Packington General Baptist Births
1761 - 1767

Date Child Parents Abode
9 Dec 1760RobertFrancis and Elizabeth SMITHMelbourne
20 May 1761RobertMatthew and Ann ARGELMeasham
5 Feb 1762MaryJohn and Mary NEWBOULDKings Newton
3 Jun 1762WilliamRichard and Shussannah BOLEYTicknall
23 Jun 1763ElizabethThomas and Elizabeth EARPMelbourne
6 Sep 1763JamesWilliam and Mary SHAWMelbourne
14 Oct 1763ThomasJohn and Elizabeth PIMM Melbourne
24 Nov 1763JohnSimon and Sarah WARDMelbourne
25 Jan 1764JohnJohn and Mary WARDKings Newton
4 Jan 1764ThomasThomas and Mary BUCKNALLMelbourne
8 Jan 1764JohnJohn and Elizabeth PEGGMelbourne
1 Feb 1764JamesFrancis and Elizabeth SMITHMelbourne
6 Oct 1764ThomasBenjamin and Mary BAILEYMelbourne
7 Nov 1764SarahIsaac and Dorothy HILLTicknall
12 Feb 1765MaryRobert and Mary SHEFFIELDMelbourne
15 Jun 1765ThomasRichard and Mary ASHLEYMelbourne
26 Jul 1765SamuelThomas and Elizbeth EARPMelbourne
5 Dec 1765MaryJohn and Elizabeth PEGGMelbourne
14 May 1766ThomasIsaac and Dorothy HILLTicknall
1 Jul 1766ThomasJohn and Sarah BATESMelbourne
4 Mar 1766RobertThomas and Mary BUCKNALLTicknall
12 Mar 1766AnnWilliam and Martha THOMPSONCaulk Mill
26 Apr 1766LydiaFrancis and Elizbeth SMITHMelbourne
29 Jul 1766ElizbethJohn and Mary COLLIERCaulk Mill
30 Jan 1767WilliamJoseph and Sarah JAKESMeasham
20 Apr 1767JohnThomas and Mary BUCKNALLTicknall
4 Dec 1767ThomasJohn and Sarah GUDEMelbourne

These entries were extracted by Michael Spencer of Derbyshire and published with his permission. Thankyou, Mike.


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