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The most I can remember my father relating about his paternal family was that his father was born in Burton on Trent, Staffordshire, and "had a brother called Bill" and a "sister called Sally". Until my late uncle found this tattered document amongst his papers, these were my only clues. But you will see that my grandfather, Charles, was the eighth of eleven children.

These webpages present some of the information - for all NORTON families in the Burton on Trent area - which I have gathered and transcribed in the course of researching and discovering my paternal family, over most of the past thirty years. While I can only hope that it will be of interest and value to other researchers, I take no responsibility for any errors which may appear. Original sources need to be consulted at all times.

This is an ongoing project and this site is updated regularly. Feel free to visit regularly. And if you find any family represented within, please don't hesitate to contact me! Similarly, if you have any information or articles which you are willing to share on this site, I would be most delighted to receive them. (All contributions will be fully acknowledged).

A couple of mundane matters: I retain copyright of all family and personal photographs on this website (unless otherwise acknowledged) and while they are welcome to be copied for personal and private use, publication of these images, without my permission, is expressly refused. Similarly, copyright laws dictate that no material sourced from this website may be reproduced for commercial purposes or published on the internet, or in any other medium, in the format found on this website.

Finally, a plea! The contents of this website represent thousands of hours of work over more than 30 years, as well as hundreds of pounds on the purchase of the certificates alone. I ask only that, if this website provides the source for any information you may find, that it is acknowledged as such. I am now finding a number of online trees, quoting information (eg the 1788 birthdate of my gt-gt-grandfather, John NORTON!) which can only have come from this website, with no acknowledgment and having had no contact with those tree owners. I would be delighted to hear from people who use this site - presumably distant cousins. Rather than just grabbing names and dates from my pages, perhaps you can take a few minutes to help me in return!

Blanche Charles (nee Norton), Wellington, New Zealand

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