Welcome to the OPC Pages for St Allen, St Newlyn East, Perranzabuloe and Withiel. My name is Blanche Charles. My Cornish forebears emigrated in 1873 to New Zealand - about as far from Cornwall as it's possible to live. I have undertaken to be the Online Parish Clerk (OPC) for St Allen, St Newlyn East, Perranzabuloe and Withiel. If you can share any information or databases pertaining to these parishes, please contact me.

A warning! Although, as an OPC, I may be able to assist with finding information about your family, please bear in mind that my material, by its very nature, comes, at best, from secondary sources like transcriptions and indexes. As such, it is liable to contain errors. That makes me a tertiary source. I entreat you to use any information I may be able to provide only as a guide. If you are serious about your research, it is important that you check the original source. Not only will that verify anything I may find for you, but it may also, in many cases, provide you with additional, valuable facts.

The links from within these pages will help you to locate those original sources. For those who are Cornish Cousins living away from Cornwall, check the links to LDS films for St Allen, St Newlyn East, Perranzabuloe, or Withiel. (These links can sometimes take a few seconds to load. If you get an error message, go to the Library Catalogue to make a Place Search). Any films can be ordered from your nearest LDS Family History Library. To find that library, check here or your local telephone directory under Church of Latter Day Saints.

More than one branch of my own Cornish family became nonconformists, so I have an interest in transcribing some of these registers which are not represented in the IGI. From time to time I add various databases to this website, so it may be worth checking these pages regularly.

Please bear in mind that I am unable to offer 'blanket' searches for any given surname but will happily look for a specific person, or family, at any given date which is covered by my listed resources. Meanwhile, please return to the index page to lead to my list of parish pages. Each page lists a page for online resources or look-up material, and a page of helpful links, for each of the respective parishes.

Please be patient. I have a number of commitments. There may be times when I am unable to undertake lookups immediately, but I will acknowledge your enquiry as soon as I can. Please also take the time to check my links pages for St Allen, St Newlyn East, Perranzabuloe, or Withiel first. You may find your information already online.


I should like to thank Steve Beazley for generously permitting the use of his photographs throughout this site; also Garry Hooker in New Zealand and Joan in Colorado, for contributing material to share through these pages, and fellow OPC Rick Parsons, for his invaluable assistance with matters technical.


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