Ancestral Veterans of United States Military Service

My Ancestors who were Veterans of
United States Military Service:
Revolutionary War:
Henry Wells (1763-1829),
maternal 5th great-grandfather
New York, Private, Albany Co. Militia
John Patterson (1760-1839),
paternal 4th great-grandfather
North Carolina, Private, Orange County Militia
Nathaniel (Nathan) White (1752-1834),
paternal 4th great-grandfather
Virginia, Private, 7th Regiment
War of 1812:
Elisha Patterson (1783-1854),
paternal 3rd great-grandfather
Missouri, Sgt., James Musick's Company of Militia 
Lyman Granger (1792-1861),
maternal 4th great-grandfather
New York, Sgt., Capt Elias Hull's Company of Militia
Civil War:
Joseph Alexander Couch (1846-1914),
paternal great-grandfather
Missouri, Private, 12th Cavalry, 
Company B (Union)
Thomas H. Asbury (1836-1914),
maternal 2nd great-grandfather
Wisconsin, Private, 43rd Infantry, 
Company F (Union)
World War I:
Walter Scott Larner (1899-1946),
maternal grandfather
U.S. Navy, Yeoman aboard 
the collier "Neptune"
This page is dedicated to all the veterans who fought for
freedom, liberty, and justice.  God bless you all.

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