Cauldwell Land Tax Assessments: 1780

An assessment made in pursuance of the Act of Parliament passed in the 20th year of His Majesty's Reign for granting an aid to His Majesty by a Land Tax to be raised in Great Britain, for the service of the Year 1780.

Proprietor Occupant           Assessed Value (£.s.d)
Hans MORTIMER Esq Hans MORTIMER 208.00.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq William BURTON 136.00.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq Jonathon BULLOCK 80.00.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq John BAKER 54.00.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq William HANSON 18.00.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq Samuel MOSS 14.00.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq Isaac DOBSON 14.00.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq Ann BAXTER 4.10.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq Hannah HARRIS 3.00.00
Hans MORTIMER Esq Robert KIRKMAN 5.10.00
Rev Mr John FOWLER Robert KIRKMAN 66.10.00
Rev Mr John FOWLER Jane COLYER 4.00.00
Rev Mr John FOWLER John BAKER 8.00.00
Ann BAXTER Ann BAXTER 2.10.00
Edward FARMER Edward FARMER 23.00.00
Joseph NORTONJoseph NORTON 3.00.00
Etwall Corporation / Repton School Edward FARMER 94.00.00
Etwall Corporation / Repton School Thomas STANDLEY 4.10.00
Etwall Corporation / Repton School Hans MORTIMER 22.00.00

Signed this 7th day of June 1780 by:
Assessors: Hans MORTIMER Edward FARMER

Extracted & Indexed by Blanche Charles from LDS Film #1041262, Item 2.   (25 June 2004)


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