Wulf - Fehmarn Island

From the Fehmarn Island, Baltic Sea, Germany

The WULF Family on Fehmarn has a lot of information. This page is designed to show DIRECT CONNECTIONS ONLY in the Wulf line, which navigates from Fehmarn over to America. There are lots of family members/names/surnames NOT shown here. Some families only list surnames within the family, because the time frame enters privacy of the living.
The diagram was included here, because Wulf/Blissmer become related via 2 Langbehn sisters (Wulf/Langbehn married on Fehmarn and Blissmer/Langbehn married in America).
For anyone seeking further information or connections to the Wulf Family, please contact WOLF (Wulf) Family. This individual is the only known spelling change of Wulf to Wolf in America in this family.

This data is transcribed, and I apologize should any errors occur. Your understanding is appreciated. Please follow up on ANY information you may find via the internet. Contacts are provided to enhance your/our research.

• Hans Wulf (Fehmarn, Germany)
    m: Becke ?? (Fehmarn, Germany)

    • Cay Wulf
        b: 1728, Fehmarn, Germany
        d: 1782
        m: 3rd Wife(?), Catharina Wileken
        b: 1751, Fehmarn, Germany
        d: 1824

        CAY CHILD:
        • Hans Jürgen Wulf
            b: Abt 1783, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 17 Oct 1810
            m: Magdalena Bremer
            b: Abt 1774, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 21 Mar 1851

            • Hans Christian Wulf
            b: 4 May 1805, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 17 Oct 1879
            m: Maria Elisabeth Karek
            b: 23 June 1798, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 11 Feb 1879
            m: 6 Dec 1826

            • Jürgen Heinrich Wulf
            b: 11 Dec 1829, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: ??
            m: 1st Wife: Elsabe Catharina Albert
            b: 21 Nov 1828, Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 7 May 1868
            m: 5 Oct 1853
            * 6 children: Johannes Matthäus, Heinrich Joachim, Maria, Joachim, Margaretha Dorothea, Jacob Heinrich.
            ** See comment below for 2nd wife.

        JURGEN HEINRICH CHILD: (SHOWING ONLY CHILD 1 of 6) (The America Connection)
            • Johannes Matthäus Wulf
            b: 1 Feb 1855 Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 7 Aug 1935, Calumet City, Illinois
            m: Caroline Catharina Henriette Langbehn
            b: 18 July 1860 Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 22 Oct 1941, Calumet City, Illinois
            m: 17 Jan 1877, Fehmarn, Germany
            ** Caroline is the sister to DORA Langbehn. Dora Married Heinrich Blissmer in the USA, 1882.

            **Review LANGBEHN FAMILY

            • Heinrich Matthäus Wulf
            b: 11 Mar 1877 Fehmarn, Germany
            d: 16 Dec 1958, Calumet City, Illinois
            m: Bertha (Schultz?)
            b: ??
            d: ?? (No further data)
            * Heinrich/Bertha had 4 boys and 2 girls, Calumet City, Illinois.

            • Dora Wulf
            b: July 1883, Calumet City, IL
            d: ??
            m: Otto Peters
            b: ??
            d: ??

            • Catharina (Tina) Wulf
            b: 15 April 1884, Calumet City, IL
            d: 1 Aug 1971, Chicago, Illinois
            m: William Schultz
            b: 1 Nov 1880
            d: 24 Feb 1957
            m: 25 Oct 1904
            * Catharina/William had 1 son and 2 daughters.
            * Family Surnames: Rehborg, Swint, Kordula.

            • Gustav Albert Wulf (Changed spelling to WOLF)
            b: 7 July 1890, Calumet City, IL (WULF)
            d: 24 Nov 1967, Chicago, IL (WOLF)
            m: Esther Welty
            b: 14 Dec 1894, Chicago, IL
            d: 25 Mar 1987, Albuquerque, New Mexico
            m: 26 Mar 1913
            * Gustav/Esther had 4 sons.
            * Family Surnames: Kidder, Rice, Hutt, Rea, McGarr, Koncel, Fawver.
            * Contact WOLF (Wulf) Family for research in this line.

            • Marie Wulf
            b: 28 Feb 1893, Calumet City, IL
            d: 25 June 1965, Chicago, IL
            m: John F. Lorenz
            b: 24 July 1886
            d: 25 Jan 1969
            m: 4 Mar 1911
            * Marie/John had 5 sons and 2 daughters.
            * Family Surnames: Dykhuizen, Darnell, Skinner, Delong, Banning, Oneil,
            Rosenwinkle, Mui, Salmons, Cianci, Norden, Vanderlugt,
            Koszyk, Malkowski, Kwiotek, Freudinger, Campanile, Hammermeister.

            • Emma Wulf
            b: ? June 1895, Calumet City, IL
            d: ??
            m: Nicolas Hartog
            b: ??
            d: ??

            • Agatha (Gatta) Wulf
            b: ? Jan 1898, Calumet City, IL
            d: ??
            m: Frank McCullough
            b: ??
            d: ??

            • Hattie Wulf
            b: 1900, Calumet City, IL
            d: ??
            m: Herman Reuhl
            b: ??
            d: ??
            * Hattie/Herman had 1 son.

            • Otto Wulf
            b: 1903, Calumet City, IL
            d: ??
            m: Emily Dedelow
            b: ??
            d: ??

            ** COMMENT FOR ABOVE, Jürgen Heinrich Wulf:
            Jürgen had a 2nd wife, Wilhelmine Catharina Friederike NATH, and 8 more children.
            In 1870, this marriage produced twins, Christian & Theodore Wulf.
            Step-brothers to Johannes Matthäus Wulf, both have been identified to be in Calumet City, Illinois, with descendents.
            Christian married a Wilhelmine, who died 16 June 1960 at age 84.
            Wilhelmine's obit lists 11 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren.
            Known family surnames include Peterson, James, Scheidler, Jarzombek, Cotner, and Smiedzinski.
            Christian Wulf died in 1948
            Theodore Wulf (85) died 19 Mar 1955, in Hammond, Lake County, Indiana. (Next to Calumet City, IL)
            The obit mentions 3 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.
            Theodore's son, Henry Wulf, 54, of Hammond, IN, died 5 Aug 1950 in East Chicago, Indiana.
            Family surname includes Eisaman.

This information gives us the connection of WULF ancestors, back to those in Germany, on the Island of Fehmarn in the Baltic Sea. Members of this family are identified in Calumet City, Cook County, Illinois. Other Wulf names appear in the same area, but as yet have not been connected.

The 4 church parishes on Fehmarn seem to have excellent records, some back to the 1300's. Showing only the direct line here, the Fehmarn Database provides more names of the Wulf families at Fehmarn, and approx. 140,000 family names.

Langbehn, Blissmer, and Wulf were all associated with St. John's Evangelical Lutheran Church In Calumet City, Illinois. The original German church records have been microfilmed, and are available at the South Suburban Genealogical & Historical Society, Hazel Crest, IL. Check their web site at: SSGHS. The films are also available at LDS.

If you have information, or a connection to, any of the Langbehn, Bliesmer (Blissmer), or Wulf (Wolf) families above, your communication would help expand knowledge of our family in Germany (And America). A friendly tip on where to rub the magic Genie Lamp is appreciated too. E-MAIL: BLISSMER

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