Vincent Taylor family of Warren County, Missouri

Old log cabin in Cumberland Gap Park, Kentucky

By Barbara Lewellen

Kitturah Taylor, in 1833, designed an ABC School Sampler to commemorate her parents, five siblings and childhood friends.

Kitty, age 13, under the guidance of her mother Sallie Durham, stitched sets of ABCs, numbers, names, initials, and symbols on hand-woven linen cloth.

Symbol motifs commemorated her love of friends and family, migration from Virginia to Missouri in 1835, and marriage to William Brisco in Warren County, Missouri. Family members included in a set of initials.

  ST   VT   FT     MT   EPT   EAT  SBT

Upon completion Kitty 'signed' the sampler in the last row of stitchery: Kitturah Taylor, b. Jan. 13,1820.

Over time knowledge of the names corresponding to the initials became obscure. Memories and family oral traditions erased by migration, the Civil War, and early mortality due to tuberculosis, cholera, and pneumonia.

Five generations later a great-great granddaughter of Kitty carefully removed the sampler from a broken picture frame and marveled at its origin. Who is Kitturah Taylor?

Kitturah Taylor born Jan 13 1820


Sampler Photograph

Solving the Sampler Initials


Spinning Wheel-Hancock County Historical Society
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Smokey Mountains near Bean's Station, Tennessee

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Winnie Ann Briscoe member



Story by Barbara Lewellen
Artwork & Images by Garrett Lewellen
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Researchers-Taylor, McCann & Garrett




Warren County,

Township 47, Range 2W, Warrenton
Warren Co., Missouri

Vincent Taylor
& wife Sally Durham
King & Queen Co. Virginia and Warren Co., Missouri

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& wife Mary Shrum
 Macon Co., Tennessee
 & Warren Co., Missouri

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Warren Co., Missouri

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The New Madrid Earthquake
Bill No. 69
passed by the 13th Session of Congress
 "A Bill Permitting Certain Locations of Land to certain inhabitants of the county of New Madrid, in the Territory of Missouri"




Warrenton, Warren County, Missouri


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