Vincent Taylor Family of Missouri

Vincent Taylor, King & Queen County, Virginia


Vincent Taylor first appears in the 1840 Warren County, Missouri Federal Census. The 1850 Warren County, Missouri Federal Census states he is 52 years old, born about 1798 in Virginia. A search of the 1830 Virginia Federal Census finds two Vincent Taylor households, one Vincent in Fauquier County and one in King & Queen County.

The 1830 census for the Fauquier County Vincent Taylor, age 79, b. 1751, is living with his wife and has an adult female, age 20-30, born between 1800-1810 and three young boys, age five and under, born between 1825-1830 residing in his household. In 1830 the Fauquier County Vincent is 79 years old-much older, by two generations, than the Vincent, age 32, in Missouri.

The 1830 King & Queen County Vincent Taylor is born between 1790-1800, married, and the Head of Household. This Vincent is not enumerated ten years later in the 1840 King & Queen County, Virginia census-presumably moved.

The King & Queen County, Virginia family matches the composition of the Missouri Vincent Taylor family. Note the seven-year gap between the birth of Kitturah and Miranda. Possibly a child died in infancy prior to the 1830 census-the "H. T." or "L. T." on the sampler.



Household Age Born About Name
Adult male 30-40 1790-1800 Vincent Taylor (b.1798)
Adult female 30-40 1790-1800 Sarah "Sallie" Durham
Adult male 20-30 1800-1810 Unidentified Male
Male 10-15 1815-1820 Fountain Taylor (b. 1818)
Female 5-10 1820-1825 Kitturah Taylor (b. 1820)
Female 5-10 1820-1825 Miranda Taylor (b. 1827)
Male 0-5 1825-1830 Eli P. Taylor (b. 1829)
Female 0-5 1825-1830 E. A. Taylor (b. 1830)



Enumerated immediately after Vincent Taylor, on page 289, of the 1830 census is Caleb Taylor, b~1770-1775, who is old enough to be Vincent's father. A review of the 1810 and 1820 census reveals that Caleb, living in St. Stephens Parish, had two boys born between 1794-1800, matching Vincent's birth date of 1798.

Caleb Taylor is deceased by the 1840 census and wife, Nancy Taylor, age 60-70, born between 1775-1780, is now the head of the household. In 1850 Nancy, age 70, b. ~1780, is found living in the household of Philip Taylor, b. 1815, and wife Martha P, b.1820.

Vincent Taylor married Sarah "Sallie" DURHAM, b~1794-1800, in about the year 1817. There are several Durham families in the King & Queen parish that could be the parents of Sarah. Living in St. Stephens Parish in the 1810 census, with one girl each, born between 1794 and 1800 are Ambrose DURHAM and John DURHAM.

Banks GARRETT, b. 1790-1800, and wife Elizabeth also are enumerated in St. Stephens Parish in 1830. They had six children: Rachel, Richard, Harriet, Robert, Erastus, and John G. Garrett. Their one female servant was named Rose and was a member of the Mattaponi Baptist Church. Daughter Rachel Garrett married Armbus (Thomas) DURHAM, 26 May 1846, and remained in Virginia while the rest of her family moved to Warren County, Missouri. Rachel moved to Missouri with her children, between 1860-1870, after her husband Armbus died in Virginia. (Ref: (1) "The Garrett Family" Manuscript Collection, at the Warren County Historical Museum, Warrenton, MO, 30 pp. or LDS-FHL Film No. 1547664 item 9. Ref (2) Eva Eubank Wilkerson, "Index to Marriages of Old Rappahannock and Essex Counties, Virginia 1655-1900," Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc, Baltimore, page 91)



b. 1798 Virginia; died before 6 May 1865 Warren County, Missouri


St. Stephen's Parish, King & Queen County, Virginia 1818-1835

Following is the reconstructed events in the life of Vincent Taylor obtained from church records, federal census, land patents, Warren County court, probate and wills records, marriages and death certificates.

Starting with Vincent Taylor's name it must be noted that it appears that Vincent is a middle name. When Vincent's youngest son Stephen Bernard Taylor, born September 7, 1832, Halifax County, Virginia; died May 1, 1913, in Truesdale, Warren County, Missouri, his death certificate stated that his parents as Fountain E. Taylor and Sallie Durham, both of Virginia. If the death certificate is accurate, Vincent's full name is either Fountain E. Vincent Taylor or possibly Fountaine Vincent Taylor.

Vincent's full name helps explain the name of his first born son Flory Fountain Taylor, b. ca. 1818, Virginia. Flory, of French origin means, "little flower." Thus one could interpret Flory to signify either "Little Fountain" or Fountain, Jr. Based on the birth of Flory Fountain, first born son, in 1818 it is estimated that Vincent Taylor, age 19-20, and Sarah "Sallie" Durham, age 17-27, born ca. 1790-1800, married in late 1817 or in early 1818. In 1830 Vincent, wife Sallie and four children Flory Fountain, Kitturah, Miranda, Eli Patterson, and E. A. (Elizabeth Ann?) are living in King & Queen County, Virginia.

Stephen Bernard Taylor's death certificate states that he was born September 7, 1832, in Halifax County, Virginia. The family quite possibly had removed to Halifax County sometime between 1830 and 1832 for employment in either the tobacco fields or in Danville, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, a tobacco-shipping town. Mrs. Taylor is first listed in a church membership roster of Mattaponi Baptist Church, King & Queen County, Virginia, in June of 1832 and is not mentioned again until September 1835 when she requests a letter of dismission.

Minutes of the Mattaponi Baptist Church, King & Queen County, Virginia, dated September 1835 state: "On motion: sister Taylor who is about to remove to the west is dismissed from this church, and it is ordered that the clerk give her a letter of dismission recommending her to the communion of some sister church." (Ref: William Thomas Hundley, D.D "History of Mattaponi Baptist Church, King & Queen County, Virginia" Appeals Press, Inc, Richmond Virginia, 1928, page 133 & 117).

Many trips west were started in late fall after the last harvest and prior to the first snowfall in late November. Early spring travel was difficult due to rivers flowing at high levels from spring snowfall runoffs and rain-soaked muddy roads. It is assumed that Vincent and family left Virginia in September of 1835 after Mrs. Taylor received her letter of dismission from the Mattaponi Baptist Church in King & Queen County, Virginia.


" To the Western Frontier "
Panorama at the Gateway Arch, National Parks, St. Louis, Missouri


The first record of Vincent Taylor appears in the Warren County land records when he purchases a town lot in Warrenton, on 1st, July 1836. Town lots were sold in order to help finance building of the new Warren County courthouse. The Land Patent Certificate No. 10250, for 40 acres in Elkhorn, Section 17, Township 47 North, Range 2 West, was issued on July 4, 1841, signed by J. Williamson, General Recorder of the St. Louis Land Office, Secretary R. Tyler, and President John Tyler. Ten years later Vincent Taylor purchased forty acres in Lincoln County, Section 7, Township 48N, Range 2 West.

Wife, Sarah "Sallie" Durham, died sometime between September 1835 and November 1839 when Vincent remarried. Daughter E. A. Taylor also died during this period. Sallie and daughter died either in Virginia, enroute to Missouri, or upon arriving in the Warren County, Missouri area. The Asiatic cholera epidemic struck the nation from 1832 to 1838, starting in New York, brought in on infected ships from Europe, and working its way inland spreading quickly along water transportation routes of the Ohio, Mississippi and Missouri rivers. In St. Louis a cholera outbreak was traced to soldiers traveling to the Jefferson Barracks.


Vincent Taylor & 2nd wife Widow Mary Shrum McCann 1839-1842

Vincent secondly married the Widow Mary Shrum McCann on November 6, 1839 in Warren County, Missouri. Mary, previously married to Neal McCann from 1807 to his death in late April 1836 had eleven children. The first four children were born in Tennessee from 1808 to 1815 and the remaining seven in Missouri from 1818 to 1831. Neal and Mary arrived in Missouri in about 1816-1818 prior to its statehood in 1821. The McCann's received their first land patent in 1819 for eighty acres, which was located in Section 18, Township 47 North, Range 2 West. The patent was imperfect and title not issued. Land patents were issued in 1835 and 1836 for eighty acres in Sections 13 and 18, in Township 47N, Ranges 3 and 2 West respectively.

Turner Roundtree filed an affidavit at the time of Neal McCann's death on the 27th April 1836 listing the apparent heirs: Wife Widow Polly (Mary) and children in birth order: Jesse McCan, Salama Skinner, Rhoda Cooper, Polly McCan, Matilda McCan, Delila McCan, Mahala McCan, Lewis McCan, Sarah McCan, Ruhama McCann, and John W. McCann.

Vincent Taylor-Service on three Grand Juries 1839-1845

Warren County Court Records show that Vincent served on three grand juries from 1839 to 1845. Members, some of Warren County's finest citizens, served on the grand jury formed, April 1839: Larken G. Carter, Thomas Austin, James Ashburn, Lawrence Langford, Isaac Ellis, Frances H. Gesler, John N. Gibson, James A. Hamilton, Blanton May, Archibald N. Gibson, William C. Rice, John Reynolds, , Thomas D. Archer, Vincent Taylor, W. P. Cartwright, Pleasant Pryor, Christopher Night, and Pleasant Bryant.

The second grand jury Vincent Taylor served on formed in 1840 included: Nicholas Shrum, Morgan Wyatt, Chisholm Griffiths, Asa Hines, William Oden, Thomas D. Archer, Isaac Zumwalt, John Ingram, John Gee, Jesse McCann, William Bays, Grief Stewart, John Zumwalt, Schuyler Brice, John N. Travis, Francis Howels, John Kent, Laurence Lang, John Clever, Joil Smith (sp?), and Vincent Taylor.

The third grand jury formed 28 April 1845 included Martin Bair, foreman; A. R. Dunham (Durham?), John H. Thomas, Charles Hill, William C. Rice, Levi Mecires, Vincent Taylor, Laurence Long, Miles Johnson, Drury Washburn, Francis L. Preston, Isaac Clary, Thomas Lasker, Madison Jones, Huey "U or V" Jones, Audrain Faust, and Thomas D. Archer.


1840 Warren County, Missouri Census

The 1840 Warren County, Missouri Federal Census enumerated 10 persons, a combined household of four Taylor and four McCann children. Enumerated were Vincent, wife Mary S. McCann, and children: Kitturah Taylor, age 20, Lewis McCann, age 15, Sarah McCann, age 14/15, Miranda Taylor, age 13, Eli P. Taylor, age 10, John W. McCann, age 10, Ruhama McCann, age 10, and Stephen B. Taylor, age 7.

Daughter E. A. (Elizabeth Ann) Taylor died between 1830 and 1840, and eldest son (2) Flory Fountain Taylor married Delilah McCann, a daughter of Neal McCann, in 1839. Six of the McCann children had married by 1840 and one is unaccounted for, presumed dead: (1) Jesse McCann married Thalba Williams 1836; (2) Salama (Phama) married Mr. Skinner before 1836; (3) Rhoda married Elihu Cooper, before 1836; (4) Polly married Lawrence Lankford (Langford), 1836; (5) Matilda married William Cook 1836; and (6) Delilah married Flory Fountain Taylor 1839 and (7) Mahala McCann, born1820-25 is unaccounted for.


1842 Bad Debt Court Case

Dr. Henry C. Wright vs. Vincent Taylor

Vincent Taylor and wife Mary were sued by the town doctor,. Henry C. Wright for unpaid debt of $65.56 and $21.80 and 1/4 cents damages for a total of $86.36 and 1/4 cents. Possibly the debt is an unpaid bill for medical services for Mary? Vincent Taylor was adjudged and ordered by the court to pay Dr. Henry C. Wright for said debt.

Footnote: Warren County, MO Court Book B, Page 132: Whatsoever both in Law and in Equity which the said Vincent Taylor and Mary his wife had at the time of executing said mortgage deed to wit on the 17 January 1842 in to and upon the following parcels of Land to wit:

  1. 4 40/100 of an acre Lot 2 (3?) in that North West of Section 18, Township 47 North of Range 2 West.
  2. Also 40 acres of Land to wit North East qtr of NE Qtr Section 13, Township 47 Range 3 West (Purchased by Neal McCan-Patent MO0090_.150).
  3. Also 40 acres of Land to wit N 1/2 of Lot N'1 NW qtr Section 18, Township 47 Range 2 West (Purchased by Neal McCan-MO0100_.105).
  4. 40 acres of Land living on the South end of the W 1/2 of the NW qtr of Section 18, Range 2 West, Township 47N.

"All of which lands are situated in the county and state aforesaid to wit all the privileges to the same belonging be sold to satisfy the amount of this judgment and that a special furifacius (sp?) be issued to this judgment as the Law directs."

Two of these parcels of land were purchased by Mary Shrum Taylor's deceased spouse Neal McCan. The children of Neal McCan signed over their interest in their father's land to Ephraim Riddle, born 1803, Pittsylvania County, Virginia, and living in Warren County, Missouri with his wife Judith Gravely. (Ref: "Widows, Stepkin, and Support Networks: Clues to the Unknown Father of Miranda (Taylor) Morris" by William M. Litchman, Ph.D., CG, National Genealogical Society Quarterly, Volume 84, #1, March 1996, pp 17-27).


1850 Warren County, Missouri Census

The household of Vincent Taylor consists of Vincent, age 52, born 1798, and son Stephen B. Taylor, age 17, born 1833, both of Virginia and farmers. Mary Shrum McCann is unaccounted for-presumed deceased.

Four more children are married by the 1850 census: (1) Kitturah Taylor married William Brisco 16 March 1843 and moved to Hancock County, Tennessee; (2) Lewis McCann married Mary Ann Johnson, 28 November 1844; (3) Sarah McCann married Jesse Cartwright 27 May 1841 and moved to Grant County, Wisconsin; and (4) Miranda Taylor married 28 October 1847 Nathaniel Morris; (5) Eli P. Taylor, single, moved away from home, employed at the tobacco farm of George W. Dyer as a Tobacconist; (6) John W. McCann is unaccounted for; and (7) Ruhama McCann moved to Grant County, Wisconsin, married Porter Neel in 1848 and died in 1849; and (8) Stephen Bernard Taylor, age 17, is living with father Vincent in 1850. Stephen Bernard Taylor, the youngest son, married Martha Harmon, 19 August 1855.


Vincent Taylor & 3rd wife Mrs. Sicily Jane Dickerson Garrett 1859-1865

Spouse 3: Married 12 November 1857, Troy, Lincoln Co., Missouri. Sicily Jane Dickerson Garrett, age 32, Born 16 May 1825, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. Died before 1925, Slaytonville, Sebastian Co., Arkansas. Married 1st William D. Garrett, 13 January 1842, Pittsylvania Co., VA. William D. Garrett, born 1820, is the son of John Garrett, Jr. and wife Jane, and grandson of John Garrett, Sr. and Sally Covington.. William and Sicily have three children by the 1850 Pittsylvania County, Virginia census: Benjamin Franklin, born 1842, Jemima Jane, born 1845, and Thomas William Garrett, b. 1849 County, Virginia. Came to Missouri with William D. Garrett about 1851/1853. Married seven and one-half years. No children born to this marriage with Vincent Taylor..

1860 Warren County, Missouri Census

(Census date: June 9, 1860)

The 1860 Warren County, Missouri census enumerated six people in the Vincent Taylor household: Vincent, 61, Sicily, 35, Jemima Jane, 15, Thomas William, 11, houseguest Agnes Giles, age 80, born 1780 Virginia, who cannot read or write; and a John Collins, age 26, of Virginia. The eldest son Benjamin Franklin Garrett, age 17 is working as a farmhand at the household of William Duxton in Campbranch.

Vincent Taylor was age 52 in the 1850 census taken on August 29th. In the 1860 census taken June 9th he is 61 years old. Since Vincent is not quite 62 years old his birthday might occur somewhere in the 82 days between June 9th and August 29th.

Vincent died sometime in the late April 1865 and prior to 6 May 1865 when wife Cecilia filed an affidavit confirming the names of the living children of Vincent.


6 May 1865 Vincent Taylor, Deceased. Warren County, MO, Wills Book C, page 469

Know all men of these presents, that Mrs. Cecilia J. Taylor, as principal and Lewis Kennedy and William L. Gilkey as securities, are held and firmly bound unto the State of Missouri in the full and just sum of Eight Hundred Dollars, so the payment whereas will and truly to be made, we bind ourselves, our heirs, executors and administrators by these presents, sealed with our seals and dated at Warren county, Missouri, this sixth day of May eighteen hundred and sixty-five.

Cecilia J. Taylor, seal; Lewis Kennedy, seal; Wm L. Gilkey, seal.

State of Missouri, County of Warren
I, Cecilia J. Taylor, do swear to the best of my knowledge and belief that Vincent Taylor died without a will, that Fountain Taylor-Wisconsin, Katy Briscoe-Kentucky, Eli Taylor-Wisconsin; Bernard Taylor-Illinois, Miranda Morris-Wisconsin are all the heirs of said deceased and pay all the debts as far as the assets will extend & the law direct, to account for & pay all assets which shall come to my possession or knowledge. Subscribed & sworn to before me this 6th day of May 1865.

(Albert Forsvein, Clerk, Filed May 6th/1865)


Warren County Wills Book C, page 470

State of Missouri, County of Warren

To the State of Missouri to all persons to whom these presents shall come greeting.
Know ye that whereas Vincent Taylor late of the County of Warren in said State, died intestate as it is said having at the time of his death property in this State which may be lost, destroyed or diminished in value if speedy care, be not taken of the same: to the end therefore that the said property may be collected, preserved and disposed of according to law.

We do hereby appoint Cecilia J. Taylor administratix of all and singular the goods and chattels rights and credits which were, of the said Vincent Taylor at the time of his death with full power and authority to secure and dispose of said property, according to law and collect all moneys due said deceased and in general to do and perform all other acts and things, which are or hereafter may be required of her by law.

In testimony whereas, I Albert P. Forsvein, Clerk of the County Court, of said County have here unto set my hand and affixed the seal of said Court at office, in Warrenton, in said County this sixth day of May 1865.

Albert P. Frosvein, Clerk

Filed May 6, 1865.


Warren County, Missouri Probate Book, page 267, May 20, 1865:

The court approved the appraisement bill of Cecilia Taylor.

The court approved the following Bonds: Cecilia Taylor. Lewis Kennedy & W. L. Gilkey, Securities.


Warren County, Missouri Probate Book, page 271, August 1865 Term:

Three claims, with a total value of $36.50 were filed and approved against the estate of Vincent Taylor:

Richard Arnall, $10.00; Elizabeth Jones $16.50; and Sandy Pratt, $10.00.


Warren County, Missouri Probate Book, page 277, August Term, 1865:

The index of the probate book indicates that the following claim was filed against the estate of Vincent Taylor even though the expense was incurred by a "M. W. Taylor," presumably by daughter Miranda W. Taylor.

Henry Dickroeger, Wright City merchant, filed a claim of $21.09 against M. W. Taylor. Amount was approved and charged against the estate of Vincent Taylor.


Warren County, Missouri Probate Book, page 294, November 20, 1865:

The Court order that the remainder of the Estate of Vincent Taylor deceased being of the amount of Ten Dollars, be turned over to Cecilia Taylor, Widow of the late Vincent Taylor, for her maintenance.




(A.k.a. Fountain E. Taylor)


Born between June 9 & August 28, 1798 Virginia, Died late April & before May 6, 1865 Warren Co., MO

Son of Caleb Taylor, b. ca. 1770-75, d. ca. 1839 & wife Nancy "Ann," b. ca 1775-80, d bet 1850/60, King & Queen County, Virginia

Came to Missouri between September 1835 and June 1836, from King & Queen or Halifax County, Virginia

Spouses of Vincent Taylor

Spouse 1: Married about 1817/18, Virginia. Sarah "Sallie" DURHAM, age 18-21, b ca 1790/1800. Died sometime between September 1835 to 1839, either in Virginia, while traveling to Missouri, or in the Warren County, Missouri area. Married approximately 18-21 years.

Spouse 2: Married 6 November 1839 Warren County, Missouri. Widow Mary Shrum McCANN, age 49-59, b ca 1780/1790 Macon County, Tennessee. Died about 1842 Warren Co., Missouri. Daughter of Nicholas Shrum, Jr., York Co., Pennsylvania and Betsey Hostetler. Nicholas Shrum was born 1763 PA and died in Lincoln County, Missouri, May 1851. Betsey Hostetler was born between 1760/1770. Mary Shrum married 1st to Neal McCan (McCann), about 1808, in Tennessee and had eleven children born between 1808 and 1831. Neal McCann died in April 1836, Warren County, Missouri. No children born to this marriage. Married approximately three to five years.

Spouse 3: Married 12 November 1857, Troy, Lincoln Co., Missouri. Sicily Jane (Dickerson) GARRETT, age 32, born 16 May 1825, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia. Died before 1925, Slaytonville, Sebastian Co., Arkansas. Married 1st William D. Garrett, 13 January 1842, Pittsylvania Co., VA. Had four children born between 1842 and 1851 while living in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Came to Missouri with William D. Garrett about 1851/1853. No children born to this marriage. Married seven and one-half years.


Children of (Fountain E.) Vincent Taylor & Sallie Durham

1. Flory Fountain Taylor, b. 1818-VA. Married Delilah McCANN

2. Kitturah Taylor, b. 1820/182-VA. Married William BRISCO

3. Miranda Taylor, b. 1827-VA. Married Nathaniel MORRIS

4. Eli Patterson Taylor, b. 1829-VA. Married Elizabeth PERRIN

5. E. A. (Elizabeth Ann?) Taylor b. 1830/31-bef. 1840. Female.

6. Stephen Bernard Taylor, b.1832-VA. Married Martha HARMON


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