Bletsch Family History and Connections


I've been doing research in the family history off and on for a number of years. I have corresponded with some very nice kinfolk and have lost touch with some of these folk over the years. I decided to put the information that I have gathered from various sources on this site. It may take some time, so please be patient with me.

When I first began doing family history, I learned of three brothers who had come from Germany in about 1852-1854.  Jacob, at about age 22,  Peter, at about age 18, and August, at about age 12. Jacob became a minister and lived in various places in Iowa,  Illinois, and Wisconsin. August probably first lived with one of his siblings, but then spent most of his working career with the Western Book Firm in Cincinnati. Peter traveled to Texas in 1855 became a landholder and farmer.  You can trace the lineage of these brothers by going to the Ancestry Charts.

These brother's parents were Peter and Magdalena Bletsch. The ages of the other siblings when the three brothers traveled to America would have been approximately: Catharina Barbara Bletsch, 28; Johannes Bletsch, 26; Johannes Bletsch, 25; Johann Anton Bletsch, 24; Johann Georg Bletsch, 21; Johann Adam Bletsch, 16; Franziska Bletsch , 15; and Pius August Bletsch, 13. There are indications that at least one sister and one or more other brothers came to America with Jacob,  August and Peter.  Within these pages, you will see the connections a various folks to my immediate family.  Perhaps you'll find some connection to yours!

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My Line

I first started researching my family history when I was in high school. Later, my father's Aunt Laura sent him copies of much of the information she had gathered. At that time we knew of three brothers who had come from Germany to the United States in the 1850's. My great-great-grandfather, Peter Bletsch, came to Texas. Jacob Bletsch was a Methodist Minister in Ohio and August Bletsch worked as the German Comptroller for the Methodist Book Store in Chicago and Cincinatti. We are learning of other siblings who also came at that time. It appears that all of the Bletsch's in the United States are possibly related to these siblings.

My lineage:
The following is the Bletsch lineage for my brothers and myself. If you click on the linked names, you will be taken to a family group page for that person.

  • Christian Bletsch (er) - Born: about 1706; Died 30 Dec. 1762
    • Johannes Bletsch - Born: 6 May 1736
      • Johann Peter Bletsch - Born 7 May 1766
        • Peter Matthaus Bletsch - Born 29 Apr 1801; Died about 1840
          • Peter Bletsch - Born 5 Nov. 1834; Came to the United States about 1852; Died 19 Dec. 1897
            • George August Bletsch - Born 15 July 1864; Died 17 Oct. 1928
              • Herman Peter Bletsch - Born: 15 Apr. 93; Died: 16 May 1977
                • One son
                  • Four sons, one daughter

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