Couches of South Carolina, Tennessee and Missouri, and related families

My Primary Ancestral Lines:

In most cases, my sources of data back to about 1825-1850 have been almost exclusively my own research utilizing family records and primary sources (birth and death certificates, census records, cemetery records and interviews with family members, etc.)  Beyond this time period, my sources have been the typical Internet-age genealogist's stock-in-trade: 

The LDS (Mormon) Chuch's,,,, trading emails and GEDCOM's with other researchers, and so forth...  Sources for particular lines are noted with those lines.

Couch (my father's surname) - traces back to Jacob Couch, possibly born about 1735, place unknown (he died in 1797 in Greene Co., TN). 

Additional sources: Bill Couch of, long "lost" cousins I've discovered in my research and Bob Couch of Marceline, MO (email me if you would like his contact info - he's an "old guard" genealogist who does not use the Internet or email), and the various Internet sources mentioned above, and more...

Storms (my father's maternal surname) - traces back to Johann Jacob Sturm - the immigrant ancestor, born 1700/01 in Schifferstadt, Bavaria and died abt. 1756 in Frederick Co. MD.  His line has been traced back to Sebastian Sturm, born abt. 1600. 

Larner (my mother's surname) - family records trace back to Andrew Jackson Larner, born abt. 1827 in Washington, D.C. - I have not been able to identify his parents or beyond, but believe his grandfather was James Larner, who came from Ireland in about 1779 and settled in Washington, DC by about 1800...

Asbury (my mother's maternal surname) - family records trace back to Thomas H. Asbury, born in 1836 in Virginia (probably Westmoreland Co.).  His father was Richard Asbury, born in Virginia about 1810.  There is strong evidence (but yet unproven) that Richard's father was William Asbury, whose line traces back to Henry Asbury (born about 1650) ...

My Secondary Ancestral Lines:

Malott/Malotte (my father's maternal grandmother) - traces back to Gideon Mellott, the immigrant ancestor, born in 1619/20 in Roucy, Champagne, France.  He was a French Huguenot (Protestant), who left France to escape persecution, traveling to Holland, then Germany, then New York, arriving sometime between 1658 and 1666.  His line traces back to Josias Marles, born abt. 1598.

(my father's maternal great-grandmother) - traces back to William Muncus, born abt. 1720 and lived in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  This surname, much like Malott has many variations in spelling and pronunciation.

Patterson (my father's paternal grandmother) - traces back to John Patterson, who may have been born in Ireland and died in Orange County, North Carolina in 1790.  There is some evidence that he was the son of Henry Patterson, born sometime before 1710 in Belfast Ireland.  Probably Scotch origin.  Includes a Revolutionary War veteran and War of 1812 veteran in my direct ancestry.

Hutcheon(my mother's paternal grandparents) - the "newest" US citizens in my ancestry, George Hutcheon came to the US from Scotland, sometime before 1874.  Jane Gall also came from Scotland in June of 1874 and they were married in Eau Claire, WI on June 20, 1874.  They moved to Dayton, WA in May of 1880.  With the help of Norman Boyd of Scotland, we believe we have connected them to their families in the region of Kincardine and Angus in NE Scotland.

Wright (my mother's maternal grandmother) - traces back to Tunis Wright (b. abt. 1795, d. 1817 in Phelps, Ontario Co., NY) - I have not found any researcher who has been able to identify the parents of Tunis Wright, or beyond...

Granger (my mother's maternal great-great grandparents) - this is the most documented of my ancestral lines, thanks to a genealogical book of nearly 600 pages titled "Launcelot Granger," written and published by James N. Granger in 1893.  Launcelot Granger, the immigrant ancestor, came from England sometime before 1648.  Allied family lines (e.g. his wife, Joanna Adams, and her ancestry) trace back into the 1400's in Engand...

More to come...

Ancestral Stories 
collected from cousins, books, and fellow researchers 
of my ancestral lines:

To view post Civil War letters from my great-great grandfather, John Couch, to his wife, Elizabeth (Smith) Couch (1867, from Cotton Plant, Ark.) and to his brother-in-law, A. Watenbarger (1865, from Memphis, Tenn.) click here

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World War I

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Forrest Calico letter of Jan. 9, 1960 regarding my Storms ancestry