Melbourne General Baptist Births
1753 - 1781

First Register; Submitted 1837

Sorted by surname, parents & date


Child Birth Father Mother Birthplace
Robert ARGILL (ORGILL?) 20-May 1761 Matthew Ann  
Matthew ARGILL 3-Apr 1769 Matthew Ann  
Richard ASHLEY 7-Apr 1763 Richard Mary  
Thomas ASHLEY 15-Jun 1765 Richard Mary Melbourne
Mary ASHLEY 18-Dec 1767 Richard Mary  
John ASHLEY 16-Apr 1772 Richard Mary Melbourne
Jane ASHLEY 5-Apr 1774 Richard Mary  
William ASHLEY 4-Jul 1776 Richard Mary Melbourne
Thomas BAILEY 6-Oct 1764 Benjamin Mary Melbourne
Ann BAILEY 5-Dec 1766 Benjamin Mary  
Mary BAILEY 26-Jan 1770 Benjamin Mary Melbourne
Benjamin BAILEY 29-May 1773 Benjamin Mary  
Hannah BAILEY 1-Apr 1777 Benjamin Mary Melbourne
Lydia BAILEY 2-Apr 1779 Benjamin Mary Melbourne
Martha BAILEY 28-Nov 1784 Benjamin Mary  
Thomas BATES 1-Jul 1766 John Sarah Melbourne
John BATES 29-Dec 1769 John Sarah Melbourne
William BATES 29-Sep 1773 John Sarah Melbourne
Sarah BATES 1-Aug 1778 John Sarah Melbourne
John BATES 25-Nov 1777 Mark Mary Melbourne
Richard BOLEY 4-May 1759 Richard Shussanah  
William BOLEY 3-Jun 1762 Richard Shussanah Ticknall
Lydia BUCKNALL 29-Jun 1758 John Elizabeth  
Ann BUCKNALL 27-May 1753 John Elizabeth  
Thomas BUCKNALL 4-Jan 1764 Thomas Mary Melbourne
Robert BUCKNALL 4-Mar 1766 Thomas Mary Ticknall
John BUCKNALL 20-Apr 1767 Thomas Mary Ticknall
Elizabeth BUCKNALL 31-May 1769 Thomas Mary Ticknall
Ann BUCKNALL 21-Sep 1771 Thomas Mary Ticknall
Mary BUCKNALL 14-Jul 1773 Thomas Mary Ticknall
Sarah CALOW 4-Jul 1778 John Ann Melbourne
Ann CLARK 21-Jun 1768 Robert Dorothy Melbourne
Joseph CLARK 21-Aug 1770 Robert Dorothy Melbourne
Sarah CLARK 30-Oct 1772 Robert Dorothy Melbourne
Robert CLARK 25-Mar 1776 Robert Dorothy  
William COCKRAM 30-Mar 1779 John Ann Ashby Z
Elizabeth COLLIER 6-Aug 1772 James Elizabeth KingsNewton
Samuel COLLIER 6-Nov 1773 James Elizabeth KingsNewton
Thomas COLLIER 19-Oct 1779 James Elizabeth KingsNewton
Ann COLLIER 13-Dec 1781 James Elizabeth KingsNewton
John COLLIER 2-Jun 1764 John Mary Melbourne
Elizabeth COLLIER 29-Jul 1766 John Mary Calke Mill
John COLLIER 27-Nov 1775 John Ann Ashby Z
Frances COLLIER 6-Apr 1777 John Ann Ashby Z
Edward DAWSON 18-Oct 1777 Edward Ann Melbourne
Mary DAWSON 6-Jul 1780 Edward Ann Melbourne
John EARP 13-Aug 1773 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Marriah EARP 29-May 1775 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Samuel EARP 4-Apr 1777 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Ann EARP 12-Jan 1779 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Thomas EARP 17-Jun 1781 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Elizabeth EARP 23-Jun 1763 Thomas Elizabeth Melbourne
Samuel EARP 26-Jul 1765 Thomas Elizabeth  
Thomas EARP 7-Sep 1767 William Mary  
Mary EARP 30-Jun 1769 William Mary Melbourne
Joseph EARP 29-Apr 1771 William Mary Melbourne
Sarah EARP 4-Feb 1773 William Mary Melbourne
John EARP 29-May 1775 William Mary Melbourne
William EARP 10-Mar 1777 William Mary Melbourne
Jane ELLIS 23-May 1754 William Emmey Ashby Z
Mary ELLIS 1-Feb 1756 William Emmey Ashby Z
George ELLIS 22-Nov 1758 William Emmey Ashby Z
Sarah ELLIS 2-Dec 1760 William Emmey Ashby Z
Joseph FLAMSON 31-Jan 1772 Joseph Ann  
William FLAMSON 28-Oct 1773 Joseph Ann Melbourne
George FLAMSON 19-Sep 1777 Joseph Ann  
George FLAMSON 13-Sep 1777 Joseph Ann  
Sarah FLAMSON 14-Feb 1780 Joseph Ann  
William GIDLOW 21-Jul 1777 William Ruth Melbourne
William GOOD 1-Apr 1781 John Sarah Melbourne
Thomas GUDE 4-Dec 1767 John Sarah Melbourne
John GUDE 5-May 1769 John Sarah  
Ann GUDE 7-Jul 1771 John Sarah Melbourne
Sarah HAINES 13-Apr 1769 William Elizabeth Breedon
William HAINES 21-Aug 1773 William Elizabeth Breedon
Sarah HILL 7-Nov 1764 Isaac Dorothy Ticknall
Thomas HILL 14-May 1766 Isaac Dorothy Ticknall
Isaac HILL 24-Mar 1768 Isaac Dorothy Ticknall
Samuel HILL 17-Feb 1770 Isaac Dorothy Ticknall
Elizabeth HILL 30-Sep 1773 Isaac Dorothy Ticknall
Samuel HOLMES 29-Apr 1757 Samuel Dorothy Worthington
Joseph HOLMES 1-May 1760 Samuel Dorothy Worthington
John HOPE 6-Apr 1772 John Sarah Coleorton Moor
Thomas HOPE 16-Mar 1774 John Sarah Coleorton Moor
Joyce HOPE 30-Jan 1777 John Sarah Coleorton Moor
Elizabeth JAKES 13-Apr 1769 Joseph Sarah Measham
William JUKES 30-Jan 1767 Joseph Sarah Measham
Rebecca KNIGHT 21-Sep 1765 John Elizabeth  
Phebe KNIGHT 15-Apr 1769 John Elizabeth Calke Mill
Sarah MARTIN 8-Mar 1767 William Dorothy  
Elizabeth MARTIN 8-Jan 1770 William Dorothy  
Mary MARTIN 13-Jul 1772 William Dorothy Melbourne
John MARTIN 23-Aug 1775 William Dorothy Melbourne
Martha MASON 19-Jul 1774 William Elizabeth Ticknall
Thomas MITCHELL 10-Dec 1753 James Rose  
Mary MITCHELL 28-Mar 1757 James Rose  
James MITCHELL 11-Sep 1760 James Rose  
James MITCHELL 10-Jan 1774 Thomas Sarah Melbourne
Phebe MITCHELL 25-Feb 1776 Thomas Sarah Melbourne
Ann MITCHELL 11-Feb 1778 Thomas Sarah Melbourne
Martha MONK 28-Nov 1806 Thomas Mary Ticknall
Sarah MORELY 3-Sep 1778 Joseph Sarah Swarkeston
Mary NEWBOLD 5-Feb 1762 John Mary KingsNewton
Sarah NEWBOLD 23-Aug 1766 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Elizabeth NEWBOLD 21-Dec 1767 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Catherine NEWBOLD 9-Jul 1769 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Mary NEWBOLD 12-Aug 1771 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Ann NEWBOLD 18-Dec 1772 Samuel Mary  
Samuel NEWBOLD 25-Aug 1774 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Lydia NEWBOLD 7-Apr 1776 Samuel Mary  
Francis NEWBOLD 27-Aug 1777 Samuel Mary Melbourne
John NEWBOLD 23-Jul 1780 Samuel Mary Melbourne
Mary PEACH 10-Mar 1755 John Elizabeth  
Thomas PEACH 12-Nov 1757 John Elizabeth  
Hannah PEACH 3-Oct 1760 John Elizabeth  
Ann PEACH 27-Aug 1770 John Elizabeth Melbourne
Joseph PEGG 9-Mar 1762 John Elizabeth  
John PEGG 8-Jan 1764 John Elizabeth Melbourne
Mary PEGG 5-Dec 1765 John Elizabeth Melbourne
Timothy PEGG 4-Aug 1768 John Elizabeth Melbourne
Timothy PEGG 13-Mar 1770 John Elizabeth  
William PEGG 22-Jul 1772 John Elizabeth Melbourne
William PEGG 10-May 1774 John Elizabeth Melbourne
James PEGG 14-Dec 1777 John Elizabeth Melbourne
Robert PEGG 1-Jul 1780 John Elizabeth Melbourne
Thomas PIMM 14-Oct 1763 John Elizabeth Melbourne
Thomas POLSER 19-Nov 1770 Joseph Ann  
Mary ROBINSON 20-May 1768 Samuel Martha  
Ann ROBINSON 2-Aug 1769 Samuel Martha Melbourne
Thomas ROBINSON 25-Feb 1771 Samuel Martha  
Alice ROBINSON 26-Jul 1772 Samuel Martha Melbourne
James ROBINSON 20-May 1759 Thomas Mary  
William ROULSTONE 9-Feb 1781 John Mary Ashby Z
James SHAW 6-Sep 1763 William Mary Melbourne
Margaret SHAW 21-Jun 1766 William Mary  
Jacob SHAW 10-Dec 1769 William Mary  
Mary SHEFFIELD 30-Nov 1770 Isaac Mary  
Ann SHEFFIELD 11-Aug 1760 Robert Mary  
Mary SHEFFIELD 12-Feb 1765 Robert Mary Melbourne
Robert SHEFFIELD 22-Jan 1768 Robert Mary  
John SMEDLEY 4-May 1771 John Sarah Melbourne
Francis SMITH 8-Jun 1754 Francis Elizabeth  
Thomas SMITH 31-Jan 1756 Francis Elizabeth  
Elizabeth SMITH 30-Aug 1758 Francis Elizabeth  
Robert SMITH 9-Dec 1760 Francis Elizabeth Melbourne
James SMITH 1-Feb 1764 Francis Elizabeth Melbourne
Lydia SMITH 26-Apr 1766 Francis Elizabeth Melbourne
Cornelius SMITH 6-Jun 1768 Francis Elizabeth Melbourne
Francis SMITH 26-Oct 1777 Francis Catherine Melbourne
James SMITH 8-Jun 1779 Francis Catherine Melbourne
Francis SMITH 12-Oct 1779 Francis Mary Melbourne
Cornelius SMITH 5-Feb 1781 Francis Catherine Melbourne
Robert SMITH 27-Sep 1760 John Elizabeth Breedon
William SMITH 9-Feb 1763 John Elizabeth Breedon
John SMITH 19-Aug 1765 John Elizabeth Breedon
Robert SMITH 9-Mar 1778 Robert Ann Melbourne
Mary SMITH 27-Oct 1771 Thomas Mary Worthington
John TAGG 22-Dec 1766 John Mary Ashby Wolds
James TAGG 20-Feb 1770 John Mary Ashby Wolds
William THOMPSON 29-Jul 1774 James Emma Ashby Z
Jane THOMPSON 10-Jun 1778 James Emma Melbourne
Emma THOMPSON 16-Oct 1779 James Emma Ashby Z
John THOMPSON 7-Oct 1768 Joseph Ann Melbourne
Thomas THOMPSON 13-Mar 1770 Joseph Ann Melbourne
Ann THOMPSON 12-Mar 1766 William Martha Calke Mill
Thomas TOONE 15-Aug 1775 John Mary Worthington
Thomas TOONE 12-Mar 1778 Thomas Jane Melbourne
William WALKER 16-Jul 1776 Thomas Martha Ticknall
John WARD 25-Jan 1764 John Mary KingsNewton
John WARD 29-Nov 1763 Simon Sarah Melbourne
Elizabeth WARD 2-Jun 1765 Simon Sarah  
Mary WARD 8-Nov 1766 Simon Sarah  
John WILKINS 18-Apr 1769 Charles Mary Measham
Elizabeth WILKINSON 16-Dec 1768 Edward Mary Melbourne
Ann WORSTALL 13-May 1764 James Ann Ashby Z
William WORSTALL 28-Jan 1766 James Ann  
John WORSTALL 20-Aug 1767 James Ann Ashby Z
Mary WORSTALL 12-Jan 1770 James Ann Ashby Z
Sarah WORSTALL 19-Nov 1771 James Ann Ashby Z
Ann WORSTALL 15-Feb 1778 James Ann Ashby Z

Disclaimer: Although I do my utmost to ensure that there are no errors, I cannot guarantee infallibility. I have provided the references - please check the original sources for yourself.

PRO / TNA Ref:   RG4 / 507
Transcribed from LDS Film #590684 by Blanche Charles, Wellington, New Zealand.
8 September 2004


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