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The link below is to an article that was written by Marc Cornett. His narration and the accompanying photograph appeared in the book
"The Heritage of Wise County and the City of Norton 1856-1993"  Volume I

The contact information for Marc Cornett listed at the bottom of the article is no longer valid.
Marc may be contacted at the e-mail links near the heading of this page.

American Family Web Sites Dedicated to Family Members

The first of the French Caribbean Blondels arriving in the state of Pennsylvania, U.S.A. and his descendants:

Antoine Blondel

Famous & Well Known American Blondells
Famous & Well Known French and European Blondels
French Blondel Web Sites
Historical and/or Geographical Web Sites Involving
Blondels or Blondells in the Caribbean or
Gulf of Mexico Area
Research Sites, Sites of Interest & Documents
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Saint Domingue
Blondel Family History Page Blondell Cemetery in Appalachia, Wise County, Virginia
Blondel Swiss Watches Blondel Demographics in France
Blondia Family History Page Genealogical Data Submitted by Jean Claude Blondel La Rougery
Civil War Pension Applications French Blondel Family Genealogical Data
Knights of Malta Blondel Coat of Arms
References to Blondel de Beauregard and the Blondel Castle Jamaican Research Antoine Blondel Reference #1
Time Line of the French Antilles and Commandeur de Poincy Another Time Line of the French Antilles and Commandeur de Poincy
Blondel La Rougery & the Martinique Blondels .Wise County, Virginia Genealogical Research Site
Blondel Plantations Blondell Cemetery in Appalachia, Wise County, Virginia
Kilbourne Cemetery in Appalachia, VA Find Books by Blondel on
Saint Domingue Plantations & "Etat Detaille" Caribbean, French and American Research Sites & Language Translation Links
Letter to General LaFayette from
C. A. C. D. Blondel
Commandeur de Poincy and the Blondel Families of the Caribbean
Jules François Blondel Entente Cordiale
The Pirate Robert Blondel Blondel & Hawkins at San Juan de Ulua
Blundell History in the UK Blondel Military Honorees Who Served in the Napoleonic Wars

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