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The Lousiana Carnahan Family History


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This branch of the Carnahan family originated in Ireland and Scotland, and came to America in the early 1700's, reportedly arriving about 1731 at Cape Henlopen, which was then the southernmost port in Penn's grant. Our immigrant ancestor was John Carnaghan, born 1720 in Ireland. John was a pioneer in pre-Revolution Pennsylvania. The family opted to leave the populated eastern portion of Pennsylvania and went west, across the mountains, to the area now known as Westmoreland County, just east of Pittsburgh. John had a son named Adam Carnahan, born 1743, in Pennsylvania. Adam was a pioneer in western Pennsylvania, and was a participant in the American Revolution. As a protection against attacks by Indians and as a defense during the period of the American Revolution, Carnahan's Blockhouse was built on Adam Carnahan's land. In 1779, Adam and his wife, Sarah Kennedy, has a son, named John. The Territorial Papers of the United States, November 27, 1805, show that John Carnahan went to the newly-acquired Louisiana Territory, as part of a military unit assigned to the Western District of Orleans. In October 1808, John Carnahan married Mercy Harrison, daughter of Joseph Harrison and Mary Gibson, at Natchez, Mississippi. John Carnahan is listed among the defenders at the Battle of New Orleans, in 1815.

John Carnahan settled on land along the Red River, in Rapides Parish and Natchitoches Parish, between present-day Alexandria, Louisiana, and the town of Natchitoches. There, he raised his family, and became the founder of the Louisiana Carnahan families. John Carnahan died in 1866.

The Carnahans in America have a proud history, and can be found as participants in most all of the events which shaped this nation. Today, a friendly group of Carnahan descendants are researching the family history, not only of the Louisiana Carnahans, but of all the many branches of the family. With time, this web page will provide links to many interesting sites which pertain to the history of the Carnahans in America, as well as some links to Carnahan cousins in Ireland, England and Scotland.

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