Notes about Hinckley Baptist Chapel

Notes from Church Book No. 2 belonging to the General Baptist Society, Hinckley. March 1818

Vol. 1 in the hands of Mr Molligan

Hinckley church members connected with Charnwood Forest area which used to meet at Barton and Melbourne when there was no other. The first division took place in 1760. Barton, Hugglescote, Ratby & Hinckley, with several adjoining villages, were connected into one Society and denominated as Barton Church or Barton & Hugglescote Church, as they met alternately at those two places, each having a meeting house. Preaching began regularly at Hinckley about 1753.

Preachers :
Mr Daniel TAYLOR
Mr Samuel DEACON

First met in a dwelling in Castle Street called Dugleys house. Mr John SHIPMAN was one of the first members

Some time after preaching at Hinckley they preached at Longford, Warwickshire

The introduction of the gospel to this place was by a younger man from Diseworth named Robert SHEFFIELD who came to Exhall near Longford

Mr William SMITH of Longford preached (1762)

Mr William AULT at Hinckley 1747 - 1752. He afterwards settled at Kegworth or Long Whatton and preached at Sileby and Upper Broughton till his death. He is buried at Long Whatton. (MI).

Mr George HICKLING from Costock, Notts to Longford, Warwks

1763 / 4 : First meeting house erected at Longford

1766 : Church divided into two : Barton; and Hugglescote-Ratby & adjoining villages
Hinckley-Longford & adjoining villages. At time of separation, Hinckley had 50 members. 25 joined

1768 : First meeting house erected at Hinckley

1774 : Gospel preached at Withybrook by Robert COMPTON who joined at Hinckley and opened his house

1778 : Gospel preached at Thurlaston by Mr Edward PARKINSON

1778 : Small chapel erected at Thurlaston

1790 : First meeting house erected at Wolvey

1803 : Enlarged at Wolvey

1806 : Hinckley : new chapel on site of old. First brick laid by Pastor Joseph FREESTONE, 28 March 1806. Cost £1,800

1808 : Chapel at Earl Shilton

1809 : Hinckley membership : 300

1810 / 11 : Hinckley friends introduced gospel at Pailton & Monks Kirby. (Chapel opened at Monks Kirby, 1813)

Source: LDS Film 599441

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(Researching: NORTON & SHEAVYN)

Note: first book of History of Hinckley Baptists now lost

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