The Couch Family Bible of the mid-1800's

The Couch Family Bible
from the mid-1800's
All of the following pages, from the Couch Family Bible of John Couch (b. 1819) and Elizabeth Smith Couch (b. 1816) are currently in the possession of my cousin, Mary (Couch) Doss, great-granddaughter of John and Elizabeth (Smith) Couch. I cannot begin to fully express my gratitude to Mary's family for the care they have taken with this invaluable family heriloom, and to Mary for scanning these and sharing them with me...

Bible published in 1851 by E. Morgan & Co., Cincinnati
Title Page to New Testament Section

This page has noted on it near the bottom "Daughter of J.A.C. and
D.E.C. - Mary Elizabeth Anna Couch was born Oct. the 13th 1874"
J.A.C. is John Alexander Couch, youngest son of John & Elizabeth
(Smith) Couch, and D.E.C. is Debbie E. (Bows) Couch, his wife

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