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This is a very basic summary of my Cornish Ancestry through George Paull HOATTEN (or HOTTEN). Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you may find a connection to any of these families!


Ellen Alma Violetta HOTTEN, born St Allen 1869; died Wellington, NZ 1955
Parents: George Paull HOATTEN & Mary Jane WOON

George Paull HOATTEN, born St Dennis 1848; died Adelaide, South Australia,1921
Parents: William HOTTEN & Jane PAULL

William HOTTEN, Blacksmith, chr St Agnes 1816; d St Newlyn East 1850
Parents: William HOTTEN & Ann JAMES

PAUL, PAULL Ancestors

Jane PAULL, born St Agnes or Kenwyn c1818; died 1890
Parents: George PAULL & Jane EADE

George PAULL, Copper & Lead Miner, chr St Agnes 1789; d St Newlyn East 1858
Parents: William & Elizabeth PAULL

EAD, EADE, EDE Ancestors

Jane EADE, chr St Agnes 1796; d Bosvigo, Kenwyn 1870
Parents: Francis Opie EADE & Prudence FORD(E), chr Breage 1775; d 1854

Francis Opie EADE, chr St Agnes 1774; d Wheal Rose, St Agnes 1833
Parents: Matthew EAD(E) & Jenifer OPIE

Matthew EAD(E), chr St Agnes 1734; d St Agnes 1802
Parents: Peter EAD(E) & Jane KILLECOAT

Peter EAD(E), chr St Agnes 1709; d St Agnes 1756
Parents: Aaron EAD(E) & Anne HOARE

Aaron EAD(E), chr St Agnes 1670/1; d St Agnes 1711
Parents: Matthew & Mary EAD(E)

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