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Yorksgen 2000


If you haven't been here before, please take the time to read the 4 paragraphs below before you go whizzing off to the photos!!


Hi All,

When you click on the link below you will get a directory listing returned to you (pretty much the same as you would if the files were on your own computer). The directory names will give you the name of the person who took the photos, and clicking on the directory name will produce a directory listing giving all the files, whose names (hopefully) will tell you what the relevant photos are of. Please have a look in the "Unknown" directory, and if you recognise the person in any of those photographs, please drop me a line.

Please remember that these photographs are copyright, and that you only have permission to use them for your own personal, non-commercial use. If you would like to use them for some other purpose, then please contact the copyright owner first.

You will also find some MP3 files and .wav files. The MP3 files are self explanatory. If you can't play the files when you get them, go to and get their excellent free MP3 player. Most windows sound players will play the .wav files, whose numbers are the same as the .jpg files that they go with. You will need a sound card in either case <g>.

I could of course have set everything up with pages with links on and loads of text, but that all takes time, and who would read it? Most people just want to get on with the photos, so just use the link below to start:

Link to photograph directory


If you need to contact me, please use my webform.

This page last updated: 5th December 2001