Stapenhill Baptism Entries:
Cauldwell Families
1666 - 1812

Date Child Parents Abode
23-Jun 1667John ASTONJohn & IssabelCaldwell
1-Jun 1677Margaret MOSSJoseph & HannahCaldwell
5-Aug 1677Mary HUNTJoseph & MaryCaldwell
21-Oct 1677James HARVEYThomas & EllenCaldwell
19-Oct 1684Sarah BAKERWilliam? & SarahCaldwell
8-Feb 1684/5Jane BATESJohn & AnnCaldwell
8-Feb 1684/5Thomas WRIGHTillegitimate s/o Elizabethat Caldwell
9-Sep 1688Mary BRADFORDJohn & JoanCaldwell
24-Feb 1688/9Abraham ORGILLIsaac & MaryCaldwell
24-Feb 1688/9Martha BATESJohn & AnnCaldwell
2-May 1690Ellen COXEllen (widow)Caldwell
4-Feb 1693/4Joseph MOSSThomas & Maryomitted
7-Mar 1693/4Thomas BAXTERJohn & Elizabethomitted
13-Oct 1695Samuel MOSSThomas & Maryomitted
11-Mar 1697/8Elizabeth MOSSThomas & Maryomitted
9-Feb 1699/00Thomas MOSSThomas & MaryCaldwell
30-Apr 1701John NORTONCharles & ElizabethCaldwell
10-Feb 1701/2Sarah ASTONJohn & MaryCaldwell
27-Mar 1702Elizabeth ATWOODWilliam & JoneCaldwell
6-Nov 1702Joseph NORTONCharles & ElizabethCaldwell
22-Sep 1703Ruth ASTONJohn & MaryCaldwell
31-Oct 1703George MOSSThomas & MaryCaldwell
20-Mar 1703/4Thomas HARVEYThomas & ElizabethCaldwell
23-Apr 1704Elizabeth BAKERNathanielCaldwell
27-Aug 1704John WEBSTERJohn, yeomanCaldwell
24-Dec 1704Anne NORTONCharles & ElizabethCaldwell
20-Mar 1704/5(a son) MOSSThomas & MaryCaldwell
1-Jun 1705Hannah BAYLEYWilliam & AnneCaldwell
21-Oct 1705Sarah BAKERNathaniel & Susanna (pauper)Caldwell
7-Jul 1706Issabella ASTONJohn & MaryCaldwell
9-Feb 1706/7Sarah HARVEYThomas & ElizabethCaldwell
20-Jun 1707Thomas ATWOODWilliam & JoannaCaldwell
20-Feb 1707/8Mary NORTONCharles & ElizabethCaldwell
20-Feb 1707/8Job BAKERRebeccaCaldwell
 Gap in BTs:July 1708 - June 1711 
6-Jul 1711Samuel BAYLEYWilliam & HannahCaldwell
15-Jul 1711Anne BAKERNathaniel & SusannaCaldwell
1-Oct 1711Thomas PAINJoseph & AnnCaldwell
9-May 1712Mary COXEdward & AnnCaldwell
29-Jun 1713Elizabeth NORTONCharles & ElizabethCaldwell
12-Jul 1713Susanna BAKERNathaniel & SusannaCaldwell
21-Feb 1713/4Thomas BAKERThomas & DorothyCaldwell
23-Dec 1717Charles NORTONCharles & ElizabethCaldwell
18-Apr 1718John KIRKMANRobert & CatherineCaldwell
5-May 1722John CORBETTThomas & ElizabethCaldwell
10-Feb 1722/3Thomas MOSSJoseph & ElizabethCaldwell
25-Apr 1725Joseph MOSS (twin)Joseph & ElizabethCaldwell
25-Apr 1725Samuel MOSS (twin)Joseph & ElizabethCaldwell
17-May 1725Catherine KIRKMANRobert & CatherineCaldwell
14-Aug 1726George BAXTERJohn & MaryCaldwell
8-Oct 1727Samuel KIRKMANRobert & CatherineCaldwell
14-Jan 1729/30Rebecca MARROTTJoseph & JaneCaldwell
19-Apr 1730Ann BAXTERJohnCaldwell
14-Jun 1730John BAXTERRichard & JaneCaldwell
10-Apr 1731Ann MARROTTJoseph & SarahCaldwell
8-Aug 1731John HARGREAVEJames & ElizabethCaldwell
14-Apr 1732Elizabeth SWAINEJohn & MaryCaldwell
4-Aug 1734John SWAINEJohn & MaryCaldwell
30-Aug 1734Mary BAKERThomas & MaryCaldwell
19-Jan 1734/5Richard BAXTERRichard & JaneCaldwell
27-Jan 1734/5Joseph NORTONJoseph & Ann (?)Caldwell
30-Mar 1735Jane BAKER Caldwell
27-Apr 1735Mary MARROTTThomas & DorothyCaldwell
23-Nov 1735Ann TONKINSONSamuel & ElizabethCaldwell
23-Nov 1735Jane SMITHRobert & JaneCaldwell
2-Dec 1735John DUNKINSONSamuel & ElizabethCaldwell
8-May 1737William MARROTTThomas & DorothyCaldwell
8-May 1737George BAXTERRichard & JaneCaldwell
4-Feb 1737/8Elizabeth TONKSTONSamuel & ElizabethCaldwell
22-Feb 1737/8Ann FARMERJohn & CatherineCaldwell
25-Apr 1739Sarah STRETTONThomas & ElizabethCaldwell
23-Sep 1739Ann SWAINEJohn & AnnCaldwell
13-Jan 1739/40Elizabeth COLLIERThomas & JaneCaldwell
9-Mar 1739/40Margaret BAXTERRichard & JaneCaldwell
9-Mar 1739/40Sarah MARROTTThomas & DorothyCaldwell
11-Jan 1740/41Mary STRETTONThomas & ElizabethCaldwell
30-May 1741John TONKINSONSamuel & ElizabethCaldwell
9-Dec 1741John FARMERJohn & CatherineCaldwell
14-Sep 1742Robert FLETCHERJoseph & SarahCaldwell
18-Sep 1743Thomas COLLIERThomas & JaneCaldwell
2-Mar 1743/4Ann STRETTONThomas & ElizabethCaldwell
10-Apr 1744Mary FARMERJohn & CatherineCaldwell
29-Apr 1744Elizabeth FLETCHERJohn & CatherineCaldwell
27-May 1744Joseph MARROTTThomas & FrancesCaldwell
28-Apr 1745Catherine FARMERJohn & CatherineCaldwell
12-Jan 1745/6Mary BENFIELDHenry & MaryCaldwell
12-Jan 1745/6Ann FLETCHERJoseph & SarahCaldwell
 Gap in BTs:August 1747 - August 1762 
6-Feb 1757Rebecca BAXTERJohn & AnnCaldwell
27-Feb 1759Elizabeth BAGSTERJohn & MaryCaldwell
6-Feb 1759Joseph BACKSTERGeorge & ElizabethCaldwell
29-Jul 1759Rebecca BAXTERJohn & MaryCaldwell
9-Jun 1759Ann BAXTERprivately baptised; parents omittedCaldwell
29-Mar 1761Elizabeth BAXTERGeorge & ElizabethCaldwell
19-Jul 1761Mary BAXTERJohn & AnnCaldwell
20-Dec 1761John BAXTERJohn & MaryCaldwell
9-Jan 1763Mary TOMKINSONSamuel & Marynot given
10-Jan 1763John MOSSSamuel & Annnot given
6-Feb 1763Mary SWAINEAnn SWAINEnot given
27-Jun 1763Martha BAXTERJohn & Annnot given
10-Oct 1763Ann FLETCHERDaniel & Annnot given
3-Jun 1764Mary BAXTERJohn & Marynot given
23-Sep 1764Elizabeth MOSSSamuel & Annnot given
4-Nov 1764Joseph NORTONJoseph & Marynot given
5-May 1765Benjamin BAXTERJohn & Annnot given
28-Jul 1765Thomas BAXTERGeorge & Elizabethnot given
13-Sep 1765Sarah FLETCHERJohn & Janenot given
13-Sep 1765Jane FLETCHERJohn & Janenot given
27-Dec 1765Samuel KIRKMANRobert & Elizabethnot given
3-Feb 1766Jane TOMKINSONSamuel & Marynot given
21-Nov 1766Mary MOSSSamuel & AnnCaldwell
23-Jan 1767James NORTONJoseph & MaryCaldwell
23-Jan 1767Mary CARVERThomas & MaryCaldwell
11-Mar 1767Elizabeth BAXTERGeorge & ElizabethCaldwell
10-May 1767John HARRISJohn & HannahCaldwell
13-Sep 1767William WHETTONThomas & ElizabethCaldwell
21-Feb 1768William KINGWilliam & RuthCaldwell
15-Apr 1768Elizabeth KIRKMANJohnCaldwell
24-Sep 1768Joseph WHETTONThomas & ElizabethCaldwell
28-Oct 1768Richard BAXTERJohn & MaryCaldwell
23-Apr 1769Mary NORTONJoseph & MaryCaldwell
7-May 1769Thomas MARROTTWilliam & SarahCaldwell
6-Jun 1769Jane CARVERThomas & MaryCaldwell
10-Jun 1769Richard BAXTER (twin)Elizabeth & late GeorgeCaldwell
10-Jun 1769Ann BAXTER (twin)Elizabeth & late GeorgeCaldwell
14-Dec 1769John BAXTERJohn & AnnCaldwell
 Gap in BTs:September 1770 - 1801 
3-Aug 1800Mary FARMEREdward & AnnCaldwell
5-Oct 1800William BROADHURSTGeorge & RebeccaCaldwell
4-Jan 1801William JAMESRobert & MaryCaldwell
25-May 1801Thomas CAMPIONWilliam & ElizabethCaldwell
7-Feb 1802William MILLERThomas & JaneCaldwell
7-Mar 1802Mary COCKSONJames & ElizabethCaldwell
6-Jun 1802Jane BAXTERCharles & SusannaCaldwell
4-Oct 1802Elizabeth BALLAllen & ElizabethCaldwell
5-Dec 1802William GLOVERWilliam & AnnCaldwell
5-Dec 1802Thomas GLOVERWilliam & AnnCaldwell
30-May 1803Robert JAMESRobert & MaryCaldwell
2-Apr 1804Joseph CAMPIONWilliam & ElizabethCaldwell
1-Jul 1804Sarah BALLAllen & ElizabethCaldwell
15-Jul 1804Mary HODSONJohn & AnnDrakelow Lodge
5-Aug 1804Ann MILLERWilliam & JaneCaldwell
14-Nov 1804Thomas Wilson PRATTThomas & AnnCaldwell
3-Mar 1805Ann TOMPSONJohn & SarahCaldwell
2-Feb 1806Thomas NUTTWilliam & MaryCaldwell
6-Aug 1806Mary TAYLORJohn & AnnCaldwell
23-Aug 1807George GREGORYGeorge & AnnCaldwell
21-Sep 1807Samuel CAMPIONWilliam & ElizabethCaldwell
25-Sep 1807Samuel SCOTTJohn & SarahCaldwell
9-Oct 1807Edward PRATTThomas & AnnCaldwell
7-Feb 1808Edward MILLERWilliam & JaneCaldwell
7-Feb 1808Francis JONESRobert & MaryCaldwell
7-Feb 1808James COCKSONJames & ElizabethCaldwell
7-Feb 1808Sarah COCKSONJames & ElizabethCaldwell
4-Dec 1808Henry PRATTThomas & AnnCaldwell

Since Stapenhill Parish Registers have not been filmed by the LDS, this information has been extracted from Stapenhill Bishops' Transcripts (BTs):  LDS Film No. #498942.

Stapenhill Bishops' Transcripts have the following major gaps:

July 1708 - June 1711
August 1747 - August 1762
Sep 1770 - 1800

Dates:  As most will be aware, until the adoption of the new style (Gregorian) calendar in 1751, each year began on 25 March and finished on 24 March.  January, February and the first 24 days of March, therefore, came at the end of a year.  I have recorded the dates for these months of the old style (Julian) calendar showing both years.  Thus 1 Jan 1678/9 indicates that the year was 1678 in the old calendar, but would nowadays be translated as 1679.

Caution:  Until well into the 1730s, these records were written in Latin, using old-style script, and there may well be omissions and errors.  Although, in my original notes, I have recorded the spellings as written in the BTs, for time-saving purposes, I have standardised the spellings in this database to a certain extent.  I take no responsibility for any mistakes and urge that it is advisable for any serious researcher to undertake a personal search of the original entries.


born 26 Jul 1704
privately baptised; brought to church May following
privately baptised 2 Nov; brought to church 9 Dec


Stapenhill Baptism Register Entries: Cauldwell Families (1770 - 1800)

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Stapenhill Marriage Register Entries: Cauldwell Families (1813 - 1869)

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