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Welcome! My children descends from the families of THORNTON, HUMPHRIES, AVERY, STATHIS, PALLIER, STEIN (FINKELSTEIN) and JACOBSON, and the creation of this site provides a "meeting place" for all our cousins to exchange information and discoveries about our families.

My passion and curiosity about my background, which have developed over the last 15 years, push me to trace my ancestry as far as is possible and to discover who they are and how they lived.

So far, I've followed the trails my ancestors left, between Sydney Australia and all over the world, especially United Kingdom (UK), France, Greece and West Indies. There are many descendants living in Australia, and I know there must be even more living around the world. I am still in searching for more cousins...

Feel free to explore this site participate in the forums about families, and check for your connections to us. If there are any problems, errors or, you wish to comment, please do let me know.

Enjoy and good luck to your family history research...

Thanks for visiting us.