Rothley & Sileby General Baptist Births: Part 1

Register Submitted 1837

These births are are indexed in entry order. Spelling of names and places copied from register.

Child Date Father Mother Abode Mother's Parents
Elizabeth WARD 5-Jun 1803 John Mary Rothley  
John WARD 11-Nov 1802 John Mary Rothley  
John PAGE 24-Sep 1791 John Mary Thurcaston  
William PARKINSON 25-Dec 1803 William Ann Rothley  
John ATKINS 26-Sep 1803 John Mary Rothley  
Thomas PRESTON 20-Aug 1803 John Catherine Woodhouse  
Joseph PEPPER 26-Nov 1801 Thomas Martha Woodhouse  
Ann PEPPER 31-May 1803 Thomas Martha Woodhouse  
Mary Ann JOHNSON 26-Sep 1804 Thomas Mary Mountsorrel  
John NORTH 10-Oct 1799 John Hannah Woodhouse  
Thomas NORTH 28-Oct 1802 John Hannah Woodhouse  
Ann PARKINSON 4-Jan 1806 William Ann Rothley  
Sarah BRANSON 15-Dec 1796 William Ann Woodhouse  
Ann BRANSON 13-Jan 1791 William Ann Woodhouse  
Daniel PRESTON 28-Aug 1805 Richard Jane Swithland  
John PEPPER 26-Feb 1806 Thomas Martha Woodhouse  
Sarah SPENCER 29-Oct 1784 Thomas Mary Rothley  
Elizabeth ATKINS 28-Oct 1807 John Mary Rothley  
Thomas PARKINSON 23-Feb 1808 William Ann Rothley  
Mary Ann HINMAN 24-Nov 1808 Joseph Ann Woodhouse  
Thomas DELAROW 5-Dec 1808 William Elizabeth Loughborough  
Joseph HEMSLEY 26-Oct 1801 Benjamin Elizabeth Swithland  
William HEMSLEY 24-Sep 1805 Benjamin Elizabeth Swithland  
John HEMSLEY 21-Mar 1808 Benjamin Elizabeth Swithland  
Henry LAW 7-Oct 1809 John Ann Woodhouse  
William BROWN 13-Mar 1809 Matthew Sarah Rothley  
William NORTH 12-Jun 1799 William Ann Rothley  
Sophia NORTH 7-Aug 1800 William Ann Rothley  
Catherine NORTH 29-Jul 1803 William Ann Rothley  
Job NORTH 17-May 1805 William Ann Rothley  
Charles NORTH 17-Apr 1807 William Ann Rothley  
Matthew NORTH 7-Sep 1809 William Ann Rothley  
Ann SMITH 27-Dec 1796 John Sarah Rothley  
Sarah NORTH 2-Jan 1797 William Mary Rothley  
Mary CAMMACK 10-Feb 1803 George Sarah Rothley  
George CAMMACK 13-Feb 1805 George Sarah Rothley  
George WOLLERTON 1-Jul 1810 Thomas Elizabeth Rothley  
Robert WARD 14-Jul 1808 John Mary Thurcaston  
William PARKINSON 25-Dec 1810 William Ann Rothley  
Henry LEWIN 7-Jan 1811 Thomas Martha Rothley  
Ann BOULTER 1-Aug 1811 John Sarah Rothley  
Peter LAW 2-Apr 1812 John Ann Woodhouse  
William LEWIN 24-Mar 1813 Thomas Martha Rothley Wm & Elizabeth WARD, Thurcaston
Frances NORTH 30-Jun 1813 William Ann Rothley Thos & Elizabeth POLLARD, Sileby
John STABLEFORD 26-Oct 1812 John Mary Birstall Richd & Elizabeth PORTER, Birstall
William SLEATH 16-Mar 1810 Henry Elizabeth Rothley Daniel & Sarah COLLINS, Rothley
Sarah SLEATH 2-Aug 1813 Henry Elizabeth Rothley Daniel & Sarah COLLINS, Rothley
Thomas WALKER 2-Dec 1811 William Elizabeth Cossington John & Sarah CHURCH, Sileby
Mary Ann SIMPSON 3-Aug 1803 William Kitty Rothley Wm & Elizabeth ARNOLD, Rothley
Elizabeth NURSE 11-Sep 1813 William Jane Rothley Ann BAGGULEY, Rothley
Sarah WALKER 8-Dec 1813 William Elizabeth Cossington John & Sarah CHURCH, Sileby
James BURTON 12-Jun 1811 Thomas Sarah Rothley Wm & Mary BROWN, Rothley
Ann BURTON 9-Jan 1813 Thomas Sarah Rothley Wm & Mary BROWN, Rothley
William CROOKS 8-Jun 1814 William Elizabeth Rothley Samuel & Jane PAGETT, Rothley
John CROOKS 28-Mar 1816 William Elizabeth Rothley Samuel & Jane PAGETT, Rothley
Mary HALL 11-Aug 1798 George Elizabeth Rothley John & Elizabeth BRIX, Nether Broughton
John HALL 17-Apr 1802 George Elizabeth Rothley John & Elizabeth BRIX, Nether Broughton
Mary PARKINSON 15-Jun 1813 William Ann Rothley Richd & Ann FLETCHER, Woodthorp
Sarah PARKINSON 27-Apr 1816 William Ann Rothley Richd & Ann FLETCHER, Woodthorp
Ann JARVIS 6-Mar 1815 Thomas Hannah Rothley Thos & Elizabeth ARMSTRONG
Eleanor AUSTIN 12-Feb 1813 Joseph Harriet Southwold, Sfk  
Esther AUSTIN 12-Dec 1814 Joseph Harriet Billesdon, Leics  
Harriet AUSTIN 18-Jun 1817 Joseph Harriet Rothley  
John BAGGULEY 2-Sep 1804 Joseph Martha Rothley  
Mary BAGGULEY 18-Jan 1807 Joseph Martha Rothley  
Elizabeth BAGGULEY 25-Jun 1809 Joseph Martha Rothley  
Joseph BAGGULEY 19-Aug 1811 Joseph Martha Rothley  
Thomas BAGGULEY 27-May 1815 Joseph Martha Rothley  
Thomas ELLIT (sic) 6-Dec 1818 John Lydia Rothley  
Elizabeth WARD 23-Jan 1810 Thomas Elizabeth Swithland  
Robert WARD 26-Jun 1812 Thomas Elizabeth Swithland  
Dinah WARD 4-Jun 1815 Thomas Elizabeth Swithland  
William WARD 24-Nov 1817 Thomas Elizabeth Swithland  
Joseph Hughes BARSBY 20-Aug 1816 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Mary Hughes BARSBY 20-Nov 1818 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Mary CROOKS 22-Sep 1819 William Elizabeth Mountsorrel  
Mary WARD 7-Jul 1820 Thomas Elizabeth Swithland  
William FRIER 27-Jun 1819 Thomas Sarah Sileby  
Thomas FRIER 26-Jun 1821 Thomas Sarah Sileby  
Ann AUSTIN 2-Sep 1819 Joseph Harriet Sileby  
Joseph AUSTIN 8-Jun 1822 Joseph Harriet Sileby  
Samuel LOVETT 5-Aug 1821 George Ann Rothley  
Thomas WOOLSTONE 17-Oct 1819 William Charlotte Rothley  
Elizabeth WOOLSTONE 12-Oct 1822 William Charlotte Rothley  
John WHITTINGTON 2-Oct 1819 Thomas Mary Rothley  
Thomas STEVENSON 8-Aug 1815 Joseph Mary Thurcaston  
Elizabeth STEVENSON 10-Dec 1818 Joseph Mary Thurcaston  
Esther STEVENSON 16-Feb 1821 Joseph Mary Thurcaston  
John STEVENSON 3-Aug 1823 Joseph Mary Thurcaston  
George LOVETT 25-May 1825 George Ann Rothley  
Eleanor WOOLSTONE 13-Sep 1825 William Charlotte Rothley  
Benjamin NORTH 22-Oct 1825 William Elizabeth Rothley  
Samuel BARSBY 18-Dec 1828 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Sarah NURSE 2-Feb 1817 William Jane Rothley Ann BAGGULEY, Rothley
John NURSE 28-Aug 1820 William Jane Rothley Ann BAGGULEY, Rothley
Mary NURSE 20-Jan 1823 William Jane Rothley Ann BAGGULEY, Rothley
William NURSE 21-Feb 1825 William Jane Rothley Ann BAGGULEY, Rothley
Joseph NURSE 27-May 1828 William Jane Rothley Ann BAGGULEY, Rothley
Arnold WOOLERTON 8-Jun 1823 William Elizabeth Rothley Wm & Kitty SIMPSON (d/o Wm & Eliz ARNOLD)
William WOOLERTON 13-Dec 1827 William Elizabeth Rothley Wm & Kitty SIMPSON (d/o Wm & Eliz ARNOLD)
Elizabeth WOOLERTON 1-Dec 1829 William Elizabeth Rothley Wm & Kitty SIMPSON (d/o Wm & Eliz ARNOLD)
Ann WEBSTER 10-Mar 1820 Thomas Ann Mountsorrel  
Katherine CALLINR (sic) 28-Jan 1816 Thomas Ann Rothley  
William CALLINR (sic) 6-Apr 1811 Thomas Ann Rothley  
Matthew CALLINR (sic) 25-Aug 1813 Thomas Ann Rothley  
Lucy CALLINR (sic) 1-Feb 1818 Thomas Ann Rothley  
John JARVIS 9-May 1832 Thomas Hannah Narborough  
Thomas Francis JARVIS 22-May 1828 Thomas Hannah Narborough  
William JARVIS 28-Dec 1829 Thomas Hannah Narborough  
Caroline JARVIS 11-Jan 1831 Thomas Hannah Narborough  
Rachel NORTH 20-Jun 1829 William Elizabeth Rothley  
Elizabeth WHITTINGTON 23-Jun 1829 Thomas Mary Rothley  
Thomas Woodcock BUNNEY 4-Apr 1810 Stephen Catherine Rothley  
Stephen BUNNEY 10-Apr 1816 Stephen Catherine Rothley  
Elias BUNNEY 23-Oct 1818 Stephen Catherine Rothley  
Sarah NORTH 26-Mar 1809 Stephen Maria Rothley  
William NORTH 7-Aug 1810 Stephen Maria Rothley  
Martha NORTH 26-Mar 1815 Stephen Maria Rothley  
Solomon NORTH 1-Feb 1820 Stephen Maria Rothley  
Edward NORTH 30-May 1833 Stephen Maria Rothley  
William SPENCER 3-Feb 1803 Thomas Mary Rothley  
John SPENCER 10-Feb 1805 Thomas Mary Rothley  
Mary SPENCER 4-Oct 1816 Thomas Mary Rothley  
Elizabeth SPENCER 13-Apr 1819 Thomas Mary Rothley  
Philip FOWKES 2-Aug 1835 Philip Jemima Rothley  
Thomas HUGHES 9-Feb 1813 Thomas Alice Rothley  
Ann HUGHES 2-Jul 1815 Thomas Alice Rothley  
Elizabeth HUGHES 11-Jan 1818 Thomas Alice Rothley  
William HUGHES 22-Dec 1821 Thomas Alice Rothley  
Robert HUGHES 4-Feb 1823 Thomas Alice Rothley  
John HUGHES 28-Apr 1825 Thomas Alice Rothley  
Thomas PAGE 26-Jun 1828 John Elizabeth Thurcaston  
Mary WARD 28-Mar 1836 Thomas Mary Thurcaston  
Harriet DEXTER 31-Mar 1833 George Elizabeth Thurcaston  
Fanny DEXTER 26-Jul 1834 George Elizabeth Thurcaston  
Mary Ann DEXTER 19-May 1836 George Elizabeth Thurcaston  
Elizabeth NEEDHAM 20-Sep 1829 William Sarah Rothley  
Rachel NEEDHAM 6-Jul 1831 William Sarah Rothley  
Mary NEEDHAM 28-Oct 1833 William Sarah Rothley  
William NEEDHAM 30-Oct 1835 William Sarah Rothley  
Ann NORTH 7-Apr 1806 John Mary Rothley  
Sarah BROWN 18-Dec 1832 William Elizabeth Rothley  
Ann BROWN 16-Jan 1837 William Elizabeth Rothley  
George HOLYOAK 7-Jun 1836 William Martha Rothley  
Hannah BOURNE 31-May 1833 James Sarah Rothley  
James BOURNE 30-Jun 1835 James Sarah Rothley  
John PEAL 19-Dec 1829 William Elizabeth Rothley  
Mary PEAL 10-Dec 1831 William Elizabeth Rothley  
Thomas PEAL 10-Apr 1835 William Elizabeth Rothley  
William Wood NORTH 22-Jun 1830 William Elizabeth Rothley  
Gregory John NORTH 27-Sep 1833 William Elizabeth Rothley  
Charles LOVETT 16-Mar 1828 George Ann Rothley  
Elizabeth LOVETT 8-Dec 1830 George Ann Rothley  
Joseph LOVETT 19-Apr 1834 George Ann Rothley  
Alice LOVETT 7-Dec 1836 George Ann Rothley  
Ann NORTH 8-Feb 1832 Matthew Catherine Rothley  
Frank NORTH 28-Nov 1833 Matthew Catherine Rothley  
William WHITTINGTON 16-Jul 1816 John Elizabeth Rothley  
John WHITTINGTON 15-Sep 1818 John Elizabeth Rothley  
Thomas WHITTINGTON 1-Mar 1822 John Elizabeth Rothley  
Isaac WHITTINGTON 10-Aug 1826 John Elizabeth Rothley  
John SLEATH 19-Sep 1819 Henry Elizabeth Rothley  
Jacob NURSE 4-Jan 1831 William Jane Rothley  
John North BAILEY 22-Mar 1833 Thomas Ann Rothley  
Samuel BARSBY 13-Nov 1823 Samuel Ann Sileby  
Elizabeth BARSBY 16-Aug 1825 Samuel Ann Sileby  
Ann BARSBY 19-Oct 1827 Samuel Ann Sileby  
Martha BARSBY 25-Oct 1829 Samuel Ann Sileby  
Mary BARSBY 19-Sep 1831 Samuel Ann Sileby  
Jabez BARSBY 14-Aug 1834 Samuel Ann Sileby  
Naomi BARSBY 3-Jun 1836 Samuel Ann Sileby  
Eliza ARMSTRONG 23-Jul 1836 Elias Mary Rothley  
Charles HUGHES 21-Sep 1835 Thomas Alice Rothley  
Thomas WALKER 15-Sep 1808 Thomas Sarah Rothley  
William WOODWARD 11-Jul 1826 George Catherine Rothley  
George WOODWARD 16-Nov 1828 George Catherine Rothley  
Ann WOODWARD 4-Aug 1831 George Catherine Rothley  
John WOODWARD 24-Jul 1834 George Catherine Rothley  
Joseph WOODWARD 4-Oct 1836 George Catherine Rothley  
Joseph BARSBY 20-Aug 1816 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Mary BARSBY 18-Nov 1818 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
William BARSBY 2-Jul 1824 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Ann BARSBY 5-Mar 1821 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Samuel BARSBY 18-Dec 1828 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Sophia BARSBY 19-Feb 1830 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Edward BARSBY 3-May 1832 Wadkin Ann Rothley  
Catherine GREEN 22-Nov 1830 Richard Mary Rothley  
Thomas GREEN 22-Dec 1832 Richard Mary Rothley  
Joseph GREEN 14-Feb 1835 Richard Mary Rothley  

Disclaimer: Although I do my utmost to ensure that there are no errors, I cannot guarantee infallibility. I have provided the references - please check the original sources for yourself.

PRO / TNA Ref: RG4 / 1307
Transcribed from LDS Film #597076 by Blanche Charles, Wellington, New Zealand.
29 June 2005


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