Will of Nicholas BISHOP, St Allen, Cornwall: 1833

Probate granted 22 June 1835

In the name of God Amen

This 17th day of June 1833

I Nicholas Bishop being about to leave England and perhaps may never live to return again, and if I should not I do make this my last Will and Testament to Dispose of the property with which the Lord has been please to bless me, to give unto Mr John Harris, St Allen and Mr James Andrew, Newlyn [--] in trust for my beloved wife Eleanor all that House(?) given me There called Cost is Lost Property and all appurtenances thereunto belonging (not to be sold) but to [license?] the Rents of the same, with all Interest of moneys but not the Principle before she arrive at the age of fifty years when she may receive the principle if the above John Harris & James Andrew thinks proper if she so long continue unmarried,

but if she Die or get married again she shall receive one shilling only, and the whole property left shall be equally divided between Thomas Bishop and Nicholas Bishop sons of Thomas Bishop Deceased, and Jemina Bishop and Thomas Johns daughter & son of Mary Johns my sister, but not to be Diminished by their parents but to be first to such use as the said John Harris & James Andrew thinks proper for them, the whole to be [-----] and Divided when my wife Eleanor should marry or Die, but the money which Mary Bishop owes me shall at such division be given (in addition to their part of the other property) to the above named Thomas Bishop and Nicholas Bishop sons of Thomas Bishop my brother

Signed in the presence of Nicholas Bishop

Signed in presence of us

John Harris
Matthew Bishop

St Allen, 22 June 1835
Will of Nicholas Bishop Miner decd proved in Common form before John Sheepshanks Clerk, MA Archdeacon Vc. And Admin of all and singular the Goods Vc of the said Decd and any way concerning his will was granted to James Andrew one of the Execr in trust named in the said will reserst (?) to John Harris the other Execr when Vc

As under £100
Died 18th March 1835

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