Lloyd Family in the Northeast

Genealogy of Some Northeastern Lloyds

Welcome to my Genealogy page. Recorded here are descendents and ancestors of JOHN LLOYD and wife, EUNICE ROWLEY, who lived most of their married life in the area of Amenia, Dutchess county, NY.

Please have patience as I build the page and, probably, have it constantly under construction for its (and my)lifetime.


John Lloyd was born ca 1733, place unknown. Ca 1761, he married Eunice Rowley in Amenia NY or Sharon CT as her 2nd husband. She had a previous marriage to Benjamin Johns, who died ca 1761. It appears John and Eunice left Amenia before 1800 but we don't know much about them after that, including where and when Eunice died and where either is buried. "History of the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts, with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of Its Prominent Men and Pioneers", V II, facing page 846, concerning a John Goodrich, states in part, "His father Elijah Goodrich, was born at Sharon, Conn.; settled in West Springfield about the year 1796; was married to Rachel, daughter of MAJOR John Lloyd, of New York (who served through the Revolutionary war, and died in West Springfield, at the house of his son-in-law, Mr. Edmund Palmer, Aug. 11, 1817, at the age of eighty-four)".

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