Stapenhill Marriage Entries:
1785 - 1799

Extracted from Stapenhill PRs in Derbyshire Record Office, Matlock, by Michael Spencer

Date Groom Bride B / L
8 Jan 1785Edward BUTLER, Nether Whitacre WAR, bachElizabeth MOSS spL
22 Feb 1785Thomas GARNER, Packington Leics, bachElizabeth WHITTINGHAM spL
12 Apr 1785Thomas WILFINDALE xMary DOBSONB
26 Jul 1785Isaac DOBSON bachElizabeth PARKER spB
27 Dec 1785John BEARDSMORE bachMartha BAXTER spB
17 Mar 1786Isaac BAXTER x, p Gresley bachSarah STONE, x spL
17 Apr 1786Nathaniel SMITH, LittleoverElizabeth WARREN spL
9 May 1786Joseph NORTON bachAnn BAXTER spB
24 Oct 1786Joseph ASTLE x, St Michael Lichfield, bachAnn HIND, x sp 
30 Oct 1786James CLIFF widAnn ADEY, x spB
31 Dec 1786Alexander PARKER yeomanElizabeth BRERELY spB
9 Apr 1787Robert LOCKER, Netherseal, Leics bachElizabeth ORGILL B
9 Apr 1787Robert BRIDGE bachMary SHAW, x spB
23 Apr 1787William PARKER x bachSarah STALEY, x Hartshorn spB
1 May 1787Benjamin RUSSEL x bachElisabeth HAND, x spB
8 May 1787George BRADFORD wid Ann MOXON x widB
15 May 1787Charles NORTON bachHannah BROWN spB
25 Jun 1787Robert ETHERINGTON bachElizabeth MYATTB
23 Jul 1787William CLARKE widElisabeth HOLLAND, x Burton T spB
26 Jul 1787John BRERELY widMary NEWBOLD x Gresley widB
3 Sep 1787Joseph WALKER bachMary GREEN, x spB
11 Dec 1787Josiah RUSSELL, x bachMary MYATT x, Croxall spB
31 Dec 1787William WALTON, Gresley widMary PEACE x widB
13 Feb 1788John WATSON, Burton bach Ann PAYNE sotpB
24 Mar 1788William FLETCHER x wid otpSarah MARRIOTT otp widB
7 Apr 1788William COCKSON x otp bachAnn MARSHALL x sotpB
26 May 1788George HEAPE botpMary MASTERSON, St Michael Lichfield, spB
5 Jun 1788James KEETLEY of Breedon widHannah ORGILL wid otpB
10 Jun 1788John DOBSON botpAnn TILLEY sotpB
31 Jul 1788William DOBSON GresleyElisabeth ORGILL sotpB
29 Sep 1788Isaac WARREN botpCatherine MARTIN x sotpB
6 Oct 1788Thomas WHITE of Burton bachAnn WARREN spL
3 Nov 1788John BROWN x otpCharlotte ASHBURY x otpB
24 Nov 1788Joseph SMITH x otpMary PATRICK x of GresleyB
21 Dec 1788John SMITH x otpElisabeth PEACE otpB
5 Feb 1789John SMEDLEY botpMargaret BRERELEY sotpB
2 Jun 1789Samuel PARKER x botpElisabeth ORGILL sotpB
7 Aug 1789John ROSE, Gresley bachSarah CROSS sotp  
5 Oct 1789John IRONMONGER x botpMary OWEN x sotp B
4 Nov 1789John HOULDEN, LullingtonMary MOSS sotp B
5 Nov 1789Thomas GOUGH botpSarah BODDIS x sotp B
5 Nov 1789Samuel TOON x botpElisabeth WILCOX x sotp L
7 Dec 1789George ENSOR otpAnna Maria SHERRAT, Caldwell L
31 Dec 1789John MITCHELL otp widRebecca MARTIN sotp B
19 Jan 1790Thomas FLETCHER bach, HartshornHannah SMEDLEY spB
3 May 1790John STALEY botpAnn DUMOLO sotpB
3 May 1790William DENT botpElisabeth STALEY sotpB
28 Jun 1790Robert MORLEY bach, WillesleyElisabeth GILLIVER x spL
20 Jul 1790Thomas MOSS bach, CauldwellAnn CORBET sp, GresleyL
16 Nov1790William LEES, Clifton Campville, StaffsAnn ORGILL x spB
21 Feb 1791Henry JEWSBURY, x botpSarah ORGILL, x sotp 
25 Apr 1791Thomas WETTON, x botpMary BELL, x sotp 
21 Jun 1791Francis ALLEN, Burton upon TrentSusanna WHITTINGHAM otpL
22 Jul 1791Thomas BOAM, otpHannah ORGILL, x sotpB
26 Sep 1791Joseph WETTON, x botpCharlotte HOWELL, Hanbury STSB
27 Sep 1791Thomas ELLIOTT, botpElisabeth WILKINSON, x sotpB
14 Nov 1791Francis THORNEWILL, botpSarah DENT, x sotpB
25 Nov 1791William HARVEY, botpElizabeth PARKER otpB
25 Nov 1791Robert STALEY, x bachElisabeth BRIDGE, xL
26 Dec 1791John PARKER, x bachSarah HEAPE, x sp B
30 Jan 1792 John HUGHES botpAlice COLLIER sotpB
30 Jan 1792 Charles WOOD of Burton, bachSarah WARREN sotpL
19 Mar 1792 John SHAW botpHannah STALEY x sotpB
26 Mar 1792 John WHITTAL x botpElisabeth ORGILL x sotpB
26 Aug 1792 Samuel GREEN x wid otpMatilda BRADBURY x sotpL
9 Dec 1792 William STALEY x botpElisabeth DENT x sotpB
11 Dec 1792 William ORGILL x botpSarah SPILSBURY x of Gresley, spinL
3 Apr 1793Edward BEET otp, widSarah PARKER x, wid otp B
24 Apr 1793Thomas PITT, St Philip B'ham, bachFrances ORGILL spL
10 May 1793Henry WILLSON botpLydia PARKER x sp, of Appleby LeiL
20 May 1793John PARKER x otp Ann WARREN, Burton on TrentB
10 Jun 1793William BATES x Burton on Trent widJane ORGILL x sotpB
17 Oct 1793Thomas MOSELEY x, GresleyElizabeth STRATTON otpL
20 Jan 1794John ORME x otpSarah STALEY x otp B
29 May 1774George HEAP x otpSarah COLE xB
1 Jun 1774John BULLOCK x otpJane MERRYMAN x, Burton on TrentB
27 Jun 1794Thomas ENSOR otpAnn GODWIN x, wid Marston on DoveL
27 Sep 1794Robert BRERELY x botpMary STALEY x sotpB
3 Nov 1774Richard BATES x otpHannah SHARP xB
4 Nov 1774Adam WAIN b, of AshborneSarah FLETCHER spL
17 Nov 1794Alexander BARKER x botpMary PRESTON sotpB
15 Dec 1794George STALEY x botpHannah AIMS x sotp B
18 Dec 1794William COLE botpLeetitia ORGILL sotpB
1 Apr 1795Samuel WARREN botpCatherine HOLLAND sotpL
24 Aug 1795John BRERELY x botpAnn ORGILL sotpB
1 Oct 1795William NEEDHAM of Gresley widElizabeth PICKERING wid otpL
6 Oct 1795Henry DENNIS bach of MeashamElisabeth BRERELY sotpL
19 Nov 1795Edward HODKINSON botpCatherine ALLEN x sotp 
23 Nov 1795William ASBURY Church GresleyAnn THOMPSON x sotpL
28 Dec 1795Benjamin STALEY x botpElisabeth HERPE x sotp B
28 Mar 1796George WHITE botpSarah WETTON sotp spin B
1 May 1796William ATKINS botpMary MANSFIELD sotpB
30 May 1796Samuel GENT x botpSarah WETTON sotpB
4 Aug 1796William WARREN botpAnn HOLLAND x sotpB
26 Dec 1796Thomas PARKER x botpMary DENT x sotpB
27 Dec 1796John WARREN x botpElisabeth LAKIN x sotpL
27 Feb 1797John DUMOLO botpSarah BRERELY x sotpB
7 Apr 1797George THORNLEY x of Ashby de la ZouchAnn SMITH sotpB
24 May 1797Thomas MOREHOUSE, Repton bachMary LONGDON x sotpB
25 May 1797John DENT x botpElisabeth HEAPE x sotp B
8 Jun 1797Stephen SAVILLE, Abbots Bromley, StsMartha POTTS otpB
24 Feb 1798 John MARTIN, botp Mary SMEDLEY, otp L
29 Mar 1798 James HARRISON, x bach. Sarah PRICE x, of Hartshorn L
20 May 1798 Henry BEECH, x otp Hannah DAY wid., otp B
16 Jul 1798  George BRADFORD, botp Hannah ORGILL otp L
16 Jul 1798 John ORGILL, x botp   Elizabeth WAYTE sotp L
18 Jul 1798 William BREARLEY, botp Mary MOON x sotp B
19 Jul 1798 James HERVEY, x botp Ann PRICE, x sotp B
23 Jul 1798 James MARSHALL, x otp  Jane BROADHURST, x wid otp B
5 Nov 1798 John REDFERN, x bach, Burton on Trent Bridget BELL, x sotp B
19 Nov 1798 James EATON, x botp Hannah BROADHURST, x sotp B
13 Jan 1799Thomas RICHARDSON, wid Burton on TrentAnn RICHARDSON sotpL
4 Feb 1799James HEAP x botpElizabeth ORGILL x sp, Burton on TrentB
25 Mar 1799Henry CHAMBERLAIN x, CroxallMary WETTON, x otpB
15 Apr 1799William TUCKEY b, Hinckley, LeicsAnn MOSS, sp CaldwellL
18 Jun 1799Joseph CROXALL x CroxallLydia FERNY, sp x B
30 Sep 1799Thomas COCKSON x botpMary WILLS x sotpB
9 Dec 1799Joseph THOMPSON b, Normanton, LeicsDorothy ORGILL sotpL

Year recorded by Mike Spencer exactly as found in the register - not a transcription error. His note: "Although this is for the year 1794 several are dated 1774. They are all among the marriages for 1794 and follow on chronologically throughout the year. They are in the same hand so have not been added at a later date".

B / L = Banns / Licence; b = bachelor; s or sp = spinster; wid = widow(er); otp = of this parish;
x = couldn't sign name

Since Stapenhill Parish Registers have not been filmed by the LDS, this information has been extracted from the original registers by Michael Spencer, in Derbyshire, and posted to Rootsweb's Derbysgen mailing list. Stapenhill Bishops' Transcripts, which have been filmed by the LDS, have the following major gaps, so this transcript goes a considerable way to addressing the inaccessibility:

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August 1747 - August 1762
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