Enix - Sloan Cemetery
Enix - Sloan
Enix - Sloan
Enix - Sloan

The Enix - Sloan Cemetery is located near Flat Fork, Carter County, Kentucky, out in the woods East of Master's Cemetery which is located on Campbell Branch.
The remarks that are in parentheses are my own;  BEL.

Last Name
First Name
Dates (if any)
Evans Everette

13 June 1905 - 3 Aug. 1905

(Son of Rufus and Matilda Watson (Sloan) Evans)
Sloan William Henry

7 Apr. 1899 - 6 Nov. 1937

38 yrs, 6 mo., 29 das. (Son of of Alvin Isaac and Josephine (Evans) Sloan)
Gilkerson Thurman

B & D 28 Apr. 1930

(Son of Ora Russell and Lucy (Sloan) Gilkerson)
Sloan Gracie

28 June 1903 - 8 Dec. 1918

(Daughter of of Alvin Isaac and Josephine (Evans) Sloan)
Sloan Amanda Ethel

11 Jan. 1892 - 29 Sept. 1894

 (Daughter of of Alvin Isaac and Josephine (Evans) Sloan)
Sloan Arthur

B & D 15 June 1896

 (Son of Alvin Isaac and Josephine (Evans) Sloan)
Sloan Nannie May

14 Apr. 1905 - 11 Dec. 1927

(Daughter of  Alvin Isaac and Josephine (Evans) Sloan)



Lorena Hedges

  (Wife of Joseph Buchannon Enix)

J. B.

B. 1856

(Joseph Buchannon Enix, b. 6 Aug. 1856, d. 26 Dec. 1927, Louisville, KY; husband of Lourena Hedges, Malissa Stroud, and Lenora Williams; Son of Amariah Wastson and Matilda (Hamm) Enix)
Enix A. Watson

4 Feb. 1817 - 11 Jan. 1904

(Amariah Watson Enix, husband of Matilda Hamm; son of Abraham and Julian Hannah (Logan) Enix)
Enix Matilda

9 Nov. 1819 - 23 Mar. 1894

(Wife of Amariah Watson Enix; daughter of Joseph and Nancy (McClurg) Hamm)
Enix Henry B.

6 Nov. 1850 - 14 Feb. 1885

(Son of Amariah Waston and Matilda (Hamm) Enix)
Gregory John B.

D. 1914

Ham Perry Roe

B. 1834

(d. 1914; husband of Eliza Horsley; son of Joseph and Nancy (McClurg) Hamm)
Sloan Gary Milton

1960 - 1980

(Son of George and Wanda (Fugate) Sloan)
Sloan Eliza Jane

25 Mar. 1843 - 4 June 1929

 (Wife of Esbon Sloan; daughter of Amariah Watson and Matilda (Hamm) Enix)
Slone Esbon

7 Jan. 1829 - 7 Aug. 1899

(Husband of Eliza Jane Enix; son of John and Deborah (Tubbs) Sloan)
Rush Ruth Sloan

B. 1822

(Wife of Jacob Rush; daughter of John and Deborah (Tubbs)
Sloan Thomas Harrison

20 Sept. 1917 - 29 Jan. 1938

 (Son of William Baldwin and Rosie (Coldiron) Sloan)
Sloan John I 12 Feb. 1907 - 26 June 1985 (Son of Alvin Isaac and Josephine (Evans) Sloan)
Sloan Milton's Leg 1947 (Only his leg is buried here. He is buried in the Lee Cemetery in Morehead, Rowan Co., KY) (Husband of Brehilda Reeder; son of  Alvin Isaac and Josephine (Evans) Sloan)

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