Stapenhill Parish Strays


Spellings as copied from the various sources. These entries have been found either in original parish registers or from Phillimore Marriage Indexes


Date Parish Groom Bride B / L
11 Dec 1604All Saints, DerbyCallingwoode SANDERSElizabeth SLIGHE 
29 Jun 1682TutburyWilliam HALL, DoveridgeJane TURNER, Stapenhill 
7 Apr 1692ForemarkWilliam BROUNT, of Stapenhill Elizabeth PRESTBURY, Foremark 
9 Sep 1697TutburyHenry SHEFFIELD jnrMary ORME, Scropton 
21 Oct 1700Walton on TrentWilliam SMITH, of Stapenhill Mary DAKIN, Burton on Trent 
20 Apr 1705LichfieldThomas FRANKLEY, of Whillich LEIAnn HOLLAND, of Stapenhill 
19 Jun 1709LichfieldThomas DALE, of CaldwellElizabeth ANDERSON 
10 May 1720LichfieldJoseph MOSS, of Stapenhil Elizabeth WHILTON 
2 Oct 1720ReptonWilliam MACHIN, of Stapenhill Mary PICKERING, Repton 
1 Mar 1721/2LichfieldTimothy FLETCHER, of Stapenhill Mary PRAT 
1 May 1722St Werburgh, DerbyFra. PARKER, of Stapenell Anne VICKERS, of Breedon 
17 Sep 1722St Alkmund, DerbyFrancis BRUNT, of StapenhillElizabeth WRIGHT, of Burton 
13 Jan 1722/3St Alkmund, DerbyEdward PEACE, of Newall Mary DAVISS, of Milton 
19 Feb 1722/3LichfieldThomas COX, of ShillingtonSarah SHELTON, of Stapenhill 
18 Jul 1723LichfieldFrancis HEAP, of StapenhillElizabeth WHITE 
24 May 1724LichfieldSamuel STRETTON, of Stapenhill Isabel SMITH 
1 Nov 1724CroxallJohn STRETTON, of Caldwell, StapenhillElizabeth BRITTLEBANK, Clifton Campville 
9 Feb 1724/5ReptonThomas ORGILL, of StapenhillMary HEATHCOTE, Repton 
18 Apr 1725LichfieldThomas DUMMOLEE, of StapenhillMary KEMPFIELD 
16 Jul 1726TatenhillJohn BARLOW, of StapenhillElizt. LAKIN otpL
16 Oct 1726St Alkmund, DerbyJohn FLETCHER, of StapenhillMary HIDE, of Greasley 
3 Sep 1728St Alkmund, DerbyThomas FARMER, of Ashby Mary PEACE, of Newhall 
3 Oct 1728St Werburgh, DerbyThomas ATWOOD, of Cordwill, p. StepnallMary WALLABAR, of Walton 
25 Sep 1738AlstonefieldThos. SIMNET, of Stapenel Mary CLAMP 
29 Nov 1739SwarkestoneRobert LEA, of Stapenhill Ann WELBY, Linton, p. Gresley 
1- Jul 1740LichfieldWilliam MOREFIELD, of Cheadle Ann THURMAN, Stapenhill 
17-Feb 1741/2Ashby ZThos HEAP, Netherseal Elizth CLAYTON, StapenhillL
7 Jun 1742LichfieldWilliam HARVEYLydia STOCKLEY, Stapenhill 
30 Jul 1744ReptonThomas WRAGG, of Dyseworth, Leics Elizabeth WARREN, of Stapenhill 
29 Sep 1749ReptonThos PEACE, p. Newhall Ellen WELLDEN, otp 
6 Jul 1750St Werburgh, DerbyWilliam STREET, NewhallHannah PARKER, Newhall 
8 Jul 1750Church BroughtonJohn GILESON, Gresley Susannah WHITTINGHAM, StapenhillL
1 Jan 1752LichfieldPhilip PORTAnn PARKER, Stapenhill 
18 Apr 1752Church BroughtonGodfrey FLETCHER, StapenhillElizabeth MARSHALL, StapenhillL
22 Jan 1758ReptonWilliam SMEDLEYDorothy PARKER, p. StapenhillL
26 Jan 1758RocesterJames FARRINGTON, botpMary PORTER, Sp of StapenhillL
19 Oct 1760ReptonElias BRERLY, StapenhillMary BALEY, ReptonB
-- Nov 1760MeashamIsaac DOBSON Mary ELTON, Gresley 
10 Nov 1763ReptonJohn ADEY, StapenhillSarah SMITH, ReptonB
4 Jan 1766BretbyJohn SHILTON, 25, StapenhillJane DICKIN, 25, Bretby 
2 May 1768Boulton, DbyThos DODSWORTH, of Stapenhill Mary CHERWIN 
31 Oct 1769ReptonEdward HEAP, p. Stapenhill, 23 yrsElizth NEWTON, 22 yrsL
11 Oct 1769MeashamRobt WOODHOUSE, StapenhillCatharine WOODCOCK  
26 Nov 1770All Saints, DerbyThomas NEWBOLD, of StapenhillHannah FORD 
5 Apr 1772MeashamHenry DENNISAnn PARKER, Stapenhill 
26 Sep 1773Barton under NeedwoodJohn JONES, p. Newhall DBYSarah COATES, otpL
7 Dec 1788TatenhillThomas BAXTER, p. StapenhillElizabeth RILEY otp 
27 Dec 1790Mickleover Joseph WARREN, b of StapenhillSarah SIDDON, of Findern, Sp L
4-Jul 1791St ModwenSamuel ROBERTS, StapenhillCatherine INSLEY (x) sotpB
29-Nov 1791RoslistonJohn DURANT botpAnn DURANT, StapenhillB
24-Apr 1793St ModwenWilliam TOON (x) otpMary BLACKSHAW (x) sp StapenhillB
30-Jul 1794SwarkestoneThos OFFALY x, Stanton juxta BurtonDorothy CHARLESWORTH, x otpL
3-Mar 1795St ModwenAddison RICHARDSON, StapenhillJane SUMMERFIELD, sotpB
4-Nov 1798St ModwenJohn REDFERN, otpBridget BELL, StapenhillB
11-Nov 1798St ModwenJames HEAP, StapenhillElizabeth ORGILL, otpB
14-Jan 1800St ModwenJohn SIDDELS, otpHannah TOON (x), sp StapenhillB
30-Nov 1800St ModwenWilliam YOUNG, StapenhillElizabeth ROYAL, otpB
29 Jul 1802TatenhillWilliam STANLEYotpSarah ORGIL, p. StapenhillL
2 Nov 1802St ModwenWilliam GILBERT (x), StapenhillElizabeth TUNNICLIFF (x), sotpB
21 Mar 1803St ModwenJohn WRIGHT, StapenhillCatherine SIMPSON, sotpL
8 Aug 1803St ModwenJohn DURANT, wid, StapenhillRebecca MASSEY wid otpL
31 Oct 1803St ModwenJohn PAGE, StapenhillEllin FISH (x), sotpB
12 Jun 1804Quorndon LEIJohn MASON, Staplehill DBYAnn RICHARDSONL
24 Oct 1804LullingtonJohn TOMPSON, CawdwellSarah LARRANGE otpB
5 Nov 1804ForemarkWilliam HILL, of StapenhillSarah FLETCHERL
16 Feb 1807St Werburgh, DerbyGeorge RILEY, nailerAnne SWEATMAN, of Stapenhill 
5 Jan 1808ReptonThomas WILSON, Bradby / BretbyHannah COLE, StapenhillB
27 Dec 1808St Alkmund, DerbyDaniel FLETCHER, of StapenhillAnn GOULDL
27 Dec 1808St Alkmund, DerbyRichard WALKER, otpElizabeth CROXALL, of StapenhillL
14 Jan 1811ReptonRichard WEBSTER, Bradby, wMary ORME, Stapenhill, w 
9 Jun 1815ReptonCharles DUCKERS, Bradby / BretbyMary SMEDLEY, StapenhillL
9 Jun 1816ReptonCharles DUCKERS, b Bradby / BretbyMary SMEDLEY, sp StapenhillL
14-May 1816RoslistonWilliam COXEN, StapenhillHannah HOULDEN otpB
1-Sep 1818TicknallGeorge BOAM, StapenhillMary GEE otpB
22 Jan 1821ReptonCharles STREET, b StapenhillNaomi GROVES, sp Bradby / BretbyL
7 Dec 1824EggintonDaniel STALEY, StapenhillAnn TROWEL L
3 Oct 1825ReptonWilliam WHETTON, b Bradby / BretbyJane SHEPHERD, sp StapenhillB
21 Mar 1826ReptonJohn WAYTE botpLetitia COLE, sp Stapenhill (minor)L
12 Oct 1826ReptonWilliam SMEDLEY, b StapenhillAnn WILSON, sp Bradby / BretbyL
4 Jun 1829ReptonCharles PERKS, Stanton House, StapenhillEleanor Elizabeth TAYLOR, sp Repton (minor)L
16 Jun 1829ReptonWilliam HARRISON, b StapenhillMary WALKER, sp ReptonB
15 May 1830ReptonRichard SARSON, b StapenhillSarah SMITH, sp ReptonL
1-Jun 1830RoslistonJohn LEEDHAM, Caldwell, Stapenhill Sarah DUMOLO otpB
6 Feb 1831ReptonThomas ORGILL, b StapenhillMary WALKER, sp Bradby / BretbyL
21-Apr 1831RoslistonThomas MOSS, Stapenhill Hannah KILLINGLEY otpL
31 Mar 1834ReptonJohn BAMFORD, b Newhall, StapenhillMaria PARKER, sp ReptonB
3 Nov 1840Walton on TrentWilliam ADAMS, 31, b Svt (s/o Wm, Lab)Hannah ALLDRITT, 34, sp, Stapnell (d/o John, Lab)L
13-Dec 1847RoslistonJoseph CARVER, b StapenhillMary BANNISTER fa sotpB
3-Feb 1863SwadlincoteThos WEBSTER, fa, b Stapenhill (s/o Thos, Lab)Hannah DOLMAN, fa, sotp (d/o Wm, Lab)B
7-May 1874WinshillHenry CAULTON, 26 botpSarah GILBERT, 28, sp StapenhillB
20-Oct 1875ForemarkThos KNIGHT, fa b, Gent, CauldwellJane BRYAN, fa wid?
20-Jan 1881RoslistonArthur SKELLETT, 33, b Stapenhill Catherine HOLDEN, 32, sotpB
28-Aug 1880WinshillRichard LORD, 19, b StapenhillRhoda VERNON, 20, sp StapenhillB
Apr 1881TicknallGeo Henry DEAKIN, b Cauldwell, Stapenhill Mary DUMELOW, sotpB
15 Apr 1882Coton in the Elms William LEEDHAM, 30 botp Lab (s/o Thomas, lab) Elizabeth OLIVER, 22 sp Caldwell (d/o James, Shepherd) 
18 Oct 1885Swadlincote William Henry RADFORD, 22, b Stapenhill, cooper (s/o Wm Asbury, Butcher) Clara WAIN, 25, sotp (d/o George, Collier)B
11 Jun 1890Coton in the Elms John TOMLINSON, 24 bach Stapenhill, Brewer (s/o Wm, lab) Catharine DAVIS, 26 sotp (d/o Wm, builder) 
2 Sep 1891Coton in the Elms Arthur SHERRARD, 25 bach Stapenhill, Lab (s/o Isaac, lab) Emma WHITE, 27 sotp (d/o Thos, miner 
5 May 1897 Coton in the Elms Albert SCOTT, 25 bach Cauldwell, Lab (s/o John, lab) Faith WILEMAN, 20 sotp (d/o Wm, publican) 
23 Jan 1901Coton in the Elms Walter Tunnadine FLETCHER, 20 bach Stapenhill, Blacksmith (s/o Thos, joiner) Elizabeth WHITE 20 sotp (d/o Thos, miner) 
29 Apr 1914Newton Solney William LOWE, 27 bach, Cauldwell, Farmer (s/o Timothy, farmer)Florence Mary BROOKS, 20 sotp (d/o Jas, dec)B
8 Jun 1935Newton Solney Edward H ROWBOTTOM, 27 bach, Stapenhill, Brewery Lab (s/o Wilfred, brew. lab)Frances TAYLOR, 24 sotp (d/o Joseph, waggoner)B


Married at Stapenhill
Ashby de la Zouch, Leicestershire
both of Newhall, p. Stapenhill
Witnesses: Tho. COATS, Sarah FOX
Living in Cauldwell 1781 - 1788
aged 19 yrs, but with consent of her guardian, by Licence from John Hepworth. Wit: Nat'l Smith, Elizabeth Smith
Witness: William COXEN, Caldwell
St Modwen, Parish Church of Burton on Trent
Banns only
of Stapenhill, p. Burton-upon-Trent, taylor
of Ingleby; d/o Richard RATCLIFF, farmer
Witnesses: George LEEDHAM & Elizabeth LEEDHAM
Witnesses: Josiah DAVIS & Annie TOMLINSON
Witnesses: Thomas WHITE & Ann SHERRARD
Witnesses: Edward WILEMAN & Rose Ellen WILEMAN
Witnesses: Hannah HODGKINSON, Thomas WHITE & Joseph FLETCHER
Witnesses: William DOLMAN & Harriet HARDWICK
Witnesses: Charles WAIN & Annie Matilda WINTER

B / L = Banns / Licence; b = bachelor; s or sp = spinster; wid = widow(er); otp = of this parish;
x = couldn't sign name



Date Parish Name Age
27 Dec 1647Barton under NeedwoodWilliam CALLINGWOOD, of Caldwell 
1 Dec 1727Walton on TrentSusanna DILKS, a poor little girl of Stapenhill 
27 Jan 1755SwarkestoneJohn POTS, Newall (sic) 
18 Feb 1801Church GresleyElizabeth LEA w/o Thomas LEA, Stapenhill 
15 Jan 1814Church GresleySamuel LOWE, Midway, Stapenhill psh21
31 Dec 1820MeashamElizabeth POTTER, Newhall36
12 Jul 1821BoylestoneFrancis PARKER, Stapenhill 25
8 Oct 1821 RoslistonMartha LEA (d/o Rbt LEA), Stapenhill abt 50
18-May 1829RoslistonRobert LEA, Stapenhill89
28-Sep 1831RoslistonThomas LEEDHAM, Caldwell68
4 Oct 1833Walton on TrentJohn PATRICK, Stapenhill82
8 Feb 1837RoslistonJohn SHIPLEY, Rosliston Workhouse, from Caldwell77
22-Aug 1840RoslistonElizabeth SIMNETT, Stapenhill-
19 Jan 1851Coton in the ElmsEdward VILLERS, Stapenhill79
5 Sep 1866Walton on TrentHannah HARTLEY, Stapenhill74
19 Apr 1871Newton SolneyConstance STRONACH, StapenhillInf
11-Oct 1878RoslistonSamuel SIMNETT, Stapenhill71
30-Sep 1883SwadlincotePercy James BEARD, Cauldwell17m
6 Nov 1883RoslistonThomas MAWDSLEY, Stapenhill27
8-Jul 1887RoslistonSarah NORTON, Stapenhill61
12-Aug 1891RoslistonCharles NORTON, Stapenhill42
1-Mar 1895SwadlincoteAnnie BIRD, Stapenhill88
29-Dec 1909RoslistonSarah WRIGHT, Caldwell80


Rosliston Work House, belonging to Caldwell



Date Parish Child Parents Abode
27 Feb 1670Barton under NeedwoodSarahJoseph & Hannah MOSE (MOSS?) Caulwell
4 Mar 1738Barton under NeedwoodWilliam illegit s/o Mary WOOD, of Stapenhillfrom Yates's House, of Dunstall
28 Dec 1792ReptonJohn STRATTON born 2 Jan 1780of Stapenhill
6 Dec 1809Barton under NeedwoodFrancis James & Elizabeth HARRISONStapenhill
23 Oct 1829ReptonSarah John & Mary HARRISON, LabStanton, Stapenhill
26 Mar 1830ReptonCharles Edmund Gilbert Charles & Eleanor Elizabeth PERKS, farmerStanton House, Stapenhill
18 Aug 1831ReptonEleanor Elizabeth Charles & Eleanor Elizabeth PERKS, farmerStanton House, Stapenhill
12 May 1833BretbyJohn Richard & Sarah SARSON, tailorNewhall
8 Feb 1835BretbyRebecca Richard & Sarah SARSON, tailorNewhall
23 Dec 1836BretbyGeorge William & Sarah ETHERINGTONStapenhill
25 Dec 1858Coton in the ElmsJames Richard & Sarah WILSON, CooperStapenhill
20 Jul 1862BretbyMary Ann Richard & Caroline SHREEVE, BrickmakerStapenhill
10 Aug 1862Walton on TrentEmily Robert & Mary EARP, LabStapenhill
3 Jul 1864Walton on TrentMary Ann Catherine Thos Chas & Elizabeth WOOD, LabStapenhill
23 May 1869BretbyErnest Thomas & Elizabeth TWIGG, CollierStapenhill
1 Apr 1879BretbyWilliam William & Eliza ADAMS, MinerStapenhill
16 Oct 1880BretbyThomas Edward Josiah &Sarah Ann HUGHES, MinerStapenhill
16 Oct 1880BretbySarah Ann William & Eliza ADAMS, MinerStapenhill
5 Feb 1882BretbyGeorge Josiah &Sarah Ann HUGHES, MinerStapenhill
27 May 1883BretbyMary Ann illegit d/o Bessie NEWMANStapenhill
19 Apr 1887RoslistonEdith Eliza (age 17) Thos & Eliza RUSSELL, Engine DriverCauldwell Hall
3 Apr 1891Coton in the ElmsCharles Edward Arthur & Emma SHERRARD, Brewer's LabStapenhill
7 Jan 1899Coton in the ElmsAnnie John & Fanny Lydia CHAPMAN, Brickyard ForemanStapenhill


aged 2 yrs and 19 days, was received into the Church, having been baptized at Stapenhill by Rev Mr Jones, 19 Nov 1807
born 4 Nov 1884; address: 9 Hill Street, Stapenhill


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