The first batch of our Most Wanted has been accomplished (partially). Some of Fritz's siblings have been identified, including an important one, which identified that he had 6 children. The tree is updated (March 3, 2011) to reflect lots of new family in this area. Working with a descendent of one of the children, we are finally able to welcome them as a connection to this Wiening family.

There are a lot of "same name" people out there, and, same time frames. Searching for the facts to put them into the proper tree has been, and will be, a challenge.
Don't forget the multitude of spelling variations, the spelling/transcription on original documents will amaze you.


* A child, Rudolph Wiening, born West Hammond abt May 30, 1898.
Died: May 30, 1899. Death Cert, no parents listed.

* A child, Clara Wiening, born West Hammond abt Dec. 1895.
Died: Oct 9, 1898. No parents listed.

*A Wiening child, male, born West Hammond, March 28, 1899.
No child name, no parents listed.

*A Richard Wiening, son of Alfred. Aunts Helen & Louise. West Hammond.
Perhaps Richard has 2 children, last known location: Florida.

*Via a passenger list, 1862, to Illinois, a possible son of Joseph/Sophia?
C.H. Wiening 34 (son)
Mine 32 (wife)
Sophie 9
Carl 7
Mine 5
Stine infant
Sophia Mother 52

NOTE: This list is valid. The departure was from Hamburg on 1 Oct 1862 and arrived in NY 17 Nov 1862. The ship, Sir Robert Peel, then sailed to Illinois.
*A possible brother, or son, of Joseph Wiening?
Anton Wenning b: 1832? d: Chicago: 1900
Married: Gertrude Harth, Aug 25, 1870, Will County, IL

*The Christ Wiening/Alwine family in Wisconsin has "some potential" due to the time frame, and, his father Joachim's family.
So far, there is NO PROOF that this family belongs in our tree.

*Another Henry Wiening/Mary in Chicago is questionable. Attempts to contact researchers have failed.

*Vague results want to link some Wiening from Illinois, to Ohio, Kentucky, and Colorado. (Colorado has our Wiening family.)
I have been too busy to confirm further findings on these names.

If you are a Wiening chasing names in Chicago, there may be a connection here.
If you are a Wiening that has ancestors data, and are looking for the American
connection ...... this may be what you are looking for.

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PLEASE go back and update your new address. With people changing emails faster than their socks, we researchers
cannot make contact with you. (And you are not receiving notification that someone has replied.)THANKS!

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