CORNWALL: St Allen Probates

Consistorial Court of the Archdeaconry of Cornwall
St Allen Probates: 1660 - 1858

Name Date Type Note
Joanna STEP[HEN]S 9-Jan 1666 T  
Robert VIN[CEN]T 17-Jan 1668 I  
illegible 15-Sep 1671 I  
John JOR[Y] 13-Sep 1676 I  
John EUSTIE 24-Oct 1678 T  
Richard BRIDE? 8-Apr 1683 I  
John RO[BERT]S 18-Apr 1683 I  
John LAM[ER]TON 18-Feb 1684 I  
Stephen LUK[E] 30-Apr 1685 T  
Robert TI[PP]ETT 8-May 1685 Ad  
William [TRE]MEANE 20-Apr 1686 T  
Stephen illegible 19-Jan 1686 T  
Thomasin TREMEANE 18-Jan 1687 T  
Richard KEA[ST] 23-Jan 1688 T  
John WILLIAMS 24-May 1689 T  
Antony [CAR]VETH 30-Apr 1690 T  
Robert KEAST 8-Sep 1690 I  
Joanne VINCENT 24-Nov 1692 Ob  
T[homas] KEAY 24-Jan 1692 I, B  
William TREMEANE 3-May 1694 Ob  
John TROUNSEN 16-Jan 1699 I  
Richard STRAITE 20-May 1701 T  
Roger COLLINS 26-Jun 1704 Ad  
Hopson NANCARROW 27-Apr 1708 Ob  
Alexander ROBYNS 25-Jan 1708 T  
Jane JAMES 24-Apr 1711 T  
John HARRIS 23-Mar 1712 T  
Martyn WILLIAMS 23-Oct 1716 Ob  
William RETALLACK 2-Sep 1717 Ad  
William TREMEAN 21-Jul 1718 Ad  
John HARTFORD 8-May 1719 T  
Elizabeth SANDERS 8-May 1721 T  
Richard PRIDEAUX 14-Jun 1725 T  
John KEAST 26-Oct 1725 T  
Thomas NICHOLLS 11-Feb 1729 Ob  
Thomas NICHOLLS 17-Jun 1729 Ob  
John Jnr COCK 19-Jan 1731 W, T  
Richard CARVETH 7-May 1734 B  
Robert VINCENT 15-Apr 1735 W  
Christopher HARRIS 17-Nov 1735 B  
Richard PAULL 10-Feb 1737 W  
Mary PAULL 20-Feb 1737 B  
Richard WILLIAMS 2-Apr 1739 I, B  
Catherine PRIDEAUX 12-Nov 1739 B  
John CARVETH 28-Jan 1739 W  
Stephen MATTHEWS 13-Feb 1739 I, B  
Francis PRIDEAUX 10-Jul 1744 B  
Thomas HOSKIN 16-Sep 1745 I, B  
Richard VINCENT 19-Nov 1745 W  
John RANDALL 20-Jan 1745 W  
William TRESTAINE 29-Apr 1746 W, I  
Richard PAULL 6-Jul 1750 I, B  
Edmond JOHNS 28-Apr 1752 W  
Thomas CARTHEW 23-Mar 1753 W  
Thomas HOSKINS 9-Jan 1761 W  
John BENNET 19-Apr 1765 W  
John LANION 13-Feb 1767 B  
John HARRIS 4-May 1771 I, B  
John CHARLES 4-Jun 1773 B  
William CARVETH 17-Feb 1774 B  
Elizabeth CHARLES 25-Feb 1774 W  
John JAMES 27-Oct 1775 B  
Robert CLEMOW 22-Apr 1779 W  
Thomas POPE 18-Jun 1779 W, B  
William POPE 21-May 1781 W  
Oliver VINCENT 21-May 1781 W  
Stephen KEAST 24-May 1782 B  
Ezekiel WILLIAMS 2-May 1786 W  
Ezekiel WILLIAMS 27-Dec 1789 B  
John RETALLACK 2-Jan 1787 W  
John KEAST 5-Oct 1787 B  
Ann SEARLE 1-Feb 1788 W  
Barbara CLEMOW 13 Jan 1789 W Widow
James COCK 19-May 1794 W  
Thomas HOSKING 15-May 1797 W  
John HOSKINS 11-Jan 1805 W  
Oliver VINCENT 12-May 1806 W  
Ann HOSKIN 11-Mar 1808 W  
Richard HOSKIN 21-Aug 1808 B  
Richard VINCENT 9-Sep 1808 W  
Francis JAMES 9-Mar 1809 W  
Halls EVA 5-Oct 1810 W  
William LANDERYOU 16-Oct 1810 B  
John NICHOLLS 9-Mar 1816 W  
Samuel HOSKINS 13-Mar 1817 B  
Catherine HOSKINGS 23-Jan 1818 W  
James KEAST 14-Jul 1824 W  
William BISHOP 28-Nov 1828 W  
John WILLIAMS 13-Jul 1829 W  
Hannibal ROWE 9-Oct 1829 B  
Richard Paul VINCENT 14-Jun 1830 B  
Christian JAMES 4-Sep 1830 B  
John FRANCIS 15-Mar 1831 W  
Richard HOSKINS 28-Oct 1831 W  
Paul HOSKINS 1-Apr 1835 B  
Nicholas BISHOP 22-Jun 1835 W  
Grace WILLIAMS 23-Mar 1837 B  
Richard HOSKINS 7-Oct 1837 W  
William JAMES 2-Jul 1838 W, B Labourer
Henry LANYON 12-Apr 1838 W Yeoman
Thomas HOSKINS 11-Dec 1838 W  
Sarah HOSKINS 11-Dec 1838 W  
Thomas GLANVILLE 7-Jun 1839 W  
Richard LANYON 27-Sep 1839 W  
Elizabeth PROVIS 13-Dec 1839 W  
Thomas KING 16-Sep 1842 W  
Richard REYNOLDS 23-Dec 1843 W  
Thomas HOSKINS 22-Jan 1844 W  
John BROWN 29-Feb 1844 W  
Robert VINCENT 14-Jun 1844 W  
Jenifer SAMPSON 23-Sep 1845 W  
William MITCHELL 16-Feb 1847 W  
Richard BISHOP 15-Apr 1848 W  
Mary VINCENT 25-Apr 1849 B  
John HARRIS 23-Oct 1852 B  
John TREVELA 6-Mar 1855 W  
William HOSKINS 27-Jun 1855 B  
Thomas SCOBLE 29-May 1856 W  
Walter REYNOLDS 30-Jul 1856 W  


Ad = Letters of Administration (Admon)
B = Bond
I = Inventory
Ob = Obligation
T = Testament
W = Will

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Source: LDS Films #90140, #90141

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