CORNWALL: St Allen Marriage Register

St Allen: Marriages
1680 - 1812

St Allen Marriage Register is transcribed with permission from the Cornwall County Record Office and the Church of Latter Day Saints.

I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Paul Brewer and Shirley Cattermole who both kindly donated their transcripts of the Phillimore Marriage Register for St Allen. Their work has enabled me to cross-check the first marriage register. While I have taken care to check my work, I am unable to guarantee complete accuracy: for one thing, some entries are difficult to decipher. These are indicated with a ' ? '.

Spelling and entry order are as they appear in the register. At present there is no alphabetical index: please use CTRL-F to search for a name.

I take no responsibility for any errors. If you find any entries of interest you are advised to check the original register for yourself.

Date Groom Bride
5-May 1680 John LAMARTON Elizabeth JORY
8-Jun 1680 John ANDREW Prudience WATS
29-Sep 1680 Edmond COUCH Margerie CALAWAY
10-Feb 1680/1 Francis BROWN Anne SEARLE
14-Apr 1681 John ENNES Margaret RICKET
14-May 1681 John JORY Dina TONKIN [of Perransands]
28-Jun 1681 William LUKES Ann LAMARTON
3-Nov 1681 Thomas TRIDGION Joan GAY [of Clemence]
27-Dec 1681 John TROUNSON Abigall HICKES
01Jan? 1682 John EUESTICE Mary CARTER [of St Erme]
15-Jan 1682 Peter S? Caterine PA(U)LE [of Truro]
20-Mar 1682 Paule GILLER Elizabeth REINOLS [of Clemence]
27-Apr 1682 John ODGERS Ann TIPPET
3-May 1682 Degery STEPHENS [of Clemence] Jayles (Jayle) GROWDEN [of Truro]
8-Jul 1682 Stephen LUKE Dorothy DRU
10-Jul 1682 William BEELL Jone REAFT (or KEAST?)
22-Jul 1682 William LENTLET (or LENTHELL?) Honer PEARSE
1-Nov 1682 John ENNES Joane NICOLS
4-Jun 1683 Thomas CARTHEW Blanch PENROSE
14-Jan 1683/4 Lancelot JORY Honer JORY
16-Jan 1683/5 John CARTHEW Catherine PARNALL
13-Oct 1684 Francis ROSINGTON [Gent] Frances BONE (or BOONE?)
31-Jan 1684 John SARA Cathrine MORLEY
3-Mar 1684/5 John HARRIS Cathrine HOKEN (or HOCKIN?)
23-May 1685 Owen JOSE Margerie LEAHARN (or LAHEARNE?)
? 1685 Jonathan TREVEARE [of Kenwin] Blanch DOWRICK [of Clemence]
? 1685 William BENNETT [of Clemence] Margery DOODGE
13-Jan 1685/6 Richard GARLAND Agnes RONALDS (or RUNNALS?)
27-Apr 1686 Thomas RICHARDS Bridget TOWSE [of Clemence]
30-Dec 1686 George DAVIS Cathrine BEWES [of Truro]
28-Mar 1687 John HONECOME Cristian KENT [of Truro]
14-Apr 1687 John TRELEVAN An RISE [of Truro]
16-May 1687 Thomas LAMERTON Dina (Avis erased) GILLBART
21-May 1687 John COCK Honnor ROBARTS
3-Sep 1687 Garbrill MILL Jane COADE
6-Oct 1687 Daniel VEALL [of St Columb Minor] Temperance ROW
? 1688 Michael VINCENT (or VINSON?) Cristian VIGARS (or FUGARS?)
26-Apr 1688 William MATHEW Catherine GROOSE [of Truro]
17-Jun 1688 Thomas KEA Jone LUKE
13-Sep 1688 Walter RICHARDS Agnes STATE (or STOTE?) [of Clemence]
18-Apr 1689 Alexander HALMAN (or HOLEMAN?) Susana TRENERRY
30-Nov 1689 Peter PARNELL Diana JEFFERY
24-Feb 1689/90 Edward HOSKEN Patience COCK
28-Apr 1690 Phillip CHARLES Alice BURELL
18-Oct 1690 John TUBB Susan VEALL
17-Nov 1690 Owen JOSE Grace BURNET
2-May 1691 Arthur CREWS Katherine CARTR
16-May 1691 Edward HOCKING (or HAWKEN?) Mary POLKINGHORNE
8-Aug 1691 William CARTR Ann CREBBO
05-Sep/Oct 1691 Sampson SCOVERAN, [of St Columb Minor] Jane RUNALDS
14-Jul 1692 William WILLIAMS Wil(m)et LONG [of Truro]
27-Feb 1692/3 William BENAT Ann PARNALL
1-May 1693 Edward KEAST Honer ROBARTS
27-Jun 1693 Gregor PETER [Gent, of St Meran] Jane CARVEATH
21-Nov 1693 Thos. HAMBLYN Phillipp ALEN
28-Nov 1693 Simon TRESKOWYACK Susan ROGERS
13-Feb 1693/4 George MAY Jone PASKO
19/26 Sep 1694 John HOWTON Susan CARTHEW
13-Nov 1694 Anthony CARVEATH Margarie TREMAYNE (or TREMEAN?)
23-Jun 1696 Peter PARNALL Aveet GILLBART
1-Jan 1696/7 William HALLMAN Grace GRIFFELL
28-Jan 1696/7 John JORY Mary PRIDEAUX
23-Oct 1697 William CARTHER Donat (or Dunit?) LAWRY
26-Oct 1697 John GILLBART Mary ROBART [of Truro]
28/23 Nov 1697 William CHARLES Jone BUCKINHAM
5-May 1698 Anthony BIGGS Ursula JOHN [of Truro]
20-Jun 1698 Nicholas SPRY [of Marther (sic)] Elizabeth LAMERTON
29-Nov 1698 John HALLMAN Avest BEST
27-Feb 1698/9 William CORNISH Jane CORNISH
14-Oct 1699 Richard HALMAN Temperance RICHARDS
18-Nov 1699 George TREMEATHACK [of Lydion] Persila PAROW
1-Dec 1699 Thomas NICHOLAS Abigail TROUNSON
16-Apr 1700 Thomas HOSKIN Maud DAB
31-Dec 1700 William EDDY (or GIDDY?) Elizabeth CAREN (CARNE)
3-Mar 1700/1 James HAWKEY Dorathy MINOE [of St Clemens]
21-Apr 1701 John TEAGUE Kathrine JULYAN
22-Apr 1701 Nicholas TREVETHAN Elizabeth CARVETH
1-May 1701 Richard STRAIGHT Susan ROW
17-Jan 1701/2 Robert TEMBLET Grace ROW
27-Apr 1702 Thomas NICHOLS (or NICHOLAS?) Jane ROUSE
6-Jun 1702 Edmond JOHN Jone SHOALL
6-Jun 1702 Mathew ROBARTS Ann KITTO
13-Jun 1702 Anthony BARNARD Elizabeth MORISH
20-Jun 1702 Laurrance HICKS [of Clemens] Jone PHILIPS (or PHILP?) [of Clemens]
7-Sep 1702 Richard VIRCAR Jone BATTEN
1-Jul 1703 John CHEGWIDEN Charity ROW
4-Jul 1703 Thomas BENALACK [of St Columb Minor] Martha SAUNDRS
12-Feb 1703/4 Richard PAULL Elizabeth KEAST
12-Feb 1703/4 James CHARLES Garthuried FERRES
30-Nov 1705 Jonathan HAWKIN Mary COLLINS
6-May 1706 Richard COCK Margaret HOWELL [of St Earm (sic)]
20-May 1706 Richard POWLWHEEL [Gent] Mary COLINS
17-Jul 1707 John STRAIGHT Joan JOHN
25-Apr 1707 William TIPPET Joan DALLE
27-Apr 1707 Edward MITCHELL Margaret LAVEN
20-Jul 1708 John HERFORD (or ALFORD?) Elenor CARTHEW
28-May 1709 John VEALL Jane TIPPET
18-Dec 1709 Samuel TREWEEK Grace SANDA
12-Feb 1710/1 John BOCKINGHAM Ann BARROW [of Truro]
Sep 1710 Hugh FRANCIS Prudence ?
7-May 1711 John HARFARD Eliz. CRAZE
24-Jun 1711 Joseph VINCENT Eliz. BETTISON
7-Jul 1711 Tho. CARTHEW Ann ROGERS
27-Dec 1712 John TROUNSON Joan CARTHEW
18-Jul 1713 Nicholas GEORGE [of St Columb Minor] Mary KEAST
2-Jan 1713/4 James TROUNSON Elizabeth KITTOW
6-Feb 1713/4 Sampson KITTOW Mary BETTISON
29-Jul 1714 Wm. RICHARDS Frances ROGERS
18-Sep 1714 Thomas LAVEN Joan KITTOW
24-Jun 1715 Thomas PENTICOST [of St Kevern] Joan BEEL
20-Oct 1715 Philip TRENERY Gartride CHARLES
10-Nov 1715 William POOLE [of St Enoder] Ann PAUL
26-Nov 1715 Henry LENTHILL Elizab. BATTE
26-Dec 1715 Francis JOHNS Blanch HARRIS
4-Feb 1715/6 Wm. ROSE [of St Stephens] Mary MATHEW
21-Sep 1716 Thomas GRIBBEN Elizabeth LUKE
13-Jan 1717/8 John TALLICK [of Helson (sic)] Honour WILLIAMS
22-Feb 1717/8 Anthony SEARL Ann BETTISON
15-Apr 1718 Jonathan PRIDEAUX Sarah RETALLICK
18-May 1718 John ROWE [of St Erme] Margery COLLINS
19-May 1718 Wm. LAVIN Ann POPE
30-Nov 1718 Joseph SIMONS [of St Erme] Jinipher PAUL
3-May 1719 John BENNET Mary COCK
6-Sep 1719 John LAVEN Mary COCK
31-Oct 1719 Richard KNAVE Mary LEGO
26-Nov 1719 Reynolde TRENHAIL [of Newland] Elizabeth GIBBS
21-Aug 1720 Stephen MATTHEWS Susanna QUINTIN
24-Sep 1720 Hugh SEARL [of Perran in Sabulo] Jane HOSKIN
6-May 1721 Francis JOHN [s/o Charles] Elizabeth WOODWARD [d/o Thomas]
11-Nov 1721 Richard JOLLY [of Newland] Katherine REYNOLDS [of St Erme]
6-May 1722 John ALLEN Cath. PHILIPS
2-Jul 1722 Richard PRIDEAUX Ann WILLIAMS
4-Nov 1722 Philip TREVENNA [s/o Walter, of Guinop (sic)] Mary ROBBINS [d/o Stephen]
25-Nov 1722 Stephen TIPPET Mary ROBBERTS [of Truro]
29-Aug 1723 Richard VINCENT Patience HOSKIN
4-Mar 1723/4 John CURTICE Mary SIMONS [of Crantick (sic)]
7-Apr 1724 Stephen HARRICE Elizabeth HOSKIN
23-Apr 1724 John RICHARDS [of Marther (sic)] Mary HOLEMAN
1-May 1724 George REYNOLDS [of Perran in Sabulo] Joan RICHARDS
11-Oct 1724 Thomas THREMETHICK Sarah RYCAUL
30-Apr 1725 Thomas BERRYMAN Margret ROBERTS [of Perran in Sabulo]
11-Dec 1725 Edward CHARLES Dionisia MATTHEWS
18-May 1726 Wm. BROWN Mary DAW [of Simon-Ward]
15-May 1726 James GREEVE Jane ANDREW [of Probus]
7-Jul 1726 Peter RICHARDS Ursula COCK
11-Aug 1726 Matthias OSBORN Philippa MAY [of Tregony]
17-Dec 1726 Anthony CHAPPEL Gartraide JAMES [of St Agnes]
9-Feb 1726/7 Richard WILLIAMS Christian PRIDEAUX
Feb 1726/7 Richard ROUGH (or ROW?) Margaret QUINTON
3-Apr 1727 John ARGOL Prudence HOSKIN
8-May 1727 John PAUL [of Perran in Sabulo] Mary PAUL
21-Aug 1727 James COCK Joan ANDREW
21-Sep 1727 Jacob ROBBINS Elizabeth KERKEEK
23-Oct 1727 Philip ROBERTS Miriam CHARLES
28-Oct 1727 Richard SWINE Joan BATTIN
30-Oct 1727 William HOLEMAN Catherine FRANCIS
24-Nov 1728 John KEAST Elizabeth REYNOLDS
21-Dec 1728 Thomas WOODWARD Elizabeth JACO
11-Feb 1728/9 Theophilus WILLS Judeth LAVEN
18-Feb 1728/9 Thomas HOSKIN Mary HOSKIN
25-Apr 1729 Ralph CLIMAH [of Perran in Sabulo] Mary KEAST
3-Jun 1729 John JACO [of St Erme] Rachel COGA [of Mawgan]
29-Jun 1729 John COCK Mary CHICKWIDDEN
21-26 Oct 1729 Henry DESWARN Jane St. AUBYN
10-Feb 1729/30 Nicholas GINKINS Ann SIMMONS
10-Feb 1729/30 Arthur BOUNDY Rebecca BATTIN
26-Dec 1730 John BATTIN Mary NICHOLS
10-Jul 1731 Richard CODE Honour HARRICE [of Key (sic)]
24-Jul 1731 John DINGLE Charity PAUL
11-Sep 1731 Martin ORGALL (or ARGALL?) Ann ROBERTS
11-Sep 1731 ffrancis GUN Amelia
11-Sep 1731 James CARBEL Joan SOPER
Sep-Oct 1731 James CROWL Jane VINCENT
16-Apr 1732 Richard PAULE [of Perran] Joan VINCENT
22-May 1732 Theophilus WILLS Jane PEARCE
24-Sep 1732 Nicholas PAUL Mary HARFORD
1-Oct 1732 William JORY Jane POLKINHORN
1-Jan 1732/3 John ROBINS Honour WILLIAMS [of Penryn]
29-Apr 1733 William SEARLE [of Newlyn] Mary HARRIS
30-Apr 1734 Samuel JENNINGS Jane ADAMS
4-May 1734 Edward MICHELL Mary ADAMS
7-Jul 1734 William RASLEY Susanah POTTER [of Helstone]
15-Sep 1734 John RUNDELL Elizabeth PRIDEAUX [of St Austle]
1-Jun 1735 John CUNDY Blanch HOLMAN
30-Jun 1735 Christopher HARRIS Frances BENALAKE
26-Aug 1735 Oliver VINCENT Margaret PAUL
11-Sep 1735 William CHARLES Elizabeth VINCENT
26-Oct 1735 James KEAST Margaret KNAVE
5-Nov 1735 Solomon JENINGS [of Filly (sic)] Sarah TREMITHICK
30-Nov 1735 William CHEGWIDEN Grace LOCKETT
13-Nov 1736 James JAMES Mary HAWKIN
26-Dec 1736 William CHARLES Jane RUNDLE
17-Apr 1737 Robert HAM Jane FRANCIS
15-May 1737 Phillip NICHOLAS Mary ROW
11-Jun 1737 George PARNALL Jane JAMES
13-Feb 1737/8 John FRANCIS Elizabeth COAD
21-Sep 1738 John JAMES Jone LANGDEN
12-Nov 1738 William CANN Phebe ROW
11-Feb 1738 Richard PAULL Mary KNAVE
17-Jul 1739 William BLAKE Constance FREE [of Truro]
25-Sep 1739 William CHARLES Ann PAULL
28-Oct 1740 James CALLAWAY Hester DUNN
17-Jan 1740/1 William ROBERT Elizabeth HAM
30-Mar 1741 Thomas RICHARDS Temperance TREMETHICK
20-Apr 1741 Henry MATHEWS Elizabeth MICHELL
14-Nov 1741 James MICHELL Hester JENKIN
9-Jan 1741/2 John BATTIN Jane SEARLE
14-Sep 1742 Richard CLEMOW Grace ROBERTS
7-Apr 1743 Richard KEAST Thamesine REYNOLDS
25-May 1743 Richard HENDRA Elizabeth WATTS
25-Aug 1743 John FITZER Frances DASH [of Truro]
29-May 1744 Richard COCK Rebecca MICHELL
1-Jul 1744 William JORY Mary TREMETHICK
2-Sep 1744 Willm. ROW [of Kenwin] Elizabeth HOSKINS (or HOSKIN?)
19-Nov 1744 John JAMES [of St Agnes] Jane (Mary) DAVY [of St Agnes]
14-Sep 1745 John COWLING Mary PLINT
17-Oct 1745 Richard FRANCIS Mary COCK
17-Sep 1747 Thomas HODGE [of Perran] Elizabeth CARVETH [wid]
23-Feb 1747/8 John HOSKINS Dorothy WHITFORD
22-Jul 1748 Samson STEVENS Francis RICHARDS [of St Keverne]
14-Sep 1748 Richard FERRIS Grace DUNGEY [of St Clements]
21-May 1749 Quinton MATTHEWS Jane WILLIAMS
20-Nov 1749 John VEAL, junr. Grace OPEE
20-May 1750 Richd. BROWN Philippa HARRIS
31-Jul 1750 John JAMES Elizabeth WILLIAMS
5-Aug 1750 John LAKE Margaret POLLARD
14-Sep 1750 Simon HUGO Jane DONNITHORNE
17-Oct 1750 Francis RICHARDS Zenobia WATTS
3-Nov 1750 Philip BARBARY Joan CLIMOE
16-Feb 1750/1 Stephen HARRIS Jane CLIMOE
?--- 1750/1 Richard SYMONS (or STEPHENS?) Mary THOMAS (or HAWKIN?)
8-Sep 1751 Robert PARKS Mary PAUL
19-Nov 1751 Thomas ROBERT Grace BISHOP
11-Feb 1752 Simon SEARL Joan SEARL
12-Jul 1752 James CLIMOW Temperance JOSE
14-May 1753 Thomas HOSKINS Catherine PAUL
26-May 1753 John JORY [of Perranzabulo] Grace COCK
14? Oct 1753 Richard BUCKLAND [of Truro] Jane COURTIES [of Truro]
2-Jan 1754 William KITTOW Jane MATTHEW
23-Feb 1754 Gideon WILLIAMS [of St Agnes] Phebe CANN
15-Apr 1754 Thos. COWLIN [of Perranzabulo] Eliz. MICHELL
25-Aug 1754 John DOCKEN Alice TREGURTHA
11-Dec 1754 William LAVEN Mary COWLING [wid]
25-Jul 1756 Simon TRESTRAIL [of Kenwin] Mary VINCENT
4-Oct 1757 Nicholas ADAMS Elizabeth VINCENT
4-Feb 1758 Henry BENNET Alice LAVEN
5-Feb 1758 William LANDERIER Elizabeth PRIDEAUX
2-Apr 1758 William JORY Catherine POLKENHORN
1-May 1758 John RETALLACK Catherine BUCKLAND
25-Sep 1758 William JORY [lab] Mary BARTLE
28-Oct 1759 John SEARLE [lab] Margaret LANYON
27-Dec 1760 James ESCOTT [lab] Jane JORY
2-Feb 1761 Michael DUNSTONE [t of Kea] Alice HOSKINS
24-Mar 1761 William CARVETH Ann BUCKLAND
15-Jun 1761 Michael LAMPIER Ann POPE
12-Jul 1761 John TRENOUTH Prudence SERLE
16-Jul 1761 Henry TREGEAR Mary HOSKINS
10-Aug 1761 William COCK Jane POPE
13-Oct 1761 Robert SOLOMON Grace HOLMAN
12-Aug 1762 John BENNET Margaret PAUL
29-Aug 1762 Richard LAMPIER Mary ANDREW
3-Mar 1764 John HARRIS [y] Margaret VINCENT
28-May 1764 Michael DUNSTONE [lab of Kenwin] Grace JORY
1-Jul 1764 William CAN [lab] Elizabeth KESTLE
11-Jul 1764 Edward MITCHELL, junr. [y] Margaret NANCARROW
16-Jun 1765 Edward KEAST Elizabeth HUDDY
26-Aug 1765 William ROBERTS Mary BATTEN
19-Oct 1765 Edward SHERMAN Mary HARRIS
?--- 1765 John RESKELLY Jane HOSKEN
26-Jul 1766 William GILL Mary KEAST
29-Dec 1766 John ROBERTS Mary CONGDON
23-Feb 1768 Thomas POPE [inn-keeper] Dorothy GREY
16-Feb 1768 James ANDEAN [carp] Mary KITTO
3-Jan 1769 Archelaus CHARLES Jane BUCKLAND
15-Nov 1769 William DYER Jane KEAST
2-Dec 1769 John BATTEN Elizabeth KEAST
26-Feb 1770 John KEAST [y, of Laddock (sic)] Grace KEAST
19-May 1770 John JAMES [lab] Sarah GILBERT [wid, of St Agnes]
7-Oct 1770 John PERKIN [lab] Jane GAY
26-Dec 1770 James HARPER [t, of St Agnes] Rebecca JORY
14-Jan 1771 William JAMES, alias MAY Mary MICHELL
20-May 1771 Thomas JAMES Frances FIDDICK
4-Feb 1772 John JORY Blanch COCK
3-Aug 1772 Abraham RICHARDS Elizabeth KEAST
4-Apr 1774 James ANDREW Elizabeth JAMES
18-Apr 1774 Richard LANION Eliabeth SEARLE
25-Jul 1775 William POPE Margaret HARRIS [wid]
10-Oct 1775 Stephen HARRIS Mary HOSKEN
20-Jan 1777 Thomas HARRIS Rachel RICHARDS
10-Feb 1777 Hugh DUNSTONE Ann PARKS
9-Apr 1777 John HOSKINS Ann CARVETH [wid]
7-May 1777 John HAWKEY Jane PEARCE [wid]
18-Sep 1777 John JORY Mary HARRIS [wid]
20-Apr 1778 George SWEET Elizabeth LAVIN [of St Allen]
20-Apr 1778 James COCK [of Perranzabulo] Grace COCK
25-Apr 1778 William MINORS Mary LAURENCE
25-May 1778 Thomas MAGOR [of Perranzabulo] Isabella SEARLE
26-Dec 1778 Richard BROWN Elizabeth HOSKINS
8-Sep 1779 William ROBERTS Jane OMAN (or OXMAN?)
28-Dec 1779 Richard HOSKINS Cathrine CARVETH
21-Oct 1780 Richard BISHOP [of Newlyn] Jane SEARLE
7-May 1781 John SHORT Mary ARTHUR
29-Dec 1781 Philip MANUEL [of Kenwyn] Elizabeth LANDERIER
29-Dec 1781 Charles TREVAIL Catherine COCK
17-Oct 1782 John WILLS Mary Retallalck MATTHEWS
26-Apr 1783 Nicholas ANEAR Sarah RICKARD
28-Apr 1783 William JORY Susannah TONKIN
16-Jun 1783 John TRUSCOTT Dinah JACKAH
13-May 1784 Richard VINCENT Anne RICHARDS
12-Oct 1784 Thomas HARRIS Dorothy POPE
23-Jan 1785 Thomas MAGAR Elizabeth CARVETH
9-Oct 1785 James CHENOWITH [wid, of St Veep] Joanna HOSKIN
25-Dec 1785 Charles WILLIAMS [of Kenwin] Jenefer LANDERIEU
8-Jan 1786 Daniel BENNETTS Philippa HOLMAN
27-Feb 1786 Joseph TRENERRY [Sojourner] Ann DUNSTAN [wid, Sojourner]
3-Apr 1786 Thos. MITCHELL [Sojourner] Ann MARTYN [wid, Sojourner]
21-May 1786 Zaccheus BICE [of Perranzabulo] Sarah RETALLACK
18-Dec 1786 Samuel TRENERRY Jane Will TROGONNING [of Kenwyn]
4-Aug 1787 John NORTHE [Sojourner] Mary OXENHAM [of St Erme]
8-Jun 1788 Hugh JOHNS Elizabeth JORY
12-Jul 1788 Samuel STEPHENS Mary LAVIN
26-Dec 1789 John BATTIN Grace COCK
18-Jan 1790 John COCK Catherine CHARLES
7-Dec 1790 William LAVIN [wid] Mary RILLSTONE [of Crantock]
1-Oct 1792 William RETALLACK Philippa LEAN
11-Nov 1792 Richard STANNAWAY Mary BENNET
21-Jan 1793 Walter LAMPIER Rebecca JORY
30-Jun 1793 Richard BISHOP [wid] Elizabeth GILL
20-Jul 1794 Richard RETALLACK Dyonesia CHARLES
15-Sep 1794 Robert CALFE [wid, of St Clements] Catherine HOSKYN
26-Dec 1795 John KEAST Elizabeth BATTEN
29-Mar 1796 John BATTEN Elizabeth CHARLES
2-May 1797 William LAMPIER Mary TRENERRY
6-Dec 1798 William JOHNS [of St Erme] Betsey POPE
13-May 1799 John HAWKEY [wid] Temperance DAWE [of St Erme]
13-Jul 1799 William RIPPAR [of Redruth] Ann RETALLACK
14-Sep 1799 John BEST Mary LAVYN [wid]
19-Oct 1799 John JAMES Mary EVA
21-Oct 1799 Jacob RABY [of St Erme] Honor MATTHEWS
27-Mar 1800 Jacob VIRCOE [of St Erme] Elizabeth ADAMS
8-Nov 1800 Hugh HOCKIN Elizabeth TREVETHAN
13-Nov 1800 Philip BENNETT [of Perranzabulo] Ann RICKARD
22-Jan 1801 Nicholas GILL Mary LANYON
11-Apr 1801 John WHITE [of Merther] Constance VINCENT
7-May 1801 Stephen FRANCIS Ann SEARLE [of St Erme]
6-Aug 1801 Paul CLARKE [of Perranzabulo] Ann Carveth HOSKYN
19-Jun 1802 Henry HUGH [of Veryan] Maria SYMONS
11-Jul 1802 Thomas GLANVILLE Maria BENNETT [of Perranzabulo]
29-Mar 1803 John HOOKER Margarett ADAMS
18-Apr 1803 Thomas HOSKYN Sarah LANYON
15-May 1803 Richard LANYON Elizabeth VINCENT
26-Jun 1803 John BENNETT [of St Erme] Ann CHARLES
25-Jul 1803 Richard SAMPSON [wid] Jennefer BATTEN
6-Aug 1803 John JOHNS [wid, of Perranzabulo] Mary ADAMS
28-Aug 1803 Joseph SYMONS Ann BATTEN
1-Oct 1803 William LANYON Peggy Exter RICHARDS
26-Dec 1803 Simon ROBINS [of Kenwyn] Elizabeth HARRIS [of St Erme]
11-Feb 1804 John WILLIAMS Elizabeth JAMES
14-Feb 1804 John ROBERTS Lucy PAPPYN
14-Jul 1804 William EXTER Johanna ROBERTS
10-Nov 1804 Thomas BOLITHO Mary PEARCE
1-Jan 1805 Thomas HOSKYN Elizabeth CHAPMAN [of St Erme]
22-Jul 1805 William Rawling BENNETTS [of Perranzabulo] Ann JAMES
3-Aug 1805 John WILLIAMS [wid of Perranzabulo] Rachel HARRIS [wid]
5-Nov 1805 William JOLLY [wid] Grace PENPRASE [wid, of Camborne]
30-Nov 1805 Richard CLEMOE Elizabeth LAMSHIRE (alias LAMPIER)
17-Apr 1808 William BATTEN Ann GEORGE [of Perranzabulo]
2-Dec 1809 William PENPRASE [of Helston] Mary LANYON
13-Jan 1810 Symon LANYON Dorothy HOSKIN
12-Apr 1810 John ROGERS, Esq [wid, of Sithney] Louisa Covin GURNEY
30-Apr 1810 John THOMAS [Sojourner] Jane STEPHENS
28-Jul 1810 John JOLLIFFE [of Newlyn] Melicent SEARLE
20-Sep 1810 John BALL Amey CHARLES
23-Sep 1810 James JOREY Mary PENPHRASE [of Redruth]
4-Dec 1810 John LANYON Peggy VINCENT
29-Jan 1811 John DREW [of Kenwyn] Alice BROWN
27-May 1811 George SEARLE [wid] Catherine ANDEAN
21-Dec 1811 Richard INCH Thomasine JORY
11-Feb 1812 Edward Pope MITCHELL Mary ROBERTS
8-Oct 1812 William CARVETH Ann ELLERY

Source: CRO File FP 3/1/1 LDS Film #226183

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