WOON Ancestry
and Related Families

This is a very basic summary of my Cornish Ancestry through Mary Jane WOON. Please do not hesitate to Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think you may find a connection to any of these families!

WOON, WOONE Ancestors

Ellen Alma Violetta HOTTEN, born St Allen 1869; died Wellington, NZ 1955
Parents: George Paull HOATTEN & Mary Jane WOON

Mary Jane WOON, born St Austell 1847; died Dunedin, NZ 1931
Mother: Mary Ann WOON m George LUCAS, mason, St Austell 1848

Mary Ann WOON, chr Roche 1824; d after 1901
Parents: Robert WOON & Mary BREWER

Robert WOON, chr Roche 1780; d Roche 1864
Parents: William WOON of Roche & Joan NANKIVELL of St Wenn

William WOON, chr Roche 1736; d Roche 1786
Parents: William WOON & Charity JOLLY

William WOON, chr Roche 1706; d Roche 1755 or 1763
Parents: Bartholomew & Joyce WOON

BREWER Ancestors

Mary BREWER, chr Roche 1786; d Roche 1875
Parents: William BREWER & Mary MARTYN

William BREWER, chr St Wenn 1761; d Roche 1811
Parents: Lancelot BREWER & Honour TIPPETT

Lancelot BREWER, chr St Wenn 1730; d St Wenn 1805
Parents: William BREWER & Mary CLEMONS


Mary MARTYN, chr St Merryn 1756; d Roche 1834
Parents: Thomas MARTYN & Mary MAYNE

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