Francis and Hannah NORTON Family Register

Family Register
Francis NORTON & Hannah SHEAVYN

July 2010: A fantastic surprise in the shape of a completely unexpected telephone call from Susan Norton, whose husband, Steve, is a great-grandson of Samuel NORTON, my grandfather's immediate younger brother. Sadly, Steve's father died recently, but among his papers were found these pages, either taken or copied from what appears to have been the family bible of Francis & Hannah NORTON. We think that the pages may have been passed on to Samuel by William NORTON, his second-oldest brother.

I should like to record my gratitude to Steve and Susan for sharing this information. Insofar as our NORTON family history is concerned, this is the only source which shows Francis NORTON's date of birth, so from that angle, alone, is extremely important! So thank you, Steve and Susan, so very much indeed for your generosity.

Please visit the following pages to see the Family Register pages from the bible of Francis & Hannah.


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