Brook Street, Derby
General Baptist Births

First Register Submitted 1837

The births in this first file were registered between 1792 & 1806 : the first two by John Waters GODDARD, the second pair by Edward BUXTON, and the rest by Rev James TAYLOR, Minister of Brook Street General Baptists. Entry order exactly as in Register

Child Birth Father Mother Birthplace
William BROUGHTON 14 Aug 1790 Peter illegible All Saints
Gilbert DALLISON 5 Jan 1792 Gilbert Rebecca St Werburgh
Sarah BUXTON 7 Sep 1793 Edward Ann All Saints
Ann BUXTON 8 Aug 1795 Edward Ann All Saints
Hannah DALLISON 11 Dec 1799 Gilbert Hannah St Werburgh
Mary DALLISON 2 Jan 1801 Gilbert Hannah St Werburgh
Joseph SHEPHERD 27 Mar 1802 Joseph, Blacksmith Ann Belper?
John EMBERLEY 11 May 1806 Henry, Woolcomber Sarah Derby Borough
Charles CLIFFORD 17 Dec 1808 Thomas Mary Quorndon
Elizabeth TAYLOR 23 Aug 1806 James, Minister & Teacher Elizabeth Derby Borough

Remarks at the beginning of the Register:

Mr GODDARD was Minister at Ilkeston and used to preach occasionally at Derby when there was no settled Minister here. He has been dead many years. Edward BUXTON was for a time a member of the Church to which this register belonged. I knew him. He has been dead many years. - Sgd J G PIKE, Derby, 7 Jan 1837

James TAYLOR whose signatures are connected with several entries on the following pages was my predecessor here and Minister from about the year 1799 to 1807. He is now living at Hinckley. The entries are in his handwriting which I know very well. - Sgd J G PIKE, Derby, 7 Jan 1837

Disclaimer: Although I do my utmost to ensure that there are no errors, I cannot guarantee infallibility. I have provided the references - please check the original sources for yourself.

PRO / TNA Ref:   RG4 / 694a
Transcribed from LDS Film #590680, Item 5, by Blanche Charles, Wellington, New Zealand.
21 & 31 August 2004


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