Kinship of Abraham Acker


                          (As of 5/6/07)


Name                                              Relationship with Abraham Acker      Civil  Canon


Abbott, Dorothy Eleanor            Wife of the 2nd great-grandson                              

Acker, Abraham                           Self                                                                                 0

Acker, Abraham                           Son                                                                       I        1

Acker, Abraham                           Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Andrew                             Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Anne Laura                       Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Benjamin Dunham           Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Catherine                           Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Charles Backus                Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Cynthia                              Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Elizabeth                            Daughter                                                              I        1

Acker, Elizabeth                            Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, George                               Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Gladys Olive                     Great-granddaughter                                         III     3

Acker, Grace Vera                         Great-granddaughter                                         III     3

Acker, Jessica Martha                 Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, John                                   Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Joseph Bernard                Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Josiah                                Son                                                                       I        1

Acker, Liddey                               Daughter                                                              I        1

Acker, Lillian                                 Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Louisa                                Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Margaret                           Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Maria                                 Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Mary                                  Daughter                                                              I        1

Acker, Mary                                  Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Mary Ellen                        Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Mary Ellen                        Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Milo P.                               Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Nancy                                Daughter                                                              I        1

Acker, Philip                                  Son                                                                       I        1

Acker, Sarah Ann                         Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, Sarah Jane                         Daughter                                                              I        1

Acker, Smith                                  Grandson                                                             II      2

Acker, Stephen                             Son                                                                       I        1

Acker, Susan                                 Granddaughter                                                    II      2

Acker, William                              Grandson                                                             II      2

Allen, Margaret Ford                   Great-granddaughter                                         III     3

Allen, Mary Bernard                    Great-granddaughter                                         III     3

Allen, Philip Schuyler                  Husband of the granddaughter                               

Allen, Philip Schuyler, Jr.            Great-grandson                                                   III     3

Allen, Phillipa                                Great-granddaughter                                         III     3

Amanda                                         Daughter-in-law                                                          

Bangs, David Hinckley, Jr.          Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          

Bangs, Elizabeth Lowery             4th great-granddaughter                                   VI     6

Benson, ?                                       Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter              

Bernard, Mary Ellen                     Daughter-in-law                                                          

Brennan, Alice Augusta             Wife of the grandson                                                

Browndorf, Benjamin David       5th great-grandson                                            VII    7

Browndorf, Iric Lawrence            Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter              

Browndorf, Olivia Kate                5th great-granddaughter                                   VII    7

Comfort, ?                                      Husband of the great-granddaughter                     

Connor, Christopher Lawrence  4th great-grandson                                            VI     6

Connor, Courtney Patricia          4th great-granddaughter                                   VI     6

Connor, Dylan Christopher        5th great-grandson                                            VII    7

Connor, Lawrence Henry            Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          

Delaney, Andrew Ryan               4th great-grandson                                            VI     6

Delaney, Carol Lowery                3rd great-granddaughter                                   V      5

Delaney, Franklyn Lowery          2nd great-grandson                                           IV     4

Delaney, John Macklin                3rd great-grandson                                            V      5

Delaney, Leslie Acker                  3rd great-granddaughter                                   V      5

Delaney, Martin Cleveland, Jr.   2nd great-grandson                                           IV     4

Delaney, Martin Cleveland, Sr.  Ex-husband of the great-granddaughter                

Delaney, Robert Franklyn           3rd great-grandson                                            V      5

Delaney, Susan Martin                3rd great-granddaughter                                   V      5

E., Jane                                           Daughter-in-law                                                          

Fincken, Maude Josephine         Ex-wife of the 2nd great-grandson                          

Gelt, Sarah Leslie                          4th great-granddaughter                                   VI     6

Gelt, Theodore Zvi                       Ex-husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter          

Gelt, Timothy Alan                       4th great-grandson                                            VI     6

Holmes, Danielle                           Wife of the 4th great-grandson                               

Ida                                                  Wife of the grandson                                                

Kaufmann, Ralph James              Husband of the 3rd great-granddaughter              

Linen, Agnes                                Wife of the grandson                                                

Lowery, Edwina Acker                Great-granddaughter                                         III     3

Lowery, Franklyn Henry             Husband of the granddaughter                               

Lowery, Jessica Bernard             Great-granddaughter                                         III     3

McFadden, Helen E.                    Great-granddaughter                                         III     3

McFadden, Stephen Henry        Husband of the granddaughter                               

Miller, Burdsall Dunham             2nd great-grandson                                           IV     4

Miller, Linda                                  3rd great-granddaughter                                   V      5

Miller, Norma                                2nd great-granddaughter                                  IV     4

Miller, Norman Thomas               Husband of the great-granddaughter                     

Mugridge, Henrietta Maude       Ex-wife of the grandson                                            

Quaratiello, Dylan Delaney         5th great-grandson                                            VII    7

Quaratiello, Francis Scott, Jr.      Husband of the 4th great-granddaughter              

Quaratiello, Sam Jee Yoon          5th great-grandson                                            VII    7

Quaratiello, Stephen                    5th great-grandson                                            VII    7

Sarah                                              Wife                                                                              

Stocks, Carl Winslow                  Husband of the great-granddaughter                     

van Naerssen, Evelyn Louise     Wife of the 3rd great-grandson   

Prepared by Bob Delaney 5/6/07