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        My research on the Logan family began in 1980 when I met a distant cousin, Dorothy Watkins, whom I did not know at the time.  She told me about our common ancestor, a Revolutionary War Soldier, named James Logan.  Since then I have proven that James Logan was not involved in the Revolution, but was probably involved in an Indian campaign, around Washington County Pennsylvania, during 1792.  To qualify for Revolutionary War service a person must have served no later than 1782, when the last battle of the war was fought.
        That battle was The Battle of Blue Licks.  Blue Licks is in Nicholas County Kentucky, about half way between Maysville and Lexington.  During my quest to find out about James Logan I found another ancestor who did fight in "The Battle of Blue Licks".  His name was Alexander Penland and his daughter, Sabina, was the mother of Minerva Thomas who married Edward Logan, son of James and Caroline Elizabeth (Hughes) Logan.  I suppose over time the story of one ancestor being involved in the Revolutionary War got confused with the story of another ancestor who actually did fight in the Revolution.
        Below you will find links to the records of my ancestors and their descendants and the distant relatives that I have found in the years that I have searched for my paternal ancestors and their families.  The work is not complete and there may be some errors, but if you have an interest in any of the families listed in the family pages then I would like to hear from you.  My e-mail address is listed on the home page of this web site.

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