Stapenhill Marriage Entries:
1771 - 1784

Extracted from Stapenhill PRs in Derbyshire Record Office, Matlock, by Michael Spencer      
Date Groom Bride B / L
17 Apr 1771 George STALEY, Newhall Sarah PEARSE, sp, Newhall B
24 May 1771 John BULLOCK, farmer, botp Elisabeth GIBSON, sp, Gresley L
4 Aug 1771 William PEACE Sarah PEACE, wid B
2 Oct 1771 Wm MOORE, Hinckley, Leics. Wid Mary BAKER sotp L
15 Oct 1771 Joseph HOLLIS, Lullington Ann SUTTON sotp B
2 Mar 1772 Elias BREARLEY botp Mary ADIE sotp B
20 Apr 1772 Henry DENNIS, Measham Ann PARKER otp B
17 May 1772Francis PARKER Mary BREARLEY B
13 Jul 1772 Samuel HILL bach Mary PEACE sp B
15 Jul 1772 Benjamin STALEY botp Jane ORM sotp L
17 Aug 1772 John PARKER bach Hannah PATRICK sp, Burton on Trent B
13 Oct 1772 John CROXALL botp Mary MOORE sotp B
19 Oct 1772 Henry LISTER, Gresley, bach Mary EAGLEFIELD sotp B
16 Nov 1772 Thomas COOPER, Exhall Ann SMITH B
22 Nov 1772John JONES Sarah WADDLE B
10 Jan 1773Joseph COLLIER Sarah FLETCHER B
1 Jun 1773 John PRESS botp Mary HARVEY sotp B
13 Apr 1773 John STREET botp Ann PARKER sotp B
18 May 1773 Joseph HEAPE botp Letitia STALEY sotp  
6 Oct 1773 William WOOD bach Mary HARVEY B
18 Oct 1773 Francis WARREN bach Mary LEEDHAM, Ashby de la Zouch  
28 Oct 1773 William BALL, Hinckley Hannah BATE sp L
2 Nov 1773 Joseph LINTEL wid otp Melany CRITCHITT sotp L
2 Dec 1773 William BERKIN wid Hannah BAYLEY (or BAGLEY)  
8 Feb 1774 John TIMMS, Seale, Leics, Wid Sarah JESSOP, Wid L
4 Apr 1774 Christopher ADEY, Burton Anne HEAPE, sp  
11 Sep 1774 Thomas ORGILL wid otp Mary HOSKINSON wid otp  
10 Nov 1774 Zackariah JACQUES botp Sarah BENFIELD sotp  
12 Dec 1774 John MELLOR, farmer otp Mary MOON sotp  
29 Dec 1774 Richard CROXALL botp Sarah BREARLEY sotp  
9 Feb 1775 Ralph GILMAN wid otp Mary LESTER sotp L
5 Apr 1775 Caspar Diederick HELIKE, Coleshill Warwks, bach Mary BURGESS sp L
29 May 1775 Amram HORN botp Ellen RATCLIFT sotp  
19 Jun 1775 William HEAPE botp Martha HOLLAM sotp  
25 Jul 1775 Joseph DICKEN botp Elizabeth MEAKIN sotp  
15 Nov 1775 William MOON wid otp Elizabeth HARVEY sotp  
30 Oct 1775 William PEACE, Clifton, Staffs, bach Elizabeth STALEY L
4 Dec 1775 Josias WEAN lab , botp Elizabeth PHILIPS sotp  
12 Feb 1776 Edmund STALEY botp Hannah PEACE x St Michaels, Lichfield B
21 Apr 1776 Thomas HARVEY x botp Ann BRIDGE x sotp B
16 Apr 1776 William PEACE x botp Ann SYDDALS x sotp L
16 May 1776 Francis MANSFIELD x botp Ann PEACE x sotp B
20 May 1776 Thomas BIRD x botp Hannah PEACE x sotp  
5 Nov 1776 Joseph HARVEY x otp Jane ADIE x otp B
28 Nov 1776 Henry WETTON botp Elisabeth TOMLINSON x sp, Hanbury B
21 Dec 1776 William NORTH x of Netherseal, Leics, bach Ann PEACE x sotp  
22 Dec 1776 Henry HODGKINSON x otp Ann KINGSTON x otp B
21 Apr 1777 Thomas HEAPE otp Dorothy MASON otp B
27 Jun 1777 Elias BRERELEY x otp wid Mary WILES x wid B
23 Jun 1777 Joseph BRERELEY x botp Ann SHILTON x wid otp  
3 Aug 1777 John PARKER x botp Elinor MASON x sotp B
1 Sep 1777 Thomas BERISFORD, Lab, otp Jane WARDE x sotp B
10 Oct 1777 John DILKS x botp Sarah WATSON x Burton on Trent B
14 May 1778John HOOD, TicknallElizabeth ADEY otpL
5 Jul 1778William SHELDONJane HARVEYB
7 Jan 1779John ORGILL bach otpElizabeth HEAPE sp B
26 Apr 1779Geo WAYE botpAnn FLETCHER sotpB
26 Oct 1779Job BURDETT botpElizabeth NORTON sotp B
13 Mar 1780 Thomas MARSHALL Seale, x bach Sarah DILKES, x, sp L
19 May 1780 Francis PARKER, x, wid Sarah ADIE, x, wid B
16 Jun 1780 Nathaniel NIGHTINGALE, Kingsbury, Warwks Ann BRIGGS L
9 Nov 1780 Francis LAKIN, bach, Burton Mary SMITH, x, sp L
11 Dec1780 Thomas PEACH Elizabeth HEAPE, x B
11 Dec 1780 George POTTS Martha CARVER B
29 Mar 1781 William PEACE, bach Ann MASSEY, sp Burton on Trent B
16 Apr 1781 Robert EARP, bach Mary BENNETT, sp B
19 Apr 1781 Francis SIDDON, bach Hannah MARSHALL, x, sp B
1 May 1781 Samuel DALMAN, Hartshorn, bach Mary DURANT, x, sp B
3 Feb 1782 William CHESHIRE bach Charlotte PARKER sp L
7 Feb 1782 Joseph STALEY bach Sarah DUMOLO sp L
1 Apr 1782 Francis WARREN bach Elisabeth TAYLOR, sp Burton on Trent  
9 Apr1782 John WOOD Sarah JACQUES wid B
15 Apr 1782 John SMITH, wid, Sutton Coldfield Hannah HARRIS wid L
22 May 1782 Robert PICKERING Mary BEET B
10 Jun 1782 John PEACE bach Sarah FLETCHER sp B
12 Nov 1782 Joseph STREET, Burton on Trent Sarah PARKER  
16 Dec 1782 John ORME wid Mary YATES sp B
4 Mar 1783John TINSLEY xElizabeth SEVIL, x Gresley B
21 Apr 1783John DAKIN, LabAnn JONES x spB
8 Jun 1783William CROSLEY x, Clifton CampvilleMary WOOD xB
25 Jun 1783John KIRBY, Ashby de la Zouch, bachElizabeth GRUNDY, widL
1783Daniel STALEY bachMary ORGILL spB
22 Sep 1783Joseph BAXTER x, bachSarah SPILSBURY, x sp B
10 Oct 1783Joseph BROADHURST XJane PEACE xB
2 Nov 1783William DOMAN, AlvastonElizabeth HEAPE xB
10 Nov 1783Robert PARKER, x bachSarah JONES widB
5 Jan 1784John REDFERN, x bachAlice BEET x, spB
2? Feb 1784William MOSLEY bachJane FLETCHER, x spL
20 Apr 1784John HINDS, x Croxall bachElizabeth HAMPSON, x spB
21 Oct 1784Francis DOMOLO bachSusanna ROWE, x spB

Footnotes from Register:

Last date called: Banns only
Banns only
Banns were called on the 27 Jul and 3, 10 Aug. No date given in actual register entry of marriage
B / L = Banns / Licence; b = bachelor; s or sp = spinster; wid = widow(er); otp = of this parish;
x = couldn't sign name

Since Stapenhill Parish Registers have not been filmed by the LDS, this information has been extracted from the original registers by Michael Spencer, in Derbyshire, and posted to Rootsweb's Derbysgen mailing list. Stapenhill Bishops' Transcripts, which have been filmed by the LDS, have the following major gaps, so this transcript goes a considerable way to addressing the inaccessibility:

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