Langbehn - Fehmarn Island

From the Fehmarn Island, Baltic Sea, Germany

This data is transcribed, and I apologize should any errors occur. Your understanding is appreciated. Please follow up on ANY information you may find via the internet. Contacts are provided to enhance your/our research.

• Joachim Langbehn
    m: Anna Louise Sheel

    CHILD: (Only 1 child known at this time)
    • Joachim Friederich Langbehn
        b: 22 Mar 1834
        d: ?? (No further data)
        m: Anna Catharina Elisabeth Evers
        b: Abt 1833
        d: ??
        m: 25 Oct 1854

        • Anna Langbehn
            b: 18 Feb 1854, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: ?? (No further data)

        • Nicolaus Matthäus Langbehn (An America Connection)
            b: 13 Dec 1856, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: ?? Calumet City, Cook County, Illinois
                * Matthias & wife Mary immigrated to America in 1881.
                * In 1900, they had been married for 23 years. Calumet City, Cook County, Illinois.
                * One son, William (Willie), born 1890.
                * William married an Anna.
                * William/Anna had 3 children: Raymond, Arthur, and Mildred.

        • Caroline Catharina Henriette Langbehn (An America Connection)
            b: 18 July 1860, Fehmarn, Germany
                * Caroline married Johannes Matthäus Wulf, 17 Jan 1877, Fehmarn
                * One son, Heinrich Matthäus Wulf, born on Fehmarn, 11 Mar 1877.
                * Johannes came to America first, Caroline & son followed later.
                * Settled in Calumet City, Cook County, Illinois.
                * Johannes/Caroline had 8 more children in the USA. Of 10 children total, 9 survived.
                * See WULF FAMILY Fehmarn/America Wulf/Wolf. E-mail contact available.

Johannes Wulf was 1 of 6 children from his father's 1st marriage.
There are 8 children from his father's 2nd marriage. Step-brothers Christian & Theodore Wulf (Twins, 1870) have been identified in Calumet City, Illinois, and some descendents.

        • Catharina DOROTHEA Langbehn (An America Connection)
            b: 24 Oct 1862, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 7 Feb 1910, Cedar Lake, Lake County, Indiana. Buried: Hessville, IN. (Cert)
                * DORA immigrated to America in 1881, alone. (Passenger List)
                * Dora married Heinrich Blissmer, 31 Dec 1882, Lansing, Cook County, Illinois. (Cert)
                * Home was Calumet City, Cook County, Illinois. (Early days called it West Hammond Village)
                * Dora/Heinrich had 13 children, only 9 survived.
                * See BLISSMER, Blissmer Family History. (1875 - present)

Left: Caroline Langbehn (Wulf) b:1860 / Right: Dora Langbehn (Blissmer) b:1862

        • Agathe Agnes Caroline Langbehn (An America Connection)
            b: 5 April 1865, Fehmarn, Germany (Langbehn)
            d: 17 Nov 1934, Lansing, IL. (Neckel)
            m: Heinrich Neckel
            b: ??
            d: 8 July 1938, Calumet City, IL
            * Child Emma Neckel, b: 4 Oct 1899.
            * Child Johanna Neckel, b: 28 Dec 1901.

        • Carl Heinrich Emil Langbehn
            b: 2 July 1870, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: ?? No further data.

        • Carl Jacob Langbehn
            b: 28 Sep 1872, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: ?? (No further data)

        • Charlotte Magdalena Langbehn (An America Connectin)
            b: 28 Dec 1874, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: ?? (No further data).
                * Name appears on Calumet City Church Baptism

        • Agnes Catharina Margaretha Langbehn
            b: 23 July 1877, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: ?? (No further data)
                * The name Margaretha appears in Calumet City, Illinois.

This information gives us the connection of LANGBEHN/BLISSMER, back to the ancestors in Germany, on the Island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. Members of this family are identified in Calumet City, Cook County, Illinois. Other Langbehn names appear in the same area, but as yet have not been connected.

The 4 church parishes on Fehmarn seem to have excellent records, some back to the 1300's. Investigate the 140,000 names at the FEHMARN DATABASE

Langbehn, Blissmer, and Wulf were all associated with St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church In Calumet City, Illinois. The original German church records have been microfilmed, and are available at the South Suburban Genealogical & Historical Society, Hazel Crest, IL. Study their web site at: SSGHS. The films are also available at LDS.

If you have information, or a connection to, any of the Langbehn, Bliesmer (Blissmer), or Wulf (Wolf) families above, your communication would help expand knowledge of our family in Germany (And America). A friendly tip on where to rub the magic Genie Lamp is appreciated too. E-MAIL: BLISSMER

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