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Stapenhill & Burton on Trent Research Interests

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Family Name Place Dates Researcher E-mail
ALCOCKStapenhill1750 - 1900Dorothy Jones
ALLKINSBurton & Cauldwell1700 - 1800Blanche Charles
BAXTERCauldwell1650 - 1850Blanche Charles
BAXTERStapenhill1800 - 1900Steve Vale
BENNETTStapenhill1650 - 1900Tonda Tavernier
BETHALStapenhill1700 - 1800Dorothy Jones
BREA[R]LEYStapenhill1650 - 1900Dorothy Jones
CHELLNewhall1750 - 1850Will Chell
CLARKStapenhill1850 - 1930Bill Wardle
CLEMENTSBurton & Netherseal1700 - 1900Trevor Simpson
James COMPTONBurton on Trentborn c1847Suzie Woodward
COXONCauldwell1800 - 1900Sandra Kelleher
CROXALLStapenhill1750 - 1900Trevor Simpson
DEEMINGBurton & Polesworth1800 - 1900Trevor Simpson
GOZZARDBurton & Tamworth1800 - 1900Trevor Simpson
GRETTONNewhallc1857 - 1858Hilary Thomas
GREWCOCKStapenhill Patrick Garratt
GRUNDYStapenhill1700 - 1800Dorothy Jones
HOLLANDStapenhill1850 - 1930Bill Wardle
JOHNSONBurton on Trent1850 - 1950Brian Edge
KEIGHTLEYBurton on Trent1850 - 1900Brian Edge
KILBORNStapenhill1850 - 1900Helen Kilborn
KIRKMANCauldwell1700 - 1800Tony Kirkman
LAKINStapenhill1700 - 1800Jack Crawford
MATCHETTCauldwell1700 - 1800Tony Kirkman
MATKINBurton1700 - 1900Phil Matkin
MOUNDCauldwell1700 - 1800Tony Kirkman
NEWBOLDStapenhill1700 - 1750Lynda Gamil
NORTONCauldwell1650 - 1900Blanche Charles
NORTONBurton on Trent1650 - 2004Blanche Charles
SANDERSStapenhill1750 - 1850Trevor Simpson
SHAKESPEARStapenhill1650 - 1900Dorothy Jones
STALEYStapenhill1700 - 1950Dorothy Jones
STAPLEFORDBurton on Trent1800 - 2004Marlene Stapleford
STARTINStapenhill1800 - 1900Janet Willdig
STREETStapenhill1700 - 1750Lynda Gamil
THORNLEYStanton1800 - 1900Christine Evans
THORPECauldwell1850 - 1900Sandra Kelleher
TOONStapenhill1750 - 1800Rodney Badgley
WARRENStapenhill1650 - 1900Phil Matkin

Robert KIRKMAN was born in 1681 in Belton. He moved to Cauldwell in 1718. He and his wife Catherine MATCHETT are buried in St Giles churchyard. His grandson, John KIRKMAN b1757 and his wife Ann HAYWOOD, are also buried in St Giles.

Catherine MATCHETT married Robert KIRKMAN (b1681) in 1712 in Gresley. They lived in Belton until 1718, when they moved to Cauldwell. Their grave is in St Giles church. (See above for further details).

Elizabeth MOUND was born around 1731, and married Robert KIRKMAN (b 1719) in November 1756 in Appleby Magna. Robert was the son of Catherine MATCHETT who married Robert KIRKMAN (b1681) in 1712 in Gresley. (See above for further details).

Arthur and Emma GRETTON, (not born in Newhall) are the son and daughter of James and Ann GRETTON, although in the parish register, Elizabeth was born in Newhall in 1858. Shortly after the family moved to Staffs, where Arthur and Emma died from burns. Very mobile family: from Stowe & Tipton to Walsall, Newhall, Rushall. Ann GRETTON remarried in Birmingham in 1866 and then moved to Nottingham. Where & when did James GRETTON die?

Matilda E. HOLLAND was born Stapenhill Dec 1899. Her parents were Joseph HOLLAND (b Congleton, CHS c1872) and Maria CLARK (b Stapenhill c1872). Other children: Hannah (c1892); Joseph (c1894); William (c1895); Morris (c1897) - all born Stapenhill.

Joseph THORNLEY was born Stanton 1806; Married Sarah CHAMBERLAIN (b 1809 Belton, Leics), 29 Jan 1827. Children: George (1827), Joseph (1829), Eliza (1831), Sarah (1835), Edward (1837), John (1839), Hariett (1842), Peter (1843), Elizabeth (1845), Clara (1848) - all born in Newhall.

The BENNETT family line includes Thomas (b 1716), William (b 1750), Daniel (b 1785) & James (b 1812).


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