Stapenhill Marriage Entries:
Cauldwell Families
1666 - 1812

Date Groom Bride B / L
Feb 15 1669/70Joseph MOSSHannah CORBETT-
May 28 1671Richard CORBETTAnn REYNOLDS-
May 17 1675Thomas CORBETTSarah BAILEY-
Nov 3 1677Thomas WEBSTERIsabell ASTON-
Jun 24 1678Henry GILBERTAlice HUNTER-
May 17 1683Josiah HARRISON, CaldwellMargery SALT, Linton-
Oct 15 1689Peter MARRIOTAnn MORRIS-
Nov 13 1693John COX, RoslistonSarah CORBETT, Caldwell-
May 6 1695Joseph HOARE, CaldwellAnn HARGREAVE, Caldwell-
May 14 1695John ORGILL, CaldwellElizabeth BAXTER, Caldwell-
Sep 21 1696James EYNFORD?, CaldwellMary CAPENHURST, Bloskenberry?-
Jan 14 1697/8Thomas HOLLAND, CaldwellWidow BATES, Caldwell-
Aug 1 1698Edward DAUKIN?Elnor BAXTER-
Jun 27 1700Charles NORTONElizabeth BATES-
Nov 12 1702William BRIGGE, CaldwellAnn CORBETT, Caldwell-
Apr 9 1706John SMITH, Clifton CampvilleElizabeth SWAINE, CaldwellB
 Gap in BTs:July 1708 - June 1711 
4 Apr 1722Richard CORBETT, GresleyElizabeth MOSS-
6 Apr 1730Joseph NORTON otpMary MORLEY otpB
11 May 1735George YEOMANS otpAlice MILLHOUSE otpB
24 Jan 1736/7John FARMER, CliftonCatherine COX, CaldwellL
7 Apr 1738Thomas STRETTON, CaldwellElizabeth KIRKMAN, CaldwellB
4 Mar 1738/9Thomas COLLIERJane SMITH, CaldwellB
10 Apr 1741Thomas MARROT, CaldwellFrances MIDDLETON, CaldwellB
11 Nov 1741Joseph BURROWSAnn HOLMES, CaldwellB
14 Dec 1741William NEWBOULD, Seal, LeicsRuth ASTON, CaldwellL
1 Feb 1741/2Peter NEWTONEsther CHASKIN (JACKSON?), CaldwellB
28 Jul 1742Joseph FLETCHER, CaldwellSarah BACH?, CaldwellL
 Gap in BTs:August 1747 - August 1762 
31 Dec 1767William MOOR, CaldwellAnn MARRATT, CaldwellB
28 Jan 1768James MASON, CaldwellAnn SWAIN, CaldwellL
11 May 1768Mr Maurice PIDDOCK, Aldridge, StaffsAnn STRETTON, CaldwellL
27 Apr 1769William SUMMARElizabeth LABORN, CaldwellB
 Gap in BTs:September 1770 - 1800 
10 Nov 1774 Zackariah JACQUES botp Sarah BENFIELD sotp  
11 Dec1780 Thomas PEACH Elizabeth HEAPE B
7 Dec 1789George ENSOR otpAnna Maria SHERRAT, Caldwell L
20 Jul 1790Thomas MOSS bach, CauldwellAnn CORBET sp, GresleyL
15 Apr 1799William TUCKEY b, Hinckley, LeicsAnn MOSS, sp CaldwellL
23 Jan 1801George KINGSTON, StockportAnn NORTON, otp-
23 May 1804Thomas PRATTAnn FARMER, otp-
5 Nov 1804John BILLINGSElizabeth BROADHURST otp-
14 Nov 1807Thomas ATKINSDorothy KIRKMAN otp-

Entries for this period extracted by Michael Spencer, in Derbyshire, from Stapenhill Parish Registerss

Abbreviations, Symbols:
B / L = Banns / Licence;  b = bachelor;  s = spinster;  wid = widow(er);  otp = of this parish;
? = difficult to decipher / best estimate

Since Stapenhill Parish Registers have not been filmed by the LDS, this information has been extracted from Stapenhill Bishops' Transcripts (BTs):  LDS Film No. #498942.

Stapenhill Bishops' Transcripts have the following major gaps:
July 1708 - June 1711
August 1747 - August 1762
Sep 1770 - 1800

Dates: As most will be aware, until the adoption of the new style (Gregorian) calendar in 1751, each year began on 25 March and finished on 24 March.  January, February and the first 24 days of March, therefore, came at the end of a year.  I have recorded the dates for these months of the old style (Julian) calendar showing both years.  Thus 1 Jan 1678/9 indicates that the year was 1678 in the old calendar, but would nowadays be translated as 1679.

Caution: Until well into the 1730s, these records were written in Latin, using old-style script, and there may well be omissions and errors.  Although, in my original notes, I have recorded the spellings as written in the BTs, for time-saving purposes, I have standardised the spellings in this database to a certain extent.  I take no responsibility for any mistakes and urge that it is advisable for any serious researcher to undertake a personal search of the original entries.

This marriage took place at Caldwell


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