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Time and Temperature in Northern Indiana
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Baker, Bardozi, Barnes, Bathurst, Beanblossom, Bell, Benke, Betcher, Bola, Brown, Braun, Byrum.
Carlson, Carman, Cerny, Coleman, Crook, Czarnic.
Deasy, Domonkos.
Erickson, Ernest.
Foster, Frantz, Fuller.
Gamblin, Graun, Gross.
Hamilton, Hannish, Hass, Holmes, Holst, Hrabrich.
Johnson, Johnston.
Kish, Koczur, Kirkendoll, Kirschieper (Kirsieper?).
Langbehn, Langford, Lewis, Ley, Long.
Marlow(e), Martin, McIntyre, Miskiewicz, Monti, Mococha, Muenich.
Nelson, Newman.
Peklo, Phillips, Pinneo.
Reed, Robinson, Rodriguez.
Sako, Sanders, Sassen, Schwanberger, Scruggs, Shinkle, Shelburne, Sokoloski, Stombaugh, Summey, Sutton, Swanson, Swick, Swider.
Tapper, Thomas, Thompson, Tiemens.
Waldron, Wandel, Ward, Wiening, Wielgus, Wolak, Wolgast.

in our ancestral Bliesemer/Bliesmer Family of Northern Schleswig-Holstein, Germany

Backer, Auguste Marie 1892-
Backer, Karl Rudolph 1892-
Backer, Wilhelm Heinrich Carl 1869-
Bahr, Heinrich Phillip Friedrich 1845-
Bahr, Otto Richard Karl 1892-
Bahr, Paul Richard Fritz 1896-
Boldt, Christian Heinrich 1838-
Boldt, Maria Catharina Henriette 1869-
Brandt, Dorothea
Diehn, Carl Heinrich 1818-
Groth, Hans Peter Friedrich 1830-
Hansen, Catharina Dorothea 1798-1838 1st wife to Christian Friedrich Gottlieb Bliesemer
Hartz, Margaretha Catharina 1840-
Klahn, Wilhelmine Dorothea Christine 1867-
Knoop, Catharina Dorothea Friederica 1833-
Knoop, Catharina Margaretha 1864-
Knoop, Hans Heinrich 1783-1858
Kuchel, Anna Margareta Sophia Caroline 1838-
Langbehn, Catharina Dorothea 1862-1910 (USA) 1st Wife of Heinrich Blissmer
Lütthaus, Alma Christina Johanna 1894-
Lütthaus, Emil Heinrich Christian 1893-
Lütthaus, Emma Doro Christina 1895-
Lütthaus, Emma Friederike Dorothea 1892-
Lütthaus, Friedrich August Hinrich 1836-
Lütthaus, Heinrich Franz Emil 1863-
Lütthaus, Heinrich Theodor Julius 1866-
Lütthaus, Heinrich Wilhelm Johannes 1899-
Lütthaus, Lucia Wilhelmine Auguste 1903-
Lütthaus, Ludwig Friedrich August
Lütthaus, Marcus Franz Christian 1870-
Müller, Carl Richard 1851-
Oldenburg, Dorothea Friederica Johanna 1853-
Oldenburg, Johann Gottlieb Daniel Heinrich
Prüß, Catharina Elisabeth 1823-
Prüß, Claus Heinrich 1789-
Prüß, Dorothea Friedrica Henrietta 1832-
Prüß, Elisabeth Augusta Friederica 1819-
Prüß, Elsabe Christina Margaretha 1759-1826 Wife of Christian Anton Bliesemer
Prüß, Jochim
Prüß, Johanna Margareta Henriette 1838-
Prüß, Margareta Catharina 1810-
Prüß, Maria Hinriette Catharina 1819-
Prüß, Thomas Simon Hinrich 1834-
Ralberg, Claus Jochim 1772-
Rohr, Karl Heinz 1924-
Rohr, Oswald Markus Heinrich
Rüssau, Anna Margaretha Dorothea 1800-1868 2nd wife to Christian Friedrich Gottlieb Bliesemer
Scharfenberg, Augusta Margareta Dorothea 1831-
Scharfenberg, Catharina Hinriette 1818-
Scharfenberg, Catharina Johanna Henriette
Scharfenberg, Christian Hinrich Friedrich
Scharfenberg, Christina Hinrich Hieroneymus 1821-
Scharfenberg, Dorothea Elise Henriette 1865-
Scharfenberg, Hans Hinrich Friedrich 1827-
Scharfenberg, Hinrich Friedrich 1780-
Scharfenberg, Jochim Friedrich 1848-
Scharfenberg, Johann Hinrich Friedrich 1833-
Scharfenberg, Johann Mathias 1829-
Scharfenberg, Peter Hinrich Friedrich 1808-
Schildt, Sophia Christina Friederica 1837-
Schlichting, Claus Hinrich
Schlichting, Marcus Theodor Christoph
Schumacher, Louise Friedericke 1831-(USA) Wife of Marcus Casper Bliesemer
Schweder, Anna Margaretha Hinrate 1816-1821
Schweder, Hans Jochim 1786-1832
Schweder, Jochim Hinrich Friedrich 1819-
Schweder, Jürgen Hinrich Hieroneymus 1821-
Schweder, Peter Hinrich Friedrich 1824-
Seblin, Augusta Mathilde Dorothea 1870-
Severin, Christian Jasper 1820-1877
Steen, Agnes Maria Catharina 1825-
Stoltenberg, Emma Wilhelmine Henriette 1895-
Stoltenberg, Frieda Wilhelmine Katharina 1899-
Stoltenberg, Hans Heinrich Hermann 1903-
Stoltenberg, Heinrich Friedrich 1867-
Stoltenberg, Heinrich Friedrich Wilhelm 1897-
Stoltenberg, Robert Theodor Hermann 1893-
Stoltenberg, Wilhelm Ernst August 1892-
Wichmann, Margareta Catharina 1796-
Unknown Surname, Jeanette ??-?? 2nd Wife to Heinrich Blissmer, USA

The Northern area of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, on the Baltic Sea.
Our person, Heinrich Bliesemer, was born on the Fehmarn Island in the village of Lemkendorf.
The main focus area of Heinrich's Ancestors is in the Red circle on the mainland,
his father being born in Dahme, Germany on the coast.
Family became scattered in areas within the Blue box.


Time and Temperature in Hamburg, Germany
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Bodien, Kniesten, Langbein (Landbahn?), Lafferthon, Meyer, Moll, Myohl, Neuber, Nissen, Schädlich, Schmidtke, Sterner, Ulrich, Wendler, Welker.

German surnames are easy to find, because they are all currently on the one Germany Family page, the separate entity for BLIßMER.
After much research, these individuals do not yet connect to our family. It is worthy of sharing the data.


Time and Temperature in Bangkok, Thailand
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BLISSMER written in the Thai Language.


BLISSMER spelling with Cryllic (Russian) letters.

Möller, Winrich



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