Bliesmer Family Research

Bliesmer Family Research

My Blissmer/Bliesmer site does not connect to all other Bliesmer
names of USA or the multitude of Germany spellings.
There are other people researching Bliesmer Family History.

If what you were looking for was not on this site, please contact the other people,
and perhaps your Bliesmer data makes a connection to their family.
They have information from Germany, and USA data in Illinois, Iowa, Colorado, Minnesota, and Arizona.
Have your facts/data in order before you start to ask questions please.

Help crack the German code of Blißmer, Bließmer, Blissman, Blissmann, Bliesmann, Bliesemann, and several more variations.

Welcome, and good luck.


A Bliesmer Family
This is a family with Bliesmer with knowledge in Arizona. But they branch back to Iowa and also into Minnesota. They may have a brief connection in Chicago, Illinois. Ancestors go back to Oldenburg, Northern Germany. Curious people, with helpful research, willing to compare data.

Home base is Chicago, Illinois, but Bliesmer did head to Iowa/Minnesota areas. Ancestors herald from the Fehmarn Island, Germany, and can be shown as Bliesmann.

German Hans
This was a Bremen, Germany "contact" who appeared to have Bliesmer information/connections/names from 1600-1700. Northern Germany, and the Fehmarn Island. English is OK, but be careful with your words, and be specific.

NEW 2012!! Rosemary Bliesmer is a descendent of the LaPorte Bliesmer/Staudinger family.

USA connections, and ancestors back to Germany. Unfortunately a new unknown e-mail contact.
Snoop around for a snail mail, part of your research. If you make contact, please share.

A tip to search this site got lucky, as it had my ancestor names to help break down the brick wall.
S/H GERMAN CENSUS DATABASE   In German or English. Look close, and use multiple spelling variations. There is a fee to access the database.

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