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A summary of information in the Blissmer Family Research
from Germany to Russia to France to ??

This page is intended to present the unusual bits of data uncovered during research of our Blissmer in Germany. While yet unknown, these people of Russia must bear some connection to each other, and to the Blissmer of Germany. We can only try to present the information as it becomes available, with hopes that someday a link to the families will be found. Perhaps another relative or descendant will happen across this page, and new contacts will be made to the past and to the present. We welcome contact with anyone who has links to the Blissmer family.

We have the name of Johann George Gottfried Blissmer. He was born 8.06.1804, location unknown. He died 7.03.1880 in St. Petersburg. Approx. 1850, he married a Catherine (Katharina?) Nissen in Moscow. She died 20.05.1909 at age 83 years, 9 months. Birthplace is unknown, but her mother is buried in Uetersen, Germany. This marriage produced 2 children, Johannes and Gottfried. There is no further data on the children.

Now, where is the German/Russian connection?

Johann George Gottfried was one of 5 children to Johann Christian Nicolas Blissmer (1767-1829)/Anna Sophie Elisabeth Neuber (??-1820). The family consisted of:
1)A daughter, born 30.3.1799
2)Catharine Julianne Dorothea Blissmer, born 11.11.1801
3)Johann George Gottfried Blissmer, born 8.06.1804
4)A son
5)Christian Gottfried David Blissmer, born 21.9.1810.
Christian Gottfried David (brother to Johann George Gottfried) is our link down to all currently known Blissmer in Germany. He married a Charlotta Margaretha Elisabeth Bodien (1809-1860) in 1836. The family tree diagram shows them with their 7 children, and the remaining known Blissmer descendants. Visit our German Family History Tree at German Blissmer.
If you are with us so far, great, as this is all known information. If you are a descendant to any of the lineage in the Germany tree, please drop us an e-mail.

Here is where the fun begins, as research has uncovered yet more names
to add to the puzzle of St. Petersburg.
The data is valid, but not good enough to help us make any connections. How they may relate as a parent, sibling, or child to our current tree is a mystery. Where did they come from, and where did they go? The information below regarding these family members is presented in random order, with no logical sequence.

A computer search once turned up a list of Blissmer names. Backtracking via the URL identified the OsteEuropa-Institute Muenchen (Germany). The site is in German, but one may be able to click around and find the index (archives). OSTEUROPA INSTITUTE. This produced the following:

George Ernst Christian Blissmer, German
Died, St. Petersburg 24.3.1898

Gottfried Blissmer, German
Education(?) Petrischule

Johann Blissmer, German
Died, St. Petersburg 4.3.1898

Johann Christian Samuel Blissmer
Died, Moskau 1907
Married 1880
Julie Dorothea Franzisca Moeller
Julie then married Karl Johann Behrens, 1897

Johann Blissmer
Beruf/Tätigkeit: Kalkwerk Blitzmer & Schmidt

Johann Christian Blissmer, German
Beruf(e): Kaufmann
Died St. Petersburg 28.5.1895
Married: Amalie Josephine Winrich
Died St. Petersburg 24.11.1891
Children of Johann Christian and Amalie Winrich:
Juliane Carolina Ludovica Blissmer, b: 24 Oct 1845, St. Annen, RU
Josephine Julie Blissmer, b: 12 Oct 1854, Seeburg, RU

Johann Georg Gottfried Blissmer, German, Born 20.6.1804
Died St. Petersburg 29.3.1880(?)
Married: Katharina Nissen
Died St. Petersburg 20.5.1909 at 83 years 9 mo.
2 Children, Johanness & Gottfried Jr.

WFT produced the following data:

Descendants of Gottfried Blissmer
Generation No. 1
1. GOTTFRIED BLISSMER was born WFT Est. 1808-1828, and died WFT Est. 1853-1914. He married CATHERINE NISSEN WFT Est. 1853-1887, daughter of NISS NISSEN and SOPHIE MOLLER. She was born August 16, 1825, and died WFT Est. 1853-1919.
Notes for CATHERINE NISSEN: She was in Eckernforde when the Danish battleship Christian VIII was blown up by the Schleswig Holsteiners in 1849. She followed her brother to St. Petersburg where she was soon married to the artist painter, later photographer, Gottfried Blissmer. Her children are Johannes and Gottfried who lived in Moscow.
i. JOHANNES BLISSMER, b. WFT Est. 1843-1866; d. WFT Est. 1848-1947.
ii. GOTTFRIED BLISSMER, JR., b. WFT Est. 1843-1866; d. WFT Est. 1848-1947.

Yet another search turned up more Blissmer names. This time at the Volkovo Lutheran Cemetery in St. Petersburg, Russia. Dr. Benedict Bem has performed extensive research, and a wonderful web site has an alphabetical listing of the names. VOLKOVO LUTHERAN CEMETERY.

Here is a photo of the rare and wonderful tombstone marker of BLISSMER at the Volkovo Lutheran Cemetery in St. Petersburg, Russia.
Click photo for larger view.
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Blissmer Tombstone St. Petersburg, Russia


(These 4 names are engraved on the tombstone.)
BLISSMER, AMALIE     15.3.1815 -- 8.11.1891
BLISSMER, GEORG       22.9.1843 -- 24.3.1898
BLISSMER, JOHANN     9.6.1807 -- 17.5.1895
BLISSMER, JULIE           16.7.1849 -- 4.9.1907

There is another Blissmer, but with no headstone:
BLISSMER, JOHANN     21.7.1847 -- 11.11.1898

And another burial place at Smolensky Evangical Cemetery which does not exist now, for:
I.G.G. BLISSMER, 8.6.1804 -- 7.3.1880.
(Possibly should be J.G.G.??)(Johann Georg Gottfried)

A descendant of the Russians was doing a computer search for Blissmer, came across our Web Site, and contact was established.
Here we can present our small, but first, family tree based on the Blissmer of Russia. Marguerite Blissmer left Russia to be married in Switzerland, then moved to France.


  Johann Christian
Samuel Blissmer
Marriage: 1880
Julie Dorothea
Franzisca Moller
Marriage: ??
Spouse: ??
Marriage: ??
Spouse: ??
Living Son (?)  

NOT VERIFIED WHO: Mary Blessmuir, b: 1878, France, 1900 USA Montana Census(??)

There you have it. Our complete "database", all on one page. There are lots of possibilities, but no valid connections yet. Remember, if your ancestors name touches any Blissmer, please join our Family History.


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