CORNWALL: St Allen Marriage Register

Early St Allen: Marriages
1611 - 1679

Exeter & Bodmin Transcripts

St Allen Marriage Register is transcribed with permission from the Cornwall County Record Office and the Church of Latter Day Saints.

I would like to acknowledge the generosity of Paul Brewer and Shirley Cattermole who both kindly donated their transcripts of the Phillimore Marriage Register for St Allen. Their work has enabled me to cross-check the first marriage register. While I have taken care to check my work, I am unable to guarantee complete accuracy: for one thing, some entries are difficult to decipher. These are indicated with a ' ? '.

Spelling and entry order are as they appear in the register. At present there is no alphabetical index: please use CTRL-F to search for a name.

I take no responsibility for any errors. If you find any entries of interest you are advised to check the original register for yourself.

Date Groom Bride
16-Jun 1611 Lancelot COWLYN Jone HONICOME
16-Jun 1612 Bartholomew VYNCENT Elizabeth LOBB
21-Jun 1612 John ROBARTS Grace TUBB
7-Nov 1615 Richard STEPHINS Agnes PAYNTER
19-Dec 1615 Edmond PEERSE Margery JOHN
28-Sep 1622 Richard WATTES Elizabeth NANCARROW
26-Jan 1622/3 Richard VYNCENT Elizabeth DENYCOMBE
29-Sep 1624 Charles HAWKIE Mary VINCENT
16-Jan 1624/5 John JOSSE Phillip COCK
1-Feb 1624/5 Thomas CARTHEW Amey VIVIAN
22-Oct 1670 John STRIBLE Dorothy WHITT
2-Jun 1672 Salathiel CLETHER Jane COOKE
5-Jun 1672 John TUB Christian JENKIN
8-Jun 1672 Thomas CARTHEW Jone MAY
30-Aug 1677 Thomas JENKEN Honner HARRES
24-Jan 1677/8 John CRISSELL Avest RAPSON
31-Jan 1677/8 John BLIGH [Gent] Mary WATTS
1-Apr 1678 William TIPPETT Tamson JOREY
29-Oct 1678 William MARTIN Anne EDWARDS [of Truro]
31-Oct 1678 (Ric?)hard OY(S)ER Jone BASSETT [of Truro]
21-Nov 1678 John POPE Grace HICKES [of Truro]
5-Mar 1678/9 Richard MEANE (Eli?)nor BOX [of Colstentan]

Source: CRO File FP 3/1/1 LDS Film #226183

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