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Welcome to Blakesley Family Archives. This site contains a collection of records relating to the Blakesley family and the descendants of John Smith Blakesley (1840-1915)  of  Logan Co., Oklahoma. Records will constantly be added and contributions of records relating to the Blakesley Family and Blakesley descendants are welcome from all. If you have a contribution, please drop us an e-mail.

On this site there are several pictures of tombstones from the Rose Lawn Cemetery at Mulhall, Ok, and Crossroad Cemetery at Stephenson Co., IL. Also a picture of John Smith Blakesley Family . Clippings from newspapers, funeral home pamphlets, and a memorial book are located in the Obituaries.

The Blakesley Family Tree goes back 8 generations with starting with John Smith Blakesley.

I Support my living relatives' right to privacy!All information on living members of the families has been removed for their privacy. Additional research is planned, so stop back occasionally if you think there may be a link between our families and yours. Please sign our guest book and let us know you visited.

Please visit our Schmitt Family Archives web site.

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