William D Garrett/Scicily J. Dickerson family

William D. Garrett & wife Sicily Jane Dickerson, Pittsylvania County, Virginia


William D. Garrett married Sicily Jane Dickerson, 13 January 1842, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia. Three children were born in Pittsylvania County, Virginia: Benjamin Franklin, b. 1842; Jemima Jane, b. 1846; and Thomas William, b. 1849. A fourth child, a girl, Lou Garrett, was born in 1851, either in VA/TN.. The Garrett family left Virginia and headed west to Missouri between 1851 and 1852. William D. Garrett was issued a land patent in Campbranch, Warren County, Missouri, April 15, 1853.

Garrett families arrive in Missouri from Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Though no relationship has been established between the two Pittsylvania county Garrett families of Thomas and Ann Jones and John Garrett, Jr and wife Jane, both lived in Pittsylvania County around the same time. Children of Thomas and Ann arrived in Missouri in 1834 while children of John Jr. and wife Jane arrived in Missouri about 1852. Both Garrett families settled in the same area of Warren County.

John Garrett, Jr. and wife Jane, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

William D. Garrett is the son of John Garrett, Jr. and wife Jane. Grandson of John Garrett, Sr. and wife Sarah Covington. John Garrett, Sr., and wife Sally, on August 19, 1833 are recorded in the Pittsylvania County, VA Deeds Book making "A gift to Edward Garrett." (Book 35-219).

The will of John Garrett, Sr. Will-Pittsylvania Co., VA dated 18 November 1841 was presented to court 20 Dec. 1841. Named in the will were: Wife-Sarah (Covington); Son-John Garrett Jr. & wife Jane-given land.. Daughter of wife: Casandy H. Eanes. Granddaughter-Mary Covin(g)ton-dau of Allen Covin(g)ton. Witnesses: Valentine Martin, William H. Cox, and William Haneks.

John Garrett Sr.,(~1760-1841) married Sally Covington, (b~1780) the 1 November 1808 in Pittsylvania Co., VA. It was the second marriage for both spouses. John Garrett, Jr., was born ~1781 (1850 census). Sally Covington had two children from her previous marriage: Allen H. Covington, b. 1803. and Cassandra Covington, b. 1806. Allen H. Covington married in 1826, Elizabeth Wells, b. 1810, and they had a daughter named Mary Covington, b~1827/28. Daughter Cassandra Covington married Abraham Eanes, b. 1795, and is named in the will as Cassandra Eanes. Abraham Eanes married first, Catherine Wells, in 1815.

The 1850 Pittsylvania County, VA, Federal Census, page 244, for Allen H. Covington, includes Allen and wife Elizabeth and two boys John Covington, b. ~1832 and Edward Covington, b~1842. Daughter Mary Covington, age 23, is not living at home. Cassandria Covington and husband Abram L. Eanes have three children: Nancy Eanes, b~1817, John L. Eanes, b.~1820, and Martha Eanes, b~1834.

Abraham L. Eanes is the bondsman for the marriage of Sicily Jane Dickerson and William D. Garrett in 1842. Elizabeth B. Garrett, sister of William D. Garrett, married Barney W. Dickerson in 1841. Bondsman: brother William D. Garrett, and signer of the marriage certificate: father, John Garrett, Jr.

John Garrett, Sr. (~1761-1841), & Sarah Covington (b~1780)
Married November 1, 1808, Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
1. Edward Garrett
1. Allen H. Covington, b. 1803 md. Elizabeth Wells
2. Cassandra Covington, b. 1806. md. Abraham Eanes
John Garrett, Jr., ( ~1781) & Jane (Jean Edwards?)
Married October 26, 1814

1. William D. Garrett, b. ca 1821 md. Sicily Jane Dickerson - 1842 January 13th.
.....Bondsman Abraham Eanes.
.....a. Benjamin Franklin Garrett, b. 1842. Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
.....b. Jemima Jane Garrett, b. 1846. Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
.....c. Thomas William Garrett, b. 1849 Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
.....d. Louis "Lou" Garrett, b. 1841, b. Pittsylvania Co., Virginia or Tennessee.
2. Samuel Garrett, b. ?? md. Martha Petty - 1842 May 13th. Bondsman Abraham Eanes.
3. Eliza B. Garrett, b. ?? md. Barnett W. Dickerson - 1841. Bondsman Wm D. Garrett
....Signer of certificate: John Garrett, Jr., Father


Ann Garrett and Hezekiah Ford - Charlotte or Campbell County, Virginia

Hezekiah Ford and Ann Garrett arrived from Virginia in about the year 1834. Hezekiah was the son of Irish immigrant Calvin Ford who resided in Charlotte County, Virginia. According to "The Garrett Family" on file with the Warren County Historical Society and on LDS film FHL US/CAN Film No. 1547664, item No. 9, Ann Garrett and husband Hezekiah Ford had 13 children of which 8 are identified: Calvin James Ford, Claiborne Ford, Morley Thomas Ford, William C. Ford, b. ca. 1805, Elizabeth Ford, Mourning Ford, Susan Ford, and Mathew Ford. As of 1835 Ann (Garrett) Ford was a widow, living in Montgomery County, Missouri.

Thomas Garrett & wife Ann Curry, Pittsylvania County, Virginia

The first Garrett family to arrive in Warren County, Missouri came from Pittsylvania County, Virginia, were children of Thomas Garrett and Ann Curry. They were: Jesse Garrett, b. 1794, and wife Zera Jones; and Rebecca Garrett, b. 1803, and husband Henry Jones.

Thomas Garrett and wife Ann, filed a gift deed 9 March 1827, in Pittsylvania County, Virginia, giving their "afflicted cripple and infirm" son John Garrett, a tract of land, 102 acres, with a saw mill, situated on the south fork of the Sandy River. The tract of land was part of the land they were residing on.

Thomas Taylor filed a will 9 March 1827. Named in the will are son Jesse, and daughter Rebecca Garrett, wife of Henry Jones. On May 22, 1827 Thomas Garrett and wife Ann, deed the land to John Garrett and Jesse Garrett.


Thomas Garrett, (1758-1827) & Ann Curry
Possible Sp 2: Ann Jones
Pittsylvania County, Virginia

Married About 1783-Loudon Co., Virginia


1. Sally Garrett, b. 1784. sp = William Payne md= 16 Feb 1807. Stayed in VA
2. Margaret "Peggy" Garrett, b. 1786. sp=Admire Turner md=19 Dec. 1808. Moved to Maury Co., Tennessee.
3. Isaac Garrett, b. 1788. sp=Elizabeth Ward. Moved to Illinois.
4. Levi Garrett, b. 1790. sp=Frances T. Davis. Moved to Marshall Co., Tennessee.
5. James Garrett, b. 1792
6. Jesse Garrett, (179401844). sp= Zerah T. Jones. Moved to Lincoln County, Missouri.
....a. Thomas L. Garrett, (1822-1875) sp=Mary Ann Moore (1824-1864) md=6 Feb 1845
........a1. Elizabeth F. Garrett, b. 1846
........a2. Sarah Virginia Garrett, b. 1848
........a3. Susan E. Garrett, b. 1851
........a4. Martha E. Garrett, b. 1854
........a5. Matilda Ann Garrett, b. 1857
........a6. Emma J. Garrett, b. 1860
........a7. William Thomas Garrett, b. 1862
....b. Levi Jackson Garrett (1830-1900) sp= Elizabeth Eleanor Riddle md= 15 April 1850
........b1. George Garrett (1851-1874)
........b2. Ephram Thomas Garrett (1854-d. in early childhood)
........b3. Jesse Leftwich Garrett (1854-d. in early childhood)
........b4, Zera Thompson Garrett (1856-d. in early childhood)
........b5. Judith "Julia" Frances Garrett (1858-1929. sp= John Riggs Thornhill md= 9 Dec 1876.
........Spouse No 2 of Levi = sp#2: Paulina Swanson Jones md= 23 Feb 1865 (1880 Census, Lincoln Co., MO)
........b6. infant son, 1865-b/d on same day
........b7. Elizabeth E. Garrett (1868-1942). sp: Joseph Thomas
........b8. Henry H. Garrett (1871-1954) sp: Anna Schuchman
........b9. Laura A. Garrett (1874-1889)
........b10. Levi Jackson Garrett (1877-1888)
........b 11. Jesse Thompson Garrett (1881-1941) Never married.
....c. Mildred Zera Garrett (1833- ) md = Armstrong L. Kennedy. md= 5 Feb 1861
....d. George W. Garrett (1841-1864)
....e. Jesse Garrett (died in infancy)
7. John Garrett, b. 1797. Received 102 acres of land from parents in 1827 due to "afflicted,cripple, and infirm"
8. Ann Garrett, b. 1801. md= James Haizlip. Stayed in Virginia.
9. Rebecca Garrett, b. 1803. md= Henry Jones 15 Dec 1823. Moved to Missouri
.....a. William Haywood Jones (1828-1830)
.....b. John Washington Jones, b. 1831
.....c. James Henry Jones, b. 1833
.....d. Sarah Ann Martin Jones, b. 1841
.....e. Christopher Columbus Jones, b. 1845
10. Elizabeth Garrett, b. 1805.

Jesse Garrett & wife Zera Jones, Pittsylvania County, VA to Lincoln County, MO-1843

Jesse Garrett (1794-1844) and wife Zera Jones, lived in Lincoln County, had five children: Thomas L. Garrett (1822-1875), Levi Jackson Garrett (1830-1900), Mildred Zera Garrett (1833), George W. Garrett, (1841-1864) and Jesse Garrett (died in infancy).

Both Jesse Garrett and son, Thomas Garrett served on the April 1844-Warren County, Missouri, grand jury, along with Colby H. Taylor, Robert J. Hueston, and Frances Wyatt. Thomas L. Garrett served a second grand jury in the late 1840s.

Jesse Garrett died intestate August 27, 1844. Warren County, Wills Books, dated 5 November 1846, states the court assigned George W. Garrett administrator and George W. Dyer, Thomas L. Garrett, and William A. Haudkins as securities. (Note: Son, George W. Garrett was only five years old in 1846. Was there an elder George W. Garrett living in Warren County in 1846?)

Thirty months later on, 21 May 1849, Thomas L. Garrett was appointed Administrator "de bonis non" of the estate of Jesse Garrett, deceased. Securities: George W. Dyer, Jesse Langford, and William Haukins. In Warren County Probate Records, page 117, February 1855, Thomas L. Garrett as curator of the estate of Milly Jane Garrett was discharged.

Thomas L. Garrett, ( 8 Nov 1822-4 Mar 1875), married, 6 February 1845, Mary Ann Moore, (1 Dec 1824VA-13 Dec 1864), from Virginia. Resided in Campbranch. William Moore, father of Mary A. Moore, died in November 1858 in Warren County, Missouri. Mary Ann Moore Garrett died December 1864. Thomas L. Garrett, was appointed the guardian of the persons and estate of William Moore, 21 June 1865: namely: Elizabeth F. Garrett, 1846, age 19, Sarah Virginia Garrett, 1848, age 17, Susan E. Garrett, 1851, age 14, Martha E. Garrett, 1854, age 11, Matilda Ann Garrett, 1857, age 8, Emma J. Garrett, 1860, age 5, and William Thomas Garrett, 1862, age 3. A Guardian Bond was issued by the Warren County Court 21 June 1865 to Thomas L. Garrett who posted a $700, securities: Creed Taylor Archer and A.M. Kile. Thomas L. Garrett petitioned for an order of the sale of the undivided seventh of 145 acres known as the William Moore farm, November 1865.

Levi Jackson Garrett married Elizabeth Eleanor Riddle 4 April 1850. Six children born between 1851-1858: George, Ephraim, Jesse, Zera, and Judith 'Julia' Garrett. Levi secondly married Paullina Swanson Jones 23 February 1865. Six children born between 1865-1881: infant son born/died on same day, Ella, Henry, Laura, Levi and Jesse. Daughter, Milly Jane Garrett, (1837-1861) married Armstrong Kennedy, 5 February 1861. George W. Garrett b. 1841 died 10 July 1864 and is buried in Palmyra Cemetery, Lincoln County, Missouri.

Banks Garrett & wife Elizabeth of Essex and King & Queen County, Virginia to Warren Co., MO-1846

The family of Banks Garrett, Center Cross, Essex County, arrived in Warren County, Missouri in about 1846. Center Cross, located about 1 mile west of the Rappahannock River is two miles northeast of the Vincent Taylor residence in King & Queen County. Banks Garrett was enumerated in the 1830 King & Queen County, Virginia census on page 289. Banks Garrett, (b. ca 1800, in Center Cross, VA, d. ca 1868, Warren Co., MO) was the son of William D. Garrett, Sr, of Essex County, Virginia.

Banks Garrett had seven children: Richard (1816-1817), Harriet (1819), John G. (1820), Rachel (1828),Robert (1825), Erastus (1831/2), and James H. Garrett (May 1840). Banks Garrett's wife Elizabeth died in Virginia sometime between 1840-1846.

Missouri land records show a Richard Garrett purchased land in Township 51 North, Range 2 West in 1844. Nothing more is known about Richard. Harriet Garrett m. James Crouch, 19 Sep. 1836, in Essex Co., VA, and came to Missouri. Rachel Garrett, m. Thomas M. Durham, 26 May 1846, and remained in Virginia until her husband died at which time she came to Missouri sometime between 1860-1870.

Robert Garrett, (3 July 1825-7 Aug 1883), m. Virginia McClearen, (14 Feb 1829-13 Dec 1899). Robert & Virginia, married 15 September 1846 in Missouri, lived in Campbranch, Warren Co., MO in the 1860 census. Children: Ellen, Columbus, John, d. inf., George, d. inf., Iverson, Adeline, Joseph Henry, Jefferson Davis, Lorenzo, d. inf., Samuel Banks, Robert Lee, and Lavinia Garrett.

Robert Garrett and Vincent Taylor were issued land patents 1 November 1851, for land in Lincoln county, in Township 48 North, Range 2 West. Robert's land patent was located in Sections 23 and 24, while Vincent's was located in Section 7. Land patents records show that five Garrett's purchased land in Warren County from 1841-1856: Jesse, Joseph, Robert, Thomas L., and William D. Garrett. A military land warrant patent was issued to John K. Salmons, assignee of Banks Garrett, on 18 August 1859, for land in SW1/4, Section 21, Township 50 North, Range 2 West, Lincoln County, Missouri. Banks Garrett, private, Captain Bagby's Company, Virginia Militia, War of 1812 .

Erastus Garrett m. Margaret McClearen 1854, in Missouri. John G. Garrett m. Mary Brizendine in 1844, Essex County, Virginia, and James H. Garrett married Sarah M. Martin in 1863 in Lincoln County, Missouri.

William D. Garrett, Sr., Essex County, Virginia

1. Thomas Garrett-Stayed in Virginia?
2. Banks Garrett (1800VA-1868MO) & wife Elizabeth (died in Virginia)

Center Cross, Essex County, Virginia
Resided in Warren County, Missouri 1846

1. Richard Garrett, b. between 1820-1825VA. Land Twp 51N, R2W purchased in 1844
2. Harriett Garrett, b. 1820VA. sp=James Crouch.
3. Rachel Garrett, b. between 1825-1830VA
4. Male (Joseph?) Garrett, b. between 1825-1830VA. Land Twp 47N, R1W purchased1843
5. Robert Garrett, (1825VA-1882MO). sp=Virginia McClearen md-15 September 1846
....1880 Census: Campbranch, Warren County, Missouri
....a, Ellen Louisa Garrett, b. 1849 sp=Virgil A. Stewart md=5 Feb. 1867
....b, Columbus Garrett, (1852-1928). sp=Jane Mills (1875); Virginia Crouch (1901)
....c. John Garrett, died in infancy-1854
....d. George Garrett, died in infancy-1855
....e. Iverson Garrett (1856-1929CA) sp= Missouri A. Meadows md=23 Oct 1879
....f. Adeline Garrett (1857-1925CA) sp=George J. Martin md=4 Aug 1881
....g. Joseph Henry Garrett, b. 1859
....h. Jefferson Davis Garrett, b. 1861 sp=Jane J. Meadows md=14 Feb 1883
....i. Lorenzo Garrett, died in infancy-1863
....j. Samuel Banks Garrett (1866-1928-CA) sp=Victoria Young md=15 April 1888
....k. Robert Lee Garrett (1868-1947)
....l. Lavinia Garrett, b. 1874) sp = Dan Meadows
6. Erastus Garrett, b. 1832VA. sp=Margaret McClearen
7. John G. Garrett, b. 1835VA. sp Sarah Martin.


Garrett & Taylor land transactions in Essex County, Virginia 1789-1827

Banks-Garrett land transactions in Essex County, Virginia,

Sicily Jane Dickerson, Pittsylvania County, Virginia to Warren County, MO-1851/2

Little is known about Sicily Jane Dickerson. There is no signature of either parent on the marriage bond. Abraham L. Eanes husband of Cassandra Covington, is the bondsman. The 1860 Warren County, Missouri census is marked in column 13 indicating that Sicily can neither read or write.

Clerical interpretations of how to spell Sicily's name have resulted in many variant forms found in documents including: Sicily (1850 Pittsylvania Co, VA Federal Census), Sisley (1857 Lincoln Co., MO marriage certificate: Criscillia (1860 Warren Co., MO Federal Census), and Cecilia (1865 Warren County Wills Book).

The earliest record of the name Cecelia occurs in the arrival of Leonard Calvert and his company in two ships, the Ark and the Dove, sent from England by his brother, Cecelius Calvert, Lord Baltimore, March 5, 1634. Leonard Calvert entered the Potomac and sailed up about thirty miles, "Till wee came to heron Ilands, so called from the infinite farmers of that fowle there. The first of those Islands we called Saint Clement's (now Blackistone); the second Saint Katherine's; and the third Saint Cicilies's." These islands are located on the Potomac River between St. Clement's Bay and the entrance to the Wicomico River inlet, St. Mary's County, Maryland. (Ref. "Potomac Landings" by Paul Wilstach" published 1921, pages 27-28).

Other Dickersons married in Pittsylvania County, VA include:
(1) Elizabeth Dickerson & Hiram McDaniel 4 August 1823;
(2) Peyton Dickerson & Catey Terry 17 July 1829;
(3) Julia Dickerson & William Brizendine 21 Feb 1831. Bondsman David Dickerson, Signer of Certificate: Mildred Dickerson
(4) Barney W. Dickerson & Eliza B. Garrett in 1841.



Family genealogy research by: Jim Franks

William D. Garrett, b~1820, Virginia. d~1853 Warren Co., MO. Son of John Garrett Jr, & Jane.

Grandson of John Garrett, Sr, and wife Sarah Covington.

Spouse: Sicily Jane Dickerson, b~1825, Virginia. d. before. 1926. Buried: Slaytonville, Sebastian Co., Arkansas.

Married 13 January 1842, Pittsylvania Co., VA


(1) Benjamin Franklin Garrett, b. 16 December 1842, Pittsylvania Co., VA; d. 10 January 1913, Poteau, Leflore Co, Oklahoma
Spouse: Susan Jane Bradley (1845-1906). Married 23 May 1866. Franklin Co., Arkansas.


  • 1-a. Laura E. Garrett, b.1 April 1867; d 16 April, 1867. Arkansas.

  • 1-b. John Thomas Garrett, b.12 March 1868, Webb City, Franklin Co., Arkansas.

  • 1-c. Robert Edgar Lee Garrett, b.2 March 1870, Webb City, Franklin Co., Arkansas.

  • 1-d. Franklin Henry Taylor Garrett, b.21 September 1871, Missouri.

  • 1-e. Vida Ann Garrett, b.14 Sept 1873. Missouri.

  • 1-f. Joseph Walter Garrett, b.23 Feb 1875, Joplin area, Missouri.

  • 1-g. Virginia Nevada Garrett, b.2 Jan 1877, Webb City, Franklin Co., Arkansas.
  • 1-h. Idus Wayne Garrett, b.30 Oct. 1878, Webb City, Franklin Co., Arkansas.
  • 1-i. Mary Florence Garrett, b.2 Oct. 1880, Webb City, Franklin Co., Arkansas.
  • 1-j. Sicily Cassandra Garrett, b.26 March 1882. Franklin Co., Arkansas.
  • 1-k. Emory Patton Davis Garrett, b.22 Oct. 1883, Webb City, Franklin Co., Arkansas.
  • 1-l. Hugh Wellington Garrett, b.3 Oct. 1885, Webb City, Franklin Co., Arkansas.

(2) Jemina Jane Garrett. Born 14 Feb. 1846. Pittsylvania Co., VA. Died 15 May 1920 Arkansas or Oklahoma.

Spouse: Richard "Dick" HUBBARD. Born 21 Feb 1846. Buried Slaytonville, Sebastian Co., Arkansas

(3) Thomas William Garrett. Born 1849. Pittsylvania Co., VA. Note: 1850 Pittsylvania Co., VA census lists his first name as William while the Warren Co., Missouri 1860 census lists his first name as Thomas.

(4) Lou Garrett. Born 1851 Virginia or Tennessee. Spouse: Mr. CARR..

  • Note: Lou, is not found living in the 1860 Census for Warren County, MO. Conflicting family genealogies state that Lou's husband is Wesley BROCK. Born 1850 TN. Married ~1875. The family of Philip E. BROOCKE, Jr. departed in July 1872 from King & Queen County, Virginia-their destination-Tennessee.


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