Martin Money Bell Gwaltney Burchette Ray


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Our family appears to have migrated from various counties in Virginia and Person County, NC to Stokes and Wilkes County, NC where most of the earlier generations settled.  Later generations have scattered all over the country. 

Through our search of Census Records, old Court Records, along with old photos, tombstones, family Bibles and conferring with older family members, we have been able to document much of our information. We will be happy to share our sources upon request.  We have also included in these reports, information we have received from others researching the same families and we cannot attest to their accuracy.  We have included this information for the purpose of providing leads that may help others. 

We have found a lot of new cousins, but we would love to have more; we would love to have you.  So look us over and if you find a connection to your family, let us hear from you.

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Last updated August 25, 2005