the business. Joseph died in 1919 in Ashburton, New Zealand. Contact Jan by
STILES Brian Blacksmith 1964: Brian Stiles, engineering blacksmith. I was an apprenticeship blacksmith 1964 to 1971. I am looking for information and pictures of the blacksmith shop at Newport Railway workshops (Victoria, Australia) where I did my trade. If you can help please contact Brian by
TIPPER John Blacksmith 1817: John Tipper, blacksmith, Coachsmith. Born about 1817 in England and died 1874 at Deloraine (Tasmanian BDM). John came from a wheelwrighting family in Rogate, Sussex, England. He was apprenticed to master blacksmith James Toop, of Rogate. The 1841 UK Census shows John was employed as a coachsmith in Petworth, Sussex. Transported to Tasmania in 1844, where he practiced as a blacksmith. (Tasmanian convict indents). Listed in Blacksmiths of Sussex and Australia & Cartwrights & Fingersmiths Indexes. Contact Jacquie by
TOOHEY John Blacksmith 1900: John Toohey, blacksmith. Business operated in Meekatharra WA early 1900's. No other information given. Contact Lauren by
TOWE Keith Blacksmith 1949: Keth Towe, retired blacksmith. I started my apprenticeship in 1949 at the Ordnance Factory Melbourne. I am still in contact with blacksmiths and have founded the Australian Blacksmiths Association Inc. Have a look at - please contact if I can help with your work. Contact Keith by
TRETHEWEY William Blacksmith 1839: William Trethewey, blacksmith. Born in St Dennis, St Austell, Cornwall. Christened 6th July 1839 in St Dennis, St Austell. Parents, John Trethewey and Ann Bennett. William was apprenticed to James Rendall (Census 1861). Emigrated to Australia 8th February 1864 on the ‘Tudor’ with his wife Elizabeth. Became a miner in Ballarat and Stawell, where he returned to blacksmithing. Retired to Melbourne. Listed in Blacksmiths of Cornwall and Australia. Contact Anita by
TUCKER Charles Blacksmith 1861: Charles Tucker, blacksmith from Dalwood in Devon He married a Ruth Tucker from Offwell, Devon and they came to Australia about 1861 with baby, John Tucker. We have lots of stories but too large to attach here; one written by Betty Tucker. It focuses on life with his second wife, after Ruth Died. It may be of interest to some. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Devon & Blacksmiths of Australia Indexes. To share information contact great-grandson Viv, in Queensland, by
TUCKER Thomas Blacksmith 1869: Thomas Tucker, blacksmith, wheelwright. Born1869 in Somerset, England. Thomas married Katherine Brennan in1900 at Nambour Qld Aus. They had 4 sons Thomas who died as a baby, Robert, Walter & Stanley. Thomas's blacksmith shop was on the corner of Currie St, Nambour, He also had a shop in Eumundi. Thomas & Katherine are buried in Old Nambour Cemetery. Listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Somerset plus the Wheelwrights Index. Contact Karen by
TYLER Richard Henry Blacksmith 1853: Richard Henry Tyler, born 1853 in Gloucestershire, England. Richard Henry Tyler sailed to Fremantle with his wife Agnes and four children. He started a coach building business in South Street Fremantle and was joined by his brother in law John William Porter (see Blacksmiths of Australia Index) . Eventually John Porter's son, Milson John Howard Porter (Howard Porter) bought out the business owned by Richard Tyler. See Blacksmiths of Gloucestershire. See Wheelwrights Index for Richards father William (Snr) & brothers William (Jnr) & John Tyler. For further information Contact Debra by .
TYLER / TYLOR James Blacksmith, Wheelwright 1830: James Tyler Tylor, blacksmith & wheelwright. Born about 1830 as James George Taylor at Country Harbour Nova Scotia. In 1861 he married (1) Julia Long (she was the governess at Gingin, Western Australia). Under the name of Tyler he worked as a blacksmith. At some point Julia ran off with someone else, we don’t know what happened to her? James later married (2) Annie Louise Toovey in 1882 at Albany WA; they used the name Tylor and still do to this day (even though the correct spelling is Taylor). In 1880 (approx) James worked as a wheelwright in both Albany & Tenderden WA. Betwween 1883 & 1892 James & Annie owned a Smithy shop at Eticup (note: Eticup no longer exists; was near to Broomhill WA). After 1892 they moved to Katanning WA where James died in 1911. Annie, the district Midwife, died 1937, Katanning. Notes from a teachers report of Julia Long, shows James was a convict and he is believed to have been in WA since 1842. James is listed in both Blacksmiths of Australia & the Wheelwrights Index. Contact Irene by
VOIGT Johannes Carl Blacksmith 1880: Johannes Carl Voigt, blacksmith, wheelwright. He went by the name of John Charles Voight as it sounded less German. Born in 1880 in Queensland, Australia. Died in 1964 in New Zealand. He came to New Zealand with his family after his mother died in1885? When first in NZ he worked for Turnbulls as a wheelwright at Waikiwi and Invercargill. In 1901 John went of to the Boer War along with another man named Watts (who later, in 1905, married John’s sister Ruth Voight). In 1907 John had a blacksmith business in Waipahi which he kept until 1913; then the family moved to Pleasant Point, near Timaru. His main business here was on the main street near the town hall. The only other Smithy in the area was in Totara Valley and this was managed by a Mr. Anderws. In 1919 John bought a farm of 400 acres not far from Albury. He sold the farm in the 1950s and retired to Geraldine. He was one of those men who was already ready to help others out; he was also a great Church man. In WW1 he was the local recruiting officer. Also listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia & New Zealand Index. Contact Graeme by
WARRY Francis Blacksmith, Farrier 1810: Francis Warry, blacksmith. Born about 1810, in Hinton St George, Somerset, England. A fourth generation blacksmith. Francis's first wife, Louise Edmonds, died in 1846 leaving him with 4 children under 8, and several years later he married Anne Horwood. The family emigrated to New South Wales on board the "Kate" and the Index to Assisted Immigrants to NSW shows them as follows: WARRY: Francis 44, Anne 32, Sarah 16, Joseph 14, Grace 11, Francis 9, Ann 2, Alma, infant. The family arrived in Sydney on 4 December 1855 and settled first at Emu Plains, NSW where Francis worked as a blacksmith. They later moved to the gold mining town of Hargraves and descendants of some of the children of Francis' first marriage to Louisa Edmonds still live in Australia today. In 1860 Francis was Licensee of the Louisa Hotel, Louisa Creek near Mudgee, NSW where he died in 1866. See Blacksmiths of Somerset for his parents Henry (born 1670) and Louie. Francis is listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Somerset. Contact Patricia by
WARRY Gaius Edward Blacksmith 1856: Gaius Edward Warry, blacksmith. Born Jan-Feb-Mar quarter 1856, Chad, Somerset, England. See Vol: 5c Page: 537. Gaius immigrated to South Africa where he met and married Maria Dingley, in Stanger, South Africa 17th March 1886. My Grandmother was his daughter. Maria died during childbirth, possibly around 1911 and apparently in Bulawayo, Rhodesia. He later married Emily Lott (nee Dove). Gaius is listed in Blacksmiths of Somerset and South Africa. Note: there is another blacksmiths named WARRY listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and Somerset. Contact Sheena by
WARRY Joseph Blacksmith 1840: Joseph Edmonds Warry, blacksmith. Born about 1840-1841, Somerset, England. Son of blacksmith Francis Warry and his first wife Louise Edmonds. The family emigrated to New South Wales on board the "Kate" and the Index to Assisted Immigrants to NSW shows them as follows: WARRY: Francis 44, Anne 32, Sarah 16, Joseph 14, Grace 11, Francis 9, Ann 2, Alma, infant. The family arrived in Sydney on 4 December 1855 and settled first at Emu Plains. Joseph continued the family profession working as a blacksmith, and was living in Gulgong in 1872. Joseph died in Palmerston, Northern Territory, in 1885. Joseph is listed in Blacksmiths of Australia and Somerset as is his father Francis Warry and other family members. Contact Patricia by
WEBBER George Blacksmith 1840: George Webber, born 2 April 1840 Bristol, England and died 17 February 1903 in Sydney NSW. George emigrated to Sydney 1849. By 1858 was registered in the My maternal great grandfather. Contact Roz by
WEST Henry Venson Blacksmith & Coachbuilder 1859: Henry Venson West, blacksmith, coachbuilder . Born 24 October 1859, Mortlake, Victoria. Eldest child of David Venson West and Mary West (Blewett). Henry worked up until 1883 as a blacksmith in Mortlake. 1884 moved to Traralgon to work with his brother Walter Williams West in his coachbuilding business. Died 18 March 1938, Sale, Victoria. See the Cartwrights Index for family members and also the Interesting Stories Link on the Home Page . Contact Trish by
WEST Walter Williams Blacksmith, coachbuilder, shire secretary, member of parliament 1861: Walter Williams West, coachbuilder. Born 12 April 1861, Mortlake, Victoria. Second child of David Venson West and Mary West (Blewett). Married: Susan Agnes Barrett, 28 April 1886, Ararat, Victoria and they had 5 children. See the Cartwrights Index for family members and also the Interesting Stories Link on the Home Page . Contact Trish by
WHITEHAIR John Blacksmith 1855: John Whitehair, born March 1855 at Mewan, Cornwall. Died: 07 Jan 1927 Tavistock Devon. Wife: lucy matthews born 1855 in Corldridge, Cornwall. Died: 07 Jan 1928. Went to Charters Towers Queensland Australia where John was mine smithy in one of the large gold mines. Also listed in Blacksmiths of Australian Index. I am also a decendant of Samuel Henwood blacksmith born Tavistock 1826 . He was my grandfather. Contact Pauline by
WHITLEY John Blacksmith 1882: John Whitley,blacksmith journeyman, born about 1882 in Tottenham, Middlesex, England. The exact year of his birth is unknown at this stage as it is different on every document related to him! I believe he was born around 1882. On the 8th Jun 1920, he married Emily Eliza Margaret RANN at the Church of the Precious Blood, Hertford Road, Lower Edmonton. His occupation was listed as journeyman blacksmith and his residence as 85 St Mary's Road, Edmonton, London, Middlesex, England. In 1925 the young family were living at 10 Grove Road, West Enfield Wash, Middlesex, England and John had become a fully qualified blacksmith. On the 8th Dec 1928 he left England on the SS Orsova for Australia. In 1931 he is living at 45 Myrtle St, Bendigo, Vic, Australia and is working as a blacksmith. In 1936 he is still in Bendigo, but now at 243 Queen St, Golden Square, Bendigo, Vic, Australia, working as a labourer. Listed in the Blacksmiths of Australia and Blacksmiths of Middlesex Indexes. Contact Michelle by.
WHITTLE John Cady Blacksmith 1841: John Cady Whittle, born 1841 Portland Dorset. He worked on the railway as a blacksmith in NSW and QLD. He also worked at Redbank Plains, Queensland for Cribbe and Foote, Ipswich as a blacksmith and in about 1876 settled at Gatton Queensland as a blacksmith. He started one of the first businesses in Gatton. The Whittle family have been in business ever since as blacksmiths, saddlers and hardware merchants (Reference: Book -History of Gatton Shire in Lockyer Valley 1979). Father: William Whittle (listed on this index). Also listed in Blacksmiths of Dorset Index. He is my husbands GG Grandfather. Contact Chris by
WHITTLE William Blacksmith 1818: William Whittle, born 24 May 1818 Portland Dorset, England. Parents: William and Sarah Whittle. Wife Mary Marwood Clerk Cady, married 19 Dec 1839. Children: Sarah, John, William, Thomas, Mary & Edward. 1841: census shows he was a blacksmith at Portland, Dorset. William, Mary & family emigrated to Wagga Wagga NSW in 1857. He worked as a blacksmith at Newtown NSW. Died 1910 aged 91yrs at Wagga Wagga, NSW. Father of John Cady Whittle (blacksmith). See this same index for entries of his son John Cady Whittle, grandson William John Marwood Whittle and great grandson William Claude Whittle. Also listed on Blacksmiths of Dorset Index. To contact his GGG grandson contact Chris by OR to share information with another descendant contact Trish by.
WHITTLE William Claude Blacksmith 1900: William Claude Whittle, born 29th May 1900 QLD. Likely known as Claude as father William (William.J.M. Whittle) is listed under Blacksmith and Wheelwright for Victoria St, West, Forest Hill (nr Gatton) along with Jack and Claude Whittle. Contact Chris by.
WHITTLE William John Marwood Blacksmith 1868: William John Marwood Whittle, born 3rd Jan 1868 Wagga Wagga NSW. He moved to QLD as a child with his parents (John Cady Whittle). William is listed as a blacksmith at Mt Sylvia (1893 PO Dirrectory); Gatton 1895/6 (PO Directory) and at Forest Hill for 1904-1945. He is my husbands GG Uncle. Contact Chris by.
WILCOCK James Blacksmith 1804: James Wilcock, blacksmith. Born 1804 & Christened 14 Oct 1804 at St Mary’s Kennington, Kent, England. He married Charlotte Hart on 15 May 1826. Children: James born 3rd September 1826 and George born 6th September 1829. James (Snr) was convicted of stealing "fowls" and sentenced at Faversham on 22nd April 1829 to 7 years, transported to Sydney Australia from Sherness, Kent on 9th April 1830 aboard the "Marquis of Hastings" arriving in Sydney 21 August 1830. He was sent to the Dept. of Public Works as a blacksmith on arrival in Sydney. He was made the overseer of blacksmith at Dept. of Public Works. Given an early Ticket of Leave he first went to Windsor, NSW and then to Penrith. Issued Certificate of Freedom 7th July 1838. He had "married" Margaret Kelley and had a further 5 children James born 1834, Sarah Anne born 1837, Edward born 20th March 1843, John Thomas born 15th July 1845 and Mary Ann born 27th October 1848. James died 29th Aug 1860 at Regentville, NSW. Australia. His children in Australia changed the surname spelling to either Wilcox or Willcox. James is listed in the Blacksmiths of Kent & Australia plus in the Fingersmiths Index. Contact Pat by
WISEMAN James Blacksmith 1830: James Wiseman was Born 18 July 1830 at Rathven, Banff, Scotland and died10 December 1921 at Dromana, Victoria. aged 91yrs and is buried at Dromana Cemetery. His parents were James Wiseman and Janet Coul (or Cowl) of Banff, Scotland. The 1851 Scottish census lists James as 20yrs, blacksmith journeyman boarding at 2 Thistle Street, Aberdeen. James sailed for Australia that same year on his own. He worked for his future brother in law in Melbourne as a Blacksmith for several years, then set up business on his own at Red Hill. Mornington Peninsular. His name appears on a pioneer settlers memorial at Nepean Highway Dromana next to the Old Council Chambers. He was well known as the Red Hill Blacksmith. The local Dromana Historical group even had some items made by James. Contributor does not wish to be contacted.
WIXTED Thomas Blacksmith 1854: Thomas Wixted, blacksmith. Born 1854 Newport, Co Tipperary, Ireland and died 1942 in Queensland, Australia. Thomas migrated to Brisbane, Queensland in 1880 and it’s believed the worked as a blacksmith in the East Brisbane area. His father John Wixted was a farmer and blacksmith at Freagh, near Newport, Co Tipperary. His brothers James and John were also blacksmiths and lived in north Queensland. Listed in both Blacksmiths of Australia and of Ireland Indexes. Contact Tom by
WOODING J Blacksmith 1900: J. Wooding, blacksmith at Bridgetown, Western Australia in 1900. Information kindly supplied by a Bridgetown resident.
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